MRT lift assailant gets 18 years in prison, five strokes

MRT lift assailant gets 18 years in prison, five strokes

a 26 year old man who assaulted and robbed a woman inside the lip of an MRT station in Shiraz on Valentine's Day has been slapped with 18 years in jail GT not a Ellen was also ordered to get five strokes of the King in handing out the sentence on Friday Kuala Lumpur Sessions Judge Mayan Talib said the prosecution had proven its case beyond reasonable doubt prior to the judge's ruling Tina Tai Ellen who was unrepresented attempted to plead for a lighter sentence deputy public prosecutor nollie anna muhammad jeffery however told the court that the accused should be slapped with a heavy sentence for his crime she said the victim for the eight year old Lima tion suffered serious injuries and was still traumatized by the attack the night Ireland's jail sentence will begin from Fred Bree 18th the day he was arrested

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28 thoughts on “MRT lift assailant gets 18 years in prison, five strokes

  1. I think polis should make the law more severe for road bully, rapist, snatch thieves, assaulting and robbing lady. 20 strokes of rotan, 25 years jail sentence and for rapist death sentence is the best.

  2. Thumbs up to our rule of law. Such crime should get this kind of sentences. The way he hit the woman in the lift is unforgiven. If I'm the father of that lady, I'll hit him until his two legs can't walk. Such a healthy man lazy to work and want to rob people. If in China this man will be sentence to life imprisonment.

  3. Serves him right…. please rot in your cell and I do hope you enjoy your five strokes of the rotan!!! 😁😁😁

  4. And kudos for not censoring his face, please don't practice double standard and cover faces of certain race haha, let us see and recognize his face

  5. For robbery and assault resulting in serious injuries, this guy is getting his just desserts. He could hv just robbed the lady and it was just so unnecessary to hit and injure her so badly.

  6. Why is everyone saying that this guy got what he deserves, but the Botak road bully is receiving all kinds of legal assistance… And what of Dato Farid Kamil? Justice should not discriminate … A crime is a crime, regardless of the perpetrator…

  7. kat dalam penjara nanti…kalau sabun jatuh time mandi jangan cuba tunduk kutip ya…hahahaha…rasakan kau kat dalam tu nanti, ramai dah menunggu nak menunggang kau wahai lelaki dayus yg pukul wanita..


  9. Great, what happen to the guy show parang and hit the windscreen? Just said arrested but Until today no news.

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