Miracle Nikki – FREE Welfare Event Call of Duty Army Suit

Miracle Nikki - FREE Welfare Event Call of Duty Army Suit

do I hear free soot [Applause] hey everyone it's live again back at it at the American Ikki tiny server and today I want to show you a new suit from the kingdom of the north if you like army outfits you'd like this one because we have gas masks and rifles and all these bullets oh why you look like a Call of Duty character so obviously this is the sit it is a Welfare event and a stamina event but it is so easy like easy beyond easy so how it works is you do maiden or princess quest if you do made in you get from one to three event currencies and if you do princess you get from two to four event currencies in the beginning I was worried because this is the Chinese server and me being in California and always missing second Skye – I was like but actually I didn't even need to break a sweat completing this in fact I just used my naturally regenerating stamina and I finished early the reason is because of how low the requirements are so here is the tears that you get the items of the suits first up at like 80 of it currency you get this necklace I think it's some kind of kind of accessories and then you start moving up to the big stuff and then at the very end at 1200 you get the dress and before that 1060 event courtesies you get the rifle like of course the good stuff is always at the end but this is so easy to reach it's it's so crazy let me just show you a quick demo of how this event works so collecting event currency just to medium princess let's see what I'm working on now I'm working on this arena suits and I need a bunch of native stuff let's do this hair suit at dunton and they're at us here our dive in Percy's like 2 1-3 yep you get 4 1 2 3 doing made it like it is 100% guaranteed every time you do a quest so very very easy and then let's do some princess and let's see how many event currencies I get so I'm gonna do chapter 5 volume 2 done 3 so 3 4 and 3 so yeah really really good numbers here ah and that's how I was able to complete this early and now let me complete this and I'm gonna show you how the suit looks like so at the very end of course it's a army dress and tada Chinese suit complete it let's go let me show you how it looks like it is going to be in of course Northern Kingdom since it is an army outfit and once you complete this 11 out of 11 you will get the special pose and diamonds I spent nothing on us a bit that is so great now let me check it out in the free dressing and a suit is right here at the very top this is how she looks like let's go into the view room and so no moveable items here it is just her and her pose and now let me do a individual breakdown of the suit here is the Hat and this is how the hair looks like under her it's like a little piece of earring thing I don't know air piece whatever this is gas mask ooh I think this gas mask is so cool and then there's like a necktie thing there's the hair it's kind of hard to tell but there are like white streaks on the gray hair that's so awesome here's the dress with the special pose and here is the special clothes without the coat so oh nice nice nice here are the socks and here is the sauce without the shoe yeah and bullets on the floor really really cool actually I was wrong this is movable let me dress her back and check out the view room again because the bullets are removable I didn't notice it before because it's sort of camouflage with the background so here it is the movable item is going to be these little bullets oh they're so tidy and hardly noticeable but yeah we got your movable items here and now let's check out the original pose and let's see what the difference is rifle oh okay so that's an immediate difference she'll q we got a rifle right here with a long a bullet Wow there's the hair here is the coat there's the socks and a shoe again not much difference here the bullets on floor tap earpiece mask the duck tie so the only difference in the original pose is the dress being connected to the rifle so wow this is cool I really really like this suit I really really like that it's free – oh please co2 love Nicki like Mirko Nicki Chinese summer has a free suit every week where is ours oh this is so awesome so let's check her out in the new room and let's try another background so you can see it better yeah army outfits man call of duty cosplay anyone alright that is all for me thank you so much for watching you want to learn more about love Nicki and miracle Nicki stuff be sure to LIKE comment and subscribe and I will see you next time

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41 thoughts on “Miracle Nikki – FREE Welfare Event Call of Duty Army Suit

  1. Oh 🙁 One more girl-warior suit… Yeah it looks pretty good and detailed but I was expecting that it will be boy-warior suit 🙁

  2. #EarlySquad Free suits are the best ;D I also got a piece of the set that looks like Little Red Riding Hood I got the food basket and I love it <3

  3. I would love to have miracle nikki chinese server but the thing is i dont knkw how to reg. I made qq but im stock at the captcha that i dont know what to do if wechat i need to have 3friends that is long user .. Uhhh! I feel sad.

  4. Hey Viv! Do you happen to know what the "Save Miraland" Facebook event is in LN? I'm not exactly sure what to do there.

  5. Yayyy another free suit! Wohoo~ thx for alot of your videos viv! I known alot of free suit in the future

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