Missing footage: Rand Paul "Right to Healthcare" would result in slavery for doctors.

Missing footage: Rand Paul  "Right to Healthcare" would result in slavery for doctors.

with regard to the idea of whether or not you have a right to a health care you have to realize what that implies it's not an abstraction I'm a physician that means you have a right to come to my house and can script me means you believe in slavery it means that you're going to enslave not only me but the janitor at my hospital the person who cleans my office the assistants who work in my office the nurses if you have a right to their services basically once you imply a belief in a right to someone services you have a right to plumbing you have a right to water do you have a right to food you're basically saying that you believe in slavery you're saying you believe in taking and extracting from another person our founding documents were very clear about this you have a right to pursue happiness but there's no guarantee of physical comfort there's no guarantee of concrete items in order to give something concrete or someone's service you got to take it from someone so there's an implied threat of force if I'm a physician in your community and you say you have a right to health care do you have a right to beat down my door with the police escort me away and force me to take care of you that's ultimately what the right to free health care would be if you believe in a right to health care you're believing in basically the use of force to conscript someone to do your bidding now just because it's a noble thing to believe that we are obligated as Christians we are obligated through the Hippocratic oath we have always done this since the beginning of modern medicine we have always provided 100% access I do it in exchange for privileges I do it because I believe in the epic rata code but my hospital also says to me you can only operate in this hospital if you agree to see everyone coming through the emergency room I always have we have always treated we have always had a hundred percent access through our emergency room those were for emergencies they're not the best place for primary care we all agree with that but we've always had 100 percent free access

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46 thoughts on “Missing footage: Rand Paul "Right to Healthcare" would result in slavery for doctors.

  1. This is just soooo stupid… I can not believe that this is real, that a doctor, a politician can be THAT pathetically stupid, to actually go for the argument "Universal healthcare would mean slavery for doctors", as if that is the reality of what would happen if the US changed towards a type of healthcare system that EVERY OTHER DEVELOPED country in the world have… That it would mean that the police could/would break down your door in the night and pull you out of bed and force you to treat a patient,,,,
    No wonder Trump was elected president.. .If this is the shit people actually accept and believe in, that this is a representative of the people, a politician, al leader…. Wow…. This is just pathetic and unreal….
    For that to make any sort of seanse at all, you would have to live in a complete bubble, where you do not know ore understand ANYTHING about how the world works outside of the US, where you only listen to FOX "News" and believe in that propaganda-shit they claim to be news…. Amazing… :p

  2. The parasite Joe Biden gets free the best health care and why care for the poor when he's a yes man to the rich elite. The Repubictards and Demoncatz are the same party ( two sides of the same coin ) ! The party for the rich elite !% and their mega-corporations. John F Kennedy was the last real President that we had and it got him assassinated ! Every other president has just been yes men and just figure heads ! You can see from Johnson to Trump and notice the plight of the poor . The destruction of the unions, under taxation of the rich and over taxation of the poor, free medical care for the Senate, House of Representatives, and President ! Yet they deny medical care for the poor so the rich insurance companies can keep their money! Health care for the poor to the Repubictards and Demoncatz is pure socialism and communism but free health care for them, full pay in retirement, trillion dollar buyouts for the mega-corporations, and tax breaks for the rich in trickle down myth! That is the great capitalism they spew about i.e. Social Corporatism ! Don't you think the polls are fake and dishonest ! Bernie Sanders has low poll ratings really ?, it is insulting to people that think for themselves, but OK for the Bread and Circuses crowd ! The Media lies and supports these fake polls and therefore are fake news ! The right of poor to be slaves and cannon fodder!

  3. This is NOT an unusual belief. Virtually every American I have ever met shares this guys opinion. Only a few don't seem to be falling for the brainwashing but the absolutely MAJORITY of Americans see public healthcare as communism. They are a nation out to lunch.

  4. lol this logic implies that our nations right to self defense enslaves all our service men and women, it implies our right to vote enslaves Rand Paul, and those who monitor and count our polling places and votes.

    lol our right to not receive telemarketing calls on the do not call list is the enslavement of people PAID to maintain that list!!!

    oh right, never mind, none of those people are being paid, the GOP controlled house, senate, and executive branch allowed funding to lapse so that all those govt. workers are now literally enslaved working for no pay

  5. Commenting now cause this motherfucker is scheduling his hernia repair surgery at a Canadian hospital that's part of their socialized system.

  6. He's the same prick going to Canada right now for healthcare
    He gets so many damn things wrong in this
    our forefathers actually evoked slavery I'm surprised he wasn't clear on that
    and he wouldn't be a slave because he would just get a reduced pay, he wouldn't be torn from his family, purchased, clothed, fed, by a master and put the work for free
    this is a false equivalence point and he is just an asshole

  7. DR RAND PAUL- I UNDERSTAND WHAT YOU SAY… AND I RESPECT YOU FOR HELPING ME TO UNDERSTAND THIS COMPLEXITY. YOU SIR, ARE CORRECT. People from other nations do not understand our system or realize that, our needy does not go without healthcare, which is a truth.

  8. That has to be the stupidest argument ever. The state provides the health care by either directly hiring doctors who voluntarily choose the profession and have established working hours and get paid for their work or it does it indirectly using private companies that do the same.

    The republican party has a strange problem with slavery. They have these idiots who constantly try to belittle the slavery. I wonder why.





  9. Rand Paul lying and twisting things to pretend that people can GET CARE! Emergency room is NOT HEALTHCARE!!

  10. What an asshole, the right to healthcare does NOT mean AT ALL that you can force people providing those services to do whatever. Typical selfish bastard trying to pretend that our federal taxes fund our federal govt – NO THEY DO NOT. The federal govt issues ANY AMOUNT OF MONEY for anything that is physically possible! That is what the greedy in power have known for DECADES, but have lied to the public while they TAKE THAT MONEY to enrich themselves! https://whatifitoldyouthis.blogspot.com/2018/02/privatization-biggest-scam-web-of-lies.html

  11. Doctors in the modern world almost never actually take the Hippocratic Oath. Seriously, its a pretty involved oath that requires you to pay tribute to ancient gods, oppose abortion, and it contains all sorts of strange restrictions on conduct by modern standards.

  12. With regard to the idea of whether you have a right to health care, you have to realize what that implies. It’s not an abstraction. I’m a physician. That means you have a right to come to my house and conscript me. It means you believe in slavery. It means that you’re going to enslave not only me, but the janitor at my hospital, the person who cleans my office, the assistants who work in my office, the nurses.

    "Basically, once you imply a belief in a right to someone’s services, do you have a right to plumbing? Do you have a right to water? Do you have right to food? You’re basically saying you believe in slavery. You’re saying you believe in taking and extracting from another person. Our founding documents were very clear about this. You have a right to pursue happiness but there’s no guarantee of physical comfort. There’s no guarantee of concrete items. In order to give something concrete, you have to take it from someone. So there’s an implied threat of force.

    "If I’m a physician in your community and you say you have a right to health care, do you have a right to beat down my door with the police, escort me away and force me to take care of you? That’s ultimately what the right to free health care would be. If you believe in a right to health care, you’re believing in basically the use of force to conscript someone to do your bidding."

    As somebody who does not like the idea of free healthcare, it is an awful argument. He should be talking about how bad public services like these tend to end up.

  13. What a load of shit. I live in Australia where we have a universal healthcare system and I can tell you that doctors aren't sleeping on the streets. It is very possible to create a society where everyone who can afford to pay taxes does so that when anyone gets sick they can see a doctor whether they can afford it or not. What annoys me about a lot republicans when it comes to healthcare is they spend so much time dwelling on the question of whether healthcare is a right or not. `When the question should be "we can create a universal healthcare system so why don't we bloody well create it".

  14. Lawyers are not conscripted despite people having the right to representation. This argument is based on a false reasoning.

  15. Are people who work in a police department slaves? No, they're paid by the government. Same thing with single payer

  16. Rand Paul is so stupid. I'm sure every other developed country has people beating down the doors of doctors demanding healthcare. LOL! Our system is slavery. People don't have the freedom to start a business because their healthcare is tied to their job. Using Rand's dumb argument, I should be able to knock on the door of a police officer's house and demand he stand in front of mine to defend it from potential intruders.

  17. I believe that children have rights to basic education in almost every nation on Earth so do they or their parents come to the teachers' doors at 4am to ask for education rights? Just asking in case someone else already replied to this strawman. I would not say those things as people may have negative opinions on my IQ.

  18. The obvious solution to his fear that he will be forced to provide healthcare without getting paid for it is simple: universal healthcare. No more uninsured people showing up in his ER. He’ll always be paid. If that’s slavery, then so many of us are slaves: firefighters, judges, school teachers, soldiers, librarians, urban planners, even dumb-ass senators from Kentucky. This rhetoric is a slap in the face to anyone whose ancestors were forced to work on plantations. And a slap in the face to any American capable of analytic thought.

  19. Maybe he should go back to being the doctor instead of politician. Let's see how many people would rush to his door with that attitude. Doctors like you Mr Rand also put the patient in slavery when you charge such over bloated fees that one has to get credit to pay for what the insurance does not. Man, these republicans are dying to kill us.

  20. A criminal defendant has a right to legal counsel. That is not a right to "enslave" a lawyer and force him to provide free legal advice and representation.

    That's because a right is held in relation to the GOVERNMENT, not another individual. So if there is a right to health care, it's the government's responsibility to provide the mechanism to allow people to take advantage of that right, just as the government provides public defenders or court-appointed attorneys paid by the state to defend accused criminals.

  21. I have a right to guns though. Where is my free AR-15? Someone please quickly enslave the gun manufactures and get me my free guns and ammo.

  22. This is the logic of theists. They have never learned common sense logic – only biblical dogma. They start with an erroneous premise and build their house of lies on a falsehood. I view this sort of logic as irresponsible, and coming from a law maker – criminal irresponsibility.

  23. Rand is right: universal health coverage would necessarily create slaves of doctors. It sickens me. The fact that the US continues to support these slave-based countries like the UK, France, Australia, Canada, Russia is an outrage. I would recommend an immediate cutting of ties with these countries then an ultimatum: give up slavery or face the consequences of the wrath of the United States of America! The US has always been anti-slave, and that tradition against slavery that the founding fathers held so dear must be protected. Go Rand!

  24. There is no way Paul thinks single payer is slavery. Like every other politician, he's on the take and that's why he has such absurd explanations for things his donors do or do not want.

  25. So healthcare is a right because it implies a life or death scenario… i.e., survival. But food, water, and shelter are also necessary for survival, so are those rights too? One could argue that food, water, and shelter are even more important than having healthcare available. So how do universal (tax payer funded) healthcare cheerleaders account for this discrepancy? Are food, water, and shelter also rights? If not, then why is healthcare a right but those three things are not ?

  26. It's amazing that he didn't stop to think "oh wait, there actually are many countries that have healthcare as a right and this doesn't happen in any of them, maybe I shouldn't carry on with this dumb hypothetical"

  27. Rand Paul. Sit yo wealthy, privileged ass down. You get paid more than so many people. Do YOu HavE A RiGHt tO fOOd. Yes I think as American people we need to watch out for each other if that means not letting people starve to death or become so dehydrated they die. You want to live in your capitalist, first world country, learn to keep it that way, smartass. You need to spend money in ways that will benefit our country. That's patriotism. You need to give everyone access to health care. The needy cannot afford it, but everyone else can. Physicians will still be paid. Just…think outside the box for once. Damn.

  28. yes – that is exactly how it works in countries with free healthcare. the same with teachers in countries with a right to an education like the US. teachers are dragged out of their homes by parents in the US all the time and under threat of death are forced to teach children.

    rights should be completely stopped as they obviously are the same as slavery.

    I can't believe how stupid people must be to follow that line of thinking given the many rights we actually seem to have and that to a large degree could be followed up by the same nonsensical way.

  29. This guy is a libertarian/anarchist monster. Everything he says runs counter to Western thought, Western traditions, Western culture, and BTW, all Asian and Islamic thought, traditions and culture as well.

  30. yes, the footage of canada's ceo stating that 45K americans are dying annually from lack of or no healthcare has been cut out

  31. The "right" to healthcare does not mean "free" healthcare.

    If I have a right to a firearm, I still have to pay for it. Same if I went to a hospital for treatment… I would have to pay for services but it's still my right to be taken care of. The "right" to anything means not being refused something when you are able to receive it.

  32. After hearing Bernie Sander's latest claim that healthcare is a right, I found this excellent well-written paper about the topic: https://www.researchgate.net/publication/236875684_Is_there_a_Natural_Right_to_HealthcareAlthough I can understand that democratic societies can decide to provide certain life-essential services to all citizens, I believe it's a slippery slope to call these "rights", particularly something as unbounded as healthcare.

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