see a lot of outrageous things here on YouTube but this morning one of them really act me so I saw a little snippet on my homepage from a show called this morning a talk-show in the UK on ITV I believe it is and the two hosts are Holly Willoughby and Philip Schofield and these are like a known duo they're like work really well together on screen they've worked together for a long time so Philip and Holly are interviewing this lady who got a clear my throat for this this lady faked depression to get a free nose job on the NHS and if you don't know what the NHS is the NHS is National Health Service the UK offers to their citizens people who live there so that you can go to the doctor and get your medication all that stuff for free just a little note while I'm editing this I should note that it's not free it's funded by taxes you can have your babies not like in the United States where a doctor's appointment if you don't have insurance then you're screwed so there's a self-proclaimed Influenza who faked a depression she consulted a GP or doctor who she alleges coached head into how to get this nose job for free and now she's claiming that he was exposing the craic little loopholes that there are in the system that people are getting these free pursuit procedures because she's saying well I'm not the only one doing that I just took advantage of it so let's take a little listen to what she has to say this is a mother of three who faked depression to get a cosmetic nose job fastest but after discovering a nose job would cost her around 7,000 pounds privately karla village she says that she instead decided to fake mental health and breathing problems to get the operation free on the NHS did you guys see that I roll you can tell right off the bat from her body language and I am no body language I expect I have no experience no train and nothing like that in body language but look at just the way she rolls her eyes when they say that she faked mental she faked her mental health problems for there she goes and I should add that I'm not laughing cuz I think this is funny it's just so utterly ridiculous that she's going on the TV to do this I don't know what she expected what type of reaction that she wanted but let's take a listen now says why she's actually proud of milking the system welcome well I mean it's it's a big thing to go public on something like this and you are going to get battered on social media how do you feel about that to be really honest I get back on social media anyway now I think they gettin trolled on social media is a little bit different to fake in a very harsh mental illness in order to gain cosmetically from it and you're taking that money from somebody else who ultimately needs it and I compared it again to the US where there are people fighting really hard either for their lives or to pay these massive medical bills that they're left with after surgery after you know something comes up where it's completely unexpected and accidents and their left foot in this hundreds of thousands of dollar bills and then you have women like this in the UK England who again knows jobs free from their National Health Service it's such a contrast I keep saying free please excuse me because they're not getting it free it's coming from the taxpayers money so the taxpayers are paying for this lady to get her nose job it's and it's unfortunate that you would you get trolled for being a glamour model it's very different when you freely admit happily admit that you've milked the NHS and you have lied you've been a parasite on the NHS her facial expressions say it all she's really not sorry she's proud of what she's done like I lied ah I do work I I own it I you know I feel like I'm not really done anything that wrong yep she really doesn't care and if you take a listen to the rest of this interview it actually gets worse we scuzzy NHS is there not for cosmetic receipt it is I think I'm one of many I think I'm just the one that's come forward and there is cracks in our sister human and you paid for cosmetic surgery yeah in the past see the other other procedures so you're not afraid to pay for things no no this because it wouldn't make that much difference you thought actually I let somebody else pay for this I'm we really honest I was surprised to get this nose job as much anyone else you know it started off a bit banter between friends I was like I think this surgeon they want 7000 my friends were like don't do it it's not worth it and I said one day I want to evening outside I'm gonna see I'm gonna see if I can get this nose job so you went the doctor your GP and what did you say because this is where the lie begins isn't it it made me feel unhappy in day to day life it did get me a bit depressed and down which was a saturation of the truth I've never been clinically depressed or I've never been that and I've never got no like proof of being depressed but I just said it I was advised to say a few things and before I knew it I was advised to say things by I GP so the GP that you've also admitted that you flirted with well now that she's publicly admitted to reap in benefits that are intended for somebody else what why aren't they consequences the same way if somebody was committing benefit fraud over there they would have to pay back any money or monies that they had received the benefits that they'd receive they would have to pay that back why does this lady get a free nose job lying about something my eye twitch does I said that she gets a free nose job lying about something with no repercussions and she's saying that the GP that she flirted with is the one that helped ed coach have some she flirted with her doctor the doctor helped her get at the appointment and she got her free nose job because she just could not bear to be spending 7,000 pound of hello money on a nose job you know what you know Allu usually looks a bit you know I'm a friendly person with a big personality so I was like I am very so you voted to the GP and what didn't and he said that well you know this is what you should say when you're going to see the surgeon basically yeah yeah imagine it was that easy for everyone maybe I'm just secretly jealous and that's why I'm making this video and before I knew it I would had an appointment with in literally four weeks to go and see a surgeon and yeah within literally 30 seconds of saying he said wait we can do the operation and I was shocked I didn't think it would happen so you didn't think it was happen because I guess in your somewhere in your head you'll be thinking this is this isn't right this is not how the Elector should be so that must have been why you were thinking how it was always with my mind yeah thought this part was kind of funny because Polly is trying to make a point she's saying you know you knew this was wrong why'd you go through with it anyway and the lady is just out in herself saying well I just saw an opportunity and I took it so I do kind of see it from both sides I see the lady like in the head Oh mind she's like well the opportunity's there why not take it but it's just taken complete complete advantage of that system that is put there to protect her and she doesn't even know how good she has it over there well of course she does because she's got her nose dropped for free and she understands you know how can this happen but she has no real real grasp or concept of what she's actually done or what the other people that as she say so taken advantage of the system are doing as well she has no idea of the advantages that she has over there right now just living in the country and having the NHS in place never mind taking complete advantage of it and taken those benefits like Holly said from somebody else like a family who is fighting for the NHS to fund life-saving drugs for their child this is what I want to understand there must be there's must be a little bit of self policing when it comes to this just because there's cracks in the system and just because you can get away wouldn't you be thinking it's such a stretch system this should be used for proper medical needs we've had parents with children that have sat on the sofa that can't get the NHS to fund life-changing life-saving drugs for them because it's system that's so stretched that did crossed my mind but for me I if I was given that choice this person needs his treatment more than you do so what your nose job I would suspect I would have said no okay so I got a question for you is the problem the people taking advantage of the broken system or is it the system that is handing out the free nose jobs and coaching people on how to get the free nose jobs from a little bit of flirtatious action let me know your thoughts I'm curious um you have got three kids yet so what's what sort of lesson are you teaching them hey guys it's fine to go out and cheat the system and what's more I'm gonna go on tele and I'm gonna be happy about it and have no remorse but the thing is I'm not saying but the rules but I am brutally honest and I will take the backlash but I think I am one of many people's I'm used to brutally honest person so it's okay go get what point she's trying to make just because she's brutally honest it doesn't make it right it doesn't make the situation any better just because she's speaking out about it perhaps if she had and perhaps if she had not gone through the surgery and just actually exposed the system and said here here's what I did I flipped the stock – took me four weeks to get into an appointment and I had a consultation I'm within 30 seconds he approved me for the nose job and then I had it done but she doesn't do that she actually went and got her nose job so she doesn't give a flying rat's ass about the system or about beating the system she just cares that she's brutally honest she's got hit platform now on Instagram and now she's getting trolled the hell out of because people are really really dislike on what she's done she faked a mental illness to get a nose job and now she's coming on national television and YouTube and her instagram platform to rant and rave about it about how great it's been that she's actually beat the system you know you can see by her face is just like when they talk she's like like I just did how she's like you can see that she's trying to hold herself back they show her a lot of respect but at the same time I could imagine sitting on the couch with scream yeah cute so ignorant we get now sitting here now and seeing the reaction and would you do it again I'm not planning on this and would I do this again I cannot I could lie and just say no I wouldn't but then that's part lie no we can't go back in time but would I do it again I just think I was there I got off to take 7 grand 8 I took it and I think a lot of other people wish it's my belief that she came on the show just for some five minute fame type thing to promote her Instagram whatever it is like she said she's an influencer I don't know why anybody would go on the show and happily promote themselves being a fraudster a benefits fraudster especially when it comes from the people's taxes and the money that people take out of their wages every single week or month or however the taxed over there in England the money that's taken from them out of their paychecks has gone directly to this lady's nose job so again I want to extend the question to you is the problem in the flawed system or is the problem in the people taking advantage of the flawed system let me know thanks for watching bye

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  1. She is a disgrace ! …just my opinion ..she has no morals at all !! our health service is the best thing about the UK and we have to fight to keep it …….. and this airhead is not helping .. so if a person who will not flirt who has been in an horrific accident and disfigured in some way they will have to prove more they have depression now because her going live on tv and admitting how easy it is to lie ..she has done a great disservice to the health service more than she will use her brain to think about !!!!!!!

  2. Wow maybe she should trade places with me , I’m American and I’m 26 with no insurance because cooks don’t get offered it here and I aged out of my dads , I need to see a dentist so bad and I can’t get medication for my depression and anxiety because I can’t see a doctor and yet this girl is lying about what I have to deal and for vanity reasons !!!! Screw her !

  3. Her daughter faked bullying to up her social status and try to gain followers. This family never ceases to amaze me

  4. Omg what a fame chasing p.o.s. . Funny thing is I think you are way better looking than this mutt even though shes had surgery and is apparently a 'model'

  5. I have a bump on my nose and I have nose bleeds, but I’m still sitting here with it. And her nose is still crooked.

  6. She's done this as a publicity stunt. She wants to get noticed and will get a lot of money from TV, gutterpress newspapers & magazine intvws. She knows precisely what she's doing. Her plan will reap rewards for her.

  7. I saw this, makes me sick. There are people with real issues who should have NHS treatment. I have actual depression I feel like literal sh*t sometimes, like just putting my head on my steering wheel and stopping in the road, I stare into nothing stop speaking and feel like screaming sometimes, to cap it off I have no motivation to do anything really. This woman has no depression only vanity.

  8. Hideous woman 🙄 we are SO LUCKY to have the nhs they are absolutely incredible, and people like that are so so wrong x

  9. Unfortunately, as a British citizen, this is not a surprise because there are thousands-millions of people who gladly & knowingly fake illnesses/benefit claims/fraud & as a person who genuinely suffers from chronic illnesses/pains/depression & anxiety & because of these people…when it comes to receiving disability benefits & those who can't work for any reason…we are scrutinised heavily & they make the forms much more difficult for us & that causes even more anxiety & stress just having to fill these huge questionnaire! It's so frustrating because I can understand why the government are having to do this so those like her can be found out & dealt with but it's so unfair on us who have genuine health situations! Well…she's crazy to go on there because now her GP (general practitioner/Dr) will find out what he "advised" her & she's going to get such a backlash. No morals or care! 😤 I feel it's a mix of both the government & the scammers! Thanks for sharing! 👍🦋💖🦋

  10. Is there evidence to back up these claims about the GP? Did anyone do their homework as to the lies shes telling ?

  11. Why does it matter if she was born here or not ? Because shes a white British woman ? Do you know the abuse that refugees, immigrants and POC get for claiming the incredibly poor benefits they're entitled to? Also, this isn't common in the NHS and bringing attention to scum like this is only making privatisation of the NHS more and more likely. This should he made very clear. This woman has been in countless magazines . Shes a media whore and the fact shes getting even more publicity means shes making more money

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