LATAM Safety Video

LATAM Safety Video

Aseema sposa heroes accomplices ten arrows awarded a lot on before so Sager really comfort solicit ahmo's pony retention Alice instrucciones de seguridad de stay on ladies and gentlemen it's a pleasure to have you on board Latin for your safety and comfort please pay attention to the safety instructions for this aircraft for forward a companion please join us when el equipaje de mano en el comportamiento superior Abajo el asiento de Atlantic so your carry-on baggage in the overhead compartment or underneath the seat in front of you ha sido Celia's emergency primera feel administered libras occupation I assume urgency exits in the first room must be kept clear of luggage a host assisting to Don de seguir curricula sensei you meanies fasten your seat belt whenever the seat belt sign is illuminated but our channel insert la punta del metal in a villa a host a low tier and o la carrera para abrir low Levante la taça de la viga to fasten it insert the metal clip into the buckle and tighten it by pulling on the loose end of the track to unfasten it lift the top part of the Baco they recommend ahmo's Montaner so since trance aghori Dada Rosado vasila durante todo el vuelo uncle SNL is Deborah we also recommend to keep your seatbelt fastened invisible throughout the flight even when the chessmen seat belt sign is on esposa Kiros Devon complete CONUS instrucciones della triple a co net raros – Eliza – s passengers must follow all instructions given by crewmembers science and life esta pro a video from our award inclusivity courageous electronic owes money pool a loss detectors the human loss value sister provider call a smoking on board is forbidden this also includes electronic cigarettes tampering with smoke detectors in lavatories is prohibited by law viscosity goes electronica confusion no cell phone a cellular esto en SE rosado's durante todo el vuelo siempre que tienen modo be on electronic devices including cell phones may be used throughout the fly in airplane mode only sisqó sitios de Majorca man yo como computadoras personalism in estará pegasi guardado student aragaki mistake yet every sack while taxiing takeoff and landing larger devices such as personal computers must be turned off and still no salmon or c'mon yo como teléfonos móviles public servants Asuka tada so Guardado same universidad el acento smaller ones such as cell phones and tablets need to be held or still in the seat pocket in front of you see Celica on dispositivo el acento no intent ASA Carlos yeh visa immediate Amenti adapter policy on if a device falls into the crack of the seat do not try and remove it but immediately call a crew member en preparation for eldest Pegasus Anissa punga to respond own position versatile edoardo la pantalla pluggable seesaw siento Latini for takeoff secure your tray table which are seat back in the upright position and talk the video screen into its compartment if your seat has one esta bien tiene Ocho salad emergencia con todo ganas que pueden ser asados en un agua question recirc raft has eight emergency exits equipped with evacuation slide the sole ganas de las puertas plenty local asados como alpha the evacuation slides at the doors can be used as life raft un sistema illumination emergencia low gear a que la salida an emergency lighting system will lead you to the exit localizes su salida mas cercana naka podría stardate reduced a locate the nearest exit which may be behind you in Keflavik asean DeJesus pertinacious award OH in an event of an evacuation leave your personal belongings onboard encontrar acetyl co salvavidas debajo de sao siento bajo el apoyo Brazos central directory lo de la gota passe l'eau sobre su cabeza a brooch a la Sinton la parte del antara Yahoo Stella Alice in Turin al salir del avión in play low T Rondo la Manila Roja o soap londo por la Bahia a lifeless can be found underneath your seat or below the central armrest remove it from the back slip it over your head fasten the belt of the front and adjust it at the waist as you leave the aircraft inflate your vest by pulling on the red handle or blowing into the tube una lucha de el contacto con el agua a light will turn on upon contact with the water si la cabina PA depression mascaras chiron automatic Amenti sobre so siento if the cabin loses pressure masks will automatically drop down from above your seat toma la máscara coloca la Souris una Mesa VOCA dismissal of and elastic are graded or de su cabeza gusta la rasilla normalmente a cool okay su probiem oscar antes de espera Nino's Watrous personas pull the mass toward you place it over your nose and mouth secure the elastic band behind your head and breathe normally put on your own mask first before assisting children or others in castleroy pyramid or en forma inevitable salerno strategy acronym for mindfulness Agulhas Buckhannon el bolsillo pentascale if you need more information you are welcome to take a look at our safety information card located at the seat pocket in front of you gracias porcelain soon it is through the survey lokanathan thank you for your attention and enjoy your flight with Latin

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29 thoughts on “LATAM Safety Video

  1. Vou de LATAM pela primeira vez em julho. É um LATAM AIRLINES GROUP LA 4500.
    Num voou ↪Belém-Pará✈Guarulhos (São Paulo).
    Alguém já foi nessa aeronave?
    Gostaria de vê-la antes de embarcar.

  2. One of the best safety videos I’ve ever seen (If not the best). Great art direction, soundtrack and editing. It has rhythm and it’s full of references to South America. Absolutely love it!

  3. Muy buen vídeo pero es copia de Air France, AA, Virgin Australia si esa es la areolinea de virgin correcta, y Virgin America. También de New Zealand Airlines o como se diga.

  4. Latam muy buena linea aerea pero la agencia contratada para esto no fue nada creativa. Es una copia no muy buena del video que American Airlines viene usando desde el 2016.

  5. Te amo LATAM sou completamente apaixonado pela sua história desde Rolim no Brasil. Tenho orgulho de vocês e espero muito em breve me tornar comissário desta magnífica companhia aérea. Deus abençoe seu crescimento LATAM. 😍

  6. Felicito al equipo LATAM por tan notable video !! Muy buena factura , calidad y libreto . Lo vi en mi último vuelo y me encantó.

  7. Latam ya no tiene el toque elegante de videos de seguridad abordó. Una pena que perdieron el encanto del Sur Del Mundo.

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