Mission Nutrition – Canada's Food Guide

Mission Nutrition - Canada's Food Guide

my name is Eve laws and I am a registered dietician and I'd love to teach people that healthy eating doesn't have to be mission impossible a healthy lifestyle doesn't have to be mission impossible here on mission nutrition I teach people healthy tips tricks and of course recipes to get you started on a healthy journey right now and we'll get you some lovely barometers so this is my lovely friend Kier seeing here she's actually a personal trainer but she's working on some nutrition goal because obviously fitness and nutrition go hand-in-hand so what are some goals that you're working on right now so some of my own nutrition goals would be trying to eat enough fruits and vegetables I'm just trying to incorporate as many servings into my diet as well as just really making sure I use enough calories during the day that's a great goal especially when you're training Rea because you want to feel that exercise so today's mission it's actually following the new Canada's Food Guide but only because I know a lot of people are like Hannah's new guy that's boring we know about that but they're not – the new candidates do guy it just came out now did you follow the old candidates I bagged a little bit especially for serving sizes knowing how many fruits and vegetables to eat yeah I just that kind of stuff and have you seen the new Canada so good yeah I have I like how it's half you know fruits and vegetables and then you have your you know proteins as well is there anything that you don't like about it or you're not sure of um it's just a little I'm a little bit unsure of you know the serving sizes and how do you know incorporate meat as well I do eat meat so I know that the new Canada's Food Guide is more you know plant-based as well so yeah that's I think you know with the food guide why they kind of switch does it wasn't as user friendly before people were confused by the serving sizes but now people are kind of confused like you said the opposite are we getting enough food right the key thing with the cans food guys hot plate fruits and vegetables which is gonna be super good for your fitness goals do some squats girlfriend all right nutrition unfit all right I need a watermelon po po po as always and feet shoulder width apart shoulders back race our corn yep wait up and inhale and exhale and squat down yeah well I get the nutrition by holding the water oh yeah I just want to eat the snack anyway let's go girl with the rutabaga rutabaga oh yeah well I've I never worked at the grocery store before we can cross that off our bucket legs yeah no brain you can exercise anywhere anywhere you know loading up your cart with lots of beautiful fruits and vegetables this focusone plant-based protein but you can choose other alternatives approaching like you can still have meat fish eggs a lot of people think it's decreasing that you can still have that but we want to choose to you know maybe meatless Mondays and that's why we're gonna be learning how to make those veggie burgers we're gonna be making a really delicious veggie burger with chickpeas and sweet potato so we got to get some good herbs a niche of revamp the dish make it taste good so we're gonna get some nice cilantro some people love or hate it I love cilantro though oh so fresh okay so got our cilantro we're also gonna make a nice uh super solid with it because it's really important to get all the vitamins and minerals in so we're gonna use red kale and if you're not a fan of kale red kale is actually a little bit sweeter so it's gonna be so good like the main ingredients we need except for the buns are you gonna try the veggie burger I will for sure be trying those okay awesome yeah so what I'm gonna do is I'm going to you know provide you a little bit more education on the Canada's food guy but I think you know if you follow the plate method and we're just gonna see how it goes right you know we're not totally a hundred percent sold on a yeah but we're gonna try it out see if it improves our energy at all or if it doesn't right yeah I'm excited finally success – got our fun all right here see so we had our work out we've got our ingredients for our delicious meals and also to follow or try to fall the new can of food guide for a week and see how it goes and we're also going to give you an amazing recipe for a plant-based burger to have your goal of having more plant-based proteins in your diet are you excited for your missions super excited thank you so much for you know just teaching me more about fitness and nutrition just ways of incorporating more plant-based foods into my diet and giving me awesome recipes awesomely will we will check in in a week and see how you dance and think let's go so we are here with my lovely friend and colleague Alan Alan is actually a vitality coach and she also is the culinary healing chef so what I love working with Alan is that she makes food that is so delicious but it's also so good for you and she's such an amazing person to work with some like I have two dollies to teach a healthy recipe so what are we gonna do today so I picked a couple of recipes for today I wanted to do a veggie burger because a lot of people are looking for great choices of alternate proteins and veggie burgers are really comforting and a lot of times when you eat a lot of vegetables you put that like sort of you know carbs and comfort so we're doing a sweet potato and chickpea veggie burger it was sort of some cilantro and lime and then we're gonna do a salad to go along with it so quinoa broccoli all kinds of fresh fruits and vegetables some fresh herbs and stuff as well too so this will be great for our theme because we're talking about Canada's Food Guide and all that the new Canada's Food Guide it's more about plant-based proteins and that kind of stuff so this will be such an easy dish so we've done a couple things in advance so we did cook some sweet potato here so I just peeled this sweet potato and cut it into little cubes and I just roasted it in the oven until it's nice and soft if our veggie burgers we're gonna blend half of it and half of our chickpeas and then the other half we're just gonna kind of mash in the bowl and then you combine you together with a few other things one little thing this recipe does require an egg so if you don't use eggs or you want an alternative that's even better for you we have some chia seeds here in the bowl so we're gonna make a little Chia egg and we're gonna get it to put just a little bit of water in there and let it sit for a few minutes it'll gel up and become nice and thick so that's gonna act as our binder in our recipe so if it's um have the cheap peas in here this should try and mash them anybody find out a little bit easier get my workout in do you find a lot of your clients are looking for more like plant-based alternatives plant-based alternatives but more just really quick healthy alternatives that they can do when they come home after a long busy day at work and don't necessarily feel like chopping a bunch of vegetables so one of the things I do when I work with my clients is I introduce them to recipes and something called food flow so it kind of helps one meal lead into the next meal so that there's always an idea in the fridge for your for the next meal coming up just to help the process a little bit more I think this is good too because it's like pantry things that you would already have like you know chickpeas sweet potato something that doesn't go bad fast lasts exactly you have this stuff in your pantry that and you're more likely to be successful so we've got some nice green onions here you just want to slice them fairly thinly so you don't have big chunks of our onion in there it looks all cool but secretly we always just hope that we don't accidentally chop our finger on something important to get some green onions in there I'm gonna add a little bit of fresh cilantro as well – now if you didn't want to chop the cilantro you could put it into the food processor but I kind of like having some nice leaf sized pieces of cilantro I love cilantro needs you know so for those of you that don't like cilantro you can certainly just leave it out of this recipe it's actually a genetic thing it tastes so so don't feel bad you can blame your parents but I love psyllium Charlie to me it tastes very fresh so we've got half of our roasted sweet potatoes in here we've got our half of our chickpeas in there we've got our TFC egg and a little bit of fresh garlic in there right now is bocce so we just want to kind of smooth this out and then blend it with by what I eat is mashed over there and it doesn't have to be totally smooth but as long as it serves enough to find the rest of the recipe together so we're just gonna add these two together the blending of it in the food processor just kind of helps it all bind together rubbing rather than having it a little chunkier which sometimes can fall apart because you do all of it in the food processor or you could but I also love a little bit of tag right here in there as well too sometimes I'll put a little some fresh corn kernels in there some peas or something you spout too so you can add other veggies and things to that and we don't have any salt or pepper in there yet and just a little bit of Himalayan pink sea salt there okay pretty amazing so I just have a baking sheet with parchment paper on it here and we're just gonna form these into little patties that's where we get our hands laughs this is where we get our hands dirty yep so depending on the size of your bun or sometimes you can make little ones about two if you wanted to make sort of mini ones but you really just like that what's so good I'd be so like so cheap in comparison to making it all like beef burger or something like that right definitely yeah sweet potatoes especially when you get them in season and they like you've said they do last for quite a while in the kitchen so they're not the kind of thing that goes bad too quickly like making little snowballs little rollers to probably get too far out of this perfect just a little olive oil over the top the other color pretty beautiful okay and then into the oven they go alright so for the dressing for our salad that we're gonna be making next we've got a little bit of carrot and some goji berries so Eve of course can talk all about the nutritional value of goji berries but I love them in cooking because they act a little bit like raisins they're a little more dry and hard so I find sometimes they're great in a salad where the dressing will help them soften a little bit or as in this case here we're gonna cook them with a little bit of carrot and then pureed and with the rest of our dressing just for some added nutritional benefit yeah and with goji berries here they have a really high antioxidant ratio within one of the highest so obviously we want a lot of antioxidants um there's not too many large studies about goji berries but some of them show that it does help increase your energy your gut health and also can lower cholesterol so it is definitely a good thing to you know try to add to your diet it's not something you would do normally but it's something different to try out I love goji berries for that yeah how did in addressing us all I'm very excited well I'm from a chefs perspective the color of them is quite and renowned because they make the dressing along with the carrot the most beautiful sort of orange e burnt orange color so we're gonna save some of them for our salad and we'll just put some of them in here with her carrot I think sometimes we get bored of solid right so when you try something new and a new dressing it makes you excited salad again if you're looking to revamp your diet is to actually add more fruits and vegetables if you want to know one place to start that's a great place to start so I think this super salad is such a great idea to use up a lot of stuff that you have in your fridge but I also get tons of nutrients so what will be adding my so a lot of this was just kind of stuff that I had in the refrigerator already I had some grapes left over the weekend I just bought some for my son to eat and so there's just we had a few left over so we chopped it goes up of course you'd buy a head of broccoli maybe you have it very dinner something and you have a little piece left over in your fridge so we just kind of shaved it fairly thinly so we're gonna mix our style it up in this bowl here so we've got dumping stuff in so we've got some Keeney way here this is just red quinoa so we just cooked it for a few minutes on the stove and what the Canada's Food Guide it's recommended that a quarter of your plate is a healthy carbohydrate so quinoa is such a great one that you can add to your salad to make it a balanced meal because I don't know you but if I just have a salad I'm quite hungry within half-an-hour yeah but if I add tuna or healthy grain then that really sad it's something a little more substantial adds a lot to the style and a lot of entertainment to the south as well too because you can get tired of chewing lettuce or spinach yeah you know where if you have different vegetables and nuts or things like that your mouth gets excited by it alright so grapes in my new favorite thing is grapes and salad you've never tried it it's so good so we have our goji berries here and again they'll absorb a little bit of wood from the teen where there's about 2 to help them soften up okay so I love these carrot shreds they come already shredded like this so they're fantastic just for throwing into salads and things cuz again it's just one less thing you have to chop if you want to make a salad so the more things you can have sort of all ready to go in your refrigerator the easier it makes yeah there's no shame and pre-chopped in that's absolutely not lots of broccoli here through our butternut squash in there we've got some fantastic colors in here as well too yeah we just used the frozen and then we just roasted in the oven and I love the frozen butternut squash because I never ate too much squash before they came up with those and I love squash and being a chef of course I don't mind chopping and peeling and things like that but when you can grab a bag of frozen out of the freezer and I roasted in the oven toss it in salads and soups and stews and omelets so there's hundred places you can use it now and there's so much I I almost died trying to kind of squash so I just put in some dried cranberries there if you're watching your sugar contact you can leave those out of course but again they're those little joys that your your mouth comes across when you're eating we've got some sunflower seeds here as well all of those in my arm and some pumpkin seeds so we're really loading this up with all kinds of goodness okay we could use what you have in your fridge like if you have walnuts at home you can do walnuts right but you want to try to balance a car a healthy protein then tons of vegetables so we have a little bit of feta cheese and again if you're non-dairy you could leave the feta cheese out but we don't put the cheese yeah we're gonna put some in so I make it Eve to crumble this a little bit into there and I'm just gonna chop a few pistachios again pistachios or walnuts would be my choice but almonds would be fantastic in here as well too I find that sort of fantastic thing to have around your home as well too because again they're dry product they last for quite a while in your shelf on your cupboard and they're a great little snack if I'm running out the door a lot of times I'll just grab a handful of nuts or something to take with me in the car I just love the color of pistachios I feel like a lot of these ingredients are hearty ingredients no you could kind of meal prep this and just maybe leave the nuts in the dressing out oh absolutely yeah we've got a good couple of days worth of salad there as well too got some gorgeous purple kale here as well so we're just gonna tear these into this some people are afraid to use kale because they find it a little bit hard or they think it's almost too healthy McHale salad can be a little overwhelming sometimes although there's nothing wrong with having kale in your teeth because chefs love it when people wear their food as well yeah but we're just gonna tear up some kale into little tiny pieces and this way you can kind of these leaves are fairly soft but you can kind of massage it a little bit with your fingertips cuz you know just like people and pets kale and vegetables love massages as well see them in their the purple kale actually it's it is actually sweeter so beautiful yeah it's delicious I'm actually has a little bit more nutrients much more but the darker color you're gonna get different antigens on the green and I find a lot of people's dyes they don't get quite enough purple so what I love purple and why your plate to be like a rainbow of different colors because each color does have a phytonutrients so you know always eat the rainbow and skittles sometimes as a tree there's our carrots and our goji berries they're all nice and soft now so most of our liquid did kind of cook away while we were okay before they're in for a little food processor I get a lot of little mini food processor so I'm just making our dressing here now so we'll just mix this all up in a little mini food processor because it makes it nice and easy so we're just doing some zest some orange here just to add a little bit of brightness and then we're just gonna use the same Orange and get all of the juice out of it we're using the PC honey Dijon mustard here and these are two of my absolute favorite products I've got the edge Viviano vinegar I use this all the time for salad dressings just quite a mild vinegar and then we have some pistachio oil as well too which is one of my new favorite so we'll just blend it up and then we will I check for a flavor about what things are usually a little bit of sugar or a little bit of salt with this mission that we're on it's really about half your plate vegetables right so vegetables doesn't have to be the steamed veggies that are way over cut just broccoli or potato or something [Laughter] but the thing is we won't be full to where we have to have a nap will be full lots of good energy exactly oh we've got some beautiful avocado here that we're just gonna put on top of our burger as well we've got our avocado here for our burgers and avocado just adds so much creaminess to the burger as well to made some little cilantro aioli to go on top of our burgers as well and we can even put some microgreens on top of our burgers too or if you had baby spinach that would be fantastic as well but we might as well use these beautiful microgreens you know you're gonna get the nutrients you need with this I'm very excited to try this it's like summertime in your mouth clean up the whole yard after we eat this meal for I'm very excited to try this veggie burger got to put on mealy sauces or my life so mm-hmm I love how like has similar texture to me mm-hmm can be very hearty comforting kind of sweet and I'm so excited and I brought me my teeth thank you so much Ellen I love you it was so fun thank you so much for having me on and he was totally honored to be asked to do something okay care sir you up for the mission of following Canada's Food Guide for a week definitely if anyone wants to try the mission this is a great recipe to start we'll check on you in a week hi my name is Keirsey little and I'm a certified personal trainer this V Commission Nutrition my mission was to follow the new Candice food guide for one whole week but Dad of mine this morning for breakfast I decided to have a half a plate of fruits as well as protein sources and whole grains so the whole grains would be my toast the protein would be the egg and peanut butter and of course the fruits would be the banana the orange and the apples looks great so with water as my drink of choice as the Candice who guide does recommend I find that really helps aid in digestion as well as really just flush at the toxins all day so I found the new Candice if your guide to be very visually helpful I'm for reminding me to consume a half a plate or more fruits and vegetables kind of with every meal I also found it for more for helpful for more food inspiration such as you know sweet potatoes beans tofu for different protein sources I also found the new Candice food guide to be really helpful for you know vegan choices vegetarian options you know just incorporating new foods into my diet that maybe I wouldn't normally eat but you know I found it really helpful to see that on the Candice food guide the only thing I really found difficult with the Canada's Food Guide it's really just determining what is considered an appropriate serving size you know if I'm having too much or too little of a specific food item so for example I guess what will be considered a serving size for our fruits you know is this too much or is it too little really that was all my major concerns with the new Canada's Food Guide I really did find it quite helpful with creating all of my meals and I I really enjoyed really following this for the whole week and I really hope this video is helpful to anyone else who's trying to incorporate more fruits and vegetables into their meal and really just trying to follow the new Canada's Food Guide so thanks for watching I hope this helps bye

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