Le Pr Joyeux invité de Sophie Marceau sur Vivement Dimanche avec Drucker

Le Pr Joyeux invité de Sophie Marceau sur Vivement Dimanche avec Drucker

Prof Henri Joyeux and actress Sophie Marceau , Vivement Dimanche, 2014 – So now, you wanted to introduce someone. Totally different topic ! – Thanks for being here
– Nice to meet you
– Introduce the professor – How do you know me ? I saw you on the web, that’s that easy – ok And also because I am very interested in nutrition and health generally You see, I would like to grow very very old, see, I would like to be like Mr. Bouquet, I want be on stage more and I will do my best to eat better. – you should aim to get to 120 years old – yes , that’s exactly what I thought And, jokes aside, I find your conferences are, first, real funny, but also so full of good sense, so essential. Because, it is so fundamental, what we ingest, what we take into our bodies You have such a simple, accessible way to explain this, so full of common sense,
What is within everyone’s reach. I believe it is fundamental today to get back in touch with these simple things, get back in touch with these simple things, because we see so much disaster at the level of… – we have to prevent so many diseases. – many diseases , and you will talk about it much better than me. I think you are great and admirable. advise everyone to read him and watch professor Joyeux conferences Yes. Publisher is “le Rocher”, revised and expanded 7th edition Professor Henri Joyeux “Changez d’alimentation” [Change The Way You Eat]”. Each time we invite a doctor on stage, obviously it’s a gift to me…[laugh] So your book is a best seller, a best seller! – So you never get sick You are a surgeon, oncologist, you teach at the medical school at the University of Montpellier, France And like Sophie I am very sensitive to nutrition-related issues, like all athletes. And I read in your book that if we put good nutrients into our bodies, we have a maximum chances to remain in excellent health. And you say that nutrition is the first medicine. yes. Not the 3rd medicine, the first. Hippocrates said this 500 years before our era: “Let your medicine be thy food” And we are currently scientifically demonstrating that this is correct. Now Isn’t that something and you go on debunking – i’m so pleased! – all this garbage diets that we see keep seing in popular magazines. – business
– and you say these diets should be avoided because they’re dangerous – God knows: When you open magazines there are so many diets! “”The last diet that…” There’s Dukan, I call him “dumb”. [laughs] Extremely dangerous ! – The Dumb Diet… Dr. Dukan, if you are watching us… – Why? Because he gives you protein, and if you had bad cells on your prostate, it would be the best way to make them grow and spread either on the breast or the prostate And we don’t lack prostate and breast cancers. – So: “Dumb” Diet, check: garbage. you say “obesity increases the risks to contract diabeties, cancer and autoimmune diseases, and our environment increasingly promotes obesity. You say that every year in Europe – this numbers are incredible ! 300,000 persons die early from obesity. So : can we avoid cancer and probably recurrences by eating well? Yes , digestive cancers, i.e. cancers located all along the digestive tract. That is: stomach and esophagus. But if you want a cancer, I can tell you how… One day a husband and wife came to see me. I ask: who is sick? They didn’t look sick These days it’s hard to see that a person has a cancer when they come to a consultation. They tell me “ So , we are kind of original, my wife an I . Neither of us have cancer.” “So what are you doing here? There are so many people waiting, what are you here for?” “We’d like to have cancer, my wife and I” “Why? And which one madam? And you sir? And why would you like one?” Answer: “ Well we figured, f you explain well how to get one, we’ll know how to not get one”. Very smart, isn’t it? – absolutely so from there I can explain how to get esophagus cancer by smoking, drinking, or drinking boiling hot drinks; how to get colon cancer by eating no fruit, and gorging oneself on dairy or things like that. – yes you talk about dairy but most of all too much red meat. You say something incredible: death by cancer decreases by 40% for vegetarians 40 % ! so a vegetarian is not a vegan. one must be very careful Vegans exclusively eat vegetal foods: no egg, no cheese etc. That’s excessive. You should have a vegetarian orientation that is: eat more from vegetable sources and less animal-based foods less acidifying foods, and more alkalinizing foods. – you also say that cow dairy products are not meant for humans – it’s obvious. That is : cow milk is meant for the calf. But instead of having calf drink milk under the cow, these days it’s like you put a little human Do you know that after birth, a calf takes about 365 kg or 800 pds in one year. That’s 1 kg / 2pds a day! You and me or Sophie, one year after birth, we were only about 5 Kg heavier with our Mom’s milk it’s the best ! too much calcium in cow dairy products too much growth factors, which are well known to us in oncology. In cancerology today we treat patients by giving them anti-growth factors ! so all your life you gorge yourself with growth factors, and once you get cancer, you are told “we are going to heal you”… – you talk about something interesting, it’s about the way you cook food – very important – steam cooking and vertical barbecue vertical barbecue barbecue so the fats don’t get pyrolyzed by the fire and soft steam cooking soft steam cooking brings the temperature at under 100°C or 212 °F, It cooks at around 95°C or 203 °F, with a steam-cooker that has one single basket level. One day a woman tells me: “you know, my husband loves me very much, He got me a steam cooker with 3 levels My neighbor has one with only one level”. She meant that she was loved three times more than her neighbor. I responded “Madam, when your three grand-kids come to visit for the holidays and you have bunk beds the one that wets the bed, where does he sleep? ” She thinks and replies: “the bottom bunk.” “yes, because otherwise he’ll water his brothers. In a steam cooker with three levels, top level sweats onto second level, second level sweats onto first level “What do I do with two extra baskets?” “Give them to the neighbor” – Fresh fruits, any good? – Excellent, and better organic and local. – good for aging? – Good for aging ? Good to avoid aging! To avoid aging too fast And a glass of wine at each meal! – But good wine – Good wine, red. – Since you mention Alzheimer’s, today Sunday September 21 is the international day against Alzheimer disease. – Alzheimer’s: I can help you get Alzheimers ! Want to get a calf’s brain? no problem! Eat a ton of dairy product. if you want a prostate of 100 mm, 100 cm³, gorge yourself on cow dairy. Some people come to me and say “see my prostate is bad. I can’t pee. I pee on myself , etc. Show me your file: i see: “100 cm³ prostate volume” Sir, you have a calf’s prostate. – I’d better check mine… [laughs] [ audience clapping ] Seriously : For the International Day of Alzheimer’s 855 000 persons suffer from this disease and 600 new cases per day? – Do you know what the first signs are? It’s important that we can say it today First sign is loss of senses of taste and smell – First signs of Alzheimer’s disease? – Exactly ! My tongue’s taste buds are renewed in my body every 10 days IF I make them work! It means : I need to use my “Castle of Flavors” located in between my ears I need to know how to use my Castle of Flavors by keeping food in my mouth by chewing it by watering them with saliva Because my body fabricates up to 1.2L saliva per day Problem is: people do like doggies ! 1, 2, 3, 4, swallowed. – Loss of the sense of smell is also a sign? – Yes it is, so what’s important I tell men “when you get your wife flowers, an organic rose smells like a rose A non-organic rose, you couln’t tell unless you see it of course. – Does stress lead to overeating? – Yes it does because when you are stressed, you need to pet your stomach. So you gorge it with stuff You gorge it with stuff you don’t chew and you find yourself with visible excess weight. – Is breakfast still the most important meal of the day? – One of them Breakfast should be eaten in good conditions You need a drink, and eat a fruit at every breakfast – Yogurt ? – No ! It’s dairy! Let’s start over… – you know when i prescribe it ? you know when i prescribe it ? You haven’t listened to me yet… On the eve of your departure to the after-life! yogurt? oh the let’s back up a bit then Let’s wait… tell me: Breakfast breat, toasted bread, honey? – Good bread ! from the Cucugnan baker – Cucugnan ? Not so central… – I’m going to publish a book with him “Bread and the Surgeon” I’ll write a book on this, fabulous, it’s very important because today everything’s about gluten free – But Gluten Free is good, isn’t it? – Yes it is, but what it means is that we don’t grow good wheat any more. And what is good wheat ? Not Monsanto’s wheat, which crops are knee-high. It’s old-time wheat, which crops where shoulder-high so we need to come back to the good crops. This is critical. – So about breakfast: there is so many products on the market… – So tea, thyme or rosmary tea, or hot chocolate organic ! concentrated ! sweetened with raw honey! not sugar ! – organic honey? – Organic raw honey. local, not from China! – OK. Olive oil? – Excellent for your health because in extra virgin olive oil you’ll find vitamin E good for fertility and to avoid aging Excellent for your health. – Is fish healthy? – it’s good but cook it with soft steam so as to eliminate heavy metals because sadly seas aren’t very clean. – Should we avoid steak and fries? – Once a week ! – Very well. Doc, how much do i owe you? – it’s free! Henri Joyeux This book is great ! [ Change the Way You Eat] It’s the first time I see someone speak that freely – I’m not one to bite my tongue. I’m joyful 24/7 – Say hello to Dr Dukan for me ! Thanks very very much doctor. – Thanks so much. – Thank you professor – He’s great ! I could listen to him for hours ! – This was here? I’m going to take it. I had two doctors in my life Professor Joyeux, whom i listen to and my mom, who fed us really well always thats it. – And his name means “joyful” so… [ Translation: B. Jastrebski]

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17 thoughts on “Le Pr Joyeux invité de Sophie Marceau sur Vivement Dimanche avec Drucker

  1. N'en déplaise au docteur Cymes (à la solde des labos), le professeur Joyeux sait de quoi il parle, mais sans doute que notre très médiatisé docteur Cymes n'a même pas lu les arguments du professeur Henri Joyeux.

  2. Joyeux a ses théories et il y croit dur comme fer, comme un Don Quichotte on peut craindre qu'il se batte contre des moulins à vent. Il extrapole quelques principes très basiques de biochimie, d'infectiologie et de physiologie pour tirer des théories qui le mettent apparemment en transes.
    Exemple : le lait contient des facteurs de croissance. D'abord des facteurs de croissance, on en trouve dans quasiment tous les aliments, ensuite, prouvez-nous M. Joyeux que ces facteurs de croissance donnent le cancer, et puis quel cancer? Montrez moi une étude épidémiologique robuste et sérieuse montrant que les facteurs de croissance – lequel au fait – donnent un cancer. D'autre part le lait et les produits laitiers constituent l'apport principal en Calcium de l'organisme : en cas de carence, gare à l'ostéoporose.
    L'huile d'olive est excellente. En effet, c'est très bon en salade, mais contrairement à ce que dit Joyeux l'huile d'olive ne contient pas beaucoup de vitamine E, d'autres huiles en contiennent bien plus comme par exemple l'huile de tournesol. De plus l'huile d'olive contient beaucoup de matières grasses saturées : celles-la mêmes qui favorisent non seulement les maladies cardio-vasculaires et l'infarctus, mais aussi certains cancers.
    Son discours fait de certitudes est entièrement construit sur des faits réels mais dont il extrapole déraisonnablement les conséquences. Ne serait-il pas dans le délire?
    S'il veut agiter l'atmosphère, Joyeux aurait aussi pu nous parler du poisson et de son mercure, des fruits et légumes avec leurs pesticides. Que reste t-il alors à manger?

  3. On trouve toujours des commentaires qui cherchent le grain de sable pour vous discréditez, mais la majorité des gens vous apprécie dans la justesse et le bon sens de vos entretiens, juste à voir le nombre de personnes que vous rassembler dans vos conferance, bravo professeur Joyeux continuer à faire trembler toute cette pharma allopathique.

  4. Quand Rika Zarai nous expliquait a peut près la même chose en 1985-1986 ,on la prenait pour une demi folle ,mais maintenant ,j ' espère que les gens se rendent enfin compte qu ' elle avait raison et surtout Raymond Dextreit .

  5. Bon sens..
    ….rayonnent..en cet homme admirable qu est le professeur Henri Joyeux …Joyeux..le bien nommé !!

  6. Bon sens..
    ….rayonnent..en cet homme admirable qu est le professeur Henri Joyeux …Joyeux..le bien nommé !!

  7. en fait il faut vivre et manger comme si on etait malade, pour ne pas etre malade… lol… C'est la nouvelle mode marketing ca: dire aux gens en bonne santé qu'ils vont etre malade, pour leur vendre des trucs pour ne pas etre malade.
    Que vous mangiez bien ou pas bien, de toute façon ne revez pas le gens, vous allez mourir quand meme. La vie en soit est une maladie mortelle…

    Ok il faut bien manger, mais ces préoccupations sont surtout des soucis de gens riches et occidentaux qui ont le choix dans leur alimentation.

    Les SDF qui crevent la dalle dans la rue ou les miséreux dans les pays pauvres, ils n'en n'ont rien à faire des conseils de ce professeur.
    Donc pas étonnant que ces éloges alimentaires sortent de la bouche d'une bobo friquée comme Sophie Marceau.

    Au lieu de culpabiliser les gens sur leur facon de manger, ce professeur devrait plutot culpabiliser l'industrie agro-alimentaire, sur sa facon d'intoxiquer les gens. En nous vendant de la bouffe de merde.

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