hey guys really quick I don't know if this is the appropriate time to use a trigger warning but I did want to use a trigger warning if you have any type of issues with your weight or you are sensitive to people talking about things that involve weight or weight gain or food or dieting do not watch this video because that is literally what the entire video is about well that and the psycho what I wanted to put that out there to be warned but this does heavily talk about weight gain and body image and you are all perfectly beautiful exactly the way you are ok I hope you like this video welcome back I'm always a little cautious through story times now because I feel like it was a trend and maybe that trend guide and I don't to be that youtuber that can't evolve and move on but also you guys are always commenting that this is what you want so here you go but if you do like story times and you want to see more of them please leave this video a thumbs up so that I know and if you are not subscribed please make sure to subscribe and turn on my post notification but now that I got that out of the way let's get started as a lot of you may know the past like nine months of my life I've been really focused and dedicated on getting my body to a place where I felt strong and confident nine months ago I could have had a baby in that time but I got a bicep sidenote for everybody that's been asking for the past nine months I will be posting my fitness and transformation videos soon so make sure you do turn on mypos notifications for that I was waiting until I got ABS but you know shoot for the moon land amongst the stars you know anyway I've been working with the trainer almost daily for nine months but when I started I also had found a nutritionist some of you remember from my videos and my vlogs that I've been on a very very long journey trying to figure out what I'm supposed to eat you get in shape and I posted that super embarrassing vlog of me crying about my weight so this time I found somebody who had a great resume and came highly highly recommended to me by people who I knew in real life who had used him and had a great result so I had my first session with this guy and it takes forever it is so thorough he's taking my blood he's asking me questions about sleep stress digestion cravings it seems all super scientific and legit first impression of him as a person this guy thinks very highly of himself either that or he's very insecure because right away he's name-dropping celebrities who i've never heard saying things like oh it's a good thing that we started this now because I'm working on this new show and I'm not gonna have time soon because my schedule is getting crazy full first a point that was also very very stressful because we had scheduled two hours and I had to train right after my meeting I gave myself an hour in between and he went so far over his scheduled time that we didn't end until my training session started so this was like three hours and it was mostly filled with him talking about all of his accomplishments and asking me about my dating life however she was super friendly super enthusiastic and he really seemed to know what he was doing I'm like I said he came to me highly recommended by people that I actually knew and he had a great resume so I was all at heels what makes me feel really good by saying things like you already look great but let's get you feeling great which is something you want in a health professional however I will say that there were moments right away that made me feel a little bit uncomfortable it was his compliments sometimes he would use the words sexy or babe which I was like a younger female in that type of setting is but the one moment that really stuck out to me at the time but now in hindsight makes me feel so much more uncomfortable was okay in the first session they usually take your body fat percentage and they use this little pincher thing where they squeeze your fat and he needed to squeeze my arm but I was wearing a jacket like this with just the bra underneath so when he asked to get to my arm I didn't even think twice about it I just unzipped it and pulled it down on one side and that seems like the normal thing to do because I'm in a professional setting for my hell things get kind of personal and I'm an adult so I don't get awkward about those things so I take my sleeve down and he goes whoa okay and I was like oh sorry you said you needed my arm and he responded with oh yeah totally you can take that off I'm a doctor this isn't the story by the way this is just me giving you a background so wake up the next morning and I have a text from him with my daily affirmation I control the outcome I'm excited today is the first day of my new lifestyle unfortunately pretty much right away I start feeling really hungry all the time and that's weird because I was eating more calories than I have ever eaten by a lot so this was a concern I kept bringing up and I was like hey man I just ate like 40 minutes ago and I'm ravenous what's up and he would say something scientific like oh your blood sugar eat some berries or here's citic eat some rice I'm like no dude I'm hungry I want to eat some french fries then I started gaining weight my trainer noticed as did I because I'm very sensitive to these things and I notice if I gain 1/12 of an ounce so my trainer asked me what I was eating and I told him that I was eating a cup of white rice a day with my lunch as per my nutritionist so my trainer said whoa man you should not be doing that and to be honest when I first met with my nutritionist I was very surprised that he had me eating so much white rice and eating rice cakes and things like that because I was always under the impression that simple carbs like that weren't great for weight loss so my trainer tried to explain to me that eating white rice would not only make me gain weight but it would also make me hungry and give me cravings because it spikes my insulin or something sciency honestly I don't know it seems like a very useless Monday in fact what I promise it is so important about the rice so I'm gaining weight which really sucks because you know I'm trying to lose weight and I'm getting really emotionally fucked up because I'm working my ass off every day in the gym I set a goal for myself I'm hungry all the time and I look worse than when I started so I tell my nutritionist hey I'm getting bigger and his response was that it was good that I was Machir because the lipids in my body are breaking down and science I told him hey my waist is up to inches and I'm up two pounds and he convinced me that it was because I'm a woman and this will happen to me every month which to some degree by the way is true did you know that a woman can gain up to seven pounds a month during her cycle my trainer had said the same thing so I was like okay I'm just starting off this is a little bump in the road I'm gonna trust this professional but in my heart I knew because I've known in my body and how it reacts for like 12 years is shot this was not just hormonal weight gain so I brought up the rice concerns that my trainer had brought up and he said no trust me your trainer is great at what he does I'm great at what I do the food that you're eating in the combinations that a mass that you're eating them will make you lose weight you just have to stick with it and eat more snacks he also told me that I need to work out less at this time I was weight training five days a week with cardio and then doing just cardio my other two days of the week and he told me that I should not be working out more than four times a week because it'll make me gain weight and hold on to fat because so to summarize so far I am gaining weight and my nutritionist told me to eat more and exercise less at this point you may already be asking gab you're gaining weight you're unhappy why are you continuing to work with this individual and the truth is I wanted to trust a professional you guys have watched me struggle you've seen me cry I've tried everything there is to try I should write a poetry book even though this all seemed kind of weird and backwards to me I told myself hey you have been trying to figure this out on your own for 15 years you don't know everything and clearly what you think is right isn't working trust him but this video isn't about my weight friends that would it be a story time the story's coming so my trust in this person is dwindling very quickly I keep telling him that I'm hungry non-stop and he asks me what I eat and I give him the same answer 12 times in a row literally the conversation goes I'm still hungry what did you eat for a snack nut butter and fruit hmmm what'd you eat for lunch rice chicken and spinach mmm interesting what did you eat first snack nut butter and fruit that's so strange don't worry trust the process are you eating your nut butter and fruit then he asked me what protein powder I'm using and I've been using the same protein powder for two years as recommended to me by my old trainer to which he responded throw it in the trash that brand is garbage and buy this brand that he is recommending he said that my protein powder was full of additives and chemicals and bullshit and it's making me gain weight so then his protein powder that he recommended came in the mail and I turned it over and I read the ingredients and the first ingredient was corn syrup aka the worst thing that you could put in your body if you are trying to lose weight or not die followed by a list of about a million additives and ingredients and chemicals so I texted him and I was like why did you recommend to me a protein powder where the first ingredient is corn syrup and he responded with what corn syrup yeah you can't eat that dude you're a nutritionist your job is to recommend foods to people why the would you recommend something to a client and you don't even know what's in it mind you I sent him the label of my protein powder that he said to throw away because it's full of trash and he said oh yeah that's good you can eat that so I asked him to please explain why he told me I couldn't eat it in the first place and he said I assumed it was crap so I said you mean to tell me that you blindly told me to throw away something that I was using that you had no idea what was in it and then had me buy a new one that you had no idea what was it it huh and then he asked me if I was on my period I was and he said this is good because now I know how crazy you get when you're hormonal 90% of my clientele is female this still isn't the story by the way I'm just venting so I'm still gaining weight and at this point after I break down crying after weigh-in at the gym my trainer tells me listen I know you want to trust this guy but your diet is wrong you're eating six to seven times a day way too much and of the wrong foods you should be slimming down and you're bloating up and I think yeah he's right so once again I go to my nutritionist who I so desperately needed to trust and once again say hey I'm gaining weight dude and he out of the blue says we need to cut the rice it's too simple of a carb and stripped of all its nutrients it's just sugar and I was like huh for three weeks I've been guzzling white rice against my own instinct and other professional opinions was recommended a 5 pound 10 of corn syrup and have gotten further from my goal so I'm pleading with him why why why if white rice is a simple carb and makes you gain weight did you insist on me eating it for three weeks after told you that I was getting bigger and he said because I wanted you to fix your intestinal issues first that's more important than weight loss bitch I came to you for weight loss what then he asked me if he could take a picture of me because I looked so much better and I said okay because it was it's awkward so he takes the picture of me and he goes hmm look at those legs oh we're tempted to eat me on the phone this still isn't the story so I suggest maybe I should just kind of give up on this plan and I know that he's had a lot of results with people in the past but everybody's different and this just isn't working for me and he says no you just need the right nutrients so he recommends all these vitamins and I'm like hey man is it a big part of having good nutrition not meeting all of this I'm talking how many bottles here are some of the pills that he tells me if I take all of these every day I won't feel hungry anymore so I spend a couple hundred on vitamins that I was super opposed to because it felt wrong but he was like please let's just give this one more chance just try this you'll stop having cravings your body and hormones are out of whack we need to get you where you need so they get to me and I'm looking at all doses and I'm realizing it's 18 pills a day so I texted him I was like yo man you have me taking 18 pills a day and he said yeah it'll help you with your hunger and I'm like no shit I'm swallowing 18 pills that's a meal then I'm reading the back and I'm realizing that a lot of them are repeats like I have this woman's pack that you take every day that has v3 in it but then he also made me get a bottle of d3 so I said why did you make me buy the same thing twice I'm just going to pee it out like if your body doesn't need the vitamins you're putting in it it doesn't use them it's not like you become Superman and all of a sudden become super strong because you're taking extra vitamins and he said oh don't worry about things like the extra d3 that's insignificant and I was like why did you make me buy a $50 bottle of insignificant this the story for my last session with this guy okay maybe this guy isn't the most professional maybe some of these comments aren't the most appropriate but he would do this thing where he would derail the conversation and more of a personal one-on-one chat like asking me how my dating life is and my last boyfriend and my sex life and a lot of times after our session he'd be like so what are your plans tonight you doing anything I'm not doing anything I might just go grab dinner alone or something maybe I'm just being into myself but a lot of times when he said what are you doing tonight it felt a lot like he was saying let's go grab dinner but I always said that I was busy or tired or something and he would then feel like oh that's cool I have this woman I'm going on a date with she competed into something-something 1981 bodybuilding but like almost it felt like he was trying to make me jealous but I was like no don't be narcissistic he's not doing that then one day he asked me point-blank if I would like to go to dinner with him to beyonce and jay z's house that night I said I'm sorry what now and he said that Beyonce and jay-z we're looking for a nutritionist and he was going to dinner at their house because they wanted to hire him and he had a plus one this sounded extremely extremely fishy you for a number of reasons one this guy has a good resume not Beyonce good – this was one Beyonce was nine months pregnant bicep why would she be seeking brand new nutritional advice now as she's about to pop and why would they be meeting a nutritionist for the first time at their house for dinner with a plus-one it was just very very bizarre and even if I did believe it I wouldn't have gone because what strikes me later that day I'm pretty sure – venmo him for the 18 pills a day that I'm taking and I said have fun with Beyonce and he said oh I cancelled I'm going to dinner and we hope instead and I was like you canceled dinner at Beyonce's and he said yeah and I was like why and he said oh my friend just moved back we're gonna go get dinner tonight so you canceled dinner with Beyonce to have dinner with a friend maybe I'm just being a little narcissistic again but what I deduce is he asked me to do something that he thought I couldn't refuse so he knew that I wouldn't have any other plans because I already have plans with Beyonce but then when the Beyonce plans fell through for whatever reason he would know that I have no excuse to not be able to hang out because he knows that my schedule is now wide open this still is not the story so he's asking me about the vitamins I tell him that I don't feel comfortable taking this many supplements in these doses and he said congratulations I am so proud of you for trying new things and trusting me you're going to look even hotter if that's possible so then I just boys some of my concerns about having the double dosage is I'm buh buh buh buh blah and he says how much does weed cost I said I don't smoke weed so I don't know and I don't know what that has to do with this and he said I was trying to make a point we had cost money and does nothing for the body the supplements I recommended are extremely valuable in helping you with vitamin and mineral deficiencies I will stabilize your blood sugar and give you cellular energy so your body can operate efficiently and liberate body fat due to inflammation they are also necessary for your liver and kidney function properly door no toxins their currency for the reactions that take place here at your goals and of the supplement will not be necessary anymore and you never supplement blindly I only get people what they need I give them to you with zero percent markup and I have a business to pay for supplement the prescription drugs are two very different things one of the main reasons people who are fat become paler vitamin mineral deficiency is because the food American is processed garbage Gabby I'm confident you will continue to have success with this if you just trust the process so basically respond with well people don't smoke weed to get healthy they smoke weed for leisure okay and then I respond with this really long text basically saying hey honestly I don't trust this process anymore I was going rice for three weeks and then you told me that I shouldn't be eating rice you recommended a product to me that was full of corn starch I'm hungry all the time I have anxiety you have me eating 18 pills a day and he just responds with when are you coming in and I said I don't know he says I have no idea why it's not working for you I've worked with thousands of people I was addressing your intestinal issues first which is far more important and then he's rapidfire texting me with bullet points and people should not expect an 8-week miracle transformation when they've been struggling with weight their entire life you have to heal from the inside out first I understand vanity we all want to look good but I'm doing what's best for you I also want to make a side note again and just say that but when I reached out to him initially it's because I was doing an 8 week body transformation where I reached out to a trainer and a nutritionist to see what I could do in 8 weeks and just jumpstart a process so he knew from the jump that I was trying to do something in eight weeks in a healthy way and his goal from the beginning too was measurements wait how do you look we're gonna show people how good you can look in eight weeks so for him to be saying all this now is just very backpedaling so I don't answer him and he says when are you coming in I have to schedule you and I ignored him many checks me the next day and says I still love you Gaby I don't respond then he sends me a video of him on skype with a girl which I will not show to protect her privacy and it's a girl just saying to him for him on skype how rice has made her loose so much weight and she never feels hungry and she's a big fan of the rice I said who is that he said a client and I'm not okay and this is what I said up to I said I'm not trying to be an ass but the girl that he sent me the video of was kind of extremely overweight and there's nothing wrong with that she's on her journey she's on her process everybody is different everybody starts somewhere everybody has different goals so I'm not saying that like in a negative way but if you're trying to convince me that something that you're trying to tell me works this is what I said I said I'm really not trying to be an ass I'm sure she's doing great but she doesn't have the body that I want and I said I'm over talking about the white rice lol he said Gaby she's trying and I said so am i but you're not inspiring me with results when she doesn't have the results I want then he starts sending these pictures of magazine covers of clients that he's worked with over and over and over the same two magazine covers over and over and over and said what you doing he said at the office building systems to help people around the world and I said referring to the pictures you keep sending me he said those are clients he then sends me a videos the same girl talking about the white rice again I ignore him he then sends me an Instagram picture of a random woman who I'm assuming as a client and body's pretty good I said bro I'm trying to film because at this point he has text me ten images and videos of people that I don't know or don't have the results I want he then sends the magazine pictures and the Instagram picture again I ignore him he says I have Thursday 10:00 a.m. available we need to get you in I ignore him Gabby when are we meeting I said idk he said okay what times you have available Friday at 12:00 Thursday at 12:00 Thursday at 10:00 ignore him Gabby what's going on is everything good I'm trying to help you what can I do better I said those days don't work he said what day can you do next week or Sunday I don't answer he says are you quitting on me I say listen I'm very busy at the moment and I'm also feeling that maybe it's just not super working out and wondering if it makes sense for both of us to continue he said I really want to help you and that's all I want to do I shouldn't argue with you that's not what I'm trying to do there is a lot of miscommunication in text I want you to learn so you can have this gift of knowledge over your body for life I've just been able to help everyone we should see it through I would never give up on anyone what you're doing is super hard with your stress and schedule I won't add your stress i legit do care about your well-being how many weeks are left well you make time to talk tomorrow for five minutes let's see what I can do to serve you better don't answer I know you're busy but don't leave me hanging I say again I just think that this isn't going to work out this still isn't the story this is the story my trainer gives me a call Gabby are you still working with that nutritionist I said no and he said make sure you never do again I said why you said I'll show you when you come in so my trainer says this woman texts me and this is the conversation she says are you working with that YouTube girl Gabby he ignores her she texts him again hey just checking to see if you've got my text I would like to ask you something Thanks he responds what's up yes I am training her someone else is doing her nutrition she says apparently you and my nutritionist share the same client Rehana is she being a handful for you he's amazing he helped me a great deal he cares very much for all of his clients he really takes the time to understand them and provide individual programs you two should talk he would be a great referral source I would love to introduce you guys he says please don't she is great to work with she responds he is really good at what he does I really think you should at least meet with him and listen to what he has to say I'm sure Gabby is great but he is too I think that you would like him at least hear him out I've wanted to introduce you guys for a while but I have been super busy and I think if you would have met previously things would be different first of all get this I'm working with a nutritionist he's doing a bad job and I'm gaining weight the second I stopped following his plan I dropped inches and pounds and started looking amazing and my confidence is skyrocketing and he can't handle it so he goes out of his way to contact somebody who works with somebody I work with to tell them that they should crap collapse robber whatever they should work together and I'm the bad guy just because I didn't want to work with this guy who was a bad at his job for me at least be inappropriate and unprofessional with me and crossed lines and see rude I tried to tell them kindly in office and over text I just don't think this is working out which happens sometimes sometimes you find a doctor or somebody who just isn't good for you I've met with a lot of nutritionists in the past I've had other traders in the past and it didn't work and now I'm with a trainer who I look good I feel good let me look I look great you just have to find what works for you and he took it as a huge hit he took it very personally I think he was really excited for the exposure because we were doing it as a collaboration and he couldn't handle losing it but as a professional a health care professional to reach out to a stranger who I've never met about one of your Alliance who you have confidentiality with you can't talk to people about your patients and your clients it's not only unprofessional it's illegal and to try to ruin my relationship with somebody who I have a great relationship with is bonkers I never say anything to him about this because it's just weird and why would I so then he ends up reaching out to me a month later the nutritionist he doesn't know that I know any of this and he says I've been meaning to message you for a while I totally respect your decision Gabby it was my pride that was damaged you're awesome and a lot of fun I really want you to succeed be healthy and get everything you want no matter with whom you work with can't wait to see the new you if you ever need anything for me please don't hesitate to reach out I don't bitch how dare you talk about a client to another client how dare you reach out to somebody that I'm working with and having great results with and try to convince them to not work with me you're a dude are you on your period I just want to know so I know how crazy you get anyway this is just another example and I have explored this in therapy I make people crazy in ways that I don't even understand like in this situation this was a guy who has like somewhat celebrity clients he's had great results with people that I know they've all said that he was professional but with me he's making inappropriate comments he's sending me pictures and 40 texts in a row and skyping clients to take video for me and talking shit on me to other clients when I don't go back to him and then telling me that it hurts his pride I don't know I'm an anomaly anyway this is this week's showstopper of the week make sure you give this video a thumbs up if you do enjoy story time this one was a doozy this gonna be fun to edit subscribe and turn on my post notifications there will be a lot of fun fitness videos coming up what I eat in a day my workout routine my story my trip like all of that it's coming up I'm very excited for it I've been working on it for what was supposed to be eight weeks and then twelve weeks and has now turned into about nine months I also tried something really cool and painful and that's coming up leave a comment below do you eat white rice anyways guys you are all extremely beautiful just the way you are very much thank you for being a part of my family and I'll see you next time when I'm lost you never speak it's deafening never know Jack

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  1. I just want anyone reading this to know that you are beautiful and worth it no matter what size you are. You are beautiful❤️

  2. I hate myself a lot, but every single time I find a friend who hates themselves too, I love them. They are so nice and beautiful and I don't understand why they hate themselves. But, that's the exact way they see me as well. I guess that's the point?

  3. I feel like every time gabbie questioned this guy he just spit some bullshit like when people say words that are bigger to make them sound a bit smarter, xD.

  4. He shouldn't have recommended rice in the first place because rice is a starch just like potatoes and other things and me being a diabetic I can't have a lot of starch because of my blood sugar so I can't eat a lot of rice or potatoes or anything with a lot of starch in it clearly this man doesn't even know what he's doing because it is simple knowledge that rice is a starch

  5. not psyco. please dont label people with something that is actually diagnose-able even if they really seem like they deserve that title

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  7. There was only one thing I noticed.
    I had a severe eating disorder where I got dealthly skinny.
    No lie started smoking certain strains of weed that made me be able to tolerate/ stomach eating and had well…the munchies.

    Straight up a life saver. I still struggle with my stomach deciding to turn off. Puff puff and I eat and don't throw up. It actually helps with my acid reflux. Though I do smoke for leasure too. 💖

  8. I love how Gabbie says in the trigger warning that you shouldn't watch the video, she cared more about her viewers than her views. I think that's amazing because most people say 'be cautious watching' or 'skip to …' 💜💜

  9. I'm extremely late for the party but my guess is that this nutritionist was attracted to gabbie so he kept making her gain weight so she'd have to stay with him and the cycle would just keep going but i d k

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  12. Okay, I’m only half way through, and I’m already so upset by this guy. However, you all need to know… YOU CAN OVERDOES ON FAT SOLUBLE VITAMINS. Vitamin D (and K) are FAT soluble vitamins. You do not pee out excess of these! They are stored in the fat cells in your body! Taking that much vitamin D is VERY dangerous. This guy is not just a predator; he’s an idiot and his advice can cause serious health issues. Please do what you can to warn people about him… he’s dangerous! I’m so glad you finally were able to find someone who could give you real, healthy advice.

  13. Sweetie, look for dietitians, pretty much anyone can call themselves a nutritionist, they're not the same thing. the title of dietitians is protected under law, you have to have a degree in dietetics, you can't take the title of dietitian without passing and becoming registered.

  14. This is true for endomorphs (someone who’s body systems can change its metabolism) you eat a fair amount of carbs but sometimes change it/ eat less carbs for one day then eat a medium amount of carbs the next day and do less exercise but more hardcore exercise less times and less cardio because it causes endomorphs to have a low metabolism when you do too much and makes you gain weight

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