MASSIVE HEALTHCARE OVERHAUL: President Trump signs Healthcare Pricing Executive Order

MASSIVE HEALTHCARE OVERHAUL: President Trump signs Healthcare Pricing Executive Order

that's very nice thank you very much everybody Wow we must be doing something right lately that's very nice I appreciate it very much and welcome to the White House great place no place like it actually we're here to announce new groundbreaking actions that were taking to dramatically increased quality affordability and fairness to our health care system this landmark initiative continues our campaign to put American patients first this is a truly big action people have no idea how big it is some people say bigger than health care itself this is something that's going to be very important for too long it's been virtually impossible for Americans to know the real price and quality of health care services and the services they receive as a result patients face significant obstacles shopping for the best care at the best price driving up healthcare costs for everyone with today's historic action we are fundamentally changing the nature of the healthcare marketplace this is bigger than anything we've done in this particular realm and probably Alex it's not even close from what they're telling me we will empower patients with the information they need to search for the lowest cost and the highest quality care in other words they'll be able to seek out their doctor seek out the doctor they want and they'll be given vast amounts of information about those doctors we're grateful to be joined by secretary Alex a czar and administrators Seema Verma thank you very much [Applause] and I also want to recognize and thank great Senator Chuck Grassley Chuck thank you very much and by the way congratulations on ethanol a 15 right can go he fought so hard oh he's tough when he goes after you he's brutal but he gets what he wants and then they likes you right anyway congratulations to the farmers frankly Chuck right great job appreciate it and that's all year round and Mike Brown Mike thank you thank you Mike great job you're doing representatives Greg Walden we worked so hard together on right to try Greg right right to try if people are loving it Michael Burgess Doug Collins Devin Devin newness thank you all incredible people lieutenant governor's Jeff Duncan and Dan Forrest thank you fellas thank you thank you you didn't get a very good seat I can't believe it it's not like you and all of our great state legislators you have a lot of them with us today a lot of great medical people and doctors for decades powerful insurance companies lobbyists and special interests have denied the public access to the real cost of the health care services they provide it's that simple this lack of price transparency has enriched industry Giants greatly costing Americans hundreds of billions of dollars a year patients have been billed nearly $800 for saline more than $6,000 for a drug test at the simplest methods used and $6,000 I've seen them and over $17,000 for stitches to just stitch up a minor wound often prices differ drastically between providers and hospitals for the exact same services and there's no consistency there's no predictability and there's frankly no rhyme or reason to what's been happening for so many years as a result of Americans such as Erica Jay who is here today find themselves and deeply unfair situations Erika please if you would come up and just explain what happened to you thank you very much [Applause] thank you over the last three and a half years while fighting a stage three cancer we visited many healthcare facilities we saw price variations that just caught us off guard really surprised us took us by surprise from one facility to the next and it caused us financial hardship an example of this is when I had two identical bone biopsy procedures only eleven days apart at facilities that were only 17 miles apart from each other we learned when we received the bills for the second procedure that it cost us more than three hundred and thirty percent than the first time we had it done different facility identical procedure drastically different pricing this is one of many stories our family has if price transparency had been required we would have been empowered to find the best pricing for my care saving thousands of dollars over the last three years mr. president thank you for this executive order and thank you for empowering and helping families like mine all over the nation thank you very much thanks very much Erica we believe the American people have a right to know the price of services before they go to visit the doctor therefore in just a few moments I'll be signing a breakthrough executive order it will create unprecedented transparency about health care prices and provide this information to the American people for the first time ever first time it's ever been done people knew it should have been done years ago but they never got it done I wonder why with this order hospitals will be required to publish prices that reflect what people actually pay for services in a way that's clear straightforward and accessible to all and you'll be able to price it among many different potential providers and you'll get a great pricing prices will come down by numbers that you won't even believe you won't even believe it more price transparency will mean more competition and the cost of health care will go way way down vanderbilt economists highly respected dr. Larry Van Horne is here with us Larry was introduced to me by a gentleman who is a great gentleman great economist art Laffer and art Laffer just got as you know Larry just got the Presidential Medal of Freedom a couple of days ago and art was telling me they just the head of a hospital where he comes from he's on the board and they did this he said it is beyond anything he's seen from an economic standpoint and even a health standpoint and I said let's talk about it and we discussed it and it's something known very well but a lot of people don't do it because there won't be some rich people that will be too happy about this but the people will be happy about it so Larry could you [Applause] so Larry of you would one thing before Larry gets up one of the other big benefices are really good doctors the good doctors and they should be the beneficiaries not the bad doctors but the good doctors and I think all of the doctors in the audience know exactly what I'm talking about so thank you for being here because I guarantee you're all probably very good doctors so Larry if you would please come up and share a little of your wisdom and what this is all about thank you thank you very much [Applause] Thank You mr. president for taking this action that will put healthcare information in the hands of the American consumer this truly will be transformational for years I've studied the impact of hidden prices and what's that's hot the impact that's had on markets healthcare markets as well as American consumers my analysis suggests that when cash prices are transparent upfront in the market on average they're 39% cheaper than the amounts that third-party payers pay for like services even when insurance covers the cost there are on an average of 300% price variation within a market across the for the exact same services your health care transparency initiative will empower consumers and use free market forces to drive health care markets towards lower prices that are outcomes greater access and greater value but this is bigger than health care lower prices for health care leaves more money in Americans wallets and in their paychecks for the purchase of all other goods and services that are important parts of their lives this will be good for America and good for Americans [Applause] thank you very much Larry today's action is not just about lower prices it's also about helping Americans find excellent care currently patients do not have adequate tools to find the doctors who would deliver better health outcomes at an affordable cost and when they used to talk about Obamacare you can keep your doctor that turned out to be a lie 28 different times that turned out to be a lie here you can keep your doctor but you can also maybe find somebody other than your doctor at your choice and that would be based on talent and would also be based on price because of this you'll be able to search out for the right doctor and it really is in a true sense the opposite of Obamacare you get much better pricing and you'll get the doctor that you want and maybe you'll get better than the doctor that you originally thought about it's pretty incredible low quality care often means unnecessary services for example a bad doctor may routinely perform an expensive spinal surgery for back pain without first trying physical therapy that's why my order directs agencies to help inform the public about the quality of doctors and hospitals by leveraging all of this data by making much better use of this new information we will save money and save lives and your care will be much better it's incredible we're also joined today by dr. Elena George a longtime advocate for patients Elena please come up and tell them a little bit about what transparency means thank you [Applause] I love being a doctor however one of the most challenging things has been the inability to be an effective advocate for my patients I've had patients deny themselves care because they don't know how much a service will cost or worse be stuck with a costly bill that he didn't expect I have felt powerless at times because of my inability to help them especially if I have to send them to a hospital and we can't find out the price of the service price transparency is the solution to this problem when patients become healthcare consumers it will drive prices down quality up and most importantly help doctors serve their patients better thank you president Trump for this executive order raishin Thank You Elena as we fight to increase transparency and lower costs for patients more than 120 Democrats in Congress support Bernie Sanders socialist takeover of American healthcare it's very dangerous the Democrat plan would terminate the private health insurance of over 180 million Americans who are really happy with what they have under my administration we will never let that happen we believe in giving patients we believe in giving patients choice and freedom and healthcare ensuring access to the doctors they want the treatments they need and the highest standard of medical care anywhere in the world and this will make it much better than it's ever been this is a truly historic day I don't know that it'll be covered that way by the fake news but this is truly a historic day this is a very big thing that's happening right now and it's pretty much going to blow everything away Alex as we discussed people never thought to see us do this we're making new affordable health options available to millions of American workers through the Association health plans short-term plans and health reimbursement arrangements we're working with Congress to stop surprise medical building and when you hear surprised [Applause] and when we hear surprise medical bill we're not talking about a positive surprise we're talking about you know not surprise oh gee how happy I am you're talking about like a disaster because no American should be blindsided by bills for medical service they never agreed to in advance because people get sick they don't really think in terms of let's sit down and negotiate for 20 minutes you want to get better and then you get hit and you get hit really hard that stops we're expanding access to tax-free health savings accounts to give critically ill patients access to life-saving cures we passed right to try we will help so much by these gentlemen in the front row what a what a job you all did and I really appreciate it and you too senator I'll tell you that was really great we think in terms of the house because I know how hard you fought for Greg and Doug you guys were amazing but and Devin I know you were in this one very very hard with everything else you do but I appreciate it and very few people would have done that you know right to try is interesting because it's been they've been trying to get it for 45 years and they couldn't do it and it sounds simple but it's not because everybody had a reason for not wanting it the insurance companies didn't want it because of liabilities the country didn't want it because they didn't want to be sued but now you have terminally ill patients that used to if they were rich enough they'd go to Asia they'd go to Europe they go all over the world looking for a cure and we have the greatest doctors in the world right here the greatest lab technicians and labs and medical so we have everything but it takes a period of time to get a certain potential cure approved sometimes 15 years and by the way we brought that down to probably an average of six but you need time because you don't want to hurt anybody but these are patients that are terminally ill and they didn't want to give them a potential cure because they didn't want to hurt him but they're terminally ill so we agreed that people would sign a waiver nobody's going to be held liable the drug companies which didn't want it because they didn't want it on their record we made it a much less part of their record and we set up different standards were be in other parts which was great for them and everybody's happy and many lives have been saved today we had one the other day that was on so incredible a young incredible young woman where they made a medical mistake and it was over for her they were explaining last rites and then all of a sudden she did this and she's now healthy they think she's going to be actually fine you might have seen it it's been it was actually an incredible thing so I'm really happy I talk about it a lot right to try something that sounds so simple and yet for 45 years they've been trying to get it approved and they got it and just so you feel good Greg and Doug and everybody tremendous success have you been seen what's going on so many people that were definitely not going to make it are now living and in many cases they're going to be just fine so it's something various but you can all be very proud of that so for the first time in a long time we're doing things that nobody's ever done before from the standpoint of what we're here for we eliminated the Obamacare individual mandate penalty which was the most unpopular thing in Obamacare by far and I had a decision to make do we do a good job with Obamacare the remnant of Obamacare what do we do a bad job if I do a bad job well then you can blame Obama and the Democrats if we do a good job they'll get a little bit more credit but it's still very faulty it doesn't work and it's too expensive and I told our great Secretary Alex Heiser don't do a good job do a great job do what you have to do work with the states do whatever you have to do to make it as good as possible once we got rid of the individual mandate it made it better but Obamacare doesn't work but it works at least adequately now and we had that choice to make and politically is probably not a good thing that I did but it's the right thing to do for a lot of people so I want to thank you and I want to thank Seema for doing a fantastic job I appreciate it [Applause] and we spend a lot of time defending Medicare and Social Security and we're always going to protect patients with pre-existing conditions people don't understand that that we are fighting very very hard to get it taken care for pre-existing conditions and if we weren't that wouldn't happen but the Republicans are very much behind that totally behind that and if we do anything and if you see anything a little unusual it doesn't make it because we're putting in very very strong taking care of patients with pre-existing conditions and I would say Alex that that is a really a very strong foundation of what we're doing and what we're all about so it's very important together we're taking power away from bureaucrats would take it away from insurance companies and away from special interests we're giving that power back to patients and we're giving Americans the right to know so we have the right to try and now we have the right to know and the right to negotiate and the right to pick your own doctor and the right to get great prices and other than that you know what can I tell you can't do better than that but we're taking one more giant step toward health care system and a health care system that's really fantastic and it's going to be good and it's going to work for the people so I just want to thank everybody for being here I'm going to go ahead and sign the Executive Order and if this is half as big as some people are saying it will be it'll be one of the biggest things ever done and in this world and this industry and this profession and I want to especially thank all of the doctors for being here we have a lot of doctors in this room and they're very proud of what they do and they want to have our system work and this is something that I think is going to get it to really work efficiently and well thank you very much for being here I'm going to sign the Executive Order thank you [Applause]

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  2. Preposterous trump go shag yourself I’m sure you folks will try to do that without hesitation, that’s called brainwashing and it only took two years , amazing

  3. Great job to start a change. Thanks President Trump and Larry. The hospital boards probably make as much as the doctors, if not more after expenses. Not OK. Hospital CEO's wages should have a limit or cap to keep costs down also. Hitech was added to HIPAA, but fines are way too high,10,000 to 1,500,000!! Outrageious! Just another reason for the added cost from doctors, nurses and medical assistants to avoid going out of business. I am in the medical field. Thanks!

  4. If I where to run for President it would be as a Republican. Because they are so stupid. Trump's own words.

  5. Best President & TEAM ever. I don't wish to use the term Administration on purpose b/c I've seen what those Admins. did. Trump Team b/c there are so many wonderful patriots (us included) working along side them to restore our beautiful America. WWG1WGA-MAGA!

  6. very great initiative taken by President in healthcare by putting checklist in clinics of whatever care given to a patient….This will help patients a lot especially those who need lot of care like cancer patients….Once again great step as human health is world best wealth if considered as care not as payer so much in doctors fees and drug prices and procedures…

  7. My wife's meds for a form of arthritis (Ankylosing spondylitis) which are HUMIRA worth 6200.00 every two weeks. over 12000.00 a month.

  8. A couple of months ago I had an ingrown toenail removed by a podiatrist. I paid cash and they charged me $360.00.

  9. I love Trump… but if it was up to the Federal government—-they wouldn't pay doctors ANYTHING. Already… Medicare doesn't pay *jack shit* to the health care providers—-and all the OLD BASTARDS on Medicare expect everything for *FREE* anyway. Medicare claims are difficult to file because the Federal government keeps changing the rules as they go. The Medicare Fee Schedule don't pay SHIT. Trump is just *ignorant* when it comes to the healthcare system. Anytime the government is involved…it causes a problem. 👎

  10. I Love his smile when he is Truly happy ❣
    Again he is doing his best to make healthcare better, more affordable, with allowing choice of physicians! Allowing terminal patients to try unapproved medicine to better or extend their Lives or have quality of it.
    Keep working hard for Us Mr President, we appreciate all you are doing❣
    May God Continue to guide and Bless you & your Loved Ones🙏

  11. Those who aspire this honorable Office, take lessons from President Trump and work for the American People.

  12. Does anybody here know whether this "right to try" applies to alternative medicine? Would be awesome…..or is that stretching the friendship a little… 🙂

  13. Big deal!
    Give us some real results. All he does is name drop and babble.
    So telling us how much it’s going to cost doesn’t help.
    Get the cost down for all



  16. Trump maga 2020 make it easier for people like me who have adjusted to western American society and culture without loosing hindu values to immigrate potus and ban Islam in the west

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  18. ท่านทรัมป์สวัสดีครับกระผมดีที่สุดเลยครับท่านและจะดียิ่งๆๆๆๆๆๆๆขึ้นไปท่านเก่งมากๆๆๆๆๆๆๆๆๆๆๆๆๆๆๆthe new 45/usa/2020/ f16a1 f22a1 f35a1 fsa35 b52sa1

  19. God bless Trump…prison reform step1, cash for veterans to get care, this order, 15k mexican troops at the border stopping the flow of illegals, renegotiated nafta, got us out of the horrid TPP, money for the Everglades, funding for our military…what a ride in just 2.5 short yrs, despite HEAVY opposition and an essential soft coup. Trump 2020…we need him on America's side!

  20. Our extraordinary President of the United States of America, is the exact reason i FINALLY decided to become a registered voter for the very first time in my life of 53 years!!! When i found out Mr. Donald Trump was running for President, i was unfortunately unable to vote, as i am an Oklahoma registered voter that had been in Alabama at the time. 2020 Presidential Election, MARCIA RYE WILL REMAIN IN OKLAHOMA TO VOTE FOR A MOST EXCELLENT AMERICAN THAT IS TRULY FOR THE BEST INTERESTS AND THE BEST PRESIDENT FOR OUR UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. God Bless America, our President. THANK YOU DONALD TRUMP, STAY STRONG AND PERSEVERE!!!

  21. And yet ….The Feminists haters in the American media would say the "" The evil white ' again ……?

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