Life and Apples Wellness Planner Review

Life and Apples Wellness Planner Review

I always joke about how I'm never going to buy a fitness planner I always joke about it well I didn't actually buy this one hi everybody today I am taking a look at the life and apples wellness planner like I said in the introduction I did not buy this planner they sent it to me for consideration and I said sure if you're willing to let me give an honest review of it and they're like yeah we'd love to hear your feedback and so here we are honest review not sponsored they just sent me the product I want to be upfront this is a wellness planet I want to joke around a little bit because I generally am like I'm not buying a fitness plan are you kidding me I don't feel like I spent money on something that might not use regardless so this is the planner that they sent me it is available on Amazon for 24 97 with prime shipping it comes with the planner itself and then a sheet of stickers here is this first the stickers are just some little flags and things that say enjoy inspiring important in progress done best day ever and then some icons weight stars other stars apples arrows and coffee air glossy stickers and they are not clear all right so that's the stickers I see maybe they are meant to fit the planner I don't know we'll find out as I look through it according to the website it is undated 5.5 by 8 inch size 240 pages 90 day daily lives this is a 90 day planner not a yearly planner and according to the back it has meal planning food journal gratitude fitness schedule goals weekly review habit tracker and inspirational quotes let's take a look at it I'm gonna take this little situation off so we can get a better look whoops oh looks like it also comes with a community free access to life changing tools ebooks printables 10% off your coupon code and more good to know okay so that's aside for that whoops always nice to know about the bonus is whether I'm gonna I very rarely ever use bonuses that's because I'm lazy and I forget looking at the front here I'm not sure if you can see with the lighting but there is an embossed Apple on the front which is very this very minimalistic looking it's basically the same guys is like my scribbles that matters like an a5 here's the scribbles that matter it feels like this planner is slightly taller than the scribbles that matter and the pages look slightly longer but other than that it's very similar in size the cover is a little bit scratch on if it's smooth but it has like it's not like a perfectly smooth look to it it has kind of like a almost like a leathery look but it feels smooth with the embossed apple and then there's a strap that holds it closed there's a pen loop and it's a really small pen loop but it's got a lot of stretch so I'm imagining you can stick some pretty girthy pens let's test this is my pit artist pen the big brush markers it's a big fatty boom baggie like the size of a cigar pen I wonder if this will fit I'm probably gonna break this look at that it totally fits this is a super stretchy pen loop I just want to check that because it feels a lot more elastic than a lot of other pen loops I've had some experience with but it's very skinny so let's see if it lies flat takes like a second to train it down but yeah lies flat did you know and it just it feels very hearty it basically feels as hearty as like a scribbles that matter or a loose term notebook like it has the same like quality to it in terms of how it feels so we open it up another thing to note about the materials it says it's made of vegan eco-friendly materials it doesn't go into detail about what the vegan eco-friendly materials are but that's what it says it is made out of no it says it's made with thick premium paper but it doesn't give a paper weight the pages feel similar in thickness to the scribbles that matter and they're actually the similar kind of tone in color like that kind of cream color not bright white so I mean I don't know for sure but it's nice feeling it's smooth paper but well let's do a pen test at the end and we'll see how that goes the life and apples wellness planner daily motivational journal for healthy living undated Sears the first page and it's the concept the contents looks like there's three sections mindset daily planner and weekly progress and then progress and inspiration we've got quote from Henry David Thoreau concept and guidelines so this is an introduction to their system Oh looks like there's two bookmarks one is blue and one is black there's information on goal-setting daily motivation Universal wellness elements and then how to use the planner at the beginning here we have a promise to myself day and date I will use the wellness planner to create a lasting positive change to my health and wellness and I'll create this change because it's important for me to blah blah blah I'm prepared for this change and I commit to working on this planner to accomplish my goals and the funny thing is if you had asked me a couple years ago how I felt about promised pages like this part of me would be like yeah it's kind of silly but ever since I brought Amy tangerines book and she had her like promised to yourself in the front where you're giving yourself permission to craft every day I've kind of been a little bit more susceptible to them I'm just saying I don't know if I would use one like this but I'm just saying and then here are goals health and wellness goals specifically it gives you room for five of them goal a date to achieve the goal by and then three action steps for each one here's the daily planner and weekly review so this was I think the first section yeah the mindset section which I guess is supposed to like get you you know in like into the idea of doing all your it looks like this is the daily planning section it is undated so you can start it whenever you want to but I think it's 90 days so day and date I am grateful for daily affirmation active day so here are the exercise workouts and opportunities to keep active today notes today's priorities to do special events etc Universal wellness elements are you getting enough so sunlight and air water nutrients joy and fun and sleep this reminds me of the Weight Watchers program I don't know if it's now cuz I it's been a while since I've done Weight Watchers it's been a while but like when I did Weight Watchers several years ago I remember that they not only wanted you to keep track of your points for your food but were you getting in like we will check off all of the different elements to your healthy day I remember that and I remember that actually being very helpful for me in keeping track of like my hydration and like that so not that looks familiar to me from my Weight Watchers days part of me keeps wanting to go back to Weight Watchers just to try and you know drop a few pounds but like I'm in kind of dislike this is gonna be an aside with this plan of review but I'm in kind of a weird place right now with trying to figure out how to incorporate more elements of the sadness diet into my life like and how to take things out the way I'm supposed to with being on a renal diet and knowing that like it would be great to lose a little bit more weight before really getting through the process to getting listed on the transplant list just like knowing how it works from watching my sister go through it but also feel so awful that it's hard for me to find exercise that will work while I'm feeling shitty from being in kidney failure or a close to kidney failure I don't know anyway this it's a whole existential thought process about me and my thoughts about weight and health and well-being and all that so here in deep in my mind and now this is why I don't buy Fitness planners and today's meal plan breakfast lunch dinner snacks on a scale of one to five how was today and how well did you follow the plan and then what could be improved tomorrow and then there's a quote on the bottom and then it repeats and it's a new quote so I'm curious to see is it just this does it just go daily pages is there anything beside it looks like there's weekly okay okay we got we got this figured out okay so you get through a week I'm gonna get to a weekly review day and date so the day of your weekly review successes and wins for the week what can you work on for the next week and what pitfalls can you avoid insights and lessons about yourself this week daily bi-weekly or weekly healthy habits here's three room for three habits to track and then track your progress towards your goal use parameters like weight number of weekly workouts new habits etc so you'll put whatever your parameters are that you're tracking here and then you track them so it doesn't have to be weight if that's not what you're into and then weekly notes and there's room here for it looks like seven weekly notes of little check boxes and then we go into the next one let's keep going and see if there's anything else in here besides weekly and daily it doesn't look like there's any sort of monthly calendar which too bad I am you guys know I'm like a hoe for monthly overviews not having one is a little bit of a bummer but I guess if you're using this in tandem with another planner okay so this is the end it's just daily and weekly for 90 days and then we're into the review section at the end what did you accomplish over the 90 days how can you improve what are the action steps you can take towards making the positive change and then exciting things ahead and then some notes note pages and that's the end of the planner so I'm gonna pen test for a second and then I am going to talk about what I would have liked to see in here and what I like about it and then I think what I'll do is insert some footage of me looking at some of the bonuses because I'm curious about those and they do put them on Amazon as when you buy this you get these bonuses so I would love to show you kind of what bonuses there are first we'll do a pen test though so I've got a tombow dual brush marker for a brush pen I've got a felt tip pen which is the extra fine pilot V razor point and then the uniball signo gel pen these are three kinds of pens I use in my scribbles that matter all the time or in general so we'll see how they do it looks pretty much the same way it looks in the scribbles that matter notebook there's a little bit of ghosting on the tombow tiny bit of ghosting on the two pens above and you can feel kind of the ridges from the gel pen but not from the felt tip pen so this decent paper and like I said it is the off-white it's it looks very similar to scribbles that matter I'm just saying in terms of this planner oh and there's a pocket in the back I didn't even see that and it opens up fairly wide so in terms of this planner I think that for somebody like me who has I actually really should be using something like this I can find a lot of use in this I think that I could go deeper looking at the mindset sections although I never do like whenever planners give me instructions on how to use them I ignore it I ignore it that's just who I am but I think that this is very nicely broken down for all of the things each day although to be fair I feel like for me at least as somebody who struggles with mean to fitness and things like that on the regular that this might be overwhelming for everyday this might be too much for me for everyday where I'm at but I think for people who are super into it that this could be really helpful I think what I would have loved to see in this is potentially monthly overview calendars because that would be nice or and and or I would love to see a weekly meal plan page because when I meal plan I'm yell plan for the whole week and I look at it as a week overall with like the weather and everything else and then I break it down more as the week goes on and I feel like if I was meal planning I would have to do meal planning somewhere else and I know they sell a meal planner and I'd love to take a look at that at some point so weekly review weekly progress tracking if there could be like an additional section here like maybe instead of weekly notes have this just be like a meal planning section like you could probably do that with this I just think that that would have been helpful but otherwise I think that this is pretty comprehensive and the paper is nice and it feels very luxurious so like I could see this feel like a treat planner if you're trying to really do something nice for yourself buy yourself something nice before you start you know getting into your fitness goals and everything like that this could be a really useful planner if you're gonna go like all in on your eating and your fitness but just to know when you're getting it how much you're getting in here like how much kind of work or how much information daily you'd be putting into here so you know what you're committing to when you get started if that makes sense I think it's a decent price especially for the quality like it it's a decent price and it feels nice like this feels substantial it doesn't feel like flimsy you know having a nice hardcover instead of like just a cardstock cover it feel it doesn't feel like an afterthought it feels like if you get this thing that you are intending to really make a go of it now I am going to take a look at the bonuses so that was everything let me know in the comments what you think I think this is pretty cool I'm kind of kind of hang on to this for right now because I have an appointment with my doctor by the time this video goes live I will have already talked to my doctor and I will know when I'm filming this I still don't know if I am going to be if I am going to be cruising towards getting ready for dialysis and transplant or if I'm doing okay and can hold off on that for a while the results of that doctor's appointment which you may already know because I will likely be talking about it because I think by the time this goes up I will be in the middle of vlogmas depending on where my health is when this video goes live will make me possibly know if I'm gonna be using this or saying it to the side for right now but I think that it could be very useful and I think I could make it work for me so let me know in the comments and if there are other planners you want me to take a look at especially now that we're getting into December and new planner season for people who do January through December I'd love to hear what they are so I can take a look at them thank you so much for watching subscribe if you haven't already and I will see you next time

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34 thoughts on “Life and Apples Wellness Planner Review

  1. As someone with a history of eating disorders I appreciate that it doesn’t focus on weight calories or steps. It’s more neutral. I can see it being useful for someone working with a nutritionist and doctor who has medical goals. The wellness goals can be more flexible than just the typical weight loss. I wouldn’t recommend the extras for anyone that struggles with eating disorders based on what I saw from the video.

  2. Have you ever reviewed anything from Jane's Agenda? I looked into her for spiral bound dot grid notebooks to use as bullet journals, but she offers inserts & discs as well.

  3. I’d like to see a page for the meal planning and the shopping list for each week as part of the planner. The more extra stuff I have to go looking for means it’s less likely I’m going to keep up with it. And it’s not like you can print those pages and add them. If a system isn’t super easy and brainless it’s more than I want to deal with. Between kids and work and dogs and cats and housework which doesn’t get done nearly as often as it should- some days I work 14-15 hours and I’m exhausted all the time – it has to be worth the effort.

  4. There are a number of fitness plans that are 90 days so I could easily see this working to fit in that type of approach. Looks like a great partner planner.

  5. Even if I know going in I won't be interested in a certain planner, I watch every video of yours cause you're SO FUNNY. 😀

  6. Thank you for the review. I could see this being used as a way to jump start a plan for creating the habits.

  7. It's an interesting setup, but it's not for me. I honestly haven't seen ANY "wellness" planner that's for me. Part of it, I think, is the whole emphasis on the daily gratitude… Natural pessimism aside, I personally feel that if I tried to find something to be grateful for EVERY day, it'd just be a chore instead of something I'm ACTUALLY grateful for. Gratitude is a moment in time- one that I might remember later, but ultimately not something that's going to happen on a constant basis. If it were, am I really that grateful for that moment? shrugs Just a me thing. Another thing that I have trouble with in these types of planners is the heavy emphasis on diet. I understand that it's a big part how you get and stay well, but it's in tandem with so many other things. So many of these planners have room for the food part and very little room, if any at all, for the physical exercise and even less for the mental health (beyond gratitude) or relaxation (which is a big part of being healthy, having space/time to relax).
    As for your question about about what exercise you can try… Have you thought of Darebee? They're online, have easy to understand visual instructions, and they have a bunch of different things for different people (and hardly any of it needs any equipment, and very little space). It's been awhile, but I've managed to go through a full thirty day routine twice now… AND! AND! They have workouts designed to be done on the couch while your video game loads!
    …. Oops. It's been awhile since I've written a story for you…

  8. Weight is mostly linked to diet – diet and exercise versus diet alone give people the same amount of weight loss. Exercise has tons of other healthful benefits but if you can't exercise because of kidney pain, you're not at a disadvantage.

  9. WW has changed a lot in the last few years. Lots of items are 0 points. Not just fruit and veg but chicken too. You earn points exercising that you could use toward extra cheat day etc. it’s not bad and you can do it online or in a group. Yes even using the Wii can be used toward fitness goals. So nice for people who have mobility issues

  10. At work I was given a Papeterie Bleu Planner. I started Bullet Journaling about a year and a half ago (trying to get some organization to my life but still being extremely flexible and loving the creativity of it) but when we got these free planners I started thinking about all these ways i could use it! I loved that there is not anything froo froo about it. No holidays printed. Kind of ugly patterns in it, but nothing some washi tape couldnt fix. Also fits the happy planner stickers in the monthly boxes really well! I myself have some little qualms about it. (why on the monthly layout do they have last month and this current month, i cannot tell you…) but this for sure seems like a gateway planner. mine was free (thanks work!) but on amazon they were less than $10. Would love to hear your thoughts too!

  11. That's the first planner of its type I've seen that might not get thrown across the floor in despair. I like it that it is set up for three months, which seems like a do-able chunk of time and would encourage realistic goals. I have done WW a couple of times but became disillusioned when they kept changing up the plan and its accoutrements. I think I'll take a closer look at this notebook. Thank you!

  12. I swear I saw spaghetti in a bread bowl when you were scrolling through the bonus features! Um, yeah, sign me up for that diet! 😉 Love this review. I have been trying to decide if I want a "guided" experience or to just make my own.

  13. I can see using this for 90 days, but I'd definitely not buy another one after finishing it. It would be a push to get myself to use the whole thing in the first place.

  14. Lol girthy… Great word. Also, I don't understand how vegan and eco-friendly can go together… Aren't animal byproducts better for the environment than most man-made things? Someone please help me understand.

  15. My husband heard you say “sadness diet” and was completely horrified. I have to admit, I wouldn’t be able to follow that diet, just the name turns me off. Maybe you should rename it something more inspirational…like the kick-ass diet, or the I will survive diet. The triumph diet? I dunno. But even joking, I couldn’t eat a sadness diet. 😉

  16. There seems to be a LOT of lines for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack! If you're just writing in each meal it feels like too much room!

  17. It looks really nice. I don't know if I want it for myself, but I'm wondering if my running fanatic sister-in-law would like it.

    I checked out their website and Instagram – diet is Mediterranean, which I love, but focusing on mostly vegan dishes, with some fish and eggs.

  18. I love how this planner is set up and how you can make it for more than. Just exercise and diet but incorporate overall wellness I could see this being good for a mental health planner.

  19. I like this planner. It seems simple and because its undated its not as daunting imo. I might actually get this. Ive tried soing spreads like that in my bujo and its just annoying and tedious.

  20. I love, love your videos and your attitude about life. I am getting into bujo, and I am so thankful for stumbling onto your videos. Your wit and honesty really make you an endearing person.

    I know this isn't too much about the video, but I wanted to just say that my mother has stage 5 CKD and I am going to show her your videos to see if it inspires her as it does for me.

    My heart goes out to you, and I wish you the best in every way possible. You are a beautiful soul and you will kick ass!

  21. Even though this planner is for wellness, you could totally use it for habits or things you want improve on. This is one planner, that you have reviewed, that I might actually buy but like you said….I’m lazy
    Question for ya, if a paid sponsorship came up, would you take it? No judgment just curious but I think you have earned it, by all means.

  22. Do you think that this planner would work as a “check up” for goals that you track daily in your BuJo? It would stretch out the amount of time that the Health Journal covers. Having not read the mindset pages, I don’t know if the 90 day time frame is essential to the process.

  23. Hi Cindy – take a look at the healthy hero planner from happy planner. I know you don’t like the discs but you can slice the pages to fit an A5 book really easily. I have certain medical issues that lead me to the trope of tracking you described and the book works really well. Plus they are on sale pretty cheap…

  24. Thanks for your review, Cindy. I like the planner overall and the daily/weekly prompts but it being only 90 days is the reason I wouldn’t buy it. I just don’t see myself spending >$100 to buy 4 for the year. Maybe if I had a temporary fitness/wellness goal to reach this might work.

  25. i like that it is undated- thats great because someone who buys it wont feel like they have to start at a new year, for example

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