hey guys welcome back to my channel it's about Elaine and today I have my hygiene routine for you guys so I'm just gonna be going over what I do every day okay so first things first what I like to do in the morning of course is brush your teeth I use two toothbrushes to brush my teeth one is for my braces and one is just because this one is too soft to just brush my teeth alone and I like to get my teeth squeaky clean so I used to and then the toothpaste I use always is Colgate Max fresh I use the blue one usually but they have the blue one this time so I use the purple one and it works just as well so after I don't brush my teeth I like to go in and wash my face and I'm gonna keep my face very simple right now because I am going to be doing a skincare routine like a face tutorial actually my face something to be doing that but I mainly use black soap on my skin for my face so after that after I don't wash my face and stuff I like to wash my face separately from taking a shower so next step that I like to do is go into shower of course and I use black so once again my self is really really good for skin in general and if you don't know what that is go do some research on it because I do not have the time to explain on that but it's really really good so in question when you try it it helps clean your skin and it gets it like really nice it helped the scars and all that good stuff next after that so I wash my body with that and then I use these exfoliating looks I got them from Walmart they're like three or four like fire all is under fire one's pretty is too and I use these every single day every single time I take a shower because those just help exfoliate my skin and my skin type I really need to exfoliate every single day to get the best clean so then after I wash my body I make sure I get under my armpits you know I do that at least twice wash my body twice then you go to the downstairs and area so my downstairs area I like to use summer's eve now some people don't like summer's eve some people's wrong say it's not good for them to each his own this works a bomb for me and has done their smelly good but if you don't want to use that I also have my Dove soap and does so sensitive does so it's great for downstairs area have founder smelly super clean and super clean is okay Puri Google has think of us not me all right I need to stop person I need about Kristen in my feels so yeah and to shave I use a men's raises because minutes residents like get a more precise shaving you don't have to go over the area too many times to get that nice because with one more razors it's like they make it for women and for women for some reason they think that we're so like we need to get our hair going and we don't got time for that I'm gonna be doing a whole separate feminine-hygiene videos also while I'm in the shower because my face does this thing like if I wash my body I have to wash my face again so I'll wash my face with black so like twice and then I will go in with the cleaning clear deep action cream cleanser just to finish my face off in the shower so I have everything like wet and you know when I wipe it if everything feels fresh and I so right after I get out the shower I have to UM deodorant so if I take a shower at night I would use my aluminum free deodorant but if I'm going out in the day or something I will elute use this one has aluminum these multi right secret this one smells like Laurie ender and this one is passion detangle beach I don't but yeah these are to bomb-ass things but the thinking about this it smells so bomb but you don't really like so excited that's why I choose to use it at night because you know it works for a night and then this if I definitely go out or something I don't really use this I highly recommend this and let me take out something I know everybody's like aluminum aluminum aluminum but nobody really has any proof that it causes cancer yeah so I mean you do what you want to do but me personally I will keep on using this shit cuz it works alright period but yeah but if you are all about that breathing get you some that is this was smells so good and they do have other sense and both of my dreams so I thought I could do neuron I like to go in with a body splash so body splash and perfume and two different things but I have to get a shower you want to spray some body splash so your body can like smell like your body splash okay and when you do that you can spray it a lot like when I use perfume or body mist or anything like that like look how much it's gone like I use a lot and my favorite one in this is vanilla but I just chose to get this on cuz I don't know but okay you can spray this as many times as you want but oh and this is by own body fantasies this is pink vanilla kiss that's the friggin psychotic and so this one this this is one of my new favorite perfumes like I have a whole bunch of other perfumes but y'all for the price and for the smell and how long it lasts it's unbelievable now what perfume you don't want to spray it too much because they don't start this thing excuse me bitch I just got so yeah you don't want to spray too much perfume because they don't start this thing if you ever see this guys I got it from warmer I don't know if it was like I don't know how much it was but I know under $10 you better get this because this has you smelling good on the right so sorry the angles different I had to change it really quick but yeah if you wanna smell good and stuff you better get you some of this this smells amazing so this is grill Haman's it's crazy for cotton candy this smells great and this is perfume or forgets the same thing back my shit almost fell okay and then I go in with my Jergens lotion now this lotion I got it and I don't like it but it smells good though it smells good though the lotion guy usually get by Jergens if the shea butter one and downward smells amazing and if I have to recommend one it would be the shea butter way do not get this one because the silver a low because it's like watery you know how it's like feeling like cheap mine's at a coconut oil and radiant like oil body oil I added that in this and now it's like pretty good but still next time I do get lotion I will go through the shimmer so I've dropped a lotion on his pro my clothes and every time you take a shower I like to wrap my hair up and of course like a shower cap and like whatever type of hair cap I got so I put this one on then I'll put this one on just for security so then I go put on my clothes take off my shower cap my main points of your body such as right here that holds say better right here right here is on behind your ears those are few places they said to put perfume and you wanted to spray your clothes so your clothes now smell good I don't put lotion down therefore I use coconut oil coconut oil these down there feeling super nice and it helps with any razor burn now I don't get a razor burn because I know how to shave properly and I just know how to do it down there everybody razor burn like that so whenever I put coconut oil on it right now yeah I use coconut oil to moisturize down for my face I like to go in with a cotton pad for rice water spray some rice water on the cotton pad I wipe my face when I use it as a toner and then I go in with my moisturizer and after day I like to go in with my hair I like to do my edges you know I don't really wear lashes everyday but if I do want to wear lashes I wear lashes to my eyebrows I do my eyebrows earrings you know simple stuff like that last but not least food so my lips usually after I brush my teeth right away I put on lip gloss because my lips can't deal with being dry and I can't deal with dumping and drying so my other lip gloss like this is in the room I know this was like girl oh fuck but yeah so things I like to use the RX by kiss jelly lippy in the pink color and then I also have my other lip gloss the jellyfish's the boss which you could get from your beauty supply store and but this one is like like three dollars and forget it was like too really sheep really simple really easy and after that I am done with my punching routine I think I've got everything on the list thank you guys for watching this video I hope you guys enjoyed it like comment subscribe turn off post notifications y'all know the deal come back to my channel for more videos stay tuned thank you guys for watching

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