My NATURAL SHOWER ROUTINE | Hair Care, Body Care, Feminine Hygiene + MORE!!

My NATURAL SHOWER ROUTINE | Hair Care, Body Care, Feminine Hygiene +  MORE!!

hello loves welcome back to my channel so a lot of you may know that I've been really getting into natural products and also making my own natural products so I thought it would be fun to do a natural shower routine everything I share in this video is going to be natural products and also a little DIY remedy all the products that I do mention it will be in the description box but if you guys want more videos like this thumbs it up because I would love to do more and don't forget to subscribe before you leave but on that note let's just jump right into it as you can tell my hair is looking rough right now it is way overdue and needs a good wash before I start my shower routine I always like to brush my hair out to make sure I'm getting rid of any tangles or knots and this is just really important because I find if you don't do this step in your hair is tangled and then you apply all your products in you're more likely to lose hair in the shower and that's when you'll notice your hair you're pulling out hair and damaging your hair more so I always make sure that my hair is smooth and there is completely no knots in there I like to do a DIY hair mask at least once a month to twice a month my favorite hair mask and I swear by this is an egg hair mask I've mentioned this so many times but I'm telling you it is amazing for the hair I just put one whole egg and I added about 3 drops of fresh lemon juice the lemons just pretty much help reduce the egg scent of the mass but the egg is what's really going to help your hair tremendously so I just mixed it all together and I'm going to apply it to the ends of my hair as well as massaging it into my scalp I made sure before applying the mask to make my hair damp as well egg is amazing for the hair because eggs are rich in protein and biotin eggs also help provide nourishment to damaged hair and also eggs help prevent hair breakage by conditioning the scalp and it helps increase hair growth this has definitely been the key to how I've grown my hair because I had a really hard time growing my hair for years and I have been able to grow my hair so much easier now and has grown so much compared to when it was just knock and I tried everything and it would not work this is the secret to my hair grow oh and I forgot to mention it also helps with dandruff once I applied it all over my hair I just let it sit in for 20 minutes and then after 20 minutes I went ahead turn on my shower and I rinsed it off so the key to rinsing off this hair mask is you have to rinse it with cool or cold water if it's too hot you're obviously gonna start to cook the egg a little bit and then it just takes longer to get out of your hair so it's just easier if you go in with some cool water right away and all you have to do is shampoo and condition as normal now I'm gonna share with you my shampoo and conditioner and that I've been using and loving and it is just the brioche EO apple superfood shampoo and conditioner I'm not being sponsored I purchased these on my own but they are amazing they are free of sulfates silicones parabens they have no artificial dyes in it it is gluten free cruelty free vegan so it's full of natural ingredients that are amazing for the hair I just went ahead and start at first with the Brio Gio matcha and apples superfood shampoo so this is 98% natural it is infused with blends of natural plant and fruit extracts oils and antioxidants am poo is great for all hair types it helps to really boost all hair hydrates dry hair and protects your hair against environmental damage and it really helps cleanse your hair without stripping the hair of moisture and just lathers really well this smell is amazing it's very fresh and my hair feels amazing after using Adara shampoo and conditioner and speaking of conditioner I just followed it with the Brio Gio kale and apple conditioner which is 97% naturally derived I just applied it this to the ends of my hair before rinsing it out it makes my hair super soft and shiny and if you are looking for a shampoo or conditioner that has more clean ingredients and I definitely recommend checking this one out I will like I said I have the products I use in the description box for you now it is time to move on to body care so I'm gonna share with you my DIY a body scrub and all I did was took two tablespoons of coffee grounds and two tablespoons of brown sugar and then I just put equal parts of olive oil into it mix it all together and you have your DIY body scrub I love this one in particular because the coffee grounds and the brown sugar are a really great exfoliant and it really helps to gently remove dead skin cells and as well as coffee is really great because it rejuvenates and boost the circulation and the exfoliant also plump and tighten helping to reduce the appearance sell you late so coffee has been shown to really help with cellulite if you want something for your cellulite this is also really great and the olive oil is still gonna keep your body moisturize so it's not gonna dry your skin out but I always make sure to use a body scrub especially if you are going to go in and shave it's important to get rid of all the dead skin cells so I just rubbed it all over my legs my arms my back and it's just going to give you a clean base to now go in with your body wash the body wash I've been loving and using lately is also another clean product and is just skin FX foaming oil body wash this is really mild and it's free of sulfate and it's a really great body cleanser it is great for people that have dry skin or sensitive skin like me or even eczema prone skin this is really great it's dermatologist recommended and really just cleanses the skin without stripping your skin of its natural lipids so I just always put a pump onto my washcloth and wash my entire body and then rinse it off once I'm finished with my shower of course I like to go in with a moisturizer and an amazing moisturizer that will never let you down it's just going in with some organic coconut oil and using that as your body moisturizer coconut oil is great because it improves the skin's elasticity and collagen production and also coconut oil has anti-aging properties it's full of antioxidants such as vitamin E and a so it's really great for that as well just keeps my skin feeling super soft and silky smooth and then the last thing I'm going in is just a DIY hair serum so I am so into hair serums and I'm going to show you a quick one that you can make right at home all you have to do is take some coconut oil and I just put it into a little bottle I am actually reusing an old bottle that I washed out and then you could put any essential oil of your choice so you can put lavender you can put peppermint oil I just went in and put a few drops of vanilla just because I love the smell of it it makes my hair feel amazing and then I just put a little bit on the ends of my hair because it is coconut oil you have to make sure that you don't put too much because obviously it's a very thick serum so I just put the smallest amount to the ends of my hair and this is really gonna help with breakage as well and it's just going to give your hair some shine but like I said make sure you put the smallest amount but that is my entire natural shower routine I hope you guys enjoyed it like I said I will link products down below and as well as the ingredients for my DIY remedies if you guys want more videos don't forget to thumbs it up share it it really helps me out and don't forget to subscribe to become a part of my family I do upload every single week but on that note I will catch you guys in my next video bye

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  1. Ah loved this! I love doing egg masks for my hair! I like the idea of a natural serum for your hair too! 👏🏼

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  2. I'm definitely going to need to try some of your DIYs. One question I have really oily hair and same with my face do you have anything that could help 😊

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  4. Everything is fine. I really liked the content but PLEASE don’t waste water IF u do by any chance. There are a lot of countries struggling.

  5. Hey, can you make a summer glow up video (workouts, skincare and hair)
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