Moving your grain? Tips on storage hygiene

Moving your grain? Tips on storage hygiene

today I'd actually like to talk to you about grain hygiene in your storage facility it's one of the foundations for successful outcomes in on-farm storage along with aeration fumigation and also regularly checking so why would we want to make sure we're doing hygiene well very simply when we're putting fresh grain off the paddock at harvest time into our storage we don't want to be putting it into a silo already has storage pests there so what can we do to ensure that doesn't happen first step is design you know what is that Seiler that you're looking at so adding to your existing storage is it actually designed so that hygiene is simple easy and not a real painful job if you like always advised before purchasing a silo if you get the chance at a show or your neighbors place stick your head have a look inside the silo those design features to make it easy to clean a crucial so that's our first step there's two parts to hygiene the actual physical cleaning and that's a really important part of it and then the follow-up treatment the physical clean we're looking at brooming out the excess residues inside a silo or inside equipment vacuuming and then washing is another popular but very effective method of the physical clean once we've removed that excess residues the follow-up treatment we can look at diatomaceous earth the application of diatomaceous earth for the final treatment blowback gun hooked onto your compressor forming a cloud of diatomaceous earth small amount applied for the aerator that's running to coat that inside of that aeration duct the remainder through the manhole at the base you want to end up with a small layer of dust on the inside you can also apply it as a slurry so mix with water maybe that's a good application method for larger flat bottom silos or inside a grain shed so when is a good time the old saying clean as you go it always still applies so you've got an empty silo clean it however if you wanted a full facility clean down a good time is actually the cooler winter months so before spring the insects are not flying around in these cool months so good to capture them before they make that spring flight there's a number of products out there dry outside being one of them but applying that either as a dust or or as a slurry just one simple additional point please don't leave a drum full of grain sitting around your storages which is holding your cleanup grain that just is another infestation point for those insects you

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