Multan Street Food | Bali ki Chai, Yakhni Pulao & Dilmeer ki Paira Lassi | Pakistani Food

Multan Street Food | Bali ki Chai, Yakhni Pulao & Dilmeer ki Paira Lassi | Pakistani Food

Assalam o Alaikum My name is Zia Tabarak and right now I am at Karachi Cantt Railway Station And today we are going to the oldest and historic city of Pakistan which is Multan! Multan is known as the City of Saints and I always wanted to go to Multan and today we’re finally going there We’ve been told that ‘Bali’s tea’ is really famous here and The yakhni pulao here is also known to be authentic right beside it we have ‘Babur Pulao’ In the middle of pulao places we have ‘Karachi Samosay’ This is ‘Dilmeer’s Paira Lassi’ After Multan we’ll go to other cities as well You’re gonna see a lot of delicious cuisine this season and explore many picturesque places of Pakistan and travelling along with me is Ahmed Ashfaq the train is about to arrive Let’s start this journey to Multan Let’s Go! #Chalain It’s early morning, 9:15 am and we have arrived at Bahawalpur We had to arrive at Multan at 5:30 am but our train was 3 to 4 hours late and we have about an hour now til we reach Multan So meet you after an hour in Multan! So we have arrived at Multan it’s morning and it’s really chilly here The temperature is 11 degrees celsius the weather is foggy as well we’ve been told that Bali’s Tea is really famous here and it is a really great place for breakfast So let’s directly go to Bali’s Tea! Hey take us to Saddar, at Bali ki Chai Umar bhai is the one who runs the place This place was started by my forefathers How long has this place been running? about 20 to 30 years maybe even more So is it the tea leaves or the milk, what is it that makes your tea so special? It’s just God’s blessings, nothing more You’re bringing milk for the tea? The milk is cooked in this Karahi and then it is transferred here and then the tea is made the whole procedure of cooking the milk is here If only the milk is cooked then the tea an be made The richness of the milk alone tells me that the Tea is fantastic! Do you have any snacks here along with the tea? We have our special cream bun How much is a cup of tea? 30 Rs./- And how much is the bun? 50 Rs./- We have Kashmiri Tea as well Our tea is finally here We can see a lot of nuts and dry fruits on the Kashmiri Tea First I’ll try the tea The tea tastes delicious and it has a very rich texture And the reason is that they cook the milk really well especially in the large cauldrons Where the milk cooks for hours and gets thickened and then the tea is made the cream from the milk is used on the buns which are then served Thea tea is fantastic!! Very nice! The bun has cream on both sides The bun is really fresh fresh cream, fresh bun and tea Is a great combination So let’s move on towards the Kashmiri Tea The dry fruits and cream on this tea… WOW! The tea is really delicious It is filled with dry fruits It has a very rich, thick layer of cream as well Kashmiri Chai is worth it in this cold weather and it is delicious! Fantastic! Very nice! This tea is just as famous in Multan as the Sohan Halwa The quality and taste everything is great which is why it is so famous There we have Bali’s Tea and here I’ve come a little further and people are eating/cooking something I guess it’s pulao… Assalam Alaikum How are you? What is it, Pulao? Yes How much is a plate? 70 Rs., 50 Rs. Oh wow They are selling pulao here and 70 Rs is for a large plate, 50 for a small one What is this? This is a shop Oh Qalandari Pulao! How is their pulao? Great! So this is Qalanadari Pulao I thought it was a shrine or something But it’s just the ‘Qalandari’ vibe going on Here we have Bilawal with us Our old friend has joined us again and now we are going to look for different varieties of Pulao Madni Pulao, Babur Pulao, Bhatti Pulao all were recommended to us So now we’re going to look for pulao So we talked to a lot of people here and they said that Babur Pulao serves everything differently, as in chicken, chickpeas and rice all whereas Madina serves the more authentic Yakhni Pulao So let’s go to Madina Yakhni Pulao And check it out Here we have the pulao, all cooked This is chicken pulao And this is the Yakhni Pulao So what’s the difference in Chicken and Yakhni Pulao? We have chickpeas in the Chicken Pulao in Multan Oh, rice and chickpeas! and then it is topped with chicken Oh I see, Chicken is not served separately Oh this is Sindhi Biryani in Multan! Nice! This is Raita It’s really rich It’s 100% pure yogurt Our food is here Alright let’s start First I’ll try the Pulao We have a drumstick with the pulao too Alright, Bismillah It tastes really good and has a really fatty taste the richness comes from the yakhni (chicken stock) which was the main feature here The aroma from the Yakhni is also there Besides, stock is really good for health in such weather it tastes delicious! In the Sindhi Biryani we have Chicken too It looks good, really colorful We have raita with it as well I wasn’t expecting that I’ll find such Biryani in Multan But the biryani is really authentic in taste really great and spicy in taste Both the things are delicious But the Yakhni Pulao which they are famous for really stood out from everything else So we tasted Madina Yakhni Pulao and Biryani which was really good But we’ve heard so much about Babur Pulao And it’s right next to Madina Pulao So we cannot go from here without tasting it So let’s check out Babur Pulao Assalam Alaikum How are you? This is the cheapest eatery in Multan Cantt. area Our recipe is the real key How long has it been running? about 35 years I’m looking that everything is being prepared separately here This is our speciality is it any secret recipe? -Yes. –Oh okay So here the plates are being made What’s your name brother, how are you? Here we have rice in the plate And now the chickpeas are being added and then they are placed here He has a unique style of work! Here we have the garnishes Egg is added too, WOW! Looks like a really heavy plate They’re slicing the boiled egg Now they’re adding shredded chicken egg is added on request everything is cooked separately It looks almost like a chaat is being made like a ‘Pulao Chaat’ Wow, green chillies are added too! Three people are making ONE plate This looks awesome! alright, so now we’ll add a bit of chickpeas egg and a little bit of chicken too many flavors are mixed in this all the flavors combining have given it a whole new taste It’s new for me because everything is mixed Chickpeas, Rice, Eggs, Chicken and salad too It’s the best thing to try! Oh, here we have ‘Karachi Samosay’ Assalam Alaikum Came here to see where are the Karachi Samosay! Are they ready or still in making? Oh, will be available in the evening? So is there any reason for naming the shop ‘Karachi Samosay’? The owner of the shop was on a trip to Karachi Where he was working, he liked the samosas So he introduced them here Did he bring the recipe from Karachi? Yeah, I guess! So we’ve heard a lot about Dilmeer Lassi Eventhough it is winter Punjab’s Lassi is a brand it itself So let’s check out Dilmeer Lassi! So this is the Dilmeer Lassi Uncle, How old is the shop? We had this business in India before Partition Oh, in India! My father started it in 1910 Oh Okay! So he migrated here after partition? So where in India was this shop? It was in district Hisar Oh cool This pera lassi is extraordinary! These are the ‘peras’ These are made from pure buffalo milk So here it’s written that ‘We’re known as Dilmeer Pera House’since 1910 in India’ ‘Old address, Inner Delhi Gate, near Jama Masjid district Hisar, India’ 1910. oh wow So even here you have kept the origins of where you started from Oh, this is the third generation now MashaAllah, wow! It’s great that you’ve even written it on the boxes So, here we have the Lassi It started in 1910 in India and today we have the same taste here in Multan So rich, so fabulous and really creamy too The lassi is great And it’s winter but still the lassi tastes extraordinaily delicious Thank you! So the uncle gave us Is it barfi? So uncle just have us some Barfi So let’s see how it tastes Everything has the taste of pure desi ghee and pure milk, khoya and you can really taste it all Very nice! alright uncle, thank you so much! It was really nice meeting you InshaAllah we’ll meet again, Thanks! So, with Dilmeer’s Lassi and Barfi We’ll end this video It’s just the start and the journey continues We’ll go to even more cities Show more of Multan as well see you in the next video, Allah Hafiz!

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