Martyn Ford ║ Milos Sarcev ║ LEG DESTRUCTION – Ignite Nutrition

Martyn Ford ║ Milos Sarcev ║ LEG DESTRUCTION - Ignite Nutrition

[Applause] [Applause] slow down don't use the power muscle [Applause] all right one two beautiful party right so now I feel good I can have to push it to the limit correct that's the best one so far yes nice depending harsh Oh I wanna casually stroll down gosh that's halfway final that's it networking and return after that but now our crazy burns easily pop good seven lasted in my hands Oh super fun oh yeah yeah yeah yeah [Applause] thank you for doing it no thank you for the dance because it's very easy to quit you show me enough you have a hard roll I am yeah Hey catch your breath so yes dice by there we go hey nice one all right Hey hey guys [Applause] no I understood my heart the hardest session nothing of everything yeah challenge my whites minimum but the intensity of that's the morning let me say I don't want an injury I don't want you to break the world record to invest people here you know that high picture of the business nothing that you know how different business so yeah it's not performance may be eager yeah anyone Holly

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  1. Martyn Frod you are my idol and you are a person that I admire a lot and I would like to get the physical you have because that is my goal of 7 years old, I have now 19 every time I go to the gym I always watch your videos because it motivates me to overcome my goals great video is still crack😀😃😁💪

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