MedBros Discuss Mental Health, Suicide, and Etika

MedBros Discuss Mental Health, Suicide, and Etika

hey guys welcome back to the channel today is a bit of a different topic and one that means a lot to me I just learned of the passing of someone I've watched heavily in the past his name is Desmond mo Feng he goes money medica I used to watch his YouTube channel or both of us used to watch his YouTube channel a lot in the past and I had the story of how he committed suicide so I'm gonna get into that all right so here's a quick summary of what happened almost a week after a popular streamer attica whose real name is Daniel Desmond mo fuh uploaded a video to YouTube entitled I'm sorry in which he's walking outside in New York and saying what sounds like too many fans a final goodbye the New York Police Department confirmed that they recovered his body from the East River a half mile from the Manhattan Bridge where edica was seen walking towards in his final video he was 29 years old previously they said he put his belongings down a couple of days ago his gaming console his wallet a couple of things a bit of a history he's had a long history of mental health issues eight months ago he was taken into custody in his Brooklyn apartment by the NYPD and committed to a psych ward in his eight-minute goodbye video he says he's sorry for leaving a 10 stained legacy he hopes that a story helps to make YouTube a better place in the future where people know boundaries and limits and how far things should go you know I wasn't suicidal before I really wasn't but one thing I didn't realize was that the walls were closing around me so fast I really had no intention of killing myself but it always pushed it too far I guess I'm mentally ill also I would like to mention that when I watched him pretty closely back in the past he was a completely different person like he in his videos was like if anything was to happen like my mom would be so sad like and it also just goes to show you how much people can change you might be watching the video right now you might think you're perfectly you know weather I'm gonna commit suicide at all but things changed you right now watching the video might be thinking that suicide is something you'll never do but things changing you can be a different person in three years in a different situation and be you know led down this path so it's interesting how long he was totally against us back then all right I do want to also mention why we are making this video because I want to highlight something that I find really negative is within hours of this posting we at least started away a day we're going to post this we're not going to monetize it it's just something that we're we're affected by reason we're making this video as I feel like there's a conversation to be had here that is important like he said that he wishes YouTube would be a better place I think we want to make this video and be involved in that experience but some things that kind of did rubbed me the wrong way is how fast people are getting certain videos up like his friends and some people that are making videos are great but there are places like I think II on YouTube they are already been bombarded with dislikes and their dislike bar is down because it's just people try to make a quick monetize buck off of a tragedy like this and I think that's one of the reasons we want to get on here and discuss things so we can make YouTube a better place and this person didn't mean a lot to us I mean when we did watch him I couldn't even recognize him now that shaman that she's entirely different but when we did used to watch him he was a really really great high energy guy that was really really a positive energy and yes highly fortunate yeah I don't have many subscriptions on YouTube mm-hmm and he was one of them and so this was extremely shocking this morning when I heard the news like I was literally like my mouth was open I'm like really yeah and there is a greater discussion of be had here and we're gonna get into that in a second so one of the first things we wanted to get into is a little bit of talk about the idea and the issue that we're having in our society as a whole with suicide and how it is a solution to some people rather than doing it in a more positive and more productive way it's kind of an escape it's a way that people can use alcohol you can use drugs to escape your problems suicide is the ultimate escape of your but there are consequences to what you leave behind and you could have led a much more fulfilling and positive life rather than just kind of throwing it away because of something that is possibly temporal I know a lot of people have different issues for carrying out suicide I mean there is even if you want to get down to the complex reason it's like complex regional pain syndrome where people are in constant pain all the time and they take their own life like there are different levels to this but if you're somebody with an issue social issue an issue with a spouse an issue with you know X Y Z that has a problem that there's better ways and systems set up to help you and I do want to mention that the systems are not perfect I know a lot of the stuff we're reading now coming out is you know where was the doctors where was the hospitals where was the mental health system and he was admitted in a psych ward right for having suicidal ideation and they're basically like thoughts about suicide um but the the issue with that is you can't keep someone as physicians you can't just decide to keep someone in the hospital or somewhere forever you can't just lock them in if they're having suicidal thoughts if they don't have a plan and they're not actively seeking to kill themselves you have to let them go as long as they have capacity right and what your judgment is a doctor to say is this patient safe and that's a really hard call to make sometimes you are telling you you're you're asking another human to determine whether another human is once you take their life and has an intent and a plan and everything ready to go and that's a hard call to make Anika has some questionable behaviors it's hard to determine sometimes whether an individual is going to go ahead and carry that out so as a physician as blaming the system is a system hard to see psychiatrist is it hard to get help is it hard to see somebody yes and we do have to work on that to create better social systems to help people out but it's a much more complex problem than just let's blame the doctors yeah and I think also we need to address the things that brought those people to suicide in the first place like rather than going downstream and looking at what could the hospitals and the doctors and whatnot do to fix this problem when this person is already in this mental state we have to think about what brought this person in this mental state to begin with and I think one of the precipitating factors for it seems like a lot of people actually is YouTube um YouTube and this issue with breakdowns and with you know having suicidal thoughts right there are several people who have been down this path and I think there are several issues with YouTube one I think this idea of you know YouTube creators are on this hamster wheel where basically if you're not posting consistently they throw you to the side and a lot of people you know their livelihood depends on that that's where they make their money and to have your livelihood dictated by some algorithm that you know might not go your way I think that is certainly something that contributed to like its decline and the other issue I think YouTube creators run into that negatively affects their mental health isn't necessarily on the Google or YouTube algorithm side but on the community side certain youtubers have really toxic communities and individuals that are leaving Kate like over and over I mean there are certain people that just solely post hate towards different you see this one spam coming by your name Karen um and there's just a lot of negativity I think in certain youtubers comments all right I understand we're really lucky over here to have you guys so some things we definitely wanted to go over in this video as well it's some things to look out for because people always saying you know if you see any suspicious activity reported you know if you you you yourself might be able to not identify how in trouble you are so there's some things we wanted to go over that you can really look out for because suicide should be suicide watch should be something that we are all involved in I could be anybody in anyone's life so you should be on the lookout for it at all times so some things that so some things that really indicate you should investigate and this person a little further abilities out what's what's going on so if a person starts talking about how much of a burden they are if they feel like trapped into a box and nowhere to go everything feels hopeless they start behaving differently they start behaving erratically recklessly not having any care for their health alcohol drug abuse getting involved with the wrong people not communicating with those that they trust and they love and kind of pushing those people away especially you know feeling irritable and at the same time a really big one is if they feel kind of guilt or humiliation about something in their life that is inescapable and that's where I think a YouTube kind of plays a role in that as well because that's something that you are a person in front of a lot of other people and your mess up is magnified to a huge east and then you have people from all angles talking to you and I don't know in particular if that's what he was really concerned about again his kind of issues were a lot more intricate than just you know he has hey on the internet he's this or that usually it's a lot more complex than that but I think that does play a role and these are the main things you really should look out for because what doctors do is when he went to that psycho ward and he was analyzed one of the first things the doctors probably did was assess his suicide personality yeah suicidality exactly so one of the first thing to do is you see if the person is thinking thoughts of suicide and that might even be normal a lot of us might get really angry sometimes and really frustrated with life and we have a thought of maybe you would just be better if I just ended that can be normal sometimes that's why when a patient expresses those concerns that's not grounds to hold and hospitalized a patient when you do have to hospitalized a patient even against their will is when they have an intent to harm themselves or somebody else and have a plan to do it if they have a plan and they can verbally tell you how they're gonna enact it then diagnose your grounds you hospitalized somebody and really investigate what's going on so I don't believe addict coppy told a psych ward or anything like that if he had any plans and it was probably let go so at that point it's very hard to making an intervention in this kind of volatile case if a patient is admitted for alcohol withdrawal and we've treated them with medications and you know they're basically medically cleared to leave as long as they still express that intent with a plan to commit suicide we'll keep them in the hospital even if they're good to go and we were planning to discharge them that day and we'll usually put like a one to one sitter and wait until they don't have that suicidality or suicidal ID suicidal plan whatever you're going whatever and we'll wait until you know they're ready to go from that psychological perspective as well so getting past all of the jargon about you know medical sciences ethical there was Attica so while I haven't seen any of his recent content and from what I do remember it was quite extreme content that he would put out with him screaming and it'd be kind of vulgar but at the same time he was a guy with a really good heart and you could tell that yeah from when I used to watch him he used to have a lot of actually insightful things to sing like he had streams where people would donate he'd read them and respond to them and he gave really good advice to like the youth like people came for your mother and you know what's important and what's not for it seems like he had a good hub it seems like he had a good head on his shoulders I'm just not sure when the downward spiral started but when I used to watch him he yes he was vulgar and all that and but I again look past that and look to the person behind that like I initially read that he there was a missing person in New York and I was like huh and the people were saying that it might be Etica and I learned like seven minutes after its posted by the NYPD that he passed away and I was just like wow you know you know I was I was kind of groggy from waking up and when she said I what are you talking about yeah so that's really unfortunate I really really empathize also with the people around that person right like the family and the people that are left to deal with the stuff after she was signed right like like what are you left with the other now her son died and now her other son committed suicide it's just a really terrible thing to do to the people around you right so and I know suicide is a very selfish thing to do as well on set it's a way out for you of your problems it's a perceived way out for you while it is doing a huge disservice to everybody that around you that loves you yeah and I know culture is very individual focused here and it's like what is the best option for me but for something as big as this you really need to consider the people around you and again I think if he seeked help we wouldn't have been in this situation because really the biggest issue he people around him his family and whatnot knew what was going on but you really can't do anything if the person themselves isn't willing to accept that help right he was admitted to the psych hospital or the psych ward that his friends tried to get him help his family tried to get him help it just unfortunately etiquette just wasn't having it right and a lot of people might ask what can you do for these individuals there actually is stuff you could do for these individuals like yeah one thought comes to mind if you have absolute you know resistant depression and you have suicide ideations there's something called electroconvulsive therapy that can actually be quite life-saving it's actually you you lay down and you get these electrical shocks basically tear bringing that kind of give you these mini seizures and kind of restart the way your brain is is functioning and it can be highly effective and getting people back from this kind of mind say that kind of seems like what do we do about this guys and how is it possible just know that there are options out there it's not like there's no help and you know a lot of you guys are out there that feel like you're stuck you're trapped all the way out there is always a way out of what you're dealing with and with time things will always get better and if things get worse you know there are ways to deal with it and work it out but suicide is definitely not the answer yeah I need one thing knives for sure yeah and to add to that what else can you do to help these people I think a lot of people don't recognize that suicide is often accompanied by an underlying psychiatric diagnosis so I'm not sure tzedakah was formally diagnosed with anything but if you had depression or bipolar or whatever if you treat that and you help those symptoms it does also help with the suicidal thoughts right all right well that's gonna be it for this video thank you for watching I hope we haven't really talked about suicide on this channel so I hope that this was a discussion that I hope you'll be a part of in the comments leave your thoughts down below I'm looking forward to read them we're gonna read all the comments on this video and like Herman mentioned this video is not gonna be monetized this is just somebody that I've watched in the past issues exactly and we need to be more active think what can I do to help if you see someone that suicidal just giving them a phone number or saying I'm here to talk to you that could be that could go a long way right or instead of leaving like a nasty comment on someone who might be unstable leave a nice comment like things like that do matter and if we as a group focus on this issue and making things better we can go a long way but if we just generally say you know yeah we got a fix mental health and we don't do anything ourselves then we're still at where we started basically no and with that guys we're gonna wrap up this video recipe static ax and prayers out to his family and joy calm boys all right see you in the next video see ya

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25 thoughts on “MedBros Discuss Mental Health, Suicide, and Etika

  1. This is such a great video to inform the general population about the basics of suicide and mental health. Great to see this content guys!! ❤️

  2. Thank you for this video. Maybe talking about QPR and how it’s not widely known. I just learned about it when I got to college.

  3. Jesus is the way, the truth, and Life! ❤️ Only when you seek Him with your whole heart will you find Him and find real peace and joy 😭. Don’t give up… Christ loves you!! Satan only wants people to give up and become weary. Don’t fall for it, please just pray ❤️.

  4. Literally as someone who beem through pretty traumatic things all throughout my life. I tried suicide 12 times in the past 4 years. Its always the scary thought whether life is worth actually living or not. from child abuse, dad getting locked up at young age, getting sexually abuse on college campus. I felt like complete shit.

    For everyone that is suicidal and wanting to end thier lives please dont do it. It will not make things any better, it will not fix your problems. It will bring pain to others and your problems will be a burden to the people who love you the most. If you feel like this than talk to someone. Have someone there for you. People love you 😁😁😁

  5. I am in med school. I had to talk out 2 friends out of committing suicide. It's real and its affects the working professionals. Higher rates for physicians. The stress to take care of people surpasses our own health.

  6. Like others in this comment section, I am so thankful that you are talking about this with so much respect. But, just one thing, it may be tiny or not-so-tiny, depending on perspective- I think it is important to not say "committed suicide" for all of us. It can be simple but impact change. Dese'Rae Stage, a suicide awareness activist said it best, "It implies sin or crime" — we "commit" sins and crimes — "and pathologizes those affected. We suggest more objective phrasing, like 'died by/from suicide,' 'ended their life' or 'took their life. If we're using the right language, if we're pulling negative connotations from the language, talking about suicide may be easier."
    Here is the full CNN article

    I am not even a medical student but I love your videos!

  7. Thank you for posting a video talking about mental health issues. I feel like now a days everyone needs to be more aware of these topics, regardless of your occupation or role in society. One of the things I've noticed is that as a society we need to be more aware of those around us, and sort of refrain from thinking of yourself and your struggles as foremost. Honestly, I know its hard to detach ourselves from our own struggles but I feel like we will never truly get to connect with others if we don't every so often see things from their perspective and experiences. I love sharing and having others share things with me, having a heart to heart conversation with another human being sort of makes me feel alive and connected. It gives me motivation and energy. It permits me to think and reflect, and I believe ultimately become a better version of myself. I know I am some what the opposite of the norm, and that a lot of people tend to avoid having these deep conversations because they are uncomfortable or they are just not okay with being vulnerable in front of others. My hope, and encouragement is for everyone to be able to find a person, parent or significant other who can be your confident. Or better yet, find many. Be honest with yourself and seek out help when you need it.

  8. This is a good conversation to have in our community but I don't agree with your framing of suicide as a selfish choice. I think framing it like that gives people the permission to blame a person instead of an illness for suicide. Mental illnesses like depression make you believe that you're worthless or even a burden to those who love you, and that they'd be better of without you. This is why I hate shows like 13 reasons why that show suicide as a way to get back at people who have hurt you because that is so far from the truth of any actually suicidal person. Calling people selfish doesn't guilt them into not committing suicide it just makes them feel more worthless and hurtful.

  9. Mental health is important, I think there should be a greater push to tell and inform. I've read about this Asian man who didn't match two times, I wouldn't wish that self doubt on anyone.

  10. Determining whether someone is safe or not/their likeliness to commit suicide is really difficult. Listening to my abnormal psych prof, she was talking about her experience and she mentioned a time where she was talking to a patient who was suicidal but said that she no longer felt that way and she was not going to do it. Later that day the patient went home and committed suicide. It’s really difficult to gage where people are.

  11. As someone who has survived 5 suicide attempts and battles with mental illness, I've learned where and how to seek help. Honestly, I'm doing alot better even with the frustration that may come with some stuff. Thank you guys for bringing this into perspective. Proper education and knowledge helps 100%.

  12. This is really an important issue to talk about specially in the south asian community and the medical community which both never really talks about mental health and suicide due to fear of being labeled crazy. So thanks guys.

  13. Thank you for talking about this, and for pointing out that mental health can change at any point. I'd be interested to hear about your thoughts on medical student and resident suicides.

  14. I love your videos. I'm going into medical school this August, and I'm a huge fan of your videos. It is amazing how you are talking about mental health. it is an increasing issue in the medical field, and it is so cool about bringing awareness to this issue

  15. newer generations of physicians are brining more awareness to this topic. I believe the rates will drop significantly!!

  16. I think it's so awesome you two are talking about mental health as not only professionals but as human beings, good job guys!

  17. I love ur videos. It’s great that you guys are talking about this, it’s so important.

    Btw I’m a medical student and I also make videos – I would love if u could check them out🙂

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