Maa Vilakku Recipe – How to prepare Maa Vilakku by Healthy Food Kitchen

Maa Vilakku Recipe – How to prepare Maa Vilakku by Healthy Food Kitchen

I have soaked for 2 hrs. Spread out the soaked raw rice in a cotton cloth.Make sure that there is no water while spreading out. Allow it to dry for about 1/2 hr. After 30 mins ,as you can see the cotton cloth has absorbed the excess water and the rice has been dried completely. Transfer it to a blender jar and grind it. First powder the rice , then we can add jaggery . If we add jaggery at first itself then the maa vilaku will become a bit watery . If the maa vilaku turns out watery then it can’t be corrected . If we add raw rice powder then it wont get mixed up Now sieve the powder to get rid off any coarse particles. Now ad the sieved powder to the blender jar. Add the jaggery to it. Add jaggery to taste, if required then you can once again add. Make sure that the amount of sweetness doesn’t increases . Otherwise you have to soak the raw rice , dry it and blend them into a fine powder before adding it to the maa vilaku Sweetness is not enough add little more jaggery. Moreover the dry powder is not yet mixed well. Till the dry powder is not been blended , add another 1/2 tsp of jaggery and blend it well. Now the dry powder and jaggery is been blended well . If you are able to roll it into a shape then it is of correct consistency. If the sweetness is not sufficient at last then you can even add liquidized jaggery The dough should be in the consistency of chapati dough. Maa Vilaku is ready !!! Subscribe to us on YouTube and Facebook to get the regular updates !!!

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32 thoughts on “Maa Vilakku Recipe – How to prepare Maa Vilakku by Healthy Food Kitchen

  1. very nice amma 👌👍,neenga konjam different ah seinju irukinga.ammma.enga vetla Vera type la panuvanga.ungaloda method superb

  2. Hai, I prepared how u said….. It came out fantastic….and the method was too easy… The way you explain each n everything is excellent… Prayed with happiness n satisfaction ..tons of thanks….

  3. Thank u enakku rompa use. innaikku kovilukku ponen ungala mathiri ye mavalakku poten. rompa happy.

  4. Hi mam I have one doubt… Vellam elakum nu sonniga suppose maa vilaku potathuku aparam heat la shape maratha…. Sorry I don't know about maa vilaku so only asking

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