Medical Marketing VIP – The Premier Healthcare Marketing Agency

Medical Marketing VIP - The Premier Healthcare Marketing Agency

let's face it your patients aren't reading the magazines in your waiting room anymore they are digital they're online scrolling on social media searching on google for your name by the way and to win in the new digital environment you have to meet people where they are today which is online I'm Jeff McGarry and for 15 years I walked into offices just like yours I carried this bag as a pharmaceutical sales rep and I've had literally thousands of conversations with health care providers nurses office managers staff and I tell you this because I understand your challenges frustrations your goals but also your aspirations and I want to help you today I founded medical marketing VIP to help doctors attract more patients grow your practice and increase revenue today's marketplace is digital 77% of new patients search online before booking a physician appointment and 60% of consumers are more likely to trust a physician who are actively keyword active online versus those who are not folks who got to be where your patients are and that's online the digital marketing and online world is a confusing and competitive space if the doctors come to me spending lots of money with advertising all over the board and getting very little results it doesn't have to be that way a medical marketing VIP we walk you through a comprehensive medical marketing assessment to see exactly where you are right now where are you struggling what are your goals what do you want to accomplish and how do you envision the future one year from now five years from now and we develop a plan to get you exactly there a steady patient flow is the lifeblood of your business we use Google pay-per-click and Facebook Instagram ads social media ads help you attract new patients and get them into your practice we manage your online reputation and your professional presentation to include physician reviews online particularly Google reviews and of social media we employ a laser targeted SEO strategy that will raise your google search ranking and increase new patient flow we increase five-star patient reviews naturally to present you in the most favorable light our goal is to have your entire online presence look amazing beginning with your stunning website we help you execute effective in office seminars upsell more patients to your products and services and secure speaking events in your community we manage your social media accounts to include daily posting and content creation our job is to fill these examples you help patients every day the last thing you need is to worry about a Facebook ad or SEO or frankly anything digital you practice medicine we market our goal is to help you stay ahead of the competition and dominate your local market I invite you to check out our free online marketing assessment at medical marketing VIP comm check out our social media channel YouTube podcast for free content to help you with your practice I look forward to helping you achieve more than you thought was possible you do amazing work now let's go tell the world

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9 thoughts on “Medical Marketing VIP – The Premier Healthcare Marketing Agency

  1. Great video – and a very well-thought out approach to helping doctors attract the types of patients they want to work with.

  2. I'm constantly seeking the best care, Doctors and practices for my children, and firmly believe the most effective way to find them would be via social media since we are constantly connected with the world in this way. I'd love to see more medical advertisement available in social media.

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