Mumbai’s Best Vada Pav || Indian Street Food Series|| Veggiepaaji

Mumbai’s Best Vada Pav || Indian Street Food Series|| Veggiepaaji

Music Mumbai Food Series Music Episode 09
Mumbai Pav Music Music Hi Guys Tanmay this side from Veggiepaaji And today we are going to eat a really special thing It is a very simple thing but it is something which you wont get anywhere outside Mumbai
or Maharashtra in its full glory you wont get anywhere outside Mumbai
or Maharashtra in its full glory Currently I live in Delhi But that particular thing I am talking about which is But that particular thing I am
talking about which is PAV. Mumbai’s Pav is so special that PAV. Mumbai’s Pav is so special that that you have to experience it to understand the beauty of it that you have to experience it
to understand the beauty of it The entire story behind this video wont make sense till you try Mumbai Pav In this video we will eat different types of Vada Pav like regular Batata Pav, Schezwan Vada Pav Cheese Vada Pav Not only we will eat a lot of Vada Pav,
in Mumbai but also a lot of combination with Pav Like Chutney(Sauce) Pav, Bhajiya(Fritter)
Pav, Chura(Crumple) Pav Samosa Pav and a lot of other Pavs Samosa Pav and a lot of other Pavs This will be a Pav Special Video If you are liking the video so far and comment something crazy and tell me if you have tried Mumbai’s Pav because there is day and night different between
Mumbai and rest of the World in terms of
Pav according to me there is day and night different between
Mumbai and rest of the World in terms of
Pav according to me And that is the most beautiful thing
about Mumbai Food if someone asks me what did
you like best in Mumbai? I tell people Nothing but the Mumbai Pav It is so special that you pair it with anything,
the dish becomes instantly better This will be a very exciting video.
So Lets start the video
without any delay in 3..2..1 Music So the first Vada Pav that we will eat that is Schezwan Vada Pav which is very common in Mumbai Schezwan Sauce is very spicy
which gives a good flavour Because the Batata Vada is not very spicy here The taste of which was fine but I was looking for something even better
and so we went further Music And here you’ll find a lot of Jalebi and a lot of Bhaijya(Fritter) like Onion Bhajiya, Potato Bhajiya And this is our second Vada Pav which gets a good amount of Butter. Here in Mumbai you can customise your Vada Pav significantly Basically Vada Pav is Mumbai’s Staple Street Food like in Delhi you get Momos everywhere. See how the Vada Pav came flying And this Vada Pav is getting grilled It has Schezwan sauce, butter and this is grilled And here you can see Mumbai Pav I was talking to the Shopkeeper
trying to understand things and I came to know that 1 Pav
is worth Rs 2( 0.02$) I wanted to carry 15-20 Pav
back to Delhi with me I wanted to carry 15-20 Pav
back to Delhi with me So I don’t forget the taste of this Pav But this Pav becomes Stale in 1 Day Because they are made so Fresh And here comes our second Vada Pav which is grilled Music This was a little too grilled. Let me known in Comments if it looks like
Vada Pav or Sandwich And this is my Friend Rachit
who was exploring Pav with me And this is my Friend Rachit
who was exploring Pav with me Music And the third Pav that we had was Bhajiya Pav And it was amazing Before coming to Mumbai,
I didnt know that inside Pav you can put all these things I thought it was just batata vada in
Pav but when I took the first bite of Bhajiya Pav, It was just amazing So Buttery, creamy with schezwan sauce And combine that with Bhajiya Like I told you in the beginning of the Video Put Mumbai Pav in anything,
and the dish instantly becomes better Music Now let’s move to our next Vada Pav which is Butter, Schezwan and Mint sauce combined which also gets a Cheese Slice So what I did was I took different varieties which
made it more clear to me what sauce made the taste come out better and I realised that butter and Schezwan sauce and Mint sauce combination is just amazing This place and all other place shown in this video willl be Google Map linked in
Description as always So that you can find them
with ease whenever you wish to And this was second best Vada Pav of that Place Of Bansi Vada Pav, Malad Second Best Because the best is yet to come Music So this is the best Vada Pav and
it costs only Rs 5( 7 cents) And it is called Chutney( Sauce) Pav It has Butter and Mint Sauce Just that and Nothing else I cant explain its just.
I didnt have any batata Vada or Bhajiya or anything. Just Pav Butter and Suace. Incredible Taste It was so amazing to eat this All the food items here costed from
Rs 5( 7cents) to Rs 25( 35 Cents) Let’s go to our next location which is
Ashok Vada Pav in Dadar A lot of you asked me in Community Post to definitely eat here. So here we are at Ashok Vada Pav
to try Authentic Mumbai Vada Pav And this thing here is called Chura which is basically the remains of gram flour when
Batata Vada is fried It is so famous at this particular place that that they specially make
Chura( Crumble) for Pav It is amazing. So we are at our second location where we are Having Vada Pav from
Ashok Vada Pav and here is their Vada Pav It was very crowded here and it took me
15-20 minutes to get Vada Pav Since they were made fresh, so
naturally the waiting was uncontrollable Music Let’s taste now. Priced at
Reasonable Rs 25 ( 35 Cents) I have already in love with Mumbai Pav
now lets see how is the Batata Vada First Bite, going in Music This Vada Pav is super Spicy Super Crunchy because of this Karara(Crumple) It is amazing Music I can have 10 of these with ease So amazing So good This Vada Pav wins my heart This is the Vada Pav for which I traveled from Delhi to Mumbai This Particular taste Mumbai Wins at this Delhi cant Make this Vada Pav Music So the next location that we are going to is in Malad and you can find
the location links in the description And we’ll eat a very simple eatery-
Schezwan Vada Pav But I believe Best Schezwan Vada Pav in
Mumbai is this one I had around 15-20 Vada Pav in Mumbai And the ones in this video are the best of the best Here we just have Schezwan Sauce,
Batata Vada and Vada Pav Still for no particular reason with these three common ingredients,
I got so amazing taste It was just amazing. Music Just had super yummy Schezwan Vada Pav for only Rs 12 (17 cents) Mumbai’s Vada pav have amazing Pav. I’ll have atleast 5-6 more Pavs before leaving Mumbai It’s super fun. Music So the next thing that we are having
is Samosa Pav Yes you heard it right-
Samosa and Pav Togther North Indian Samosa and Maharashtra Pav Which I had at Malad Station
and you can have at Any Local Station for that Matter this is Samosa Pav and Kokum Drink Which costs Rs 5( 7cents ) Kokum Drink
and Rs 10( 14cents) Samosa Pav This is an amazing combination
at Local Station served with Mint sauce
and sweet sauce Incredible Combination I’ll say it again- Put pav in anything
and that dish becomes successful So if you liked this video,
then Like the video and Let me know in the Comments
that all the Pav that I showed you like Schezwan Vada Pav,
Cheese Vada Pav, etc. Bhajiya Vada Pav, Chutney
Vada Pav, Chura Vada Pav, Which one was your favourite among these
and would you like to eat these? If you haven’t subscribed to the channel
then quickly Subcribe Such Yummy Vegetarian Food
Videos come 4 Times a Week I, Tanmay, From Veggiepaaji Will now leave in search
for some vegetarian Food I’ll talk to you in next video.
Till then keep enjoying and stay vegetarian It’s not that hard Let’s meet in next Video Bye Bye Music

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  2. The best thing about Vadapaav is it tastes different at different shops despite the similar recepie.
    I eat at least 2 at a time Whenever I eat.
    Fried salted chilli is missing though.

  3. Eat Kulkarni vadapav thane west and first taste vada with lasun chatni then eat entire vada pav ….even his vada is cold u will get actual taste…

  4. I am first viewer and i biggest fan of you veeji paaji i am frome all so Mumbai awesome your videos continue 😉👍💐💐👌

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  7. Warning:- Don't watch this video when Hungry😄
    I would love to visit Mumbai & have Vada Paav & Paav Bhaji some day😍Love from Delhi

  8. mein jab bhi bangalore se apne gaaw sojat road jo rajasthan mein hai jata hoon tab mein dadar railway station ke pass hi jumbo vada pav se khata hoon ,par is baar aapne kaha hai toh is baar mein ashok vada pav try karunga dadar ka

  9. Malad west Bansi Vada Pav bhai bohot Old shop hai Yeh Banchpan Ki yaad aagyi Joh served kar rha hai daily milta hai 😅

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