Leg Day Nutrition, Glute Training, Sauna Benefits, Strength In Caloric Deficit

Leg Day Nutrition, Glute Training, Sauna Benefits, Strength In Caloric Deficit

it's a problem with you is you're whining like little fucking baby what's going on fam it's your boy Papa swole yo back with another episode of ask papa slowly yo remember if you want your question feature right here on the show just drop in the comments down below with the hashtag ask Papa soil and I will get to them as soon as I can remember to subscribe also to the daily swole podcast channel it's right here on YouTube and I go live every single day and you can also subscribe to the audio cast where I bang your earholes on Apple on Google on frickin Spotify everywhere I'll put it in the cards in the description down below so I'll see you on the podcast let's get into the first question and this one is from bagel gang and he asks papa swallow you say to be consistent and to put in the work even if you don't feel like it you also stress not overtraining and the importance of rest how do i balance resting and training to maximize results with the application of doing it your experience you say here you're also an ex rower if that gives you context and it does because usually people that do hardcore cardiovascular training really just do cardio all the time even on recovery days like recovery rowing and shit like that you know your body is going to adapt to whatever stress you put it under if you're doing tons of activity and you're used to doing a lot of cardio even on days where you're recovering your body is going to adapt to that so it's not so much overtraining as it is under recovering so if you're recovering enough and you're doing your yoga you're doing foam rolling you're getting enough sleep you're eating properly you might be recovering more than the average person you can also do blood work and make sure all your markers are correct and in the right range and you know the normal things you would do to monitor health you have to figure out what's your best balance sometimes for me when I'm sore certain areas I know I'm going to go and crush a different body part sometimes when I'm sore I'm like I'm not that sore but mentally like today I actually went to the gym to crush an arm workout got there looked around like I don't want a fucking lift so I just did 20 minutes on the step mill did some calves and I left it just wasn't my day I'll crush it tomorrow so your amount of recovery is going to have to come from experience as the best way to customize and if you're recovering enough you can push yourself question from Melissa key Papas wooly oh is that normal to be hungrier after a heavy leg day this happens to me every single week and I think it's normal or do I need to consume more on the leg day rather than the day after loved the show well thank you Melissa and is it normal everyone's gonna be different I mean some people like to eat breakfast some people like to do intermittent fasting so that is going to be completely up to the individual your caloric intake depending on what your goal is it's not going to be literally what you eat on Monday and what you eat on Tuesday and what you eat on Wednesday I mean if you have 500 calories on Monday then you eat 6000 calories on Tuesday and then 1500 on Wednesday you're gonna lose that consistency psychologically and physically but it's more about what you're rollin caloric intake is that's why when people discuss caloric surplus and deficit they say you know you lose about a pound or two a week you want to cut 500 to a thousand calories because over the course of that week that deficit will generally lead towards about a pound or two of fat loss over the course of the week you're not making all these dramatic changes day to day so as long as you are getting your overall caloric intake on a general daily like maybe two three-day weekly schedule you're going to be making either gains or losses depending on your caloric surplus or your caloric deficit question from Hakeem Iverson popus Rowley oh do you need to target glute medius directly that's a good question and I have a couple questions about your question Hakeem do you need to target the glute medius period target it you mean isolated and everyone should be working every muscle in their body and if you want to target it directly you want to do movements generally in the frontal plane which means are moving side to side lateral to blocking is great doing single leg squats and single leg exercises force the body to create that lateral stability so that would be where I would recommend starting a couple of those exercise are on my blog on my website so enormous XCOM so you can check out the links in the main menu on Selam as XCOM but the glute medius is a very important muscle for that frontal plane stability which helps keep the thighs the femur phone actually stabilized and in proper alignment in the hip joint which translates down to the knee so if you have chronic ankle or plantar fasciitis and issues with that or any other kind of knee problems or chronic back pain it could be because the glute medius is not activating properly and that's a reason why you should be activating it question from Kaz J Poppa slowly oh my question is how strong are you like your max Highbar ass to grass squat pause bench overhead press deadlift pull-ups etc pretty interested in this because I want to compare your physique to how strong you are to see what strength is good for a good physique well you got to stop comparing shit like this you got who doesn't fucking matter how strong I am I don't know the answers to these questions anyway but the question itself is not the right approach for you you want to know what strength is good enough for a good physique that depends on how your training style is how tall are you if you're a six foot five giant but you probably should have the ability to lift more as you are a bigger person as you're able to carry more muscle mass you're gonna look differently if you're taller a lot of you probably know this if you and your friend both weigh 200 pounds and you're 5/8 and your friend is 6-3 you're gonna look bulky and he's gonna look slender and lean just with the same amount of weight just because it's distributed over a bigger size so my max high bar ass to grass squat I don't like squatting high bar anymore I don't know what my max is because I don't do max reps pause the bench I never do pause bench why cuz I don't give a fuck about a pause the bench my overhead press I don't like to stress my anterior deltoids all the time I do overhead pressing specifically more moderate high repetitions but I don't max out on it my deadlift I don't max deadlift anymore but I've done over 500 pounds in the past and then I stopped trying to increase it pull-ups I do wide grip pull-ups I don't max out on pull-ups or do max sets all the time or know what my max capacity is you shouldn't be interested in this at all you should be interested in what you're doing you want to get a good physique then just keep on getting stronger keep on lifting hard for you and then when you are at a good physique guess what you're gonna know how strong you should be and that's how you should be thinking about this stop comparing shit it's all about you it's all about what you need to do for you what's your max high bar ass to grass squad where are you with your caloric intake with your nutrition with your training with your sleep with your yoga with your meditation what is your current situation that's why you should be paying attention to question from James Cartwright Papa's folio how can I prevent knee pain I see it happening to guys in their 40s and it's not something I ever want to go through I don't have anything at the moment but I'm worried I might have something like that later down the line you can focus on doing glute isolation activities and also practice yoga and foam rolling aka myofascial release if you are keeping your body mobile if you're activating the stabilizer muscles as done in yoga and maybe with like single leg training and unilateral training that's what you should be focusing on okay mobility is everything and when people lose that mobility their muscles aren't able to work the way that they're supposed to things like wearing sneakers elevating your heels throws off your back and your knees people that wear high heels a lot like women are at very high risk for ACL injuries because they have wider hips they have poor stability in their hips as well because they're sitting down a lot they're elevating their heels that have an anterior pelvic tilt their knees are generally caving in a little bit more so footwear sedentary lifestyle these are all things that really fucked up people's mobility and can really put a lot of pressure on the knees question from skilled Robin Pappas wholey oh my mom just recently went through gastric sleeve surgery and she wants to work out but is currently pretty big still and losing weight she wants me to help her out but what should I do to help her what type of split is she practicing yoga yoga is for all levels however start doing some beginner classes online or going to a local studio she needs to learn how to move her body and everyone wants to get in the gym start lifting weights and I think that's great and I encourage everyone to lift weights you know that here on this fucking channel talk about lifting weights all the time it's important everyone should do it but everyone should also be doing yoga and mobility those stabilizer muscles learning how to control yourself getting up off the floor moving holding isometric poses moving your hips better you know she's very overweight she wasn't very active so she need to get her body primed before you start moving it into weight so she needs to do yoga and way in addition to weights but I would recommend doing yoga first and that's going to be very guided and walk her through things which is going to be excellent for so she's gonna learn a lot about her body build a lot of strength and endurance and progressed to weight training when she helps her lose more weight question from Christy mayberry papas whoa Leo this week was the fourth week of my current workout program and I increased the sets of each exercise from three to four and I stayed within the ten to fifteen repetitions range but I found I needed to decrease the weights a little bit to complete all the sets to failure within that range is decreasing the weight okay as long as the sets increased great question hypertrophy is within a rep range generally of six to twelve repetitions so if you're increasing the volume you want to decrease the intensity meaning since they're doing more repetitions and more overall sets you want to decrease the intensity you don't want to do a ton of like hardcore super heavy weight you know super overloaded exercises as you're increasing the overall work load so if you're doing 20 sets versus five sets you don't want to do 20 sets of a single rep max once you start upping the intensity increasing the weight decreasing the repetitions you want to offset that with how hard you're working during those sets you don't necessarily have to do four sets to absolute failure your effort meaning that intensity your effort during those sets is going to be the determining factor whether or not you should be increasing your overall volume or decreasing it when you add a set let's say you go from three sets to four sets you want to back off the intensity a little bit you don't want to work quite as hard meaning you're gonna want to generally drop the weight and do more repetitions that way the overload isn't as much because you're working on more overall sets so if you're going from three sets to five which is a big jump overall every single exercise you want to make sure you back it off a little bit to allow for that increase in volume and then over the next couple weeks for example then you increase the weight with those more sets and then you can kind of do that again and repeat maybe add another exercise with three sets and then everything else drops back to three sets because now you're doing four different exercises total instead of three different exercises so that's how it's going to work want to adjust your intensity your effort base on if you're adding more overall like sets to your routine question from fight the fat Papa swole yo can you give me your opinion on saunas and fasting mostly how often how long to do both your choice if you want to do intermittent fasting that's fine I don't talk or discuss or promote like fast for two days for three days I leave that up to you I'm not gonna promote that and sit here and tell you to do that because for a lot of people that could be unhealthy even though it could be very healthy it depends on a lot of other factors that I'm not just gonna sit here in spouts hey you should be fasting you know not guys here and tell people not to eat but you can play around with that and see what works best for you it's generally not dangerous if you're in good health and in terms of saunas I do 30 minutes and I try to go every single day so six to seven days a week I'm in a sauna and I usually don't eat that many meals I usually load my food later on the day maybe one or two meals in the evening question from JFK 21 Papa soyo if you're overweight and eating in a deficit to lose fat is it a waste of time to lift as heavy as you can no it's not a waste of time at all you should be doing strength training I don't know what you mean by lifting as heavy as you can't like one rep maxes that's not really important but I would recommend keeping it in a hypertrophy rep range anywhere between 8 to 15 repetitions on all your sets that's a great framework and push yourself there's nothing wrong with pushing yourself because your body is going to you know based on your experience you'll want to jump in the deep end of the pool and just start smashing yourself as you you know keep on losing weight and you learn more about your body and you see how you're recovering if you're recovering enough you can continue pushing it but just remember your goal is weight loss or goal is developing lean tissue your goal is not to gain strength you're not gonna be gaining strength in a caloric deficit your goal is to lose weight but to train and break down your lean tissue so you're causing your body to need to regenerate tissue and use energy and use calories whether it's stored in your body and what you're consuming but of course if you're not consuming enough for maintenance with your additional exercise expenditure your body is going to have to take fat from somewhere where is it going to find the fat your body and it's going to help you lose that extra body fat while still maintaining and developing lean muscle mass not saying you're growing a ton or gaining a ton of muscle mass but you're developing it you're breaking it down rebuilding it getting stronger getting you know harder denser all those types of things so it's practice and just constant exposure to those variables thank you so much for joining me for this episode of ask Papa soil remember if you want to be featured right here on the show just drop your question the comments down below with the hashtag ask Papa soil and I'll get to them as soon as I can and before you leave make sure you hit the subscribe button and like it if you haven't liked the video yet if you haven't subscribed yet make sure you come back here for daily videos and also check out the daily swole podcast available everywhere links in the cards in the description down below and also my second channel daily swole podcast for the live stream there every single day thank you so much for watching I'll see you next time peace out click the link click the link click the link watch another video like and subscribe I know you want to you know you want to come on everyone knows you want to you love Papa swirly oh you love the man but you love the seed you love it

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47 thoughts on “Leg Day Nutrition, Glute Training, Sauna Benefits, Strength In Caloric Deficit

  1. 7:16 you could see someone like me a licensed massage therapist that specializes in sports/trigger point/ deep tissue massages. 11:25 look up Cole Robinson on YouTube #snakediet that crazy mofo will teach you everything about fasting safely

  2. #AskPapaSwolio I’m currently 133 pounds and train five days a week. I train legs 3 of those five days and lift heavy.
    I want to cut fat whilst loosing as little muscle mass as possible. Is there any advice for doing so?
    Also how do I calculate just how much protein I need to be consuming to either gain muscle mass or maintain it during a cut.
    I usually aim to hit 100g when building and 70-80g while cutting, is this too much or too little ?
    P.S. You look like someone mixed Leonardo Dicaprio with Thor 😂

  3. #AskPapaswolio Before you started putting your 🥜 on peoples chin, what did you struggle with before you became full blown papa swolio? Love your videos

  4. hey there's this "fitness influencer IFBB Pro" girl on instagram @theabchick and I'm just awestruck by her posts and videos. She cries and moans during every training session and her trainers are either pushing her way past her limits (they have to guide her through literally every exercise whil she cries) or she's just overdramatic when it comes to working out. Either way, it's a bad look for the industry. She is also a coach herself, and has posts on her story that are reminiscent of ED body checking (measuring her concave stomach when laying down, etc). I think you should check it out because it really rubs me the wrong way, especially how she is profitting off of young impressionable girls who follow her and buy her coaching and guides

  5. #askpapaswolio
    I have shoulder mobility issues from 2 major shoulder surgeries. I am working on this through yoga and mobility exercises in SwolenormousX. However, this lack of mobility causes issues with doing squats. It’s difficult to hold the bar on my traps. Are goblet squats a good alternative while working on shoulder mobility? What are some other alternatives? Thank you. Love the program and so glad to be a part of the family.

  6. Thanks for your answer.
    The reason for comparing is because (I'm 6ft btw) I did strength training for a long time and was curious if my strength was good enough to try a little bit of bodybuilding or to achieve a certain physique.
    Like: you can not achieve huge pecs if your max bench is 140lbs and you're 6ft (mine is currently 325lbs). So where is that bottom line was what I was thinking.
    Is it good enough?

  7. #askpapaswolio I used pull pallets of beer with crappy pallet jacks I miss the burn in my thighs and butt I used to get by doing that…is there any workout that works those parts of body that gives that type of burn?? And if I workout in the morning then do yoga at night ( beginner in all of this) would that be a good balance?

  8. Hey papa! I’m very glad I found this Chanel I love the content 100/10! I’m a upcoming sophomore in college, and the freshman 20 hit me and my mental health. I used to be 110 in High school (I am 5’3” female and have always been kinda lean). I started working out again with strength training followed by 30 minute jump rope and most importantly started my elimination diet for the past month . Do you think it is realistic to have my track body again after three months? #askpapaswolio

  9. #askpapaswolio you mentioned briefly in last weeks video about supination and pronation. How would you advise fixing my pronation? Are there corrective exercises I should do?

  10. #AskPapaSwolio How safe is the Keto diet? & How long should one continue the Keto diet as into a lifestyle?

  11. That last question was a good one. I was doing about 10-12 reps (4 sets) for a challenge and I was pushing myself harder. I also hadn’t lifted for a few months before because gradschoolproblems. So I feel like muscle memory too. I am now back to working on increasing muscle because i think I need to get some muscle back first before i try getting those last 5-10 lbs back off.

  12. #AskPapaSwolio Papa Swolio! I’ve done so much research as I could find through youtube about Keto+ Intermit Fasting. For me being 23yrs old, 5’5” at 168lbs I’m considered borderline obese. I already do Intermit fasting as two meals a day, but I’m not working out. Would Keto+ Intermit fasting of 1 meal a day and working out 5-6 times a week help me lose the 50lbs I need to be in my normal BMI?

  13. I love the fitness without the bullshit. No flat tummy tea ads. No shakes. Just straight fitness advice. THANK YOU PAPA

  14. #AskPapaSwolio do you need to lunge? I have a hard time doing it and I always end up falling over (part from balancing and part from weakness) it just hurts and feels wrong to do for me

  15. #AskPapaSwolio
    So I’ve recently started getting back into exercising after about a year .For the past 2-3 months I’ve mostly been slow jogging and doing low impact workouts from YouTube , that includes a lot of strengthening and stretching exercises along with some calisthenics. This is also in an effort to alleviate my lower back pain problems. (Which has gotten much better btw). I love the gym and haven’t been able to return because of gym anxiety which is why I started home workouts instead in the first place. To curb this anxiety I’d normally just hire a trainer but I can’t budget that at the moment and honestly based on the little research I do sometimes it seems I know more than they.lol.I really wanna be able to go and learn my body versus the gym equipment. How ,where, and with what body part do I start? Any suggestions on working out an effective split? I wanna do this right. So you can mention things I shouldn’t do as well. Hope you see this!Thanks in advance😊.

  16. #AskPapaSwolio I had a grade 2 sprain to my mcl last year. Overall I'm basically back to 100% but I've noticed that with certain movements (burpees, snap jumps, mountain climbers…) I still feel a little bit of discomfort. Are there any exercises I can do / muscles I can train that might help strengthen the mcl / knee in general and help maximize the effects of those types of exercises? I'm pretty active and gym 4-5 times a week with a mix of body weight/free weight exercises and cardio. Squatting and lunges don't bother me… it just seems to be those bent knee / quick movement combos. As always, love your super honest and informative videos!!

  17. New Subscriber here! Love your videos! Keep coming with the tough love and no bullshit!!! Sending you and the SwolioliO fam many thanks!

  18. @AskPapaSwolio what kind of mattress do you sleep on/prefer? Hard, soft, pillow top, sleep number, etc? I know you didn’t ask but I’m into a firmer mattress and my husband (he’s about your size) and I love ours so much we named her. One day we’ll have to get a new one and it makes us sad.

  19. #askpapaswolio
    How do i stregthen the muscle surrounding my knees?
    Context: Im a skiier since toddler years and did rowing at university, played handball competitively for 10 yrs. A few years ago i needed surgery on my knee due to stress damage (menisk) and have had trouble getting back to it. I have periodically started training again (yoga, weights, swimming) but i still struggle with pain. Its NOTHING like it used to be, but after a short while it feels like there is a tight elastic inside my knee. Doc says this is normal and that i need to built supporting muscle.
    This feeling comes after x amount of movement, unaffected by weight (like weighted squats).
    As a lifelong athlete it took a very long time before my inactivity caught up with me, but now it has in a big way. Im 5'11, 85kg. I used to weight 75-77kg- as an active skiier and copetitive rower with significant muscle mass. All my clothes still fit, but whats filling them is no longer muscle. Ive cleaned up my diet and started seeing results, but trainingwise i always hit a (painful) wall with my knee. As a norwegian that can no longer ski, i need to get on top of this, both for my physical and mental health! 🤣 im only half joking. No longer being able to go to the tpp of a mountain and hit the powder otw down is giving new meaning to seasonal depression.

  20. #askPapaSwolio
    Regarding elimination diets: do you recommend before and after blood work for iron and other nutrients? I don’t have any specific symptoms (can explain more if needed) but I do want to figure out what foods really benefit or hurt me. I just want a way to get a meaningful measure of the differences.

  21. #AskPapaSwolio
    Hi Papa ! I weigh about 215 lbs and am currently in a calorie deficit. I know for sure that Im eating under 1300 calories a day. (I weigh my food and eat a lot of the same things every week.) I never deprive myself and I never feel weak in the gym. I workout 4-5 times a week (lifting weights and light cardio) I work a 9-5 and I’m sitting most of the day. My question is do you think I should increase my calories ? 1300 calories just seems kind of low.

  22. #askpapaswolio I have flat feet when ever I squat my knees start hurting I’m not sure if it has to do with the fact That I have flat feet if so what can I do to help me avoid that pain

  23. #askpapaswolio
    I’ve started taking a yoga class at the gym and at the end I was light headed and nauseous. Is this normal ? Is there anything I can do to limit those symptoms or is it something that will go away?

  24. #AskPapaSwolio Hey Papa loving the content.I want to ask ,I am quite to the small side in the chest area as a woman…If I train chest do you think it will potentially make them smaller?I love being strong and fit but also love being feminine

  25. #AskPapaSwolio, you say everyone should train every muscle but in your opinion do you think women should train chest?

  26. #AskPapaSwolio Papa what's your opinion on the TRX (suspension trainer) when it comes to strength training, functionality and mobility?

  27. I used to fast in the morning naturally. Just wasn't hungry that early. But I heard that was unhealthy so I forced myself to eat breakfast, now I wake up so hungry… Kinda wish I never changed that part of me.

  28. #askpapswolio

    Hey Papa Swolio, hope you're having a good day.
    I walk to and from work (2 hrs total) everyday, and I love walking on the weekends as well. Problem is that it's hot out and walking in sandals on pavement is killing my knees. I'm looking for a breathable light weight shoe that can give me the support I need, and I'm interested in the five-toe footwear you sport. Would you recommend any of them for a cardiophile such as myself?

  29. #AskPapaSwolio What is your take on Pyramiding? Currently on most of my exercises I do 40-30-20-10 And try to muster up a set of 5 or 25-20-15-10-5 increasing by 10-15 lbs each set Depending on the muscles I'm working that day.

  30. To the lady that just had weight loss surgery, there are exercises from yoga that you can literally do in bed, in chairs, etc. You dont have to get down on the floor to start so please don't be scared! I have health issues and was bed bound and had to start in bed with my husband helping me, then progressed to chairs and now I'm doing lifting and bands. You can do it!

  31. #askpapaswolio I love walking around barefoot, I ditch the shoes whenever I can. I would like to start training in the gym in a barefoot way like you talk about. However I'm still 300+ lbs (been losing quite a bit) and have started going to the gym almost daily and getting at least 10k steps. How would you recommend I ween into barefoot footware? Is it safe for my joints and such to not have the support for my foot while doing things on the treadmill and in the gym?

  32. #AskPapaSwolio How much cardio is too much in a week? I mean during a fat loss phase when the calories will be very low and I have to make a greater caloric deficit to lose fat, how much cardio won't be excessive. I am a 19 year old college going student. Love your content PapaSwolio. You are awesome.

  33. Does adding bands to exercises such as kick backs and other leg/booty exercises make a difference? I want to work out at home and bands seem like an affordable option but don’t want to waste my time if they don’t really help.

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