you have got to join us on this huge
food tour of the city of Ipoh in Malaysia today, Ipoh is well known for
its incredible food so you have got to see what we find on this massive food
tour, I’m Thomas and I’m Sheena and we’re Chasing a Plate, we hope you’re hungry, let’s eat! our first stop on our Ipoh food tour is a place and a dish that a tonne of our subscribers have told us we must eat when in Ipoh and that is nasi ganja, let’s go and find out what
this dish is all about, this stall is crazy busy, there’s a huge amount of people waiting out the front for takeaway if you want to eat in you’ve just got to hover by a table and hope that someone leaves and then pounce so we got a table and we’ve ordered a plate of nasi ganja let me talk you through what it’s made up of, so we’ve got
white rice, some cucumber, a dollop of what looks to be kelapa sambal or
coconut sambal, there’s half a salted egg there and then there’s a big piece
of fried chicken which is covered in a red gravy, this looks so good
now nasi ganja translates to mean weed rice, it’s not because it actually
has marijuana in it it’s because it is so addictive so it’s been nicknamed nasi
ganja but it’s actually nasi kandar which you can find all over Malaysia it’s
basically rice and curries an Indian Muslim dish so lets just get in.
I’m gonna give the rice a mix up with that sauce it’s just been flooded with gravy so banjir which means flooded and then oh look there’s also
some okra in there which I didn’t see before let’s just try a bit of that
rice with that sauce wow so much flavour, quite fiery, that sauce is quite spicy, let’s give a bit of the chicken a go so I’m going to pull a bit
of the chicken off it’s really tender wow that just fell off the bone and then
I’m going to dip a bit of that coconut sambal in with it, grab a bit of rice, a bit of
cucumber and take that as one mouthful alright I can see why it’s called nasi ganja this is damn delicious the chicken is perfectly cooked, it’s really tender a little bit crispy then it’s sort of softened because of that sauce that’s coated it that coconut sambal just gonna try a little bit by itself it looks like it’s got mint in it I think ohhhh it’s so savoury, that really adds a creaminess a fieriness to this plate, I’m just gonna go for one more bite get a little bit of that salted egg you can see that the yolk’s quite grainy so
salted egg is basically just, normally a duck egg that’s been cooked in a brine
solution or soaked in a brine solution let’s get a little bit more of that
chicken because that was so good, rip that off, take a bit more gotta get some
of that sambal in oh wow, this is so satisfying, that mix of flavours, you’ve got the crunch from the cucumber, that fiery, creamy sambal, the chicken which is just so flavoursome, so tender and then that salty hit of duck egg or salted egg, oh this is good! another thing you must eat when you’re
in Ipoh is curry mee so curry noodles let’s go and grab some of those check out this amazing looking curry mee, it has got a huge pile of mint leaves on top some spring onions cut over it, there
is char siu or barbecue pork in there, we have a whole lot of chicken, there’s some
chicken, we have got two types of noodles in here there is, actually look at this
ah the spoon is full of I think that’s going to be lime juice, wow that’s such a
good idea that’s lime in the spoon so instead
of having to squeeze your lime into your bowl of noodles in turn getting it full
of pips it’s just in the spoon so I can just dump that into this broth which is
incredible looking, look at the broth let’s get that lime in there, let’s get
this a big mix-up ohhhh look at that and what you can see here is a sambal on top so it’s a kelapa sambal
or a coconut sambal and then the broth underneath that so the more runny broth
and in then that thicker sambal, let’s mix the whole thing up and you can see we’ve got
two types of noodles so there’s a rice noodle which is this white one, this thicker
one and also a yellow noodle which is the round obviously more yellow coloured
noodle alright let’s try some of this broth because that is just coating
those noodles in the most spectacular way, let’s go, ohhhhh it’s the perfect thickness,
amazing curry flavour it’s so well-rounded, I’m gonna grab another
spoon but I’m gonna grab a bunch of those mint leaves and just chuck them on
top ohhhh yummmm the mint gave it a real fresh little kick the broth has an amazing spice, it’s like a great level of spice
and then that’s all well rounded because of the sambal and the broth going
together, the creaminess is perfect I think it’s time to try some noodles,
these are really hot let’s see how we go perfectly cooked, absolutely perfect, he
was dunking the noodles into the broth with some sprouts so they’re all cooked
together and it’s just perfectly cooked I’ve got a little bit of char siu here,
let’s try that beautiful little sweet flavour, trying to find
some chicken but the pieces are quite quite little, here’s a big one oh this
is a good one, it’s got some, some skin and some flesh that’s so juicy that chicken, just gonna have
another big bite with just all of these noodles and see how it goes this is so well, so well-rounded you’ve
got that beautiful curry flavour, creamy just thick enough, the noodles are perfect you’ve got the little freshness from the mint and then
little crunchy bits from the spring onions because they were fresh on top as
well so they’re they’re getting softer as I stir it up but they have a crunch
and a freshness going on this is a great bowl of noodles we’ve just finished up those curry noodles what a great bowl of noodles
don’t forget to pop down below hit subscribe give this video a thumbs up
and all the details of where we’re eating today are in the description so you too can
find these places let’s go find some more food next up on our Ipoh food tour is Heong Peah a famous fragrant biscuit let’s go and find out how they make these
little beauties we’ve come to shop 362 who make
their biscuits the traditional way so you can see behind me the team are
making the dough, they’re rolling it out and then stuffing a malt and onion
filling into that dough and then forming each biscuit, they’re then taken
out the back to bake they’ve let us come out into the kitchen
and check out how they do it so out the front we saw them prepping the
biscuits and out here they cook the biscuits in these huge round ovens,
they’re fired by coconut husks so there’s a huge bin of coconut husks down here
they put those into the bottom of these ovens, the one that’s flaming behind me
is getting ready for the next batch and this guy over here has just pulled a
batch off this oven so he scrapes them all off the side and now he’s just
cleaning them all up to get them all tidy for selling, the smell out here is
incredible, the air is filled with smoke but it’s got that sort of biscuity
sweet baking smell as well so you’ve got coconut husk smoke and that biscuity
smell all going on at once we’ve got a bag of these freshly baked Heong Peah to
try and ohhh they smell so good the fragrance, the aroma is just wafting out
from that bag and what’s really cool is that the Heong Peah biscuit makers here all seem to just be named by the number of their shop lot so this is 362 there’s
also 187, 254 so come to 362 if you want to
see how they’re made the traditional way so let’s just take a bite of this biscuit woah that’s so flaky, see inside there
it’s just layers and layers of that pastry just flaking away and you can
tell actually by the shape of the biscuit that it’s been made the traditional
way because it’s sort of a little bit lopsided so the biscuits were slapped
onto the inside of the oven and then gravity has obviously pulled the filling
down towards the bottom of the ovens so they’re slightly lopsided, I
didn’t get any of that filling in that mouthful so let’s give it another go hmm mmm wow that filling is a great mix of
sweet and savoury from that onion so it’s just a malt filling with a hint of
an onion flavour, it’s quite sticky and you can see that the pastry, it’s
just really the star of the show because you can just see the layers there and it’s so
crisp and flaky that is one delicious biscuit next up we’re at a kopitiam or a
traditional cafe for a drink that is very famous here in Ipoh and that is Ipoh white coffee so we’ve got the coffee here now there’s a few things that are very special about this coffee but the main one is that the beans are roasted in margarine
so that when they’re getting roasted they have margarine put all through the
roaster to give them a very unique flavour, let’s try it and then I’ll tell
you about the few other interesting things about this drink whoa it’s got a really bitter coffee flavour, oh that’s good I’m gonna have a little bit more, there is a butteriness to it, it’s very bitter kind of makes your
tongue tingle it’s that bitter but it’s quite creamy as well, that is a great
drink and one you’ve got to have when you’re in Ipoh, and it’s called Ipoh white coffee not because the beans are white or anything like that it just
is literally the translation from Chinese it used to be called just like
bak coffee and now it’s, which is white coffee in English so it’s become the term for
it so only in Ipoh will you order white coffee, so you order white coffee and this is what it is a black coffee with those beans roasted
in the margarine, condensed milk as the milk portion, I’m gonna try a wee bit more it’s really good, that’s really good I’m
glad it’s not too late in the day cause I think that would keep me up it’s
definitely got a good kick of coffee and that bitterness is really interesting,
really, really tingly on the tongue that’s the coffee done and that was really good,
this kopitiam has been serving that since 1937 so they’ve definitely perfected the art of making the Ipoh white coffee, it was
really good next stop on our Ipoh food tour is tau fu fa or sweet tofu pudding, we’re just in line waiting for our bowl check out Woong Kee’s wobbly bowl of
bean curd, it is just silken perfection I’ve ordered the bowl
which has got a ginger sugar syrup it’s quite hot but I’m just gonna go for
a slurp because it just looks too good mmmm, mmm, hot wow, that just slips down the throat, it is so slippery, so silky, the ginger sugar syrup actually isn’t that sweet but it’s just got a little faint hint or tingle of that ginger and that beancurd is just heavenly, it’s so silky, so wobbly, this is perfection in a bowl I’m so enjoying this bowl of tau fu fa it’s
so delicate and you can see the lady scooping it out of that big hot so
carefully because it’s just you know, the second you touch it, it just falls to
bits oh this is a must eat that was incredibly tasty and one of the owners Jack took me into the kitchen and showed me how they make it, so he boils the soy
milk for 15 to 20 minutes then dumps it all into a big giant pot which has a
whole lot of starch in the bottom and then they just don’t touch it if they
stir it, if they do anything to it, it won’t work they just have to step away
and let it naturally set and within 15 or 20 minutes the whole giant pot is set
and ready to serve it’s really incredible and he said that that’s a
really ancient way to do it, modern people use gelatin which makes it not
quite so silky but their one is incredibly wobbly and silky really good
let’s go find some more food though next up another dish that’s famous in Ipoh, tauge ayam so we’ve got some poached chicken but the star of the show
are these bean sprouts so the English name of this dish is bean sprout chicken
so the bean sprouts are just poached in some broth they have a little bit of
sauce on them they have a whole lot of pepper that you can see here and some
spring onions then you’ve got the poached chicken which was poached in
some chicken broth also has some thickly cut spring onions all over the top and
that’s also in a like an oily sauce which I think is soy sauce and some
sesame oil, we have a little side of a light soy sauce with some chillies and
then we also have some kway teow noodles which are a thick rice noodle and they are
swimming in a delicious looking chicken broth so that is the three portions that
make up this famous dish and what makes it really famous is the beansprouts and
everyone says the bean sprouts in Ipoh are better than any beansprouts you’ll
find anywhere else so I’m gonna try some of those first I’ll just give it a mix
up to get all that pepper all over the dish and mix in those spring onions,
let’s just try a few beansprouts they look really plump and juicy, oh no I dropped one wow, oh wow, they’re super-crunchy still I
thought they were going to be softer from being um being quickly poached but
they’re very crunchy, they’re very juicy like a burst of
liquid when you bite into them, the pepper’s really nice but then the actual
beansprout the flavour is very bitter but also a bit sweet like they’re really, they
are a cut above and you can see, look how plump they are, it’s incredible,
let’s try this with some chicken because they’re damn good by themselves, let’s get a piece of chicken so I’ll get this big piece which has a bit of skin and then
some beautiful white meat we will grab some chilli on top of there and some soy
sauce, some beansprouts on top, let’s try that spoonful Wow, wow that is so good the chicken is, it’s got quite a bit of texture to it still, it doesn’t just fall apart those sprouts wow they add such a crunch and the sweetness and the bitterness I talked
about really works and look at this, this sauce on the chicken, I’m gonna try some
of that by itself it’s got a bit of oil swimming on top, it’s quite light in colour ahhh yeah so when I ate the chicken I had a real salty flavour so that must be mainly soy a light salty soy then with the, the
sesame oil as well in there so it’s got this sort of the balance between those
two sauces this is so, so good I haven’t even tried this broth from the
soup yet oh that is really sweet chicken broth, it’s
got a tiny tiny bit of oil on so it’s not oily in your mouth it just really
slips down your throat really easily without leaving an oil slick in your
mouth wow this is such a good combo there’s crunch from the sprouts, the
beautiful soft chicken and then that soup, amazing combo I can see why this is famous and what makes these beansprouts in Ipoh super special is that they say the minerals in
the water that they grow in are really high quality the minerals are really really strong and so the beansprouts themselves just turn into these
healthy beautiful vegetables, they’re sensational this chicken though is also calling out my name, look at these pieces of perfectly poached chicken I’m just going to dip that in the sauce and
give that a go, alright mmmm, wow, that is so juicy, but as Thomas said it hasn’t been overcooked, it’s not chewy it’s just on the point of perfection so there’s a tonne of people here tonight there are huge queues they’ve obviously poached some chickens prior to service but it’s so busy that they’re having to poach chickens as they
go, it’s crazy, to go with it we also have this kway teow soup so the thin rice noodles
and just a simple broth, let’s give them a slurp and see what they taste like mmmm just the perfect accompaniment, so slippery, just really simple, so really simple flavours but everything is cooked so well you can
really taste the quality of the ingredients, this is such a good meal, sangat sedap or very delicious we have sadly just about finished this meal but the thing that I am loving is the sauce on the chicken
it’s got such a beautiful oiliness to it I think it’s got some shallot oil in there
as well so it’s got this like tang from that, then it’s got saltiness, it is the
most incredible sauce, I’ve got one more little bit just to eat by itself it’s so well-rounded, this is an
incredible meal it’s so good this was such a brilliant delicious food hunting day in Ipoh, remember to hit like on this video and hit that subscribe button
because we are traveling all around Peninsular Malaysia and making a tonne of
food videos, we also love to see what you guys are eating so #chasingaplate on Facebook and Instagram so we can check out what you guys are having
we hope you liked this one, we had an amazing day, hit subscribe, hit like and
thank you for watching we’ll see you later, jumpa lagi

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    3) Jalan Air Panas, Setapak
    4) Kampung Kerinchi, Bangsar (I)
    5) Sentul Pasar Dalam 4B
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    8) Taman Miharja Fasa II
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    3) Rumah Pangsa Razak Mansion
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    7) Kampung Pasir Lama Off Jalan Klang Lama
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  19. Malay Words of the Day/Malay 101: Today lesson is about Cutlery and Eating/Serving Utensils (Peralatan/Perkakasan Makan) … Cutlery/Silverware – There is no specific Malay word for it since the custom of using cutlery is not one of Malay tradition …  1) Spoon 🥄 – Sudu. Silver spoon is Sudu Perak (Perak as in Perak the state in this video. Perak got its name from the tin mining activities long time ago (British time in Malay Federated Sates) mainly done by Chinese labourers from Mainland China whom the towkays got the mining concession (the land for minings) from the Perak Sultans …  2) Fork – Garfu …  3) Serving knife 🔪 – All type of knives are pisau in Malay. Cleaver are pisau pemotong daging (because normally use to cut meats, of all types…remember daging is generic names for all type of meats, including fish meats) …  4) Butter knife – Pisau penyapu mentega. This is more like my own version. Mentega is butter. Sapu is the act of spreading the butter …  5) Cup, like drinking cup – Cawan. Cup 🏆 for winning tournaments is Piala, Bledisloe Cup is Piala Bledisloe …  6) Saucer – Piring. Putu Piring got its name because the shape of it is like a saucer …  7) Glass, like drinking glass – Gelas/gelas minuman. Glasses 👓 the spectacles is kaca mata, like the cool ray ban glasses Sheena sometimes wears …  8) Plate as in Chasing a Plate – Pinggan. Chasing a Plate is Mengejar sebuah Pinggan. Chasing is mengejar. Sebuah/satu is a/one …  9) Bowl – Mangkuk. A bowl of cendol is semangkuk cendol. Se prefix denotes quantity of one, like sebuah in #8 …  10) Tray – Talam. Serving tray is talam menghidang. Talam also used in Malay food custom to refer to large round of aluminium plate to cater for 3-4 people eating together in a single serving …  Next lesson we’ll dwell with cooking apparatus … Leafy vegetables/greens is on the card too …

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