Money is Wellbeing Energy – says Abraham Hicks

Money is Wellbeing Energy - says Abraham Hicks

the energy of well-being flows to us in different ways in this video I want to tell you that your well-being in your mind is inspiration in your body cells it's life force and in your bank account it's money so when you are thinking about money know that it is a just an energy of well-being and when you don't have enough dollars the thing is not to worry about it Abraham I remembered them Abraham Hicks tells the story of a woman of a person coming to them and saying look ma'am my best friend as how could how did this story happen to her she slugged for ten years to help her husband get his degree and and you make his way in laughs and he did seem to do nothing kale is about money and then they're separated and after sowing for all those years he inherited a million dollars from somewhere unexpectedly when he refused to Shanee with her and she was feeling really upset about it as Abraham will how could this happen and to know what Abraham said it happened exactly because she saw the struggle associated with money and he didn't and once you understand that so to cut justice it's about the law of attraction in action then that story says it

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