Making a strong liquid organic fertilizer at home for super flowering/fruiting

Making a strong liquid organic fertilizer at home for super flowering/fruiting

Hello friends! Namaskar! I’m your host, Brahmdeo. Friends! Today I’ll tell you how you can make at your home, a strong liquid organic fertilizer using which your plants will become full of flowers and fruits. This liquid fertilizer will be full of Potassium and besides this it contains Phosphorus, Mangnease, Copper, Calsium, Zinc, Iron etc. too which is responsible for the overall growth of the plant and also for increasing the quantity and quality of the flowers and fruits of the plants. So friends, let’s go ahead and start. To make this highly effective liquid fertilizer, You have to take about a dozen of ripen Bananas. Friends! Banana possesses very high amount of Potassium and after Nitrogen, Potassium is the mineral which is highly required by any kind of plants. Banana is a fruit which is available in all parts of the world at all the time and at a very low cost. Take out all these bananas from the bunch and after this make slices along with their peels. The banana peels too have the same amount of nutrients as their pulps have. Now take these slices of bananas in a mixer jar and make a paste out of it. After filling the jar add some fresh water to it too so that a free flow thick paste is made. Have a look! All the slices have been converted into paste. Now all the paste has to be transferred to a plastic or a glass bottle or jar the volume of which is a bit higher than the volume of paste I’ve taken a plastic bottle of 5 ltrs. capacity which has been pre washed and dried. To transfer the paste into this bottle a funnel is required. I’ve prepared one by cutting half of a small plastic bottle. With the help of this, I am transferring all the paste to the big plastic bottle. The paste that is sticked to the pot should be diluted with water and be transferred to the bottle. After doing all this, add some more clean water to the bottle, so that a free-flow solution is prepared Friends! In the next step, take some Jaggery and Curd or Yogart 100 gms each. Both of them are available to almost every house. Add some water to it, mix them altogether to prepare a solution. When the solution is well preared then pour it to the bottle of banana paste. Now shake the bottle well so that the whole thing get evenly mixed. Friends! The curd or the yogert contains Lacto Bascillus bacteria that will quickly decompose the banana paste. The Jaggery helps a fast initial growth of the bacteria. Now take a small piece of cotton cloth, cover the mouth of the bottle and fix it with a rubber band. After this, for two weeks, keep this bottle in shade but at a warm place (25-35 deg C). Friends! you will see after two days that thousands of bubbles are coming out which actually are the gases being released due to the bacterial decomposition. After two days, now daily you will have a work. Every day, after replacing the cloth piece with the original lid of the bottle you’ve to shake it like this. By shaking it well, the available bacteria get mixed evenly with the solution and the process of decomposition goes on smoothly. If this shaking action is repeated twice daily then it will be more better. Each time after doing this, replace the cap back with the cloth-piece Friends! 10 days have passed and I can see that about 30% to 40% of the paste after decomposition, have converted to plain liquid. So, let’s take the decomposed part of the liquid out. You can see, there is no solid residue left to the liquid. And It is producing a smell similar to wine. This is the strong liquid fertilizer , that will work for all your plants as a super tonic. For now I’m storing this super tonic in a clean bottle. Let me tell you the way this liquid should be used. This strong fertilizer should never be used directly over the plants Use 10 to 15 ml of this liquid diluted with 1ltr of water to make a solution. Beside applying this diluted solution to the soil of the pot, spray over the plants too. This fertilizer can be applied every 7 or 10 days over the plants as required. Friends! You must be thinking what to do with the remaining banana paste. Since, the remaining pastre has not yet decomposed completely, so again add to it a solution of jaggery and curd and the other process will be similar to that we’ve used previously. So friends! I hope the video will be helpful to you You can press LIKE button to show your liking Plz. post your query in the comment box.

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100 thoughts on “Making a strong liquid organic fertilizer at home for super flowering/fruiting

  1. Sir ji aapke sab videos Mai dekhta hu.aapne jaise jaise bataya hai waise Mai organic fertilizer aur pesticide Mai banane laga aur aapki is Gyan se mujhe aamdani ka jariya Mila.aapne jaise bataya waise Mai fertilizer banate gaya Aur wo itana achchha banane laga ki aaspas ke log mujhe paise dekar mujhase would kharidane lage. Bhagawan aapko aur aapke gharwalo ko sab khushiya de ye Meri bhagawan se prarthana hai.

  2. That's really cool man ! The way it turns clear you can see it's potency, what % of potassium is in there and will it harm the worms that are in pot's with the plants ?

  3. Kya ye liquid vegetables like tomatoes lemon etc par use kar sakte hain?ya sirf flowering wale plants k liye hai mujhe vegetable plants k liye koi liquid fertilizer suggest kariye plz…

  4. Hi sir. I use npk fertilizer for my plants every 15 days. Can i also use this fertilizer for every ten days along with the npk? Or will it damage my plant?

  5. Bahut hi badiya sirji aur apke petonia ke plant to etane ache aur swast lagte hai ki vo video bar bar dekne ko man karta hai.plz aap apne garden ka ek overview banao na aur winter flower seeds se kaise grow kare ye bhi batana konse seeds lane chahiye

  6. I have seen all the comments And I realized that you replied every one that's very good I really aprisate you thanks

  7. Sirji mujhe ye fertilizer banaye 2 din ho gaye hai. Jaisa apne bataya mene waisa hi kiya. Par abtak mujhe bottle ki side walls par bubbles nahi dikhe. Kya mera banana paste decompose ho raha hai ya nahi. Mene isme kuch aise banana bhi dalne the jo bilkul gale hue the yani ekdum black ho gaye the.

  8. Hello, for how long can we store d unused banana fertilizer… Maximum 200 ml ki hi mujhe requirement hogi saare plants k liye uske baad 800 ml main filtered banana fertilizer bottle me kitne din shade me rakh sakti hu. Thanks in advance and I must say ur channel provides to d point and complete knowledge regarding every aspect of gardening.. Good work

  9. Thanx for the information sir. Can I use this liquid fertiliser in basil plants also n how often?please reply

  10. मीठी चीजों से बना हुआ है तो चींटियों और मकोड़े गमले में आयेगा तो क्या करें, उत्तर जरुर दे ना। नमस्कार

  11. Sirji, can we use this diluted fertilizer for plant everyday or alternate day or every 15days once? Please reply

  12. Thanks sir. effective and easy for terrace gardening.Can we keep the bottle in terrace means in sunlight due to processing and after making final liquid?

  13. Sir Maine kitchen weste material se liquid fertilizer banaya hei ek month pahle beech beech mein mei usse ek wooden stlck se hilaati rehti hoon. Abhi 15-20 din pahle mei kahin baher gayee thee isliye fertilizer ko hila nahi paaee iss karan se usmein keere ho gaye .Abhi meine uss fertilizer mein aur paani daal diya hei aur ab mei har doosre din iss kitchen weste material ko hilati rahti hoon abhi keere dikhayee nahi de rahe hein . Iss kitchen weste material mein thora gur aur thora curd bhee dala thaa ab ye kitchen weste material bahut sar gaya hei kya mei ye fertilizer chhaankar paani mein dilute karke plants mein daal sakti hoon .Please bataayen plants ko koyee harm tou nahi hoga

  14. इस fertilizer.की अतिरिक्त मात्रा को कितने दिनों तक preserve कर रख सकतें हैं

  15. Thanks for sharing..
    Mujhse do galti hui hai ye banane me..
    1)Bahut thodi matra me isme anar ke chilke bhi mila diya.. aur
    2)Is Pot ko dhoop me rakh diya..
    (11/11/2019 ko shuru kiya) baaki sara method aap ka hi use kiya..

    Kya mera liquid fertilizer sahi kaam karega (In terms of micro organism) ya ise naa use karoon?? Plz advise. Thanks in advance.

  16. How long can we store this in bottles and as no more fermentation is going on therefore can we cover the bottle with cap.

  17. This looks good..
    Did anyone tried this ? If yes then please share the results…

    Also, can we use this on Croton, Adenium, Rose, Hibiscus, Chrysanthemum, Gazania and other flowering plants….??

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