My Wellness Corner + Desk Tour | Healthy Grocery Girl

My Wellness Corner + Desk Tour | Healthy Grocery Girl

hi guys welcome to my desk this is just a super super casual video I was working this morning and I just felt inspired to share with you my wellness corner on my desk so that's what we're gonna do today just a really casual video I wasn't sure if we should put this video on our new vlog channel but because this is a wellness themed video I'm just gonna put it up on our healthy grocery girl channel so this is my desk this is my laptop that is my hard drive to back things up this is where I do a lot of my email and then I also have this computer which is what I use for all of my photography editing and then arond as most of our video editing but I do some video editing as well so I use the big computer for editing so back to the Wellness corner so this is my Salt Rock lamp I have been using this alt-rock lamp for a while will turn it on so you guys can see it basically becomes this really pretty orange e pink color sorry if my voice sounds a little raspy I'm not sure why it is that way today but basically this Salt Rock not only does it look pretty but it's I'm gonna insert a little card here which is gonna explain the potential benefits of a solid rock lamp so as you can see there's some potential good benefits of the Salt Rock lamp and I'll turn it off cuz that light is kind of hard to see but I think it just looks pretty so whether it has all the health benefits that it claims or not it can't hurt and you know I I do hope that it helps because you know my husband this is his computer and these are mine we work right next to each other so that is one thing I have on my desk is my Salt Rock lamp next this is my diffuser I really love diffusing essential oils and I'm new to the central oils I'm learning about them basically this is my little collection I have just collected a few things that I've bought from Whole Foods Market actually so one of my favorites here is lavender I use this one a lot especially when I'm working I think just having some a lot lavender essential oils diffusing really helps me feel more calm and that's really important when you're working but sometimes work can be stressful I also found this aroma Fair where Roma therapy blend it's called relax it's like a combination of I don't know I think the box has the combination of what it is it's not on this on this jar here but it just smells good it has lots of relaxing oils and then there's a lot of other ones in here basil we have peppermint this is lemongrass I really like lemongrass rose this is also just smells so nice of rose essential oil what's this one frankincense amazing love that one and then frankincense and myrrh so I'm getting into essential oils I don't have a favorite brand yet I know I know I'll get there I know a lot of people are really into their essential oils and I'm starting to come around to them I think that they sound amazing and I'm all for natural health and wellness so so that's something you know I'm always learning we are all always learning but I wanted to share with you my little essential oil station and basically how this works is I just take this off and I put a few drops of essential oil fill this up with water put this back on I turn this little button on and then I have my essential oils diffusing and my salt rock lamb glowing and I just feel great when I'm working and then I have this little plant here because this is actually not a real plant my mom gave this to me as a little gift but something about having a nice little green plant just feels nice at my desk and I like that it's not real because I don't have to worry about it and it will live forever and ever and then I also like to keep some lotion nearby because um I don't know I just really like lotion and I've shared this one with you guys before this is from my Keurig so the calming body lotion lavender I really like lavender so I am actually someone who really struggles with anxiety I just am a very anxious person and it runs in my family so these are some of my techniques to help me just Center myself and feel more calm during my workday so now you guys can envision me working when I'm creating healthy grocery girl content for our blog or YouTube channel our membership website but I hope you found this video helpful just like I said I was inspired on the spot to make this video and share it with you guys very casual I'm not even in the video because I didn't have to be today but I did want to share this content with you but I love you guys thank you so so much for watching subscribing to our channel I hope you're having a wonderful day and thanks for watching and subscribing and I'll see you in the next video

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17 thoughts on “My Wellness Corner + Desk Tour | Healthy Grocery Girl

  1. I watched this when first posted but have come back to it because I want a salt lamp and wanted to see which one you have. It also reminded me that I meant to ask you if you were into crystals at all.

  2. I love essential oils! I really only trust Young Living essential oils, but I do have some of the more expensive oils in the now and aura cacia brands. Also have a salt lamp! 🙂

  3. I have the same salt lamp! I got it for Christmas to help for my depression and anxiety , it goes on my nightstand and it's helped a lot!

  4. My daughter just got me a diffuser and some oils. Love them. I have the NOW oils, too. Just used peppermint today! Love your videos!

  5. Love the tour! I have heard of the salt rock lamp and definitely want to get one!! I also love the diffuser- hoping to get into the essential oil world as well! Love your setup 🙂

  6. I recently got into black seed oil and supposedly it does everything you can think of. So far I've successfully used it for wounds, colds, head aches, and acne.. man that stuff works!

  7. Love your space. I am all about essential oils. I have been using them for almost a year and a half. The one big thing I learned is that most store bought brands are filled with chemicals. I was totally shocked when I finally picked a brand of essential oils and compared it to what comes from the store. So different. Once you start using essential oils, you will never go back. They are good for everything!

  8. I LOVE the NOW brand oils! So reasonably priced, and nice quality! I WOULD love a better diffuser as we have a big house and I think we need a nice one with my surface area coverage. Ours really is for a small room and barely does the job.  Would LOVE a Young Living one, or a Doterra one so going to have to check Amazon as I know they have them! 🙂

  9. I just got into EO also (for anxiety) and I've been building up my collection. I love frankincense and myrrh. You should try geranium and ylang ylang.

  10. Loved this video, definitely inspired me to create a little something like this on my desk as well!

  11. Make sure to check that your essential oil blend doesn't have any carrier oil in it. You can ruin your diffuser. And don't be pressured by anyone to buy a particular brand! There are plenty of good brands.

  12. Megan – I loved this video. It inspired me. I actually go to a salt cave where I live. It's amazing. If you ever get a chance – GO! 🙂

    ***anyone that hasn't checked Megan's second channel – go check it out! Have a wonderful night you guys!

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