Kyäni Wellness TV: Episode 028–Surviving the Holidays

Kyäni Wellness TV: Episode 028–Surviving the Holidays

Hello and welcome to another episode of
Kyäni Wellness TV. My name is Dr. Andreas Boettcher, member of the Scientific
Advisory Board here at Kyäni, and in this video, I’m going to give my best tips
for your holiday survival guide. Stay tuned. Well, the holidays are here upon us and
the question now becomes, what will we do to set up our new year for success?
After all, what is the most popular New Year’s resolution? Well that
is yes, to improve our health, our well-being, and of course our fitness. So
why not get ahead of the curve and let’s see if we can help you survive the
holidays without gaining a pound. Sound exciting?
Well definitely stay tuned, because I’m gonna give you some of my best tips and
tricks to stay fit, to stay lean, and to stay well through the holiday season. So
I’m gonna go through these pretty quickly and hopefully you’ll find some
that resonate, and of course, post your comments or questions below. Feel free to
interact, because this is the dialogue, not a monologue. Now, my first tip for you
is to try intermittent fasting. If you’re not familiar with intermittent
fasting, there’s a tremendous amount of research and benefits to helping you
stay lean, fit, and trim to intermittent fasting, including growth hormone
response as well as losing weight, and of course, feeling more energetic, and the
really the list goes on and on, but it’s also a great trick to keeping off the
pounds while enjoying some of your holiday treats. Now how does it work and
how do I use it? The way that I like to use it is if I know that I’m gonna go
to a party or even if it’s not the holidays and I want to enjoy a really
good pizza, and bear in mind, your average pizza, you know, a good 12-inch sized piece
is gonna be about 1,600 calories. Well, you have to look at your daily budget of
how many calories you can eat on a daily basis without gaining a pound. To
help you with that, stay tuned to the end of this video, because I’m gonna give you
a resource to help you determine what that is for you. So my point is this: if I know that I want to enjoy some treats and/or I want to enjoy some
desserts or an extra second helping of some great Thanksgiving meal
well then what I will do is budget my calories accordingly so that I actually
go into that meal allowing room for those calories. So basically, in essence,
what I’ll do is I’ll just drink tea–maybe even some coffee, and
plenty of water throughout the day, but no other calories until, you know, maybe
two o’clock in the afternoon. As a result, I’m going into that afternoon
meal or I’m gonna go into that hollering holiday party with a calorie reserve and
that will allow me to enjoy whatever it is that I want to enjoy within reason,
because you can still blow your total calorie allotment for the day
in one meal or in a couple meals depending on how many handfuls of M&Ms
you’re eating or how many servings of pumpkin pie you’re eating or ice cream
or pizza or whatever it is that your indulgence is. So I recommend you just
try fasting; allow room for those calories at that particular moment or for that
day if you know an event is coming up. Okay, number two: You gotta watch out for
the liquid calories, and this really gets a lot of people. This is not just
your sodas and your juices. Your average can of soda has in upwards of 50
70 grams of sugar per 12 ounce can. That’s an exorbitant amount, and as a
result, you’re gonna get four times that, that’s gonna be about 300 calories just
in that soda, not to mention if you mix it with your favorite spirit. One serving
of your favorite spirit, on average, whether it’s a beer glass of wine or a
shot of some kind, is around a hundred and fifty calories. We’re also not
including your favorite mix drink that could be loaded with agave, syrup,
currants corn syrup, juices, mixers, and the list goes on and on. It’s not unheard
of to have a margarita that can be in upwards of six hundred fifty seven
hundred calories just in that one drink alone. This also includes your
favorite lattes or your coffees, your favorite pit stop at your local
Starbucks, those calories can add up very quickly they do nothing to promote
satiety and they can really trick you into thinking you ate less that day
then you actually did, so make sure you keep that in mind. Now, one of my favorite
tricks– I do occasionally enjoy a glass of wine or beer, but it’s rare; I
really don’t drink a lot, and of course, there’s the social pressure to drink and
participate with everyone else. One of my favorite things to do is I’ll
quietly walk up to the bar and just grab some soda water with a lime or lemon
wedge and then walk around as if I’m having a cocktail. I even put a fancy
little straw in it. Nobody knows any different and it’s a way for me to stay
on track without everyone looking at me like, come on man, have a drink, have some
fun with us, lighten up a little bit. You know all the stuff that people out there
say to make themselves feel good for doing what they’re actually doing, so try
that trick and I think you’ll actually enjoy it. Plus you’ll feel a lot better
the next day. All right, use smaller plates. Watch your
portion sizes. You know, instead of thinking of those big plates that you might be
serving at Thanksgiving or for your Christmas dinner for your New Year’s
party just shrink down the plates. The smaller the plate, the less food that you can fit
on it– pretty simple, easy tip. Okay, pack healthy fiber-rich snacks. If
you’re gonna be going to the office, I mean the office is notorious for junk
food and everyone’s bringing in their favorite cookie recipe or their favorite
pie or their bowl of ice cream or chips and their snacks in the break room, then
there’s just those little Hershey bars or a thing of M&Ms like oh, I just
have a little here, a little here, and all of a sudden, boom, it starts to add up. You
know, one of the things I really recommend you do is bring good old
fashioned fruit. How about an apple? How about an orange? How about a banana? How
about some grapes? How about some raw almonds, or some walnuts, or some cashews,
or some pistachios? Use these to help you bridge the gap through the day while
giving your food a rich source of vitamins, antioxidants, minerals and
polyphenols, bioflavonoids and really the list goes on. Healthy fats through the
nuts and legumes and the fiber, it is virtually impossible
to get fat on fruit and I dare you to eat more than five apples in one sitting
as an example. Not that you would ever do that, but it’s very difficult to do, but
of course it’s not as sexy as junk food. I encourage you to pack those fiber rich
fruits and foods, especially on days that you know that there’s an office party
that’s going on. Reserve your calorie reserve, your daily budget for something
that’s special. Don’t blow it throughout the day and then what ends up happening
is like, well, heck–I went off the rails for most of the day, I might as well just
go off the rails for the rest of the night and really go enjoy it and have
fun and then BOOM and that’s how you can quickly start the game and pack on the
pounds. Okay, don’t arrive hungry. That’s kind of
a prelude to what I just said before. You can
do the intermittent fasting, but do it within control, reasonably. The only challenge with
that is if you’re not used to doing it, you can really tend to overeat if you’re
not used to fasting. So if that’s the case for you, I recommend that you have
those fiber rich fruits and vegetables before you go to that holiday party,
because again, if you add vegetables to that mix like
asparagus and broccolini, Brussels sprouts and the list goes on, if
you start to consume those throughout the day, they are high in nutrition and
they fill you up, and they’re rich in fiber, but they’re low in calories. It’s
another wonderful way to make sure that when you show up to that holiday party that
you’re not starving and the buffet all of a sudden looks like a feast and
there you go, and you just go hog wild, and you fill up the plate, and you go
back again and you do it all over again. Add the liquid calories and then
we wonder why we gain weight through the holidays and why we also get sick. It is
the season of gluttony, and we’re eating lots of sugar and lots of junk and lots
of garbage and as a result, our bodies are starving. It’s no wonder we start
to get sick, because our immune system doesn’t have anything to work with. It
doesn’t know what to do with the alcohol and the junk food and the things that we
partake in throughout the holiday season. Have conscious indulgence.
That’s kind of the theme through all of this is that when I know
that I want to have a treat, I really want to know that I’m going to have a
really good dessert. I love European pastries, the fruit tarts,
and the and the different things that are just really rich. Not only in good
stuff, but I just don’t want to blow them on a KitKat or Snickers bar–something
you can have anywhere, anytime, anyplace. So think carefully about where your
indulgence is going to be and plan it accordingly. If I’m gonna have an
indulgence, I really want it to be something that’s really good and special–
not something that’s just feeding an emotional need, like, oh, I’m gonna have
this piece of chocolate or this KitKat right now because it’s just sitting
there begging for me to to eat it. Just be conscious and be aware and of
course plan accordingly. Now, number seven: Don’t underestimate the number of
calories that are in food. This is one of two big mistakes that I see people
making is number one, they underestimate the amount of calories that they’re
actually eating on a daily basis and they overestimate the amount of calories
they’re burning when they’re working out. To help you to bring some clarity and
perspective to this very question I want to enlighten you with some very real
numbers as you start to think about where you’re going to spend your
calories and how much you’re actually burning when you are working
out. That would be my eighth tip right there. If I was going to add one to
this it would be to make sure you’re exercising through the holidays, but how
much exercise do you need to burn. Well let’s look at different foods here.
Pumpkin pie–your average pumpkin pie slice is about 316 calories–just the
pumpkin pie all by itself. Well, you would have to run about 35, 45 minutes just to
burn off that pumpkin pie. It may even be longer depending on your age,
on your weight, your fitness level, your body fat percentage, so just
keep that in mind. That’s just a ballpark it’s not hard fast and set in stone. So you
need to think when you look at that pumpkin sitting on that table you go, man, is
that really worth running every 45 minutes? Because that’s how long it will
take for me to burn that puppy off. All right, 10 Hershey’s Kisses we see them and all their fancy little commercials
forgive me, I’m on a roll here, but here’s the thing: just 10 of those is 222 calories
and they’re easy to just pop. You just wrap up and they’re just gone and
they just disappear and we quickly forget how much they can add up. Well,
you’d have to take a spinning class or 20 minutes just to burn that off. Now,
two scoops of ice cream, who doesn’t want two scoops of ice cream? Well, 274
calories you’d have to walk 40 to 60 minutes just to burn that off. Now, often
served with pumpkin pie, so now you add those two up you’ve got 591
calories. That means you’d have to run 35 45 minutes and walk another 40 to 60
minutes after that just to burn off your pumpkin pie and two scoops of vanilla
ice cream. Man, that’s a lot of work; I don’t know about you. Now here’s a big
one: pepperoni pizza– just pepperoni pizza. I’m not even talking about all the other
toppings or the deep-dish or sausage on top and all the other different toppings
that you can put on there–bacon–you can blow this thing out of the water so fast–298 calories a slice. Now, you figure your average 12 inch pizza is
gonna have six slices; it’s going to be 1800 calories. Well, just to burn off that,
you’d have to jump rope, one of the hardest forms of exercise, in one of my
favorite ways of burning fat, 15 minutes a solid jump roping. No stopping. So if you figure 6 times that number now you’re gonna be jump roping
for an hour and a half straight. An hour and a half of jump roping; unbelievable when you think about that.
Your cheeseburger and fries–1,200 whopping calories. You’d have to climb
240 flights of stairs. Now forgive me for those you
in New York who actually know this number, I think here’s about 84-86
flights of stairs in the Empire State Building.
Yeah, you’d have to do that up down and up three times to burn off one
cheeseburger and fries. That’s a lot of climbing. Let’s look at peanut M&Ms–
remember, they’re just sitting benignly in a little Bowl I just pop a few–no big
deal? Well they’re 10 to 12 calories each. You’d have to spin for one to two
minutes and of course if you have 20 of them, 50 of them, easy to do, they add up
really quickly. You can start to do the math. How about a can of Pringles chips?
They’re often laying around. One can is a thousand calories. You’d have to run for
one hour and a half just to burn off that can of Pringles.
Not to mention now if you start to add in the favorite melted cheese,
a little salsa is okay depending if the sugar added to it or not, but then you start to
add all the other stuff: chili and beans on top and you dip and oh my god you can
start to imagine how far you would need to run to burn those off. See, the
mistake people make is they’ll sit there and they’ll think, ah, I worked out
for 30 minutes today, I’m totally good to eat whatever the heck I want. Well, you
can see you can take that workout and throw it right out the window just like
that. It doesn’t take long. Look, I’m not here to put a damper on your parade. What
I am trying to do is try to help you get through the holiday season at a healthy
weight without putting on any extra pounds. If you are having a weight
loss goal for the new year or maybe you want to start now, I do challenge you.
Why not start now? Why wait?
You’ve likely had this resolution before, what’s different this time?
Well hopefully you’ll find these videos to be helpful. In fact, I’ve got a little
tip for you: Oh one more thing. I forgot this one. Glass of wine beer 150 calories–ten
flights of stairs. So those are liquid calories that I was talking to
you about. Now here’s a question for you: here’s the number of foods that will
make you fat as long as you maintain a calorie deficit. Now what do I mean by
that? Well, let’s say your total budget for calories, like for me as an example, I
know that I can eat about 2,500 to 2,800 calories a day and not gain a pound. So
if I were cutting and getting ready for a men’s physique show or just want to
get in shape for the summer, I would do a calorie deficit of about 20 percent,
probably down around 2,300 2,400 calories per day. It’s a slight deficit
just below what I would need. Now, of course that’s my budget. Is that 2,300
2,400 calories? Now of course I’m getting ready for men physique show, I’m
not gonna be eating cake and chocolate and all that other stuff even if I do
maintain that deficit, but most people aren’t competing on stage. I’m talking
about the average person that would like to have a life, enjoy some treats, but not
blow their health and their well-being or their waistline out of proportion.
That’s who I’m talking to and hopefully that is you. So here’s the question:
number of foods that will make you fat as long as you maintain a calorie
deficit. Are you following the question? As long as you maintain that deficit, you
don’t exceed that, right? Your number is here, you have a slight deficit, and
this is your budget of calories for the day. You can blow it on whatever you want,
you just can’t exceed it, right? It’s no different than a bank account; you have a
certain X amount of money coming in every single month; you can’t blow the
wad every month or else you’re gonna go into the red. In weight loss or
in health, you’re gonna gain fat, pretty simple, not a hard thing. So if you
maintain that deficit, here are the number of foods that will make you fat.
You ready? Drumroll–here we go. Zero. That’s right–zero. As long as you
maintain a calorie deficit, you will gain no
weight whatsoever. Now, that doesn’t mean you can live a life on hohos and
Twinkies and so forth. You can, you won’t gain any weight, but your body’s gonna be
nutritionally bankrupt and starve. So my point in this: is not
to give you the green light to go eat a bunch of junk and still maintain that
calorie deficit, my point is that if you use intermittent fasting, you use the
tips found in this video. You can even enjoy a cheeseburger and fries, which I
will occasionally do, but I know it’s gonna be 1200 calories of my 2400 budget
for the day. I just plan for it. I can eat it guilt-free,
I won’t gain a pound, I’ll just make the rest of the meals lean protein,
vegetables, right? Some fruit, but I don’t blow my budget for the day. How exciting
is that? I would definitely welcome your comments,
your thoughts, your suggestions on if this is this helpful, is this making sense, and if
not, here’s a video that I’d like to recommend for you. It’s an episode that I
filmed earlier this year on the law of energy balance. This is episode number 9,
and in here if you’re wondering what your budget is for the day is, the
formula and the tips to help you determine where you need to be, whether
you want to add clean muscle or whether you want to lose fat and get lean, or you
just want to stay where you are, this is the video for you. It will tell
you everything that you need to help you to start determine what your calorie
budget is. So again, post your comments, your questions below. Thank you as always
for watching, and from all of us here at Kyäni, wishing you and your family all
the best for the holiday season and of course the New Year!

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