Modified Fasting Diet Plan | Eat While Fasting | Flash Fast Unboxing

Modified Fasting Diet Plan | Eat While Fasting | Flash Fast Unboxing

in this video I’ll be unboxing green
smoothie girls flash fast it’s a quick and easy way to detox your body we’ll do
that right now hi I’m Kenny Loy and I’m a certified nutritionist I’ve been helping
people with their health since 1999 I’ve also been a high raw vegan since 1994
we’re here to help you in going more raw to restore energy and immunity if you’re
excited about learning a new way to detox your body with very little effort
and just a little bit of discipline hit that like button right now Robyn Openshaw the green smoothie girl has developed a three day flash fast it’s a
modified fast she ships it to you in a kit that contains five meals a day for
three days now these consist of flaxseed different smoothie meals and blend bars
each day you get four smoothies where you mix some flaxseed in with it and you
also get one blend bar per day so this fast contains fiber so the detox isn’t
so intense but it is however a modified fast so you’re limited to eight hundred
calories per day and that within a window of eight to 12 hours you choose
which window you want so it’s really a form of intermittent fasting in a way so
what comes with each kit is a quick guide to help you get started now you can
modify these meals easily by adding fruit to some of these but you still
have to keep within your 800 calories now when you first order the kit you
also get this benefits of fasting booklet it talks about modified fasting
and all kinds of stuff about anti-aging lots of frequently asked questions about
the process of autophagy all kinds of helpful science to help you understand
the basics of a modified fast now you can subscribe to this and do this once per
month or once per quarter once you subscribe to it you won’t get this book
every time but you will get all the meals and the quick guide so we’re going to start the morning off with a chocolate banana
smoothie now this one’s going to sound kind of weird if you chop an organic
banana in half and keep its peel then you can get some extra prebiotic fiber
for your gut microbiome so this is extremely healthy it gives your gut microbiota something to feed on so we’ll put in the chocolate mix and a
little bit just about a quarter or so of the packet of flaxseed let’s blend it up let’s pour this deliciousness into a
glass the next smoothie is vanilla with some mixed greens again we’ll put in a
little bit of flax seed from the packet you divide this one packet
throughout the four smoothies and now we’ll put in vanilla powder this is sweetened
with stevia so it’s very sweet now we’ll keep the greens in the freezer until we’re
ready to use them because if you just set them out they’ll start to melt and get sludgy so also they’re kind of solid right now so we got to break them up a
little and we’ll pour in quite a bit because you can really smush these in a
little bit get as much in there as you can you can’t have too many greens what is your favorite way to fast or
detox let us know in the comments below also if you’re getting value from this
video we would love it if you would like subscribe and ring the bell believe it or not as green as this looks
it’s still delicious now for our third smoothie we’re gonna have chocolate with frozen raspberries this one’s actually delicious put in the chocolate powder
with water of course another portion of the flaxseed and this
is a sprouted flax seed so it’s very healthy put in the frozen raspberries and this is
gonna taste like a piece of candy raspberry chocolate candy pour that
delicious up then we’ll start with our fourth smoothie
which is gonna be vanilla again but this time with frozen peaches
now who couldn’t get into peaches and cream right am i right there’s the rest
of the flaxseed and the second vanilla of the day put in those frozen peaches mix it up let’s pour this into a nice glass mmm peaches and cream now if you want more information look in a link below in the description
look at these delicious looking smoothies with that delicious blend bar actually you can pack these up and take
them to work that’s what I do you can go about your normal day with
these things if you liked this video please give it a thumbs up subscribe and
ring the bell so you don’t miss any future videos we upload videos every
week with healthy tips and recipes to get you to your best healthy yet be sure
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thanks for watching

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2 thoughts on “Modified Fasting Diet Plan | Eat While Fasting | Flash Fast Unboxing

  1. Thanks so much for watching! What is your favorite way to fast or detox? Comment below! Learn more about the Flash Fast in the description!

  2. Sounds cool! My favorite way to fast is with smoothies. It helps keep my blood sugar level throughout the day. Although, I really do love the master cleanse-fresh lemonade with cayenne pepper! I actually crave it sometimes!

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