Most powerful health phrases in Japanese

Most powerful health phrases in Japanese

today I'll teach you phrases you can use when you are sick okay so number one when you wanna say I have fever I have a fever you can say net Tsugaru net suka out of netsu fever gah ah do I have and when you have cough like you can say say Kega they do say Kega their psyche means cup and they do means come out or go out so shaky got there I have a car and when you wanna say I have a runny nose you can say hanami gap they do hanim is the gap there hanim is means runny nose and there means come out so hanim is ago there I have a cold I caught a cold in Japanese the phrase is Casio Geeta Casio Geeta informally and Casio Hickey master Casio Hickey Mazda formally and also when you wanna say I'm not feeling well I'm not feeling well you can say tight yoga while do it is tight yoga where it is so tight so means physical condition and what do it means bad so tight yoga worry I'm not well I'm not feeling well okay please use it I have pain I have ache or I have source something in Japanese the phrase is something got it type something got it tight so it i means painful right so for example if you have headache you can say at Omega e type at Omega it I when you have stomach ache you can say una caja it I own a car gap it I we have pain in your eyes mega it mega e type when you have sore throat you can say no Doga eat I know Doga e type itchy in Japanese the phrase e is something got Caillou it something got Caillou e for example my hand is itchy I would say take a car we take a higher e I'm a type of person who will just scratch until I bleed you know for example and other things I got bitten by mosquito it's itchy I'd say Connie Carmelita Caillou E honey Carmelita Caillou e it's good for your health in Japanese the phrase is Caledon e e canna Danny II so Canada means buddy me means for and it means good so good for your body good for your health so you can use it like this avocado is good for your health you can say avocado la cara Danny II avocado ha ha ha Danny eat and if it's but for your helps you can say Cara Danny worry for example drinking every day it's bad for your health you can say Mainichi no manoa color than you are doing one more thing if you can subscribe each Channel Toby you know and I'll be you legend double York

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  1. さつまいもは からだがいい。 毎日さつまいもを食べたほうがいいじゃろ!

  2. very long time no see, I am sad.
    coincidentally, I have been sent to hospital four days ago because of slight stroke !

    stroke = ?? in Japanese ?

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