My REAL Conversation With a "Health at Every Size" Supporter

My REAL Conversation With a "Health at Every Size" Supporter

what's up you guys welcome back to the channel thank you so much for clicking on today's video so as you can tell by the title of the video we're going to be talking to somebody that is a supporter of health and every size I really wanted to do this I thought that it would be interesting to actually have a conversation with somebody that does disagree with me I know that it's really easy on YouTube to get focused and kind of been stuck in your own little world and talk about what you want to talk about not really here that the arguments of why somebody else will feel like you know the way they feel so I thought that it would be really interesting so today we ended up talking to this woman named Courtney and you know I just met her on this Skype call and I think that it's a really interesting conversation and I think that it's one that I think will benefit a lot of people so I'm really excited for you guys to check out this interview debate whatever you want to call it so check this out and then I'll talk to you guys afterwards Courtney thank you so much for coming on the channel I know that it was I basically just put out a PSA on my my Instagram was like if anyone believes in health it every size there was a you know advocate of that or you know believes in that I would loved I put debate but then after I put it up there I was like well I don't actually want to like sit here and debate someone because that's just not my personality at all and you reached out so again thank you so much for just being here I really really appreciate it thank you thanks for giving a little bit of a smaller voice to your channel yeah of course absolutely I think that you know it's a lot of people we we like to state our opinions and I think that's great but I think one of the most important things is to have conversations with people that might have differing opinions and you can find out maybe why you disagree on some things or maybe why your your opinions don't align up right so I think that that's really important so the way I wanted to start this off was I just kind of wanted to maybe understand how you got to where you are now right like why do you believe what you believe we talked a little bit in the in the dm's about your your journey but I mean I would love to hear a little bit more in depth you know how you got to basically where you are now yeah I guess I don't there's like a long short version I can like boil it down a little bit yeah I was an athlete for twelve years I played volleyball pretty much my entire life from the age of fifth grade all the way through college and you know when you're competing at that level you don't really have to think about anything that revolves with like work and fitness or anything it just comes with the fact that you're playing a sport for four to five hours a day and then when volleyball ended I was slapped in the face with the reality that you kind of do have to watch what you're eating and you're not burning you know 5,000 calories a day through your physical activity so I kind of hit a wall of depression and I was super lost I realized I didn't know really what to do in the gym because I didn't have a coach there telling me how to you know what movements to do and how to perform and like being on my butt to make sure I wasn't slacking so I ended up gaining a lot of weight really quickly and wasn't loving what I was seeing in the mirror and wasn't you know mentally health focused with my fitness and I was binging a lot and just was lost so I ended up going to the gym getting a personal trainer who changed my life he basically taught me everything that I had to know except for the mental health aspect of it so I did end up losing a ton of weight like 20 pounds I think in six months or so and according to a lot of people's viewpoints I was in the best shape of my life definitely I was the most physically fit heavier than I was when I was playing volleyball but it was like all muscle and you could see it on my frame and everything but I still had a shitty relationship with food can I swear you can do whatever you want okay trash I still had really bad binging cycles and would beat myself up for it and kind of food phobic I thought that if I ate anything other than broccoli chicken and rice I was going to gain weight and was miserable basically like cut off all my friends because I thought friends equals social life which equals going out to eat and ruining my progress and all of that kind of stuff and then you know the binging catches up with you and I gained all that weight back and then some in a super short amount of time although like weight loss happened and probably two or so years but the thirty plus pound weight gain happened in like a year and was completely miserable hated myself obviously because I blamed myself for kind of giving up and like letting that happen to my body and that's when I found the like body positivity movement and the health at every size movement and found a lot of solace in it because I felt like there was a push in social media to maybe get healthy from the viewpoint of self-love and accepting the journey as like a long-term journey out of caring for your body and fueling it in a way that feels good and is sustainable I know you love that worried yeah something that you can really see yourself doing for a long period of time and since then it's been about a year since I started this mental health focused health journey where I changed a lot of eating habits and a lot of movement habits that haven't resulted in any weight loss I am 100% the exact same weight that I was when I started a year ago but my mentality has changed so much I view my body so differently I'm extremely positive about everything that I'm doing and like yes to other people's standards I'm definitely overweight I'm five three one seventy two a lot of health care professionals that's getting into an unhealthy range but I can still squat double my body weight and like kick your ass in a running event so like you know I feel happy and try to portray that online using hashtags that have to do with body positivity and stuff like that to empower women to realize that like the scale doesn't necessarily equal house mm-hmm so I I can when I want to almost 100% agree with well I pretty much agree with everything you said I think that for for a good amount of time especially on social media it was very prevalent when like health only meant like soup for fitness it seemed like Fitness is about it should be about improving the quality of your life and weight loss – like weight loss should be about improving the quality of your life so if you are trying to lose weight because you think it's going to make you happy and like that's it that's all you're losing weight for I think that's a bad bad place to be at but at the same time the issue that I have with health at every size and I'm not sure if this is where we're gonna disagree or anything but the issue I have with health at every size is that for the majority of people like the people in the middle I agree you can't you can't guess someone's help like I wanted look at you and like she's definitely unhealthy like I want you can't tell that by just looking at somebody my biggest issue and I I really do like I struggle with this because I feel like what I'm saying isn't controversial and I feel like it makes sense so that's why when I say it and people disagree I it genuinely baffles me right yeah but my issue is that if you're looking at someone that is 600 pounds I I just think common sense tells you there's no way that's persons healthy now that being said does that mean I need to sit there and make fun of them does that mean I need to sit there and treat them like less of a human none of that stuff is true I absolutely think they deserve to be treated with respect just like anybody else but to sit there and say they're healthy I think is I think that it just to me it's just common sense it's like I can't sit there and say that person is healthy but then again the same the same thing goes for someone that might be you know anorexic or might be dealing with a an eating disorder if you look at them and you can like see their bones there was a really popular youtuber not too long ago Eugenia Cooney who was very very very skinny and like people were making videos about that people could see that and they were saying she wasn't healthy the thing that's that is kind of weird to me it's is it seems like if you say that about someone that's very very skinny it's almost like except like yeah of course that's not healthy but when you for some reason it's like when it gets shifted over to somebody that is overweight or you know morbidly obese then it's almost more it seems like it's hard to take like the the science out of it or like the medical like you're just saying that's unhealthy I'm not saying they're a bad person because I think for me I know I'm kind of going off on a tangent but like I remember when I was really overweight my identity was I am an overweight person so when someone says you're unhealthy because you're overweight it was like you were just saying I was I didn't I didn't deserve to be on earth like I didn't deserve to have this to take up this space that I'm taking and I think that's I think that's where most people come from I'm not sure like like what are your thoughts on that well I think the super super most important word to focus on in the little like tagline for this movement is the word health so like me personally being an advocate for the idea of health at every size it's the most important word in that phrase is the word health so when you talk about these super extremes whether it be very large or very thin you and I both know like you were saying the key word is health what took them to get to that extreme so if a person is very very overweight and you know behind closed doors there's a lot of binging behavior and a lot of or I guess not a lot of activity that's what got them to be where they are so in that sense that's the opposite of health you know sitting down and consuming large amounts of food or the opposite staying inside and not eating a lot of food that's what got them to those extremes so I feel like those people themselves can't even say that they are in the favor of health at every size because they're not portraying that lifestyle so I think it's really important to define what health even means and like to me a healthy lifestyle is like the 80/20 when it comes to food eating nutritious wholesome fueled 80 percent of the time 20% of the time allowing yourself to live and be human and then just like getting out and being active and it doesn't even mean like hitting the gym for two hours a day even if it's just like making the small changes of walking after dinner every night or taking the stairs instead of the escalator like little things like that to me that can happen in any shape or size and that's what it means to me to be a member of the health of every size movement but I definitely understand where you're coming from I feel like people almost use it as I don't want to say a cop-out because I understand the intentions I think it's a lot of people kind of being a denial of their lifestyle and trying to UM preach a movement that they believe in because they feel included in but aren't necessarily showing the lifestyle patterns that go along with that movement does that make sense no that makes complete sense and I I would say that we agree pretty much like almost a hundred percent on that I think that I've always said you can work on your health and become healthier and that's like from the basic sense of you know if you're morbidly obese like that my my argument for people that are you know morbidly obese and I hate saying it like that because I'm saying like they but I was there right like you see a lot of old people you see a lot of obese people but you don't see many morbidly obese old people right yeah and so my thing is if you really want to live you know a good life and like a lot of it I hear the argument every time all right I go to the I go to the doctor and they take my tests and everything comes out good I'm not pre-diabetic I'm like yeah right now you're probably fine you know when I was when I was 260 pounds I didn't have any issues I wasn't you know I wasn't diabetic anything like that but I knew deep down that trying to continue to live like this I knew I was gonna die before I was 50 no doubt and so like that's my thing is like I'm not sitting here trying to be like everyone needs to be you know a size 2 or whatever you know women's sizes but like everyone needs to be small or whatever or like super fit and go to the gym and be able to do pants and walks and muscle ups and bench 500 pounds no like the obesity epidemic not in just the US but in the world has gotten it's gotten ridiculous like it's unbelievable now like pretty soon it's gonna be there's more people that are considered obese which I get is you know just using BMI which is not a really good way to use it but like you know for the majority of people it's kind of useful like more people are gonna be obese than not and I think that's that's scary to me and I that's why I'm just I get worried about it but again like it seems like we we kind of agree like the the extremes which that makes me happy and I the thing that is I feel like most people that are in your position that are you know you know health at every size advocates and stuff like that they probably agree with what you're saying but it seems like the people that have the biggest voice are the ones that are the most extreme and like this is the issue I always have because I am NOT somebody that's gonna sit here and you know like I I talk a lot about test holiday and in my videos you know they're they're critical but I'm not sitting here saying like she's a slob she's discussing I hate her like no because she's a person and like she deserves respect yeah but I think like people like her because she's she's been like I've seen comments from her saying like anybody that pretty much anybody that posted before and after like that's toxic and I just to me I'm like that's just that to me that's just a little ridiculous yeah and it seems like because even like you don't know what it takes to get to that before-and-after picture like what if it wasn't something super extreme like what I was talking about what if it's just like these simple or you know what you were talking about in your journey video you all you did was change like the easy stuff getting rid of processed sugar and not eating fast food that's not like some you're not killing yourself to get those results it's just like your body's natural reaction when you cut out what isn't fueling it correctly I feel like how can you reprimand someone for making a change like that and then their body just reacting the way it's naturally going to react you know yeah and and kind of in the same vein of what you were saying you know from my experience working with a lot of people that are like morbidly obese you know 200 pounds overweight something like that to get to that point you have some very unhealthy habits that you've just kind of accumulated over time you know for me it was drinking a two liter soda every day that was just normal it's just what I did right that that is something that like you were saying that's not healthy right health at every size health is the most important thing so identifying that and changing that will probably result in weight loss for some people and the issue that I've that I've had with some people you know from the health at every size movement it's like it's almost like weight loss is seen as a bad thing like the thing that blows my mind with the test holiday stuff is like she's working out she's going to the gym I I think that she has lost some weight from the videos I've seen and the pictures I've seen but she almost has to like act like she's not losing weight or she's not going to the gym to lose weight and it's like well if that's something that's happening you shouldn't be ashamed of it or afraid to share that and it's almost like she's gotten to a point where now what she says and what she preaches she's like afraid to actually say hey you know like he's like what I was saying in one of my videos is like it it's scary to me to think that maybe she has had some health issues or maybe she is and she's almost afraid to put that out there because of the you know the platform she's built for herself yeah she's not sure like this staple mm-hmm I'm not sure if you follow her but like you have any thoughts on that at all I don't I almost feel like part of the conversation is also bigger than just weight loss I feel like the movement itself has really some like like male and female differences undertones I feel like a lot of it has to do with like society policing women's bodies almost always and I feel like that's what lights a lot of the fire under the health at every size movement because it's almost like women just standing up and being like stop telling me how much I need to weigh or what I need to look like it got a little bit deeper than just weight loss and health and I think that's why there's so much emotions flared up with it because I've experienced stuff like that you know like as a female I'm not even a big woman I guarantee they're women that have it way harder than me but like even I was a hundred and fifty pounds and playing volleyball I had a knee injury and I went to the doctor to get my knee looked at and he told me you know if you lose 20 pounds you probably wouldn't have these knee issues yeah and I was like I have been playing volleyball since I was 12 years old I'm 20 like what you're telling me my weight is the reason why I'm having these knee issues it's just ridiculous women are like put in this little tiny bracket of what they should weigh and look like and if anything outside of that Brad it goes wrong the weight is the reason it could be anything you know and I feel like that's why there's so much heat and fire underneath the conversation especially with people that are so empowered like tes holiday because she is just an outspoken boss ass woman who's like I'm gonna wear lingerie I'm also gonna be severely overweight so I think it's a little bit deeper than just the health thing but there are super big ramifications for being like an obese woman preaching to like stay that way yeah anywhere you're coming for sure yeah and like what you were saying I 100% agree that this might sound terrible and maybe this makes me sound bad but I remember even when I was really overweight I used to say like I'm glad that I'm not a woman because I guys are just meaner like yeah you know and and so I 100% agree with that I think that they're without a doubt people have had more thoughts about what woman's body should look like right for years I mean that's from before women even had the right to vote right they guys were like this is what you should look like and I don't I don't think that's right at all without a doubt but you kind of hit it on the head was you know I think that says holiday 100% totally fine if she if you want to post pictures in lingerie all for it I have no issues with that I have no issues with the woman at all whatsoever the only thing is like you said there are ramifications for being morbidly obese and being morbid morbidly obese for an extended period of time and all my things that I am ever trying to put out there is to just think about the ramifications and understand what they are that's all I'm trying to do I'm not trying to say you need to lose weight and like if you don't I'm never gonna talk to you no but don't be in denial about the ramifications yeah that that's my that's my I guess you could call it argument which to me it just sounds so obvious that it's like I feel like it's not even an argument but like you know there are people that do disagree with that yeah definitely I think there are also better icons um that preached the same thing as her but show what I was saying about like are you actually practicing what you're preaching with the health at every size like Iskra Lawrence she is honestly life changing when it comes to my personal journey because I don't know if you're familiar with her story but she not she's a model who basically killed herself to be very very thin she was super super thin and making it in the modeling industry coming up she's British and she finally just like threw in the Hat and was like I am slowly dying because I'm not feeding myself enough I'm like you know fainting at modeling things and this isn't healthy so she started you know eating right working out living a healthy lifestyle and she's one of those bodies where she's like too small to be plus-size but like according to everyone else's standard she's not thin and she's actually the face of American Eagles airy brand so she models their swimwear and they're their underwear and bras and stuff like that and she's just like the biggest advocate for not fitting yourself into a tiny box and trying to like do more harm than good by fitting into just the aesthetic side of health and she shows it every day on her Instagram she shows herself in the gym but she also shows herself eating good and like letting herself live and she's very very outspoken about body positivity and not retouching photos and the impact that that can have on young girls and stuff I feel like that kind of icon preaches the health at every size in a much more appropriate way than the icons that I see taking pictures like plus-sized women taking pictures in lingerie shoving their faces with pizza I feel like that preaches the wrong message so yeah I might without a doubt I agree with that and I think that they're there absolutely is a place for you know body positivity I'm I'm all for that without a doubt I think that there's nothing wrong with feeling positive about your body whether it's you know you're positive about your body right now and say you want to lose 50 pounds but you're still like I love myself now and I love myself enough to change I've always said that right yeah I want to lose a lot of weight it has to come it can't come from a place of like I hate my self because you might lose the weight without a debt you might actually end up losing the weight but you'll realize oh I still hate myself you know and like that it's I I struggled with that at times you know and but once I realize like I'm doing this I'm going to the gym I'm eating right because I love myself and I want to live longer that's what that's where the magic happens I really believe and I 100% like I agree with that and I think that that's what we should focus on it's just like you were kind of hinting at it's kind of sad that the voices that are the loudest and the ones that get the most attention or the ones that maybe most people I mean I can't I know you can't speak for everybody I can't speak for everybody but from what it seems like most people don't even 100% agree with that and like I am I love that test holidays been posting videos in the gym and she's been going to the gym because again my biggest thing is test holiday she can do whatever she wants it's just her platform is so huge and she has so many people following her and so many women following her that are going to follow in her footsteps so when she posts videos in the gym and you know maybe she's saying I'm not going to the gym to lose weight that's fine but the fact that those women are seeing that and they're seeing her in the gym they're seeing that she's in a gym and she feels confident in a gym because I know gym Tama nation is a very real thing it can be very scary going to a gym when they see someone that's you know maybe their size or maybe even a little bit bigger than them in a gym doing workouts that can be motivating for other people to go to the gym so yeah I think it's great that she's going to the gym no matter whatever her you know reasoning for it might be I think that's good so again no issues with that at all you know I 100% like eating and being like I'm just gonna sit here and eat and I'm confident like yeah for sure like hands down more power to you I think all girl's gotta eat yeah yeah I can put down a whole pizza too but is that what I'm doing like every day no yeah it's good to show like the other side it with like a healthy lifestyle and going to the gym and stuff like that I think so this is kind of gonna end it here but I think that what I have taken the most out of this and what I think has been the most like the most interesting part of the conversation is that you're focusing on the first word instead of the last word you know health at every size and what it seems like a lot of people like to focus on is health at every size yeah and you know the emphasis for you is on health and I think that's great and I really think that that's something that a lot of people can take from this whether you're advocate of health at every size or you're somebody that doesn't like it whatever it might be I think that that's been for me that was that was a really cool you know little piece of the conversation and I'm glad that we were able to to have this conversation so I'll make sure that I'll put your Instagram down in the description everything so people can find you if they're interested and yeah so if you guys are watching this right now and you do want to find her please go and you know say say nice things you know but yeah like if you have any stories for or anything like that I'm sure she would love to hear him and she has some really good captions and all the all the all the pictures that she has and stuff so very very interesting stuff there and I think that even if you're somebody that might not be a advocate for health at every size but you've been interested in this conversation I think that you can learn some some stuff from her Instagram and stuff like that so again thank you so much for thank you me yeah awesome so it was really interesting talking to Courtney and realizing that we do have a lot more in common than I was honestly anticipating which makes sense you know we get we almost like you almost treat people as like these Disney villains that are like all evil or they completely disagree with me and I'm not gonna have anything in common with this person but again like I said we ended up having a lot more in common than we had not in common so I think that it's really interesting I honestly believe that most people that are you know supporters of health at every size are probably you know along the same vein as Courtney they probably believe the same things she does again I can't speak for everybody but I thought that this video was important and I thought that it was really it was really a good conversation one I learned a lot and hopefully you guys will learn a lot from it as well but again I want to say thank you guys so much for watching if you have any comments or anything like that please leave a comment down in the comment section down below again if you want to follow Courtney I'll put her Instagram down in the description again thank you guys so much for watching make sure you like comment and subscribe there was one other thing that I wanted to say all day the warning signs and when there are flashing lights or wig legs don't attempt to cross until they come to a complete stop

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42 thoughts on “My REAL Conversation With a "Health at Every Size" Supporter

  1. The "policing" they're speaking of is just about losing weight which is good for most people because we have a problem. Women gain weight a lot easier than men, and are usually more sedentary than men, so of course we have to work harder towards a healthier weight. Women are more likely to police each other, due to the way women compete with each other, than men policing women and it's not necessarily bad. You also have to consider the fashion of the time as well because womens bodies change depending on the era, the 2000's were the super slim women with fake breasts and now the 2010's are the fit women focussing on butts and it will change again in the 2020's. Courtney said the emphasis was on health, which is nice and I wish that were the case with the movement, when really the emphasis is on size which is why Tess Holliday is so popular; she gives these women, and it's always women because a fat man is never considered attractive and is always pressured to do something about it, an excuse not to take control of their problems and continue down their path of destruction because it's easier for them.

    Also, women do not get to dictate to men what they find attractive and vice versa. Tess Holliday, and everyone like her, pushes the #effyourbeautystandards because they're insecure that people don't find them attractive. Tess is incredibly insecure and has tried to dictate to men what they should find attractive, shaming them for not being attracted to fat women, and that is wrong. Most men like slim women and if you don't fit into that then either lose the weight or find someone who will find you attractive rather than trying to force others to be attracted to you. It's pathetic.

  2. Health at any size; the operative word being HEALTHY!!!! Health is reflective from the inside out!!! It includes mental, emotional aspect of health not just the PHYSICAL!!! Determine what healthy means to/for you…. perhaps a new topic for discussion can be UNHEALTHY at ANY size!!! start a conversation about what unhealthy is and look at it from the mental, emotional & physical aspect!!!! 😊😊😊

  3. This was a great conversation to listen to. Both people here were quite reasonable. However, one thing that seemed problematic was when Courtney talked about how upset she was that her doctor told her she wouldn't have a knee issue if she lost weight. It seems like she took it as sexist criticism and was offended by it. It's medical advice, not a personal attack. This type of reaction is common within the health at every size movement, and it's a problem.

  4. he is a wonderful listener, thank you for having an open and honest discussion. very eye opening and interesting to listen to 🙂

  5. but these people are not 15 kg overweight. 15kg overweight is not even obese. morbidly obese people, who usually talk about being healthy, are double their normal weight. how is that healthy? one thing is some overweight, but being obese, morbidly obese, is bad for your health. morbid means death, it means there is big health dangers and death can come. heart is doing so much overwork. overworking organisms break down. she is not the right person to talk about it, she has not been morbidly obese with her 15k overweight. 30 pounds 15kilogram is not even obese. health in every size means morbidly obese person hast to loose weight.if morbidly obese person has changed their lifestyle, good for them, people who have changed their lifestyle can say that now i live a healthy lifestle and loose weight. but obese people who still overeat have no right to claim that they are healthy. tess holiday is not healthy, she is mean to people who talk about healthy food habits. so obviously she is still overeating and staying the same weight. she is toxic to other obese people

  6. but these people are not 15 kg overweight. 15kg overweight is not even obese. morbidly obese people, who usually talk about being healthy, are double their normal weight. how is that healthy? one thing is some overweight, but being obese, morbidly obese, is bad for your health. morbid means death, it means there is big health dangers and death can come. heart is doing so much overwork. overworking organisms break down. she is not the right person to talk about it, she has not been morbidly obese with her 15k overweight. 30 pounds 15kilogram is not even obese. health in every size means morbidly obese person hast to loose weight.

  7. sorry but loving yourself at anysize seems like a pathetic excuse for being a lazy shit, its one thing to be overweight or underweight, its another to be obese or anorexic.

  8. It has nothing to do with men and women. This movement is dangerous for the masses because wether you like it or not, it influences the already obese society into thinking it is okay, even overweight sorry.

  9. Great interview! The take away here is that being healthy should come before losing weight… but there are extremists in every "movement" and these extremists are the ones that ruin the movement. Imho Tess Holiday is one of those extremists, saying that she can healthy in her morbidity obese situation and advocating things like weight loss should never be a goal, or before and after pics are toxic, when those very pictures are something that could make someone genuinely feel good about themselves, for achieving a goal or becoming healthier…. is completely ridiculous!
    The lady in this video is a MUCH better advocate for healthy at every size than Tess Holiday.
    If Tess posts anything that shows her fasting glucose, fasting insulin, ESR, CRP, and Hba1c, and they're all in a healthy range, I'll do a live video of me eating my own underwear!!

  10. I think a lot of her insecurities came from herself….shes thin passing….she looks like most normal girls….she is probably the only one that hated her body and society wouldnt look at her and call her OBESE. TESS HOLIDAY IS OBESE this girl is not. I would call this girl healthy, tess holiday is not. Period… just my opinion.

  11. If you switched the meaning to a reasonable thing I think you can't lose, but the "health at every size" phrase is still a lie essentially

  12. Im so glad I ran across your channel! Through a lot of sacrifice I had lost 80lbs, and I felt so great. I was still bigger but I felt so much better. I got married and had a baby 10 months ago and I gained all that I had lost plus some. I feel so uncomfortably in my own skin at the moment and to be honest it depresses me at times, but I'm working my ass off and I'm proud to say I've lost 15 lbs! I want to live long and be healthy for my daughter and set that example for her. Im working to get healthy because I am not healthy at my current size and weight, but in the mean time im working to love myself because this imperfect body produced a beautiful baby girl and she's worth it!

  13. Great video. I really like this kind of conversations I do agree in many points with you both . One thing I hate in many channels and the approach that a lot of people make is that there's no differences between overweight, obese or morbily obese they say the same things about the all 3. A 600 lbs person is not overweight. And I agree with the girl because I have feel that way myself. Im 174 lbs and 5'7" i was swimming 2miles 3 times a week before my shoulder injury, now I try to do other things. But a lot of people think that healthy is skinny or super fit and like you mention sometimes is not the case.
    And I agree with you on the Tess H. I believe people most have a limit to me is 200lbs in the moment you hit that is time to start doing something about it. Not long ago I was reading comments about the blogger that she was trashing a company foe not been inclusive because the sizes were not bigger than a size 27, I was kind incredulous watching my size12 jeans thinking wao they want bigger than the doble of these.

  14. This was a very enlightening interview. Honestly, it was me not buying into Health at Every Size, and watching channels like yours, that enabled me to lose 75 pounds in 5 months so far, on my way to lose 200. I wish I could get some coaching from you, especially on crossfit, since there is a crossfit gym next to where I live, but i've bee afraid to go.

  15. I love that you're open to listening to others! And the compassion on your face when you're hearing her story <3

  16. Body positivity is so important. Especially for young girls. Growing up in the 2000s fad diets and severe calorie restriction in (special k, atkins, jenny craig, etc). I was never told growing up / never heard anyone talk about cellulite or stretch marks, which are very natural no matter skinny or overweight. There was little to no representation of different body types in media. I grew up hating my body and having terrible relationship with food. Still at 22 I struggle a lot. Negativity drove me to an eating disorder and made me depressed. Learning to embrace my flaws and be positive about my body is so much happier for me mentally which motivates me to also be healthy physically. I wish more people understood the deep hatred so many girls have for their bodies even though they are beautiful. It's important to show that not everyone is going to have a flat stomach. Cellulite is normal. Stretch marks are normal.

  17. She's very young and it's easy to be blase about her health right now. The consequences and risks of being overweight are cumulative, in terms of wear and tear on joint and inflammation within the body because of carrying too much adipose tissue, which also affects hormonal levels.

    Yes, she's probably got more muscle than a normal overweight woman. But at 5' 3" and 170lb (BMI 30.1) she is veering into the obese zone if she gains any more and the body simply does not care how much you can squat or lift in terms of stress extra weight makes on your body. The weight on your joints is the weight on your joints. Bodybuilders and strongmen suffer joint problems too from carrying too much bulk.

    Glad she's happier not obsessing about food but you can be a healthier weight and also not obsess about food. It's not an either/or scenario. It's also not really on to pretend that her health at the very beginning of the obese scale is reflective of that of many fat people who have often been terribly obese since childhood and are morbidly obese now. She has been overweight for a very short period. Hopefully she wakes up and realises that whatever she FEELS, obesity of any type, even very low-level compared to many is inherently not great over time for the body. I've been the equivalent BMI to her at 5' 5" and 180lb and now maintain a BMI or 23 or so in my late forties. I feel as well as look much better. Maintain a BMI of 30 and I guarantee by 40 she will have painful knees and other issues.

  18. People forget that most men are overweight now too. I’m not saying that this controversy with women isn’t connected to societal prejudice, but imagine saying a 300lb man can be healthy. Far less people would handle it the same way as if one made the comment to a woman, and I think that tells us that as Obesetobeast says, it’s an attack on their very being. We can’t separate ourselves from how we look, and so that will always be uncomfortable or insulting. I guess the problem is how to create an environment where we can admit unhealth that appears physically in a way that it doesn’t devalue our existence. Body positivity can’t do that, because it inherently tells people not to change, so then there will be s pushback against the argument that overweight people should lose weigh of that they should not. the result is extremes. If « unhealth » doesn’t change their worth, than there is also less pressure and I’d argue the choice of how much/to lose at all is more autonomous and gentler.

  19. At first I was bummed that they didn’t really disagree much. 😂 Buuut I loved hearing this perspective. I think it brought a lot of empathy and understanding to the conversation and for that I’m grateful. I’m also going to totally look into that model she mentioned too.

  20. Hi, I’d love to share my thoughts with you on this sensitive topic but I feel like the YouTube comments section might be a bit restrictive, would it be possible to send you an email instead?

  21. isnt obesity the biggest killer and biggest problem world wide then again this comes down to personal taste the question what do people like too look at if your a guy thats is all muscle your not gonna want to be with or seen with someone that is not in that stature or even associate with them also whats the likely hood of someone that is 300 pounds cant out preform a normal person that is of a normal weight or a strong weight can any body positive person beat an athlete in any shape or form which is the ultimate form of preformance

  22. Realistically though anyone that is weighing 3 600-lb I bet they don't feel healthy are good with themselves. So how can they say for themselves even if they have no medical conditions that they're healthy and they feel good because isn't that what the body positivity movement is all about is getting healthy mentally physically enough to where you are genuinely feeling good

  23. So it sounds to me like the "Health at Every Size" slogan isn't about claiming that EVERYONE is healthy regardless of their size, but rather that anyone at any size should strive for adopting a healthy lifestyle. This is very reasonable, I think the slogan is taken a little wrong and overly literal too.

  24. Courtney’s story about the doctor telling her to lose weight to fix her knees hit me deep. I was sixteen, 5’3”, 125 lbs, involved in sports, eating maybe 1250 calories a day and my doctor told me to lose 10 to 12 pounds to help with my knee issues. Are you kidding me? I never saw her again. Since then I did reach 115 lbs at one point (due to not being able to eat because of my dietary needs). My body isn’t healthy at that weight. I was miserable, starving, and my knees still hurt. Skinny does not equal health. I’m back up again and couldn’t be happier.

  25. Most of the "this is what you should look like" stuff these day are conjured by other women…if you really think about it. I don't see men picking at women near as much as I see women picking at each other.. Even allot of the beauty standards I've read up on in history have been other women making something a trend and others following..or trying hard to achieve it.

  26. I advocate treating people of every and any size with respect, but it is delusional to think you are healthy as an obese person. A lot of these obese people then say 'well i don't smoke, drink alcohol' etc. but it should be compared to someone with the same other habits/lifestyles but at a normal weight and comparing the direct risks of being overweight.

  27. IMO: this is too moderate of a talk.. Having watched a fair amount of vs. Talks both people are always rational.. And the moderates of their group.. I dont neccisarily think you get a good idea of both sides looking at the middle.. They always usually agree..they just have slight wording differences and different end goals.. Please do this again but with a nuch more drastic person. Sounds odd i know… And i dont mean for the ratings..but the minority of every group is the loudest and those are the people you need to talk to becuase they cause the greatest divide

  28. I think body positivity is nice. It helps people learn to truly love themselves and finally live their lives without inner judgment.

    I wish body positivity worked for me. I see it all over the place but nothing has made me care about myself or love my. I probably used to love myself once. I’m only 17 but I can’t recall saying to myself that I was beautiful. I always had crushes that I never pursued and relationships where even though I was loved by someone I couldn’t love myself enough to enjoy it or find any happiness. I’d push boys away so that they’d date my pretty friends because they deserved a thinner and prettier girl who they could be proud of saying that that girl is their girlfriend. I see pretty much everyone besides myself as the embodiment of beauty and wish to be like them everyday.

    I’m a hypocrite. I tell everyone that they look amazing and to always love themselves when I can’t do the same. I applaud those who can go out and have fun even though they’re fat or have bodily flaws because they’re doing something that I stopped doing years ago.

    I know I sound like a middle aged woman who lost her youth but I’m not even close. I used to love swimming and never cared how I looked in a one piece swimsuit. 5 years ago I stopped swimming. 2 years ago I went to a water park and conveniently forgot my new swim suit so that I could just wear shorts and a shirt. 5 years ago I stopped being comfortable wearing dresses and gowns. 6 years ago I stopped wearing shorts and skirts. Now in current day I don’t even want to go outside to be seen. I always wear a black jacket to school even in the summer it’s better than wearing a shirt or letting people see my gross body.

    I’m fine with body positivity and even fat acceptance sometimes because it stops people especially young girls for becoming someone like me. Someone who will never be able to accept herself no matter how much weight she loses. Someone who will lose a social life even if these are the best years of her life to have a social life and build confidence. I want these acceptance movements to stay because people deserve to love themselves and live their best lives.

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