Meet Joel, taking it one day at a time | My Last Days

Meet Joel, taking it one day at a time | My Last Days

nothing quite puts things into perspective like a day like today it's always that last MRI before Christmas for whatever reason that we get terrible news but it would be amazing to be able to catch our breath to just not be always looking over your shoulder but what's coming next for your son and just just to have Christmas and have his birthday and celebrate a new year knowing that he's well joel has needs we never expected to have to be his parents no one thinks they will have a child that needs that much attention and then we have Elijah who's younger but who is caught up and has the exact needs Joel has and then we have the two older son and I'm absolutely overwhelmed right now I am in over my head and I don't totally know it and yet in those moments where it's so overwhelming and where you have to have so much patience I usually just remember I could have three kids now instead of four and I don't want that I love that Jill's here and it's so hard and there's so much he needs and I've never been more involved with my life and it's so worth it and it's so wonderful and it's not gonna be like this forever the kids grow up and they grow quickly and they need this less and it's just not the worst thing in the world to be needed there's David feels like it one thing joel has never lost in this entire experience is his infant giggle you know and when a one-year-old laughs it's the most um I don't think there's anything that brings joy to your heart faster he's almost foreign he doesn't talk yet in a meaningful way but when he laughs like that you just know like you know he's good like he's enjoying life you know he has a quality of life and that's that's huge when Joel with one he was diagnosed with a very rare and very aggressive brain tumor and we found out that the way they treat this kind of tumor is they just throw the most aggressive chemo and radiation they have at it they just they give it everything they have we did a month of radiation in there was six days a week for 30 30 days he was so sick he would a bomb it three or four times a day you just always had have a change of clothes for him and for yourself and he was losing so much weight that he wasn't doing very well and finally I just really felt strongly in my spirit that we were supposed to pray that he stopped being nauseous and we did that and he stopped being nauseous he never threw up on chemo again so that was really tough period and coming out you know ten months he started to do better and he was starting to thrive and he was starting to be more like Joel they do memorize every two months throughout his chemo throughout his radiation um they'd always been clear at 10 months he gets an MRI and they tell us the tumors back and they said I'm so sorry she's devastated he said this is a tragedy he said we've already given him all the chemo we can give him there's nothing new we can try we've tried the most aggressive things and it's failed they told us that he had anywhere from two weeks to about four months to live they had a sign a do not resuscitate right there in the office and they called hospice for us because they knew what was spreading already and it was spreading quickly but his very next MRI which was three months later two of his two of his tumors were gone and the other one was shrinking and that's the last we've seen any tumors that was a year ago in October we've been off of all chemo all radiation all kind of cancer treatment for six now then everything has been cleared it's always weird cuz every three months we have this day where we're driving to the hospital and life as we know it like entirely can totally change in the next six hours like we know that today we go there and the doctors can tell us today that he's dying you know or they can tell us today that everything looks good we get reminded on a fairly regular basis about what's really really really important because every time we risk facing Joel it shifts your priorities and you think oh family is important love is important these relationships are important in self change' probably act with each other like I don't love Joel less because he's sick I love him I want to do whatever I can to just love him you you you at two different points we were told that Joel's death was imminent and yet he's here he's here twenty-two months later 24 months later and it's amazing hello feel again um so our team is coming up and they have her they have our report from today's MRI it's a big team hi guys our pager just went off so I think Joel's finally ready for us but we'll do this first and then we'll go get Joel okay um but we do have the results are missing right um brain fine everything brainless stable um spine which is probably why you notice the walking but not so good okay um and this is actually I didn't bring the comparison to show you stress pretty clear this whole thing is to us all do no okay oh my precious I think you know at this point drill sort of outside of normal for this to her and pretty much for any so I think trying to go out there on a remand and say what I'm thinking a second ago I just I you know I just don't know what you know okay I know this is a big deal it is but there's been lots of thing I know it's not equal to and it and it's all every time is heart like it's hard no matter what need to time and yet like there's still hope at time that God's been so good to s each time like I'm speaking good like we talked about we sat here two years ago when we weren't sure you'd make it to his birthday and I thought can you believe we're here I can't believe we're here anyone this I think there's a lot of things you guys are gonna have to sort of talk about and think about you know next week yeah one of those weeks to get hmm is he like will they call us once a week we can go let's go get our baby he'll go get our baby no we're done with the oncologists and we're coming down now god I just thank you for Joel and I thank you for his life and I think that you have been a sustainer his life I got we just crazy come here hands right when we say you music you rescue Jesus to pray in the elevator as hand of frame always you'd be crazy that's true you're hosting you still saw CP yeah though I share you our journey with joel has been characterized by a lot of minor miracles and I think it illustrates the journey that we're on you know we're on this journey of living day to day and worrying about day to day and in taking things as they come like this news doesn't change the vision that we have pretty look like Stace is really hard and change with my life tomorrow and it changes my life right now but it doesn't change what God's tests me it's virtual work we've learned pretty quickly that like there's grace for today like we know we can handle today but as soon as we start going a week ahead a month ahead what's it going to be like for his birthday but I mean there just doesn't seem to be grace for next month there's grace for today so we have an MRI today and they told us that Joel has a new team I know that's kind of hard I pray for him to be healed that's not a good plan what do you want pray for him with us okay let's do you God mm-hmm can I go away before we really came to terms with like Joel could die Joel could go to heaven you pray out of this fear you know like God please heal him because because I'm so scared and then it shifts and you're not praying anymore because you're scared because if you if you can if you can finally get away from the fear of death and you can finally break free from that then you're just praying for God's glory he is value because he's Joel he has value because of the love of like me being able to hold him you know and of that connection that we can have that only we can have and so I think that even if Joel doesn't change the world he's changed my world you know and he's changed me and we can have a beautiful life let's go Wow I'll go play

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29 thoughts on “Meet Joel, taking it one day at a time | My Last Days

  1. God is good and yes he still perform miracles. Just have faith.One day you'll see him again if you live the way Godd would want you to. He is in the arms of a loving savior waiting for his parents.

  2. His mom and dads faith is incredible to me. I feel so bad this happened to a baby. Anytime someone has a lost my boss told me some encouraging words. He said " Jesus needed his friend back in heaven with him." Now you can be a believer or not but I found so much comfort in that. The last person I lost broke my heart. But those words helped heal me inside. God bless his family and baby Joel.

  3. This just made me realize that others have to go through so much more than me. I’ve lost my dad, grandma, grandpa, and great grandma all within 10 years, but these people are going through what I went through times a million. RIP Joel ❀️

  4. This familys strength is overwhelming. You keep praying Momma for your angel. I hope nothing but good for you all. I appreciate the positive attitude the family keeps even in the hardest of times. Nothing but love and respect.

  5. The dad is sooo sooo sad. The looks on his face is just heartbreaking. As a dad he probably feels helpless because a lot of dads feel like they're supposed to protect their family. I hope he knows that he did a great job and mom kept a brave face and kept her faith until the end. My prayers for your family's comfort. Joel won't be forgotten and thank u for sharing a piece of him with all of us.

  6. His mom is one of the most strongest women I’ve ever seen. They just told her that her baby is dying and not one time did she break down or said anything negative. It was nothing but her faith that kept her strong and in one piece so she can be there and be strong for her baby. God bless this family!

  7. they made a game to show there hardships called "that dragon cancer". its beautiful i would recommend watching a game play of it.

  8. I believe in God. Each person has their own journey to their…that higher power. I ask that God continues to surround that family with his mighty angels. I pray that every person will find their way to such strength in faith and that higher power.

  9. bro i watched full gameplays of the game of this family (That Dragon, Cancer if anyone wants to check it out), and i cried so hard

  10. What a sweet baby. Prayer works. Miracles do happen.
    I feel sorry for people who don't believe in God or life after death.

  11. Joel was sent here to change the world. People like that dont stay on this earth for long. RIP little buddy.

  12. Oh my god, I feel so sorry, for these folks and the others who have to live on with the loss. My word, it is so hearth-breaking.

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