My Organic Hair Care Routine For Curly/Wavy Hair | VitaLivesFree

My Organic Hair Care Routine For Curly/Wavy Hair | VitaLivesFree

Hi guys! So today it’s time to share with
you my haircare routine. I’ve been asked for so long, and I’m finally here to make that
video for you. My hair routine changes a lot just like everything else. I like trying out
lots of different natural methods just so I can share them with you and I can share
all the best things in the world with you. But lately my routine has settled a bit, so
I thought it was a good time to make this video. This routine is good for curly or wavy
hair, for anybody who is prone to tangles and frizzy hair, it should work really well,
too. For anybody who’s concerned with using chemical products. This video is also going
to be useful for those who want to grow long, healthy, and thick hair. OK, so let’s get
started. So first of all, let’s talk about how often I wash my hair. I try to do it every
3 or 4 days, not more frequently than that. In the winter, I’ll be able to go even longer
than that, but now it’s summer time. I mean, where I live it’s still summer time, and it’s
going to be really hot until the end of November So I have to wash my hair every 3 or 4 days.
I also run most mornings and I exercise quite a bit, so I do get a lot of sweat on my scalp.
So that’s why I do it every 3 or 4 days, and I find that it works really well. I never
ever wash my hair without applying an oil mask before. That for me is a very very very
important step. If I don’t do it, my hair get frizzy, my scalp will be itchy and uncomfortable,
my hair will get static, so an oil mask is a total must for my hair. All I do is just
take some pumpkin seed oil, and I think I use around a tablespoon or it, and I rub into
my roots and then whatever remains, I also rub it into the length of my hair. I leave
it there for at least an hour before washing, sometimes I also leave it for the whole night,
but usually just an hour or two is enough. I put a plastic shower cap on top to create
like a mini sauna for my hair to help the oil really absorb into my scalp, and that’s
it. Lately, I’ve also been adding some castor oil to the mixture because obviously it’s
so amazing for getting your hair thicker and making it grow faster, so I don’t know yet
how it’s going to go. I’ve just recently done my first try, so once I try it out for a longer
time, I’ll definitely share the results with you. I’m pretty excited because I really want
to grow thicker hair, so let’s see how that goes. And don’t worry, the hair mask really
washes off so easily. It doesn’t leave any oily residue at all, so that’s not a problem.
When I go to sleep, I usually either put my hair in a bun or I braid it, and that’s just
to prevent any knots because my hair likes getting into knots, and also to keep my husband
happy. My hair tends to get into his mouth all the time, so he’s really happy when I
keep it neat and tidy away from his mouth all night long. Another rule for my hair care
is I never ever brush or comb my hair, only when it’s wet. The only time a comb touches
my hair is when I’ve got conditioner or vinegar rinse on it, and that’s when I use my wide-tooth
comb. This is the one I use. It’s made of bamboo and it’s wide-tooth. it’s amazing.
I love this comb so much, and it’s so beautiful. I just use that to untangle my hair in the
shower while it’s wet, and that’s the only time when I do it. I honestly just use my
fingers, often not even that throughout the whole week, and that changed my curls totally.
It doesn’t break my curl pattern anymore, and I think it’s a very important step for
anybody with curly hair. Don’t brush it or comb it – it will make a huge difference and
it will make you fall in love with your curls again. About once a month or maybe once in
two months if I’m being lazy, I like to apply a bit of cassia obovata, which is also known
as neutral henna, onto my hair, and that just helps to strengthen it, grow it thicker and
healthier, and it helps scalp recover from any kind of irritations. I really like this
treatment. It doesn’t smell too good, but it works, and it makes your hair look so much
thicker instantly, so I use that, and then usually I also like to mix in a bit of regular
normal henna. It gives you a nice red undertone. But obviously I don’t use that alone. I use
a ratio of around 1/8, so let’s say I would use 8 tablespoons of neutral henna and 1 tablespoon
of the red henna. All it does is just bring out the warmth in my hair colour. it’s perfect.
It’s really good when it’s sunny, and, you know, I go to swim a lot in the sea, and the
sun bleaches my hair, too, so it’s nice to get a bit of that warmth back into my hair.
I really like it, and normal henna is really good for your hair, too. So I love the combo
of these two. Most evenings, before I go to sleep, I like applying some jojoba oil to
the ends of my hair, and that really prevents my ends from splitting and just keeps my hair
nice and nourished throughout the week. And I find it gives me nice defined curls the
next morning as well. So jojoba oil is definitely my favourite for that because it’s really
light. I’ve tried a lot of different oils, but I always keep coming back to this one
because it’s light, I don’t even feel it. And it works really well for my hair. All
I do is just dampen my hands and then run them through my curls, just to dampen them
a bit, and then I take those drops of oil on my palms, rub my palms together, and rub
the oil along my hair shaft. I think that wetting your hands is really important because
the oil traps the humidity inside. If there is no humidity in the first place, it’s not
going to do its job. So I think it’s really important to give your hair that humidity
in the first place, and then trap it with the oil. So that’s my little trick. Another
new trick I’ve started doing recently is adding a bit of tea tree oil to my shampoo or vinegar
rinse. I use probably around 2 or 3 drops. I put some shampoo on my palm, and then put
those drops of tea tree, and then just mix everything together or put the drops in the
vinegar rinse as a last step of the no-poo method. The smell is probably not the best
in the world, but it keeps my scalp healthy and happy, so it’s totally worth it. And strangely,
lately I’ve been noticing that I kind of like the smell of tea tree oil. My husband hates
it, but I’m kind of liking it now, so I don’t know. Tell me, what do you think? Do you like
the smell of tea tree oil or do you hate it? I think it’s something that grows on you after
some time. But I might be wrong, so let me know. What do you think of the smell? So now
the main question: what do I wash my hair with? I use two different methods. The first
one is I guess quite simple and used by a lot of people. I use a natural shampoo and
conditioner, and oh my god, it’s spilling water all over my notes now. So I use a shampoo
and conditioner from a brand called Green People. I’ve talked about these before. I
think that this brand is simply awesome. It’s organic and really really natural. I’ve looked
at so many natural brands of shampoos and I couldn’t find anything with an ingredient
list as clean as this. So I really like using it because it’s convenient, it keeps my scalp
and hair happy, so why not? It’s quite affordable, too. So I use the Irritated Scalp Shampoo
and the Daily Aloe Conditioner, and they work really well. The shampoo is great because
it’s so concentrated, so you need such a tiny amount compared to regular shampoos. If I
don’t use an oil mask before washing, then one wash would be perfectly enough, but if
I use the oil, then I might need two washes. But it washes everything so perfectly. The
conditioner also makes my hair super soft, so I guess this is like a mini review, but
I really recommend these. If you’re wondering where you can get them, I will put a link
down in the description box. I just think they’re so worth it. So on the days when I
want something more DIY and even more natural, I grab my baking soda and vinegar, and I just
use the regular no-poo method. I made a video about it. In fact, it was my first video ever
made, so if you haven’t seen it yet, I’ll put a link here and in the description box.
You can go and check it out. But it’s super simple. I still use the same lavender oil
to make it smell good. I’m still obsessed with lavender. Yes, I think I’ll always be.
When I use conditioner, I make sure I leave it on for at least a few minutes even though
in the instructions it says that you should only leave it on for a minute. But I always
like leaving it on for a few minutes. I find that it makes a huge difference. So I put
it on and then I usually keep rubbing it in really well, and then I take my wide-tooth
comb and I comb my hair out, and then sometimes I put it in a bun, put a shower cap on, and
go and do my business, you know, whatever I need to do for a few more minutes, just
to really give that conditioner a chance to work. And my hair stay really soft, so it
works. After I wash my hair, I never ever use a regular towel. I use something called…
I don’t even know what it’s called but it’s like a hair turban, and they’re made of cotton
or microfibre. Mine is made of cotton, and all you do is just wrap your hair in it and
leave it there for around 30 minutes or so. it’s great for those with curly or wavy hair
because it doesn’t break your natural curl pattern, and it doesn’t make your hair static
or dry. it’s really really cool. It’s one of the greatest new additions to my hair care
routine. I usually leave it there for around 30 minutes and by the time I take the turban
out, my hair is already almost dry. After I take that turban out, I usually use my Green
People Light Hold Styling Gel. it’s another Green People product that I could rave about
forever, and you need seriously just a tiny dollop amount. I just rub that into my hair
really gently without breaking the curls. It gives me a nice definition. Not too much
hold, just a bit of definition to my curls, and it’s 96% organic, so it’s just awesome.
I really like it. I try not to break my curls until my hair is totally dry, so I just rub
the styling gel on, but I don’t actually separate them. I usually leave that for the end, when
my hair is totally dry. Also, while my hair is drying, I like to put my fingers into my
roots and just to lift my roots a bit to give my hair a bit more volume. But again I try
not to break the actual strands. I just lift the roots. I don’t use any hair tools or hot
tools, hair-dryers on my hair and I haven’t for many years. You might say, “Yeah, but
she lives in a very hot climate, so she doesn’t need it.” Yes, but even when I used to live
in London and I had to go to work every time in the winter, I still never ever used a hair-dryer.
Just because I hate what it does to my hair. it makes it so much weaker, so I’d rather
live without it. So if you want to do just one thing to make your hair healthier, throw
away your hair-dryer. It’s definitely going to make a huge difference. For 2nd, 3rd or
even 4th day if I’m lazy, all I do is just wet my hands once again and just scrunch up
my hair with wet hands to revive those curls and bring out the natural curl pattern once
again. I find that if I do that, I generally don’t have to use any styling gel anymore.
But sometimes if I do, I might use a little bit of this. Usually, just water is enough
to give me glorious curls again. So that’s it really. This is my simple natural hair
care routine. I hope that you enjoyed this video, and I hope that I’ve given you some
inspiration. As I said, it’s great for those who have curly hair and wavy hair. I haven’t
always loved my hair the way it is. I haven’t really know how to care for curly hair for
a long time. But I read a book called Curly Girl, and I really recommend it. I’ll put
a link down in the description box. It was recommended to me by one of my viewers, but
unfortunately I can’t find her name because the email got deleted. So if you’re watching
this video, thank you so much, and please get in touch with me because… well, I’d
just like to keep in touch with you. So if you haven’t read that book, I highly recommend
it and if you’re a curly girl yourself, you’re going to fall in love with your hair again
or for the first time in your life. So thanks so much for watching and I hope that you enjoyed
this video. Please give it a thumbs up if you did. And subscribe to this channel if
you’re new to this natural holistic lifestyle and beauty community. So I will see you in
my next video. Bye!

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17 thoughts on “My Organic Hair Care Routine For Curly/Wavy Hair | VitaLivesFree

  1. I first hated the smell of lavender and tea tree but then it just grew on me and now I am SOO liking it haha.. it's weird in a good way 🙂 and thanks for this vid. I am really gonna try out the green people products xx

  2. another great video! I don't think anyone will understand how much I enjoy watching your videos! I recently decided to grow my hair out and I haven't cut it in almost a year. I do not flat iron it because I am embracing my curls!! I will look into the green people products. also how is your dog doing? is he reaching more calm when you come home?

  3. This is very thorough video, good job! Do you find the no poo method gets rid of all the oil from your oil mask, or does the shampoo work better?

  4. Yay, finally the hair video 🙂 I never told you I love your hair actually, love love curls 🙂 Mine is wavy when it's damp, but it dries to limp straight(ish) mess unfortunately.. I don't use any styling products, so it's not here nor there most of the time 🙂 My routine is pretty much the same as yours exc I don't use tea tree in my hair and didn't try Green People shampoo yet – it is on my list!! – although l use it's baby shampoo sometimes, l hope adult's one is better, fingers crossed. That book is on my wishlist for some time now, but I don't consider myself curly enough so not sure if to get it or not? I tried many pre-shampoo treatments (natural ones, mostly oils) so if any questions, shoot 😉 At the mo I am really interested in aloe vera shampoo, either homemade or shop bought and I just made aloe and coconut oil concoction which is supposed to be good for skin and hair, so we will see in two weeks time.. Thanks for reading my ramble, as you can tell, I love to talk 😉 and havea nice day!

  5. Enjoyed this – thanks for sharing your routine!  You hair looks very happy :).  I use bubble and bee's natural hardwater shampoo with an ACV rinse and use jojoba and macademica oils for my ends.  Gotta love no-fuss hair!  
    I also braid my hair at night to keep it under control and out of my husband's mouth, haha.
    Lavendar is my favorite – I will take it in everything I own please!

  6. Love your channel! I have been using castor oil on my scalp and coconut oil on the lenght of my hair for the last year or so. I warm them slightly first so they would be easer to apply. It's amazing how oiling my hair has transform it 🙂 Keep up the good work Vita! You are an inspiration! 🙂

  7. Thanks for the updated hair care video.  I have the Turbie Twist towels as well & love them ~ what a great invention.  🙂

  8. Thank You so much for this video. I have always had curly,wavy hair and I always try to let my hair dry naturally and I love the way it looks when I do not brush it but run my fingers through it to detangle it. I do that when I am going to be home be home but when I go out I always thought that people would think that I didn't brush/ or comb my hair. Now I know it is ok to detangle my hair with my fingers and go. It looks frizzy and separated after I comb or brush it. I love your hair. I subscribed to your channel so I can watch all of your videos. 🙂

  9. I dont know if anyone has mentioned this or if you know but coconut oil is also awesome for hair. Its chemical structure fits perfectly within the hair shaft. You can leave for an hour or so or even better overnight and then shampoo out and it makes the hair amazing.The cheap brand louanna coconut oil that they have at most stores will also work.

  10. Hi! My name is Mira, and I create beauty and inspiration videos here on YouTube! I believe that beauty should come from the within, but you should show your confidence on the exterior! If you have any time, it would mean the world to me if you checked out my channel! Thanks 🙂

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