Monkeys & Humans Nutrition – Is it smart to compare us to other species and their Nutrition?

Monkeys & Humans Nutrition - Is it smart to compare us to other species and their Nutrition?

Saturn and I have come to visit the food monkey forest sanctuary and yeah these monkeys are actually totally wild yeah you do pay to go in but yeah it's just a dense jungle these monkeys aren't pets there aren't really tamed although they do come pretty close compared to most monkeys so we're gonna appreciate the little adventure with the monkeys all relative cousins the big you want slow got pizza have you found you doing around my nothing happy any mummy it's loaded with amazing so as you see we're really enjoying the food monkey forest but it's funny cuz it's just so from the previous video you see how they eat they're eating all day the eating leaves they're eating fruits they eating starches now they're pretty are adapted to doing that but given the chance they will eat protein and they will eat flesh though eat a fat of animals and we've seen this I've posted videos of monkeys doing so in my Instagram before you can scroll down and have a look there's a whole video of monkeys and different herbivorous animals which actually omnivores Paul I'm just herbivores it's pretty weak because given the chance they will eat that protein and get that direct protein assimilation let's talk about the differences between monkeys and ask vegans always want to compare us to monkeys yes there are relative cousins and yes we came from a long evolution of those kinds of apes and then a lot of those Apes that were meant to become us died out they died out because the climate change the earth is always changing climate whether it's heating or cooling we've known this from anthropological studies that the earth has changed a lot the continents have separated and changed shape a lot over the time but that's a completely entire different subject let's talk more about the biochemical differences and organ differences in the human body for example monkeys and gorillas a lot of people wouldn't say oh the gorillas are big and strong and it's funny we give you this bar chemical example every time they carry a cecum we had a teeny one that barely active this is fully active they have trillions of bacteria in a spiral guard hindgut that is made to ferment and break down starch in order to get the saturated fat which grows their muscle and grows their brain we only have a 2% capacity in our colon to do this so to say that we can eat the same is a ridiculous assumption we know this scientifically we've opened up these animals in laboratories and museums we know the difference is clearly in anatomy and physiology now we have a 25% larger brain than our relative cousins we are the biggest brain animal when it comes to these upright-walking apes we are the most intelligent by far and that started from being scavengers getting the fat our brain is predominately made of fat DHA specifically we only get this from animal foods it helps grow the brain we've had a diminishing size in brain since turning over to a more agrarian style we were eating predominantly vegetable base so yeah a 25% larger brain with I think it's 63 percent smaller large intestine with a longer small intestine as in comparison to these Apes they have a longer large intestine and a smaller shorter small intestine sorry they are designed to ferment these foods gorillas also in most Apes don't drink as much water as we need to and they recycle minerals not only through the fermentation and chewing their food but by eating their own fecal matter so I tell vegans you want to eat and be like a gorilla then don't drink any water and eat your own fecal matter to recycle the minerals and protein and see how you get on after five to ten years so without a seekin and without that really long spiral a large intestine or like ruminants as well like the big bulls and cows that people also compare us to ruminants are even more designed to do so because they have a full compartment stomach in which they chew food bring it back up chew it down some more and then trillions of bacteria in different compartments of the stomach ferment fat from starch which enables them to build muscle just how I've been telling you with cholesterol in the human body cholesterol gives us greater intracellular activity and immune system function which allows the body to focus on building muscle and staying lean while providing the brain with energy that's why we see that vegans and vegetarians still develop cancer and strokes because the lack of fat soluble vitamins and the lack of Colet for delivering them the nutrition into their muscles and brain that's why they still care issues guys it's a malnourished diet that takes five ten years plus in order for you to realize issues of when on also let's talk about the point that in order for these animals to get enough fat and protein from this starts of their fermenting they have to consistently eat all day every day and are designed to do so they are part of a cycle in the soil in which they have to keep defecating as they move around in order to provide the nutrients for the next grasses and plants and weeds to grow they provide the nutrition in the soil their blood and defecation is why when you put cows on to desert desert soil and that has become desert they stopped the certification and the land starts to flourish again with excellent water retention and also nitrix cycles and matthean cycles cows help sequester carbon they help put it into the ground they help grass to flourish they help woodlands to flourish they keep it growing and they keep the atmosphere cleaner guys and all this stuff about cows farting methane and all that actually they're chewing it and burping it and it's actually on the ground because the grass holds onto it and nearby woodlands thrive over there if you were to go into a field full of cows after a whole day they've been eating you can light that methane off of the grass it doesn't just rise into the atmosphere we've already seen the studies emerging and all the propaganda being blown up that it is cows creating so much of the atmospheric problems when we know it's fossil fuels and our greed with using fossil fuels now when we as of species consistently try and eat all day which happens because most vegans are so malnourished and always hungry because the insolent quarters will dance and also because the body is starving on nutrition which try to get cravings for more food they reckon their intestines as I said cows have a fourth compartment stomach and a large while longer large intestine and a monkey's the same they have a hunger and a big cecum and a longer large intestine as compared to our smaller large and test showed a large intestine and our longer small intestine with a voracious 17 inches of duodenum that loves meat so if you want to just eat fruits and vegetables you can go back up into the trees and be like these guys but if you want a bigger brain and to keep evolving as a smarter species you need to eat the meat that has helped us and got us here in the first place how does something that has helped us become smarter and evolved better with better limb function like we can use phones we can drive cars all of these things were started from saturated fat yeah when you're eating all that fiber starch you're constantly scraping the walls of your intestine you're diminishing the elasticity of it you're creating holes in it and that's why we see a whole host of autoimmune issues that arise from this over a 5-10 year period plus and before it's too late people just ignore it they think of other symptoms they get caught in the ideology and beliefs and they get attached to it and they just think it's something else they blame on something else but literally it's there and testifyin seeping through all of these anti nutrients and chemicals causing histamine reactions and your body to overactive the immune system to try and block the stuff getting through into your blood and creating blood toxicity now let's think about it so these cows as I said earlier and these gorillas are able to ferment it and we're not we're creating this bad bacteria 2% capacity to ferment all of this stuff so how in any way are we close or relative to their digestive tract and systems when we compare it to carnivores which ok some of them have a even longer small intestine but are the brain size the same is the stomach acidity the same is their power production the same we have a stomach acidity of about 1.5 to 3 depending on how badly you've messed it up it should be about 1.5 as scavengers this is enough to destroy all pathogens in raw and rotten meat the only ones at species sorry that are even more acidic than us or large predatory birds such as Eagles that can eat nearly anything and destroy it because it's even it's so acidic it gets through everything through sea and we have clinical trials just observing the patients that come in as well and all of the ones with diverticulitis irritable bowel inflammatory bowel disease Crohn's disease all caused from X fiber dragging through the intestines causing bad bacteria and fungal activity creating holes in the intestine ions and just constantly making these thick stools that's why they have such thick stools as well which is not good for any test night to keep stretching open and thickening up with those stools that are just scraping along you shouldn't have to force your like that but then also when you have diarrhea it's your body trying to flush out all of those particles so that it doesn't poison you so if you have going to the toilet more than once but most people two three times a day that's not a good sign if you'll be going to the toilet more than once a day you shouldn't be creating that much waste why are you going to the toilet one two three four times sometimes six times up helps to make vegans clients that I've worked with your bully is making waste you can't absorb when you eat meat only it takes a while for you to compact because meat just ends up as moisture it takes a while to compact and make it into waste your butt is so hungry for it and with the correct bacteria simulating all the B vitamins from it you don't make much waste so think about it you don't make much waste less stress on the intestines less stress on the intestines less immune work to go more focus on mental acuity growing muscle getting lean and utilizing energy from the food and it's funny because when you provide this easy to research information that historians do all of this anthropologists have provided for us now over many years and they keep updating it you provide this to vegans and they can't see the logic and just open up a book and look at the anatomy of these Apes of these ruminants and see for themselves they just go your book hope you watch walk to health as soon as you said that I already know the ignorance level and the lack of understanding don't tell me to watch a documentary that is paid propaganda guys understand who made it who was paying for it and why what is the agenda behind such thing why are they getting us to revert back to how these guys eat when we are far more evolved intelligently I think about it so now you've been carnivore a year and eight months now how many times a day do you go to the toilet to defecate once sometimes every other day now some people go every other day but once a day how little stress is that how much time have you saved in a day as well and you mind telling me how it comes out it easy that's exactly how it's meant to be not like you guys that are all over the place or using an intensity like a gym workout to get through it it's not natural like dr. Greger is telling you that it should be wet and slippery and coming out all the time wrong or somebody's telling you they should have nice thick stools a few times a day wrong that is not detoxification the body detox survived through the four pathways of elimination which I've written about in my post as well and it's not all day every day and it doesn't need fiber it doesn't need parts and he inflammatories which are actually anti-nutrient in order to go it happens naturally peristalsis of the intestine moves waste through subconsciously it's not something you have to force so the optimum ways to detoxify your body own a liver own an intestine own a stomach earner brain pretty simple don't block your body from doing what it naturally does don't disrupt the hormones in the immune system and it just happens subconsciously we're the only animal that thinks we need to do extra and gather all these different nutrients from around the world to complete us look at all the other species and how easy it is to fit into nature and then also look at the reference between the stomach acidity of apes and ruminants as compared to ours look at the Sheep look at the cows look at the monkeys the more you eat like that the more you weaken your stomach acid which gives a host of bad symptoms and issues most of the vegans that come to me that's the first thing I have to fix then I have to fix their intestinal walls and seal them back up then I have to provide the right gut back – you're in there it's a whole mess and I wonder the depressing anxious because the brain chemicals are disrupted and it's fungal bacterial sending the wrong messages to the brain it's ridiculous guys then their bile that the shiney are leaving their bile or they don't have any being produced by the gallbladder and pancreas with the liver workers simultaneously those systems are completely disrupted a huge chain of negative events come from that but it takes a long time to do and feel and sometimes it's too late for most and it takes serious work just to bring them to a nice baseline where they can just function normally or nearly normally Sox guys when will they listen rather than being attached to such beliefs and ideology and emotional identity to a cult and being part of something because a lot of these people are lost they need something to feel a part of they find like that community is all they have when guys all you're doing is being part of a judgemental crew that looks down on people who are just trying to live naturally and in tune with nature the physiology and the biochemical activities not although but most say it's sad that no matter how much we differentiate our Anatomy with the monkeys and the ruminants they still want to think that we're perfectly adapted to get implants yeah when you just eat a lot of plants and they're trying to get all that nutrition by eating consistently all day so I most of them are Moody and tired all the time and home only they get wrecked off the years it just it's just sad like to think that they can't understand the big differences in capacity and in brain size huge guys open a book and have a look yeah that was a great experience one more point out is wrong why do you think a lot of vegans end up chronically fatigued or chronically late well think of the incident quarters or bars eating all those carbohydrates that turn to sugar over and over again and the information the information will cause into intensifiers from being so much more consistently obey it's horrendous and this is what we have to reverse when I first come to us as holistic and ancestral practitioners and I'm tired of doing this work because there's just so many and more and more showcasing the result and the healing from the issues and how they pose them so guys just think about it insulin cortisol your renal glands you're finally mature tarragon and realize why this is happening to every single one some in five years some intense some in 20 some all their lives living and pretending that they well spreading the message even though they're very sick inside why can't I buy a lot of bikes like it buy when you can fry it oh and if you think that bloating gas consistent gas all the time is actually normal read my last or by now free post about the experiment I did with reintroducing carbs and no don't say it's not that tation face period because I was just like that when I was vegan and I was like that during bodybuilding the years before I even went on to the idea of ketogenic and carnivore gassing and bloat is not normal for your stomach because to be doing that after every meal it means you're having a reaction and you're having problems breaking down the nutrition that is what's harming the body also so now we've stopped the water on which is like a traditional restaurant we can sit on the floor we're here with Jake and Kristi up a new bird and we're eating some traditional foods and that's fried pork in coconut oil that's just actual pork meat they got the special with decorative items and I've got the skin and sausage come in but they ran out what's the reason for why they ran out Jake why are we super pissed and by lunchtime all the locals they're beating all up sounds totally vegan right yeah so they cook the pig from early morning they hold roast an entire pig in the fire spit roast and then the locals eat it with spices to get the day started so after the Monkey Forest you saw that we had some food traditional pork Balinese style and this is our Villa food in my inner boot surrounded by the rice fields so we got a lounge area kitchen our chill area here as well got an outside the blinds are closed but we've got our pool area super chill got some more allowed here we've got the steps you know just storage in there and we've got our bedrooms up in here nice desk area shower suite let's go check the other room with the crew okay there we go oh oh yeah boo who brought the Himalayan and Epsom salts eh yeah buddy now you know holistic protocols always in action so it's pretty sick nice we got 40 bucks for American dollars for the night yeah split between storage bit there's all a dreamcatcher stoked yeah it's gonna be nice and quiet out here oh look typical yoga mat and all of these booty in houses very typical pretty sick Norton Aries with the awesome adventurous sheet and crispy this guy just just sets up most crazy adventures and this one ensures we get there in one piece yeah you know this one so they cook it right here on the barbecue right in front of you we've got burgers chicken we've got ribs come in yeah so awesome check it out you're in a bird Norton Aries just right on the barbecue as you order

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