Maternal Healthcare – The Pulse on JoyNews (24-6-19)

Maternal Healthcare - The Pulse on JoyNews (24-6-19)

health officials are those who local district hospital in a greater crime region say they are working to improve the quality of health care delivery for community members there despite being described as a possible benchmark for health facilities in Africa by the World Health Organization medical director at the facility dr. Canady Brighton says the hospital can keep upgrading its facilities with more support from external sources in April 2000 18 the World Health Organization identified the shy or pseudo ku district hospital at Okuma as a possible benchmark for other health facilities in Africa in terms of infrastructure and service delivery the WH er Regional Director for Africa doctor Machida Co Moretti said the hospital had set a standard that was worth emulating nationwide and in Africa but despite the same vehicle town hospital authorities say they are looking to consistently upgrade facilities to meet the growing needs of residents in and around to do one dr. Canady Bright's in his medical director so every now and then you need this to continue making your place beautiful we are not the beauty of this place is not static it means that every day we keep on polishing up the place every day we make sure the place looks beautiful it means that we need input we need logistics so if we still say that we are complicit where we have reached the end now I bet you come in to establish that everything is gone down he was speaking to Pressman after the hospital to delivery of equipment and food items from Jay foundation and ng was specialized in your natal health advocacy so we need people to collaborate with us like the Jay Foundation has done so that continuously we shall offer top-class health care to the people of this country particularly the pool of Laura Ghana who want to strengthen our neonatal intensive care units and bring it to international standards that means that we need additional equipment we meet cots for the babies particularly we need radiant warmest we don't have a radiant woman or even a single one we need food to therapy machines find out the NGO knock Romanian says though the hospital has an enviable record in terms of maternal and neonatal health care delivery it was important to highlight a situation here to challenge other health centers to do more they needed food items baby clothes the normal things that we donate so we decided to come with them but they needed some special I was very tiny I was for the babies they also need that cleaning materials for the place an idiot issue for the mothers they needed a few items that helps to run the hospital and so we brought them we also brought some medical equipment so help the babies like the paws awesome it has the thermometers and they get our weighing scale yes and the like twenty six weeks old babies are able to survive a showers to the hospital and we wanted to encourage them to keep that up hospital authorities want more support from individuals and groups to maintain the facility

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