My Everyday Hygiene Routine | SIMPLE & TO THE POINT

My Everyday Hygiene Routine | SIMPLE & TO THE POINT

hey guys welcome back to my channel thanks so much for tuning in today I just wanted to talk to you guys about my body care slash hiding routine that I do every single day so yeah let's get into the video so my body care routine you guys is pretty simple I don't buy a whole lot of products I really just go buy what I need so the first thing I want to mention is the Dove body wash so I use the purely pampering body wash and just because it is like exactly what it says it's softer it's for like softer smoother skin after one shower and they're not even lying because I honestly the purely pampering line is really its moisturizing and the thing I love about it too is that it doesn't leave a residue on my skin after I take a shower so I really do come out like like a really clean but I don't come out dry you know and or sticky at all and also it gives me like a really nice smell even after I showered and this is literally perfect just in general like it doesn't mess with my pH balances or anything like that so this is definitely like my favorite favorite favorite favorite Body Wash especially like this one this is the shea butter I don't know what it is with me and shea butter like I swear like I use a shea butter moisturizer I use shea butter products in my hair although recently I've been like trying to experiment with different prior products but like I use shea butter like with everything and it's not even like I planned to find something with shea butter it's just like when I do get products with shea butter they just work really amazing I don't know what it is I don't know why but this is my favorite body wash and it has the shea butter in it it's even better than the other purely pampering products so yeah this is amazing so the next thing i use for my body is a showered love and exfoliating shower glove that's what you call it this is amazing because honestly it's very convenient all you gotta do is like put it on your hand you know and just wash your body you know and i love it because it's it exfoliates my body so i can I use it everyday I don't have to buy like um you know like the body scrubs if you know what I mean like those ones on the state or whatever like I don't I mean honestly I got just like a simple wash routine so that's what I do and like honestly you guys that's literally all I use for my body I don't use like all these other products I don't use sprays or anything I don't I I don't use oils like I literally just use body wash shower glove yeah I'm that kind of girl I just like everything to be simple I am very much I would like to think that I am very much a minimalist when it comes to just anything any routine you know I like to get things done quickly except for when it comes to getting ready the next thing I use is my face wash so I've been using this as you can see it's almost completely gone and I'll actually do a review on this soon I've been using the Neutrogena pore refining exfoliating cleanser on my face every day and it's amazing guys it's a glycolic acid formula I'm gonna go more into it in a separate video because I bought like the entire range I bought this and I bought like what you call it the toner and I bought a moisturizer a Neutrogena moisturizer SPF in it but I'll go into this line in a completely separate video but I use a face wash every day in the morning and it the next thing I like to use is a deodorant also by Dove I love the advanced care line if you are someone who sweats a little bit more than average I guess this is where it's at I used to use like the other dove it's the one with like the clear cap yeah it was not the greatest but I found that this is awesome when it comes to like preventing me from like sweating too much it keeps me smelling really good and I really love this particular smell the cucumber smell cuz it's like strong it doesn't go away it's just amazing it makes me feel really really fresh every single day I also do love the the cucumber body wash just because of this smell this smell alone but when it comes to having nice amazing soft glowy skin definitely the Dove shea butter body wash yeah that one wins and I have mentioned this last product in like I don't know how many videos already but the best moisturizer in the world goes to jurgens shea butter I'm sure you guys are probably really sick of me talking about this but guys like this is best moisturizer I've ever used on my body so I do moisturize every day basically I shower twice a day to some people that might be excessive but to me honestly like I don't feel like I can get in my bed without showering and I feel like I can't start my day without showering either so I have to shower twice a day so basically in the morning I use all the products I mentioned and that's it but in the evening I don't actually put lotion on my body I don't like feeling oily and stuff because you know you sweat a little bit at night so I do that I don't use a lotion I mean I I'll put lotion like on like areas where I feel like need a little bit of extra moisture like I put lotion on my feet a pollution on my knees I'll put like my I use my face moisturizer on certain spots my face but I do try not to apply moisturizer on my face at night in general except for like around my mouth around my eyelids and that's it I'm moisturize my hands and that's it and you guys honestly I feel like some of the problems that we have could be solved by maybe just showering more than we usually shower you know I in it and everyone's different but like I found that for me showering twice it's just like amazing and I feel like I stay cleaner and fresher longer because I showered twice a day so that is a my hygiene routine very very very simple straight to the point inexpensive you can get all of these products at Walmart that's where I got all these products at Walmart you can probably get all of them at Walgreens your local CVS like girl this is not expensive it's quick if you're someone like me who likes to just get things over with in the morning you want to shower quickly you don't have time for all this extra stuff this routine is the way to go guys that's the end of this video if you did enjoy make sure you give my video a big thumbs up and if you're not subscribed make sure you do subscribe to my channel I do love reading your comments so do comment in the comment section below and I will see you guys in the next one

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