Mediterranean Diet and Atherosclerosis

Mediterranean Diet and Atherosclerosis

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31 thoughts on “Mediterranean Diet and Atherosclerosis

  1. Thing is, what tastes good on the Mediterranean diet, fresh tomatoes, peppers, whole-grain breads, pasta and beans, fresh greens and some nuts and seeds, are all allowable on the Ornish-style WFPB diet as well. So you can make a healthy diet just as "palatable."

  2. Not enough about amounts here to draw a lot of conclusions. It's kind of like vegans holding up Okinawans or vegetarians for long life and saying, we're doing something even better, we eliminated meat. If that were true, those groups would probably be vegans. The other interesting thing is that people on the low fat diet did it so poorly that it became a control group.

  3. Greeks eat plenty of meat and cheese, their health index is one of the best and one of longest life span in the world.

  4. So yeah, basically meat will kill you. And fat will also kill you too. But if you are having a moment of weakness when following a strict and optimal diet. Nuts are your best option. I guess I'll just go 'nuts' every once in a while just to keep my sanity when trying to follow a perfectly healthy diet.

  5. Future10Video getting into new heights of trolling. The topic is Mediteranean Diet, and he/she will bring in India. I suggest he be reported as commercial content (selling olive oil) or spam. It can be done by left clicking on the circle, that appears on the right hand side of a comment as you move your mouse there

  6. There is no such thing as "The Mediterranean diet." There are many countries in the Med and all eat different foods and even in the same country the food can be quite different example North vs. South Italy.

  7. Great! As a new vegan week#15 and very proud! I will keep this video for my obesity doctor (who is overweight) on my next visit when he tells me "eat at least 50 grams of protein"

  8. And here we have the jobless Futurevideo10 posting his pseudo intellectual bullshit to compensate for his shitty life.

    Anything new? Please tell me.

  9. I am Tunisian and I honestly think that the Mediterranean Diet as described here and on other websites is a very "polished" version of what countries bordering the Mediterranean Sea actually eat, at least in Tunisia (North Africa) in this day and age. Along with the Western lifestyle, we've been importing the Standard American Diet for quite a long time now, with it all the diseases it implies. And even when we pretend to cook "healthy" meals, it's always drenched in olive oil or some sort of supposedly healthy fat. Let's not forget that once a year, we slaughter thousands of sheep in the name of religion and festively deep-fry and eat their flesh and all of their organs during the following months. People complain and protest when they cannot afford to buy sheep to sacrifice on Eid al-Adha. Meat is considered a luxury here because it is expensive and people categorize themselves as "poor" when they cannot afford to eat chicken or beef. We've been eating burgers and fries for a few decades now and symptoms are starting to show. As a Tunisian vegan, I have only been exposed to meat-based meals with oily, overcooked vegetable side-dishes, processed meat, fries and sodas during the 25 years I've been an omnivore, and a vegetarian or vegan meal always seemed to lack something. The Mediterranean Diet is a but a diet that is appetizing to advertise and that is actually disappearing from the countries that gave it its name.

  10. coconut fat is good and increases HLD cholesterol. it becomes bad when you HYDROGENATE it which is what corporates do that's why the above experiments don't count. go where they consume healthy filtered pure coconut oil on all pacific islands, Sri Lanka, Kerala and see the rates of heart disease. Ironically, in India after adverse coconut propaganda the rates of heart disease and diabetes have sky rocketed after people replaced coconut fat with refined veg oils

  11. There's such conflicting information regarding coconut oil. Another video will tell you that coconut oil is amongst the healthiest oils yet this particular site seems to think otherwise.

  12. The only way to get the benefits of a Mediterranean diet is to move to the Mediterranean.. It has nothing to do w/ the diet and everything to do w/ the high intensity UVB sunlight all year round!! The clue is in the name : )

  13. Mediterranean diet and carotid atherosclerosis in the Northern Manhattan Study done in 2014 showed "Moderate and strict adherence to a MeDi may protect against a higher burden of carotid atherosclerotic plaque, which may mediate the protection against clinical vascular events. Efforts to improve adherence to a MeDi are critical to reducing the burden of atherosclerotic disease." A simple pubmed search shows modern studies that show Med diet slows Atherosclerosis Progression.

    Scientific American did an article criticizing Dr. Ornish: "The patients who followed his diet also quit smoking, started exercising and attended stress management training. The people in the control group were told to do none of these things. It’s hardly surprising that quitting smoking, exercising, reducing stress and dieting—when done together—improves heart health."

  14. I looked at a few salad dressings the other day. They varied from 60% calories from fat to 90% calories from fat. And we wonder why North Americans are obese and have atherosclerosis ? The food industries are killing us . Stop the madness. This is just for salad dressings never mind all the other crap we eat we KNOW is not healthy. A bizarre side effect of eating a WFPB diet is how much you notice everyone around you is fat and sick. I don't like it, I was never that aware of it before.

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