Morning Roundz w/Tom & Z Ep. 10: Coming Out Antivax |

Morning Roundz w/Tom & Z Ep. 10: Coming Out Antivax |

what's up Z packet your Boise dog MD and Tommy t-bones what's up guys I just flew in and so we're doing this as a pre-recorded show that we're gonna feed into you guys because we cannot figure out yet how to make this thing go live from this camera in this house in California where we are temporarily its camped is that the word I've quite something here the urban dictionary when I'll say is scamp scamp you know I like the escapee actually it's campy is Italian for the shrimps you might so we are doing a Tom and Zhi morning rounds but we're doing it pre record we're testing out a little setup here while we get our new studio happening we're still in Vegas until the 31st of August but these guys came up they want to hang out they want to see what is the how the other half lives that's right and so did I so we set up right here yeah and we're doing this thing what are you talking about today Tom however we are gonna talk about many things you know don't ask how do you like how do you like being back in the Bay Area I thought I would hate it the house is very tiny but by Bay Area standards okay but large by Bay Area's it's large so the reason people sent I need by everybody else is by everybody you live in Columbus Ohio you're doing a lot better than Z in terms of the square footage a lot better I'm looking at you Akron and Dayton and I'm looking at Fort Wayne Indiana and you guys would look at this house and be like that's a twenty thousand dollar house mm-hmm so in Grand Rapids this house would cost one hundred and fifteen thousand dollar my gosh and today I'm not gonna tell you how much it cost but it's let's just say I own it in advance before it got crazy and then we remodeled it and now we're living in the remodel there's still people painting so you might see people working but we're gonna have guests here that because it's nice because part of the reason I wanted to move back is better access to really good guests a little different energy my friends are here the cold sack where we are is lovely the neighbors are like Googlers and Facebookers and they're all kind of fun and interesting but isn't that what it really is is like a lot of it is work-life balance they hang out with your social circle and yes because you're willing to be here where you get ask for your money yes because all your friends are here yeah yes and and I think so what you get less for his house and aggravate you get more aggravation to sit in traffic like it took me an hour to get you guys from the airport but it's worth it in that now you have a sense of community that's here I think that's very nice the weather is beautiful the food is great and there's a level of energy and stimulation that is different and since I kind of grew up here 25 years all my all my deeper social networks here now the thing about to import YouTube motherfuckers because you know which I think you're right to say stay in Vegas save money have a good lifestyle and then come up here and do your work I would never live here it's way too liberal here there's that Tom can't handle it I hate it he doesn't like socialism now I hate it anyplace you go where kombucha is on tap on tap socialism is a foot you know what it's like you know you see that here it's like a dude with a hipster goatee with his face under a kombucha tab and he's like my microbiome is blowing up Spring Break it's like it's a it's amazingly different you know what I'll say those like cultures better in the bay yeah it is better food yeah yeah that's about it I mean little that's it yeah you go down the street the food's amazing right yeah and people at least where we live here we can't say where I live because people will try to murder me they they are uh they're generally friendlier than in Vegas in Vegas people tend to kind of wall off their place you had an interesting insight one of your interesting insights that you told me it was the geographic location shapes you know community structures and I had never really thought about it because like when you're out in West Texas or whatever or you're in any rural community because 20 minutes outside of any major city is basically Kentucky [Laughter] what once you're in that rural environment like I'm gonna keep me my save right i'ma shoot anybody who come and breach the perimeter but when you're like living on top of each other it's like it's all cool like you know you have to be you have to be yeah you know and this is this way okay this is why z-pak I think it's so important to understand that everybody's doing the best they can and they have a belief structure that fits their geography and their culture and where they are it's not saying all beliefs are equal actually do you think there's some ways of being in the world that probably better yeah but there's no absolutes oh it's right in San Francisco Bay Area to get along you have to have a certain liberal mindset I think to to be able to tolerate the high amount of diversity without open warfare in the streets I think we're people in the middle of the country get upset about that especially especially is because Silicon Valley has such outside power yeah people here have such outsized power because of the tech monopolies that they're inflicting their lifestyle on others and it's like yeah maybe not everybody wants that lifestyle it did the problem with folks here is they live in a bubble I know because I was in that bubble for 25 years well I tell you this yes in Portland there was a sign that said due to patriarchy minimum credit charges $5.00 I was like yeah or due to visas policy may be due to the International Bank of settlements not a patriarchy why stop at patriarchy go right back in the time line to like do to the Big Bang we charge a 3% credit card fee due to the fact that your carbon was synthesized in supernovas exploding we go ahead and refuse the right to reserve anyone it's great speaking of whoo fuckery that you know finds it's it's tendrils wrapped around in the Silicon Valley Jessica Biel came out recently by the way I love that you have to come out now she came out as an anti VAX as an anti-vaxxer this is like in the 90s what it was to come out as being gay except being gays okay and being an anti-vaxxers not a not okay in the closet Jessica Biel yeah I hate – Jessica Biel – like I hate to start a pogrom against Jessica Biel but it is not okay you should be societal ashamed what you're doing why do we think that Jessica Biel or Jenny McCarthy why are we listening to hot people about science if you're hot you don't have to learn science that's sort of the main benefit of being hot so wait a minute you and the thing about me is I'm hot because I don't know I'm hot and that's what makes me hot you know what I mean Tama high number what you're saying is I learned science because I'm ugly yeah kind of you're kind of right yeah cuz what girls can you do you're in elementary school you're not getting late you're like I'm in third grade I have yet to get laid once and you know what am I gonna do I'm gonna come a scientist cuz that's gonna get me laid right and it didn't work but I don't know why do we care of course she's stupid they're all stupid everybody who's an actor is stupid she's dumb as a rock so today we're actually shooting a video about the dunning-kruger effect that has lasted it was stupidity then with willful basically willful ignorance I call that stupidity you you can call it what you will a dumbass by any other name Tom hi number is still an ignorant ignorant piece of shit okay switching gears like rapidly that was rapid because I like a rapid cycling as I have all organic scenes in a while so I gotta tell him some stories okay so check is uh I think I remember telling you the story that when I was in high school I had a friend who was a low-level drug dealer mmm and he got murdered I ever tell you that's crazy hey first of all what is a low-level drug you just you know so you mean low in the higher slinging weed and nice to see yeah you know that kind of say he wasn't like pushing hard drugs it's like a suburban like SSRIs or you know you know it suburban drive proton pump inhibitors right and he was like 17 and somebody killed him over two grand and like a pound of weed and like some ecstasy pills so maybe total street value of like $8,000 they murdered him of it $8,000 Wow right and it would the case went cold so they never found the guy and then just this week they caught the guy after 12 years oh my god yeah in that crazy he threw the gun into a nearby artificial lake in Vegas cuz it's Vegas anyway right and yeah so they they found it they dredged the lake and they found the gun because apparently he had confessed to some guy who got popped for something you know however goes and the cold-case team cracked it and now this dude is under arrest now can I tell you the reason it's interesting for me is remember when liam neeson had that story where a friend of his was you know raped by a black guy and he was just wandering around looking for anybody who looked like that guy today to compete hurt you harm I had this same initial instinct that this guy was black in his mug shot and just for like this happened so transiently it was like for like maybe a second but I was just like fuck black people in my head Wow and then I had to override it and be like no no no I don't feel that way yeah but if I hadn't overridden it that thought might still be in my head see yeah just that you say that already now I had to write a reai I do yeah I don't know there's something like in-group about it because I had to go back no no this is an individual this individual is a murderer and right murder I help my friend but what's your instinct was so close and so personal to me that my instinct was like fuck everybody that looks like this guy not even just fuck this guy for a second I got over it real quick and and I think people who say that doesn't happen to them or lying right that's why I'm talking about it cuz it's like it's real it's like it's a real thing and but but where you become an advanced human is where you recognize it you don't act on it and you reframe it you don't know actually I see what's happening here it's my monkey mind doing this crazy shit yeah that I'm probably evolved to do in-group out-group is a big thing we were talking about towns in Texas why they might be more conservative well in a town in Texas were if you call the police it's gonna be thirty minutes before someone get to your house yeah it makes a lot more sense to have a weapon in your house to defend yourself and the cohesion of the town depends on in group versus out group because you're so geographically isolated historically so all of that thinking actually is adaptive in a town like that it's no longer necessarily adaptive in the 21st century right we're all connected but the residual of it is part of who we are now liam neeson took a lot of shit for even saying that yeah and in fact I was hesitant to say it just now that I felt that way but I was like it's important to say because this is a thought pattern that's emerging in the human species when I was a kid growing up the 70s you know civil rights the feminist movement all these kind of things were just coming still they were still broiling and I remember being conditioned because there was so much stuff on TV about racism I started to learn oh there are differences between races and then I started getting conditioned that oh you know why are black people having such trouble you know is there something wrong with them like that's I remember this conditioning right and I would watch basketball games and I would uncaught I would consciously go oh there's white guys and black guys I wonder if the white guys are better like that's how your brain oh yeah yeah one time me and Logan we're doing a business deal and you know went as far south as a business deal go and this guy you know fucked us out of a bunch of money etc and he was a Mexican guy and I had to fight off the feeling of like fuck Mexican people for like a week I'd to fight that going to overcome it and I had it was an active process and people who think oh this is a white privilege thing or some shit like that it's total bullshit feels this way the most racist I've ever felt is against white people because it comes up every now and again like especially when I was younger I star just like goddamn it like these white people they just did they do these certain things it's so hard to deal with them they have these crazy rituals I don't understand yeah and and so and but what the thing is like on social media that kind of racism gets a pass like the chick from the New York Times or whatever yes or a John right right she's saying all these terrible things and look this is how I'll tell you because I'm I would roll in these circles like Asian people talk about white people that way it's like a thing and is it racism yeah yeah one day she bought this thing where he was like you know I used to think that racism was a much more prevalent issue until I heard the rich White's called the poor whites trash yeah I remember that it's like yeah yeah yeah it's not one race against the other race it's everybody and group at group yeah everybody out for themselves also yeah yeah yeah so here's the thing why do you talk about it why do you drag it up because we have to recognize it as a behavior and until I it's what I think I think a lot of the hate especially that's directed at public figures like you know whether it's Rogan or us or whoever it's from I think relatively liberal white people who are still very unconsciously upset or feeling bad about you know historical stuff or even current unconscious bias yeah the truth is why I feel bad about it recognize it and transcend it you don't have to go through these elaborate rituals of denial yeah to address it one of the reasons I bring it up is because I think the most the the you know the thing that we never give any time or credence to is just how you can have a destructive thought latch on to you and you can keep it with you your entire life like a parasitic or yeah that's true and it can you can breathe its last breath with you yeah you know what I mean if that doesn't scare you that you're thinking incorrectly yeah and that that thinking could ruin your entire life you should be much more scared you should be you should be much more scarify to that and you know like meditation gets a bad rap because people are like okay why do I need to meditate just to like Zen out and be whatever the reason you need to meditate and like Zi talks about meditation is a much bigger meditator than I am or will ever be probably but the reason to meditate is to get a step back from your thoughts because your thoughts are just like coming at you like a way of day after day after day and some of those thoughts cling to you like a parasite and they stick with you and you like I've had destructive thoughts that I've just kept inside for you for decades you know even just very simple thoughts from childhood like I'm not good enough or I'm not worthy enough or I my job is not to be happy my job is to sacrifice for other people these kinds of things I kept with me until very recently when I was just like whoa that's just a thought pattern that I can change I can just start in my head being like I'm a happy person I deserve to be happy you know I'm having a good time here in life with all the people around me etc etc instead of thinking so negatively all the time and people hate to hear that they hate to hear like you can change it just by thinking differently man it's the same as like you can get skinny just by going to the gym man but it's like hey simple stuff is true clichés are true the metaphor of parasite is a very good one I think we're okay so because the other day I talked about this transforming thought pattern look if you find a bright spot in a negative situation yeah it sounds cliche it sounds trite but what it does is for a second the veil that emotion or that thought becomes a happy valence the happy valence doesn't we don't cling to those they evaporate it's wouldn't have all robbed accomplice saying right so since they evaporate you've actually diffused that thought by giving it a quick positive spin it's not a trite thing it's not a useless exercise so oh I see a big gash in my newly refinished wall right bright side I have newly refinished walls who gets to do that this is great so instead of perseverating on there's an imperfection in this stuff I paid a lot of money for now I go got him we're kind of lucky for to have this thing but then I don't even think about it anymore because the happy thoughts evaporate yeah that's a conscious thought I don't know where you said like oh just go to the gym do this where I think people have trouble with these trite ideas is that they do require repetition and work yeah it's not magic yeah nice discipline equals freedom discipline equals freedom that's right I mean look at medicine like how much do something we had to have to get to where we are machen if you could apply some of that to your thought processes to meditation so do you know obviously you know it compounding is Right compounding is just taking you know a sum of money earning interest on that sum of money and then reapplying the interest right and then the more you do that that this is how people get rich I don't think everybody knows this but compounding is the one mental model that all rich people are using to be rich right the money makes money makes money makes money yeah and if I'm compounding you get the time value proposition of money and everything that stems from that okay but compounding is not just a financial mental model you can apply compounding to almost every aspect of your life think about every positive relationship you have like do you like being married yes yes why because it's a partnership where the sum of the parts is greater I mean this the the the result is greater than the sum of the parts yeah yeah do you think your marriage is better than when you first got married I think so yeah because have increased trust yeah so that's the compounding relation in the marriage ah so you don't you know actually there's another way to phrase this compounding is a good term because it actually has applicability in the practical world I call it momentum or intention and what happens is if you set something on a certain path it actually tends to snowball so an intentional ball effect is another way to say compound home all the same it's all the same all the same thing soap totally you know these little course adjustments we make lead us in a way that actually creates momentum so that's why I think the practicing looking at bright spots reframing thoughts cognitive behavioral therapy is another way to do this more formally going to any kind of therapy meditating there's a million ways to do it for instance I've been tracking calories on MyFitnessPal just like nutrition macros calories keeping it pretty basic and man you find out when you do that when you track everything you put in your mouth and you're honest about it is a lot yeah well not only that but little like just one or two bad decisions can ruin your week right right right and that's all it is that's like if you just stick to it you're going to lose weight but you have to you got it you gotta stick to work people don't want it to be hard there was an article that somebody sent me in the Facebook messages about which by the way one thing about Facebook messages I get a billion of them and sometimes I complain about it because always you know 90% of them the same shit like have you done a video on this have you done a fucking Google search do a Google search and I get really upset because I'm like I I want to get to the gems in this day and I have to read all the same same old crap have you done a version of OPP called a PP about advanced practice provider I'm like if I get one more fucking OPP recommendation I'm gonna murder and everything you down with EKG oh yeah you know me I got the afib and so anyways I digress within those Facebook messages which why I love them there are pearls so someone sent me a article I don't know I've was in the Atlantic or where it was but it was how American patients are the worst in the world it was an op-ed it's basically saying we want a lot of treatment but we're not compliant with the treatment that actually we need yeah and doctors are stuck in this position where they have to make us happy but not necessarily keep us well and so patients which which we don't focus on is part of the problem or a huge part of the problem and the reason is we've all been conditioned so we behave you know incorrigibly and we all see this in healthcare right now the problem with this article is it was so slanted towards the do stuff to people well well the doctors are always right so we're just you know of course you should be on a statin right maybe you should just not eat yeah maybe you should see stress maybe you should exercise a little more like that's done not rocks I mean there's a how many diet books are in the diet book section there's thousands millions of diet books guess what calories and calories out like the less calories you eat you're gonna lose weight and yes you should be eating nutritious food and you know vitamins and Miro's but if you're talking about just pure weight gain like you want to drop weight eat less food not that hard that's that's a simple thing that and the praten there's a lot of it's a simplest thing that's very complex to actually pull off yes so I find the nutrition aspect of that kind of stuff to be more dependent on my mood right which is a part of well-being right right right but if you just want to simply lose weight right right do that just by eating let's go right and then the question is can you find hacks that work with your personality that would allow that to happen yeah yeah and I think like you know intermittent fasting or keto or all these things they're all just different hacks people use just find one that works and probably it's gonna change over time but if you're not checking yourself that's the whole problem right yeah if I had heard about my friend who was murdered about this guy and I saw this guy's mugshot and he was a black guy and I thought to myself fuck black people hmm and I left that thought unchecked mmm it's gonna Fester it's gonna destroy my oh man towns gonna destroy my whole life compound yeah because not only am i wandering around looking for hate with every black person that I encounter but you know it's not okay to be racist so people are gonna ostracize me well do you think that's what happened to people who are like in the KKK and these people do you think something happened to them early on and they there's a lot of literature that says that the people that are in the KKK like just find community there because of how badly broken their home environment right right right and that afterwards they you know soak up more of the ideology algebra right right I was like a brainwashing right call right type of thing yeah but it's easy to get there ya know think it's easy these thought patterns are incredibly destructive and as humans we are social creatures so we will absorb those things we do look for community especially the ones that are ostracized from general community right yeah thinking about the way you think is like metacognition the key to everything metacognition everything it's in fact the nature of the dunning-kruger effect which we'll talk about separately right that's true the lack of meta cuz if you do what you didn't know yeah then you're done and actually I'll we got a lot to talk about with that and that's hard to do to in like you know because everybody wants you if you if you don't have an answer for something you look weak yeah it's hard to just be like I don't know yeah I haven't looked into it I haven't studied that time to care about the doctors have a real problem yeah yeah well you know it's this and then you know what happens is patients aren't dumb they go and they look they do research they start digging stuff up they don't know enough to frame it they well the doctor told me that it's this but it might be this or this is this and I've lost trust in the doctor when the second part of dunning-kruger or the attached part of dunning-kruger is the imposter syndrome which is the into dunning-kruger yang which is you are a doctor but part of you feels like you're still not and you don't deserve to be where you're at correct right correct and I think what it is is people with very little expertise overestimate their activities people with a fair bit of expertise underestimate really how much they know but not to the to the degree that they overestimate what other people know right so they assume everybody knows somewhat what they know and that the imposter syndrome comes from I'm not all that smart yeah yeah you know even though I've been working on this for all my life jørgen has this joke that's like it's just confidence that's how you become king of the dumb-dumbs yeah because you just have three dumb people in the room and it's just like do you know what's going on no I don't know what's going on do you know what's going on I'm pretty sure I think I know what's going on you know that's all yeah so what do you think that this little episode did we is this a how does it look Logan is it say hi Logan come out here you gotta like give the people what they want yeah you gotta give them what they want they want Logan uh Logan's gonna set up a sniper Shack right out there hey so when we're on these guys gonna be out of your house and everything hopefully in the next week okay yeah and now because everything looks good they're doing great and I have to say the craftsmanship of these guys like people who do construction mm-hmm at a high level are like really it's really impressive yeah most of them don't do it at a high level that's why it's impressive when you do it at a high level the amount of like I like the foreman is this guy Eric and I think I think he's Mexican or Honduran I can't figure it out whether he approaches everything with this like level of like he cares deeply about it being right and so he'll talk to you about he'll walk around you but like I don't like this I'm gonna redo this isn't that the whole thing though yeah do your shit right daddy just try just caring yeah Carrie there was a there was a guy recently who stood on a street corner and said I'm homeless he was wearing a suit and a tie and he said take a resume I don't want anything from you take a resume I mean I'm looking for a job interesting guess what happened he gets a job got hundreds of applications for jobs Wow and it's almost like so weird Zee it's almost like when you care yeah and you want to better yourself people are there to help you yeah what's so crazy right no maybe we should have the government get involved it's like how do you how do you fix what's inside this is my whole thing that's what I'm trying to talk about the whole time the metacognition angle how do you fix what's inside of people's heads and get them to care about their own life you know if you solve that other patient think we care about their own life right how do you get you know what I mean well first you have to emotionally resonate with them you have to connect with them and they have to trust you and then they have to kind of start absorbing some of the little things you're dropping you can't overwhelm them and it's it's and you have to and they have they have to be convinced that you care because that then then there's a connection so you know like the show I get messages all the time oh I changed this or I've changed my way of thinking or this happened because of something I saw of yours and I wanted to thank you those messages I always try to respond and say hey listen you in turn have now created a feedback loop right I'm inspired because some of their days when I wake up you know it I'll be just be like Tom and Logan I'm out I'm done and I hate the shit I'm not good at it I shouldn't be doing it people do it better than me why am I here everyone hates me on Twitter everyone hates me on Facebook I'm worthless I'm an impostor it's a part of your process / exactly Here I am in a fucking tabasco shirt in a in a addition to my you know third-rate Bay Area home is full of termites if it was it's just so it's so hard and like that's the whole thing yeah just correcting what's in people's heads is the whole thing this week has been an exercise for me in exactly that is there are times when I just fall into despair because I'm like it's a process of moving in the chaos and you feedback you know family members are unhappy like she's not happy with you know how things are settling and this is not and you just go burn everything down but then you take some time in the morning to meditate and you start reframing things and you go oh oh Tom and Logan are coming up we're gonna have fun if we do nothing else we'll go eat at a nice restaurant and the you know the social connections and that piece of it is what make us happy anyways so that's really what it matters and then you start to come out of it but it takes work man the metacognition one of the things I like is like okay first just realizing is is key and that's hard to do I mean oftentimes it's foisted upon you right like and some people will never learn I had burst city can voice it on yeah yeah big disaster i cured something that nobody wants to talk about but also at is homeless people are assholes like almost all of them those that are not mentally ill are assholes and that's the reason they're homeless is because nobody will let them sleep on their couch if you suddenly lost everything you're not gonna be homeless tomorrow cuz you can come sleep on my couch if Logan lost everything tomorrow you sock me homeless cuz you can sleep on my couch if most of the people listening same thing homeless people burn all their bridges now if it's because they're mentally ill then yes I have great sympathy for them alright so yeah so let me frame a little less because they're disagreeable pieces of shit then I said no sympathy let me frame if you're not mentally ill and by the way the majority of homeless people are mentally ill so there's and there's have has you found drug addiction isn't uh it depends on the etiology of it but it can be yeah and and so it's okay so these are things that now are like it's a medical condition now for the for the few that aren't I think you're not entirely wrong there's something going on whether it's a personality disorder some other issue where they're unable to function adequately because it's America okay let me say this now people gonna hate this I'm gonna say this directly to the audience because it's something I believe when I in the 80s and 90s I used to go back and forth to India because that's where my family's from oh yeah and I just watched Slumdog Millionaire is so good I love the way the guy pronounces millionaire he's not wants to be a millionaire you know what's better than Slumdog Millionaire that was monsoon wedding cuz that shit is legit okay say this real quick yeah the point of some dog millionaire is that the only reason he's able to win the game show is because his life experiences lead led into that right you know that's right its momentum pounding it's it's destiny it's destiny I know people who say oh the universe led me to this it's called momentum compounding intention it's not the fucking universe it is the universe's everything the universe again back to first principles but cuz of the big bang we're gonna charge a 3% credit card fee so so so I would go back and forth to India and what I would see is abject poverty on a level where anybody in India could be on the street and because there were just so few resources especially back then and and this is why I respected my dad because he always feared instability so at any point he could be on the street in his mind so it was always like be as cheap as possible yeah don't spend money on stuff what do you mean you're gonna quit your job and move to Las Vegas to start a show in a clinic are you crazy like you could be on the street that is true situational poverty and homelessness and it's very hard to rise out of that and then I come back to the US and again you get hit up by some guy in the street and you're like bitch you are living the dream compared to India right now you're mentally ill you need a lot of help that's a different thing but there is a in America again if you're not a complete asshole you can at least potentially have a roof over your head now people will disagree they'll say no you don't understand these environmental issues and the effect of racism and the effect of this that's a in the end I'm just gonna say it's a fucking cop out we need to we need to stand up and say listen there is a degree where people have to stand up and take take responsibility responsibility 'pl who are mentally ill in these kind of because it because you I see it and I know that it's hard at the same time a moderate stances you gotta fucking take control of your shit I always feel like I'm allowed to say this because my mother is so severely mentally like if she didn't have me looking after her she'd be home he would be on the street but I look after her because I'm not expecting some fucking government agency to do it no it's part of the family structure and I look at her do I want to fuck no I fucking hate it I hate having to be having you know responsibility for somebody that because of the conservatorship laws and because of gravely disabled and how they haven't yet to expand it anywhere that I have almost no accountability for like I can't just tell her what to do hmm I I have no control over my mother but I have responsibility for her that's horrendous anybody who's living a situation like that that's basically like a type of it's like a type of servitude it's like indentured servitude you know what I mean so I do feel like I can say this and that other people should step up to the plate and get it handled and I'll be unpopular encounter and say well it's because you're privileged and your dad was a lawyer and so you could step up and take care of her what about people who can't how do it anyway like we design my money money most of the most of it is time it's my time and that is money yeah yeah it's it's not money that keeps her from living on the street it's time you taking her to that point it's me taking her make sure she's medicated writing heard of her appointments right that just takes me driving her and making it fucking happen right right right right money does nothing right you can't buy your way out of that problem actually no you can yeah you know it's just like people say Oh moving moving is an ordeal just throw some money at it yeah people have said this to me it doesn't work now it doesn't work it's still a fucking ordeal yeah and as that's not a great analogy but one thing I've recently gone through this one thing is interesting because you said this is it like you know your father was super risk at first yeah but still is probably to the point where it was detrimental to him Oh a hundred percent he has lost millions of dollars in potential retirement savings because he's too risk-averse yeah yeah and this is something I think that often happens is that people find themselves on in one area of life like let's say you know he was in India and he saw the poverty and with my family it was because at the Great Depression right and so we had my father was very risk adverse and his grandmother grandmother even more so risk adverse but they find themselves on one end of the spectrum they say okay what this place I'm at is no good so I'm gonna swing all the way to the opposite zone right and the truth is usually it's somewhere in the middle yeah you have to have flexibility on you know you can't just be one way or the other you have to be situationally dependent so have some impulse convenient you as I think something we share is because we're the sons of men's who are men who are very risk-averse what we do have noticed is I watch you do it all the time you take care of existential risks upfront and then you let good things compound I mean in the future and I do the same thing and explain that like this is a conversation we always we always have then I don't think normal people have and you can probably don't recognize it all the time is we always talk about worst-case scenarios up front right and most people don't do that most people just think we're gonna put in a pool it's gonna be great you know but your version if we're gonna put a pool is gonna be great I got to get the permit and then what if this happens what if the pool leaks and my neighbor ten years from now and then this guy and then the pool is gonna need to be replastered but you know what now that I've thought about all that let's get a pool it'll be great yeah I didn't notice I do that that's just true no that's just the way the thing even the decision to move here remodel this place to all that we went through all the disaster stuff up front okay we can't move in this doesn't happen that permits a place full of termites all this stuff all right are we okay with all this risk yes we are art then let's do this and then it's just like full steam ahead a lot of that is because you know you got your dad's voice them dad's voice in the back that's like hey what oh you don't think that this is a free ride buddy forget about the back of the head okay I called him I said listen we're thinking of moving back to a Bay Area and remodel the house the status and have you thought about not doing that because you are now settled you have a nice house and that team is there what you going to do with DOM and Logan and I said fuck DOM and Logan they're little bitches I didn't say that but I said they can come we'll make it work he's a guy I don't know about that so every day every time so how's the remodeling have they burned your house you have insurance yeah you know BAM it kept me from because I have impulse issues too so if I didn't have that dad I'd probably be in jail or something totally I know it's it is it is beneficial it's a beneficial thought path if you do it with flexibility so like you've taken it and what you've done is you use it to limit downside risk upfront right right and then you let the upside risk run where people get fucked up with it is they'll say I'm gonna limit all risk by the time yeah 100% and then you're just not living no reward yeah no living yeah that's the thing Nivola rava Conte and that interview said they quoted Confucius right he said man lives two lives and the second starts when he realizes he has only one there's only one yeah totally and that was a great benefit of my father dying was you know he died at 66 and my great grandmother had lived to be a hundred and two so we had this sort of thought germ in our family that was like we live a long time you know any time to do any time to do what we're gonna do so much room for activity and then my father died at 66 and I was like fuck I could die too better get on that shit you know the next thing you know so what is Tom do he buys a motorcycle that's right ah yeah he increases his risk up to 27 has a baby that's the riskiest thing you can do and now it's great it's actually great I think that that kind of perspective is important to understanding your mortality that's why I middle it and middle midlife crisis has happened when one of the things I like from that navara of a contrarian interview is he talks about social constructs contracts and so once you do have the realization that you do X Y & Z and you want to change it how are you gonna change it oh you tell me what people do is they go on Facebook and they say I'm gonna drop 30 pounds by this date and then people show up you know people ask you know how's your weight loss going and you know like ah and you're thinking back on you eating Oreos last night and you're like not great so the next day you go and you actually work out you know this is absolutely true because we're social creatures tribal creatures honestly if I didn't do this show and no you guys are looking at me and going hey why is that fat ass telling me how to lose weight I would probably be 400 pounds right now because I like food when this this goes in to the point of like we can use the systems that we were give against themselves right or for our benefit for our benefit either way well this is this is where you and I've had this conversation running thing it's like a conservative liberal conversation how much to use social engineer systems and environment and how much do you rely on internal momentum and responsibilities I think it's a mix of those things yeah I'm know I'm not saying don't engineer I'm just saying know that in your engineering that your engineering is fallible yeah that you cannot account for black swans unknown unknown right right that's all I'm ever really saying but nobody who has the hutzpah to top-down architect subsystem thinks that they're wrong yeah and so they put in the system into place and like it can never fail the housing market can never collapse nation worker's and they're good they're good yes agree we don't build anti fragile systems right they're all a tremendously fragile as well here's a big one is this like fear that China is gonna take over America China will never fucking take over America because China is fragile you can't talk bad about the Chinese government America is anti fragile all we do is talk bad about the government all day China is never gonna innovate and they're never gonna beat us until they until they progress politically you're saying yeah yeah yeah yeah so let's say they suddenly have an american-style now the thing is if I'm saying with their current yeah with the current structure never yeah I agree would be very tough to break because America was almost like this like just immaculately booted yeah well it was like an immaculate conception it was the only time we ever in the history of humanity were able to start a place from scratch and we got lucky that the founding fathers like really were well you know well-thought-out systems architects who had studied the Greek system the English system and put into place a system that works really really well are there problems that course but its discovery wasn't it nice it's the best system we've ever created and the idea that like anybody can move here and just you know Hugh do American principles and ideals and get ahead like that's so fucking beautiful it makes me want to cry yeah it's a beautiful thing and people people who you know this is this is one of the diseases of the far left yes they will attack that idea as rotten at the core because of things like slavery adventure white men who were slave owners and they put these tools in place like because of the patriarchy ha like shut the hell up this is still and immigrants will tell you this yeah the same immigrants that you think you're protecting like that you're think you're advocating for right now and when you're espousing a very far left view there's a billionaire of every race and every gender right they will be the ones who'll tell you to just shut the fuck up and let us work right cuz we will fucking kick ass and we will succeed yeah yeah but again you know I think again the truth is right in the alt Center it is ah the alt Center yeah be flexible man again no one will hold them and no one to follow them you Kenny Rogers the sickest fuck apparently I've been reading People magazine in the check-out off and maybe actually buying it and reading it on the pot because I have a bidet and it shoots warm water in my butthole maybe it's time to fold them it may be time to fold him because he's sick he's not well he might die soon in which case that's I'm gonna have to do a parody that's up coward of the county I want to leave people with those if you think that you can't change because of the people around you they expect you to be some certain way or something when Kenny Rogers dies and yes it will be a national tragedy no one's gonna give a fuck when Zee told me just now I thought he was already dead I'm being honest with you nobody cared listen it's like this like you do you think you're gonna have a legacy after you die whoa so all the people who have yet to be born are gonna know you but 99.999% of the people alive now don't know you now you're gonna have no legacy fuckin live your life now correct your shit now you have the freedom to be who you want to be life is better Doc's we are nothing and everything and because of the big bang we're gonna be charging a 3% supporter tax on this show all right guys uh speaking of patriarchy yeah support the patriarchy of to a white and an off white male doing a show by becoming a supporter of yeah a month send us Stars which is a new way of tipping us it's like a tip jar it's like oh my God look at that cute home guys here's five dollars in stars and I'll read your comment and respond as doc vader i don't know tom hi number did we do it we out we're out Logan you love you guys who's sorry Kenny Rogers

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31 thoughts on “Morning Roundz w/Tom & Z Ep. 10: Coming Out Antivax |

  1. Regarding actors not needing to learn science… Mena Massoud the star of Aladdin was majoring in science before theater and loved neuroscience!

  2. Z Dog…WOW, are you 12?
    It might be time to put away the childish nicknames of your long long ago youth and act like an adult…
    Z Dog

  3. Jessica Biel is not antivax. I could care less about what she thinks but I think it's sad that we continue to stereotype and label people instead of actually listening to what they say. She's anti-mandates (especially the proposed CA bill SB276) because it clearly discriminates against children who are suceptible to serious adverse reactions to vaccines or children who've already experienced a serious adverse event. So if anything, she's anti-ableism.

  4. I serve dinner at a soup kitchen once a month with people from my church. There's a man there who I have known for many years who eats there, and without going into further details, if he could end up there, with missing teeth, stringy long hair, and ill-fitting mismatched clothes, anyone could.

  5. I am So Glad you are closer to ZDaddMD and ZMommMD! Once we all accept that your idea that you have control over your life is a total illusion – it's a true liberation.

  6. Drs Rustom and Shireen Damania took the biggest risk of all by moving to the US. They knew not what awaited them – but they took the risk and tho you can say 'risk averse ZDaddMD may have lost millions – You, Zubin reaped the benefits of his actions. RESPECT.

  7. When a small child is gifted and produces great art and music at a young age grow up believing EVERYONE can do what they do. Later, when they grow older, they're very surprised that they are alone in their amazing skill.

  8. Jay-Z extrapolated during his Letterman interview that something BAD happened to Trump when he was young which produced the misanthrope we're now dealing with.

  9. Zubin and Tom – you are talking about the embodiement of DV's "Did you die?" If you didn't, hey – be glad!

  10. Freakin Jessica Beele should stick to acting and Timberlakism. She is not in ANY way qualified to speak on this subject. Kinda like when Sean Penn traveled to the middle east to pontificate on policies in the US. Hey actors: drop dead! Everyone needs their vaccines – end of story. Go to Africa and contract Ebola, then come back (or die) and discuss your expertise in immunology.

  11. I watched the whole thing. All I heard was Z is making a parody song for Advanced Practice Providers. HYPE!

  12. Uhm. sorry. But racism is not a feeling, or an emotion. It's a system.
    What you guys are talking about, and which I have, on occasion felt myself, and had to fight it, actively, like Tom, is racial prejudice. Everyone has it, the enlightned ones fight it internally.
    But please, for the sake of not throwing real victims of actual racism under the bus, understand that racism is a system that is controlled by the most dominant ethnicity on a planet, which on Earth happen(!) to be white people, and everyone not white acting racist, is doing it for the benefit of that system, and of course for personal gain or something, i. e. a Black person can indeed be and act racist. But his actions are in favor of the racist system. Just look at Herman Cain, for instance.
    So again – racism=sytem, racial prejudice=emotion/feeling.
    You guys are welcome and I love your show!

  13. Dr Z, Tom just undid SO MUCH hard work when he said weight loss is only about calories in, calories out! Face palm. Big time.

  14. Actually, in rural communities people often have tighter bonds and are not respectful because there are no strangers in rural communities. There's no person you don't know .. There's only people that you know and then the people who you don't know how you know them….

  15. Tom, @ about 9: minutes… welcome to the human race. Flaws and all.
    Z, in my 1970s suburban childhood, the only black people I knew probably had more money than my parents did. Or at least that was my impression.
    Lucky for me, their kids accepted my awkward little white self. While I was blissfully unaware of any social challenges the parents might have been facing. Well, mostly. I can remember trying to “educate” some neighborhood kids that the kids of the Vietnamese war bride in our neighborhood were not Chinese (they were calling the boys ‘chinks’, I think Archie Bunker equated ‘chinks’ with Chinese)
    Me: “they’re not Chinese, they’re Vietnamese.”
    (Which was perfectly acceptable as far as I was concerned.

    I’ve been distracted, and will now have to replay this video… and I may feel compelled to share my ramblings again 😉

    Thanks for giving a shoutout to the skilled trades working on your home, Mike Rowe would be pleased.

  16. I love your approach. You push all my buttons and force me to challenge my own bullshit. It's nice. I had a pretty gnarly childhood and I've struggled with the fallout for 50 years. When the damn broke I made the decision to be 100% compliant with my doc(s). It made all the difference.

  17. I started tracking everything I eat just yesterday and it was insane the psychological impact it had on my choices and cravings throughout the day. I really think one of the biggest things you can do for yourself is to just keep an honest record of your own actions. The very act of writing it down is powerful enough to trigger changes in your thinking patterns.

  18. As a conservative who lives in the People's Republic of Massachusetts, I completely identify with Tom's feelings about the Bay Area.

  19. “How do you get people to care about their own life?” Dang that’s the big question man. Jordan Peterson seems to do a really good job of helping people do that.

  20. This is one area where I think simulation is important. We have to train with our bias present to transcend the bias

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