Monkey Wellbeing – Harveys Gang Tour

Monkey Wellbeing - Harveys Gang Tour

Harvey buster Baldwin became ill with acute myeloid leukemia age six having spent many weeks in Worthing hospital he was intrigued by the vacuum pod that took his blood away to the pathology lab and wanted to find out more the Children's Ward arranged for Harvey to visit the laboratories where he met Malcolm Robinson chief biomedical scientist seeing the positive impact the tour had for Harvey an idea was born and just 11 days after Harvey's farewell birthing Hospital had their first Harvey's gang tour and officially launched today monkey and I are off to the hospital come on there monkey here we go we're going in for a Harvey's gang tour we'll see Malcolm in a minute I'm so excited you good morning how are you pleased to meet you hello Barnaby how are you excellent good morning monkey pleased to meet you we've got your blood sample up in the laboratory so if it's right when you will do our Harvey's gang tore up in the laboratory should we go up there now brilliant excellent let's go how about Harvey's game tour now brilliant Barnaby let's go good boy you two look really smart in your lab coats well hi monkey this is our specimen reception area and your sample has just come down the pods so what we'll do is we'll take your samples out and so it's ready to book them in and then we'll put the pods back in to send it back up back to the ward so we put the numbers in where we're sending it back to and those will go up through the chute all the way back all over your head all the way through the hospital back to the ward Wow did you see it go there it goes back up to the ward ready for the next patient samples to come in back down to us again now what we'll do is well take your samples through into specimen receptions and we'll get them labeled and get them on the computer system so okay we you monkey great right monkey we're now in pathology specimen reception and we're going to book this sample in and we're going to give it to cat to book in ikat so we can see cat taking the samples out and putting a barcode sticker on your samples ready for the examples to go onto the track system so we can watch your samples go round to get processed your samples are going to go on a track follow me monkey we're on to the next stage now monkey what we're going to do is we're going to put the samples onto the track system so these samples need to go on the track system so we need to tell the Machine what we're doing we take it off there like that and then we put your samples in that gap there and we push that all the way in and take the old one off now what we can see now is that automation is taking your samples off and putting it on the track systems you see them going did you see that it is just like a railway track choo choo Wow so now we go on to find out where those samples get processed this machine this machine monkey is a centrifuge and what happens is it takes the samples off the track onto the centrifuge and it spins it down because then we can use your plasma and that is a wizzy machine well plasma is the fluid that carries all of the cells and all the chemicals around your body so this is a centrifuge or a wizzy machine and we put our samples in and here I've got two we put them in the centrifuge like that make sure they're balanced and then we turn it on and what it does is it spins around fast it whizzes round it's a wizzy machine and what that does is it separates the red cells from the plasma the reason we need to do that is that we test the plasma when we need the plasma separate so we can test so what happens now monkeys these tests are for coagulation well coagulation is clotting tests and we do that to make sure that you're not bruising and what we need to do is we need to do those tests on the yellow plasma and not on the red cells and that's why we had to put it in the wizzy machine now we need to put it into this machine and the Machine does all the tests and it tests for the clotting factors to make sure that you don't bruise monkey if you fall over and graze your knee your blood clots to make the scab what does this machine do well this machine monkey does a full blood count what that means is it counts all of your cells that are circulating so we're looking at or your red cells all your white cells and all your platelets so the red blood cells carry the oxygen around the blood does yes the white blood cells fight the infection they do goodness mean monkey your body is amazing it is Oh question monkey monkey wants to know how did you do blood tests before you have machines well monkey we used to have to do all of this by hand and when I first started we used to do 30 samples a day yes now we do at least 1,100 a day that's a lot of difference monkeys blood is on this slide monkeys blood is on this slide look down the microscope monkey and we can actually see what we're looking at can you see well that's a red cell a red cell that carries oxygen around your system what are these those are your neutrophils those are your white cells that fight bacterial infection and their little purple ones there your platelets so they're the ones that stick together to make your blood clots that's correct well done this machine tells us what our blood groups are it's important for our blood groups because if you are sick and need a blood transfusion we need to make sure that you get the right if you need a blood transfusion and you know your blood type where does that blood come from well we have people donate blood very kindly that goes to Bristol to get tested and that against delivered down to us and then we store it in the fridge ready for when you leave blood so what we do now is we need to put them into their plastic bags individually and then book them in to the commuter system so you can see they're all different with their blood groups with their expiry date because we wouldn't want to give you out to date stuff would we Oh No so this is o-positive that's o+ these then would be going into the fridge so in here monkey we've got our plasma shaker and our plasma shaker stops from we open the door and we have our platelets this is the straw at the top of the tubes this is a straw color bit at the top of the tubes just above the red cells so that's the platelet rich plasma that gets put into these bags why does it need to shake in there because we need the oxygen to be moved around like we do in your body we do that in the foot here to make sure that the platelets are kept alive and these are called chicken soup or yellow triangles depends on which hostel you go to that's funny but we know that really it's plasma have a good day and I hope everything goes well you're welcome thank you very much and see you later monkey don't get a hug go on thank you you

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