Learn Fire Safety with Elephant Firefighter | Fire Drill | Kids Role Play | BabyBus

Learn Fire Safety with Elephant Firefighter | Fire Drill | Kids Role Play | BabyBus

baby bus firefighters coming wow it's a real fire truck so cool but why is it here today is there a fire Oh kids we will have a fire drill today please welcome firefighter [Applause] now I'll show you how to put out a fire look carefully please the fire hose to spray the water Thank You firefighter elephant we learned many things to keep us safe from a fire you're welcome when there's a fire remember to calm down and try to keep yourself safe Wow it's a fire engine there's a fire let's become firefighters and help people in danger Wi-Fi someone shout I'm a firefighter here comes a fire engine by your fire someone shows eyeball a firefighter Danny's a fire hose in my hand here comes a fire engine can you see whose house is on fire yes its whiskers house let's go see him firefighter some white shirts Wow today TK and miu miu became brave firefighters let's give them medals hi I'm chief the leader of the EMU rescue team whoever's in trouble will be there to help [Applause] [Applause] whoa-ho I didn't know you could cook I have so many talents that you guys don't know about me today okay try the most delicious food in the world stir fried carrots parrot buds carrot soup Wow deep-fried curds aah emergency we've got to go stand finish it with the emergency elephants mammal he has a long trunk he's a firefighter but he has some trouble while putting out a fire he needs your help rescue team let's go ah are you okay why is the rescue team not coming yet well the fires getting bigger the rescue bus you made it help me I started coughing when I suck up the water oh don't worry we'll help you right now let me take a closer look thank you now my trunk will be fine [Applause] [Applause] results herb and his trunk is locked blocked oh then I'll go inside his trunk and find out what's wrong no dark in here Wow where's the blockage even further it's so deep but I have to go further Mew Mew he's got some gum stuck in his trunk hmm the wind is so strong the gum is blocking his airway so the elephant can't breathe well uh huh I'll handle it my truck it's so itchy problem solved wow that feels better uh-huh thank you so much Oh is anyone there please help me bear I'm gonna skin it's grandpa turtle we have to help it right now Oh Oh terribly be careful you might get hurt war we can handle this okay I need support from the headquarters Kaka we have another problem we need pilot Momo's help copy that memo we have a support request from Kiki please move out now here comes the flying [Applause] oh-ho move the signboard grandpa turtles trapped underneath no problem run it help Mom out here to the left okay first aid I'm okay how's grandpa turtle I feel dizzy I just went to buy buy a soy sauce then this happened well you're fine now Oh Kiki and me Oh mio rescue team thank you for saving me thank you all firefighters oh thank you it's all thanks to your help of course thank you [Laughter] prepare for descent the helicopter bus is its place well it's blown away go after it I got it hey guys do you know how police officers keep us safe we're gonna change into little police officers and patrol the little police officers I'm a little police officer with a police car i patrol the streets look I see a child who got lost don't worry I'll take you to your mom with a police car I hope if you have trouble come to me for help with a police car Nene baby Kiki Miu Miu thank you for your help allow today TT a new mule helped little cat find her mom [Applause] [Applause] what do you if you get lost kids what do you want for the picnic tomorrow okay here comes the shopping car tomato sauce or soy sauce or should I choose a spicy one dad which one should I choose where have you gone let me see what you all have bought Rudolph did you get your favorite canned fish ah Rudolph Rudolph where are you you guys stay with me don't run away otherwise someone else will get lost too there's dad dad I thought I lost good I'm not your dad I'm sorry I made a mistake remember your parents phone numbers if you get lost stay calm and go to find the security guard for help whoa hello son are you alone have you gotten separated from your parents I lost my dad I can't find him what's your name Rudolph Rudolph do you know your dad's phone number yes I do one a one two oh eight two one eight five eight Mew Mew let's ask dude you to find Rudolph good idea hello dad it's me Rudolph Rudolph it's Rudolph where are you now Oh next to a table a table what else do you see uh no security guard is here Rudolph give the phone to him let me talk to the security guard okay uh hello your son and I are at the supermarket entrance hey there's Rudolph Rudolph it's okay now stay close to me next time thank you so much Rudolph thank the security guard thank you sir you're welcome Rudolph you did well you stayed calm came to me for help and remembered your dad's phone number you get separated from your mom and dad go to find a security guard and memorize your mom and dad's phone numbers hello I'm Kiki there are so many cars on the street let's become the traffic police I will direct traffic stop today she kids mew mew directed traffic then meadows you

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