Let's Talk about Feminine Hygiene

Let's Talk about Feminine Hygiene

little get beautiful people you welcome back to my channel and if this is the first time here hello hello my name is Hiram and you are most definitely welcome sir in today's video guys I will be telling you the five causes of V pods odo just in case you need to this channel the word V part is a sweet little girl damn thing so we are going to be talking about the five causes of repots odo that's a disease why do I smell like feet so the first reason why he puts smell the first reason I'm going to talk about the first course I'm going to talk about is infection okay if you have a strong odor coming out from done day and you have symptoms like great discharge sensation of burning many value want to have sex or when you're urinating that is a sign of infection and that is the reason why UV port smells you should go see your doctor get treated and get tested and get treated okay yeah and the second reason why we put smell is Oh moans darling yeah scene is for some women they tend to have this order when the overlay team when game is written and after musician okay so if you notice I heard of coming heard from them they whenever you've relating misreading or after your period do not panic it is normal okay but if you can deal with the smell you can go see a doctor to prescribe something for you oh but still you can use the globe water to wash dummy okay and it's not the reason why the pot smells is sweet believe it some notes maybe Gill is sweaty report is a smelly people's okay so just in case it outside the like tights pansies site Jean you should stop it it's not good for your reports it's not good for your baby killed down there stop wearing something sighs its causes vport order okay yeah and the first reason why we put smell is food yes yes yes ladies food okay food like onion fish garlic setting vegetables basically okay just in case you doubting me just because you don't believe me if you have the V pods photo try eliminating this food from you from your diet and see how it goes okay yeah and the fifth reason why thief Botsman is pregnancy for some women it seems have that auto coming up from them they during pregnancy that was because during pregnancy there tends to be an increase in blood supplies which gets to the v pods area and it affects the ph balance the mix the vehicle smells and not you wondering why do I smell like fish why the sudden smell white is sodium although do not worry it is Norma just relax after delivery you're going to be fine but just in case you can't stick the auto you can just maintain a good hygiene basically use the glove water to wash down day maybe once an amount of trying anymore okay and you're just going to be fine okay so guys this video just shuts wrong okay it's just mmm you know you know how it is the five causes of we put smell if you want away with what smells check for this fight breathing I'm sure you be able to find boom out of the fight like why do I smell like fish okay and you should be able to do something about the early in my sweet angels I've come to the end of the video Yeah right if you enjoy watching the video please do not forget to subscribe and see I come your way again until you see this beautiful face of my again don't forget to stay LD drink lots of water and be good

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