NAM Wellness " Suver Haze and Sour Space Candy " CBD hemp flower review

NAM Wellness " Suver Haze and Sour Space Candy " CBD hemp flower review

what's up guys it should grow a sauce and you're tuned in to CBD TV now I got a package I've got some goodies and we will see what's poppin ok so this is coming from NAMM wellness and it looks like they're in New Jersey and it comes this I'm gonna let animal oh if I already open it up to make sure that I got what I needed and snow proof bag and then it comes a little letter here from Nam wellness and it says thank you for your purchase we look forward to future transactions with you their phone number their email and their website well that's nice I do like their little logo look at that well cannabis plant over here and make another drip making a drip drip ok so I like that everything comes nice and it's snow proof you can't smell anything so very discreet and then um wellness like you want to be able to tell that smell CBD your ears in and then they just send you the receipt and then these certificates of analysis and it looks like what we have here is our space candy and super haze and y'all know y'all know I love me some sour space candy total CBD for the sour space candy is 18.2% which is really good and then the THC delta-9 is point zero six which is good as well and then I want to see what the THC a is the THC egg is point eight percent all right and then we have the super haze and I like how they have the picture of the flower on the certificate of an illness okay now the super haze is coming in at a whopping twenty percent twenty point four percent total CBD and then their Delta 9 THC is 0.03 percent so very low on the THC Delta nine spectrum here and it looks like their THC a is one point zero one so this super heat should have some great great effect to it with a little bit of a higher percentage of THC a vitamin water not not sponsored by them i wish i could be i love me some vitamin water you guys it's just getting you can get your vitamins are you filming I'm happy you guys I'm happy to be back I don't know if you guys saw my month to review I've got a load of motion oily I'm saying that shit was random has fun but I got emotional initial was real it was raw I how to share with you guys so let's let's break into this let let's bust it from me hope you guys are having a wonderful weekend I'll smell it you guys I smell some zdenka teen a think okay as soon as you cut the smell proof seal you smell it oh I'm loved I just I love these little nut jugs honestly and they are still proof – they got some I don't if you guys can see they actually got some plastic wrap over here so this is a 1 gram SC so pretty sure sour space candy fill me sour candy and then it tells you contain CBB exceptional quality under 0.3 percent THC so this is really good okay I don't see a letter to law enforcement which I do need that so not lowness go ahead and throw that little letter to law enforcement cuz I'm not trying to be hemmed up over some see me deep though me but I have been hearing some horror stories on reddit about people getting jeomsun going to jail over having CBD so I mean I do like that it says here that isn't Tatum he he probably got a whiff I do like here that it says it's lab tested and it contains CBD and it's under 3% but nowhere does it say that you know I'm saying that it's legal and things like that I do still like these containers cuz bustling cyberspace can do fan I like that these are sealed you know what I mean so like you know nobody either messing with your shit steal the little there it goes really stuck to my head smells like some sour space candy you guys I always say that sour space candy to me smells like the little Limon Lucas they're like like they're called like 7up they're like little powder candy of like some white lemony powder candy sour candy and that's what this smells like like telleth see that's what this smells like it smells good take it out now I do just have a gram of each of these they ran a little promotion buy one get one free and these flowers you guys they look really good and they are covered in trichomes soft little dance I'm gonna give you a zoom in on this I make a moan when I'm in it that should look fires fuck it smells good like I said it's not like cyberspace candy so what's our space candy smells like it's just very sour and like very skunky and when you plus another open first of all trichomes everywhere that sourness just like intensifies okay okay nom wellness I see you out here oh right that's all right space canyon I haven't have our space candy in a minute now let's get to this Silver Haze now I love me some super haze I always say that super haze helps me the most with my pain I really like super haze and I also I've only had it from apical brains and I really really loved it this house different gas this smells so good it smells like skunky diesel II earthy fruity all my favorite flavors of smell okay these are really small little pieces here but I mean I smell fire there's really hard with a grin you notice and it's really hard to like appreciate you know what the buds really look like cause you just get a smaller amount but it smells amazing you guys it smells really good good job and I'm wellness on that cuz I've had some stuff that isn't smell so great but then you break it down it's actually you know then you can smell it and it's like really didn't stuff but if something smells good and it looks good what I'm likely is gonna taste good this this looks like it's covered in trichome it's so not as tough this is our space candy but it is very soft got some purple in here I love you got y'all not let me some hurt mmm all right so I'm gonna give you guys a close-up on this super super haze alright looks fire because this is like smaller nose I want to taste this stuff first and you guys know I got my handy-dandy rock homes I really like these guys they make it just really easy really easy to pack really easy to smoke I love the filter on us but you do got to pack them tight because we don't have them tight menu and have flyaway ash all over the place I love the nub drugs okay just writing them on packaging I'm gonna have to give them a 9 out of 10 they would have gotten maybe a 10 out of 10 if they would have had that letter to law enforcement but really good packaging I love these mom jugs and I love being able to put my flower back in here when I'm finished and they're small they're not huge and I just like having none jugs I like the little sticker on them and the flower the way they love the way they smell both strains this is some gas you guys there's some gas break somebody's down save seven days later me and then um when you break it down you guys this is a little bit more drier than the Sahara space candy but when you break it down you bust these nuns open god that smell is loud loud I'm doing laundry our wifey doing laundry in the back it's laundry day there's no weekends it's probably hearing the washing machine man one of the little babies man you threw up on the blanket Oh No so nasty we have this big fluffy white down comforter who this is this is missus this is sticky even though it's a little bit dry it's it's pretty sticky and I have had this just sitting there for about a week because I was detoxing on like from Monday to Thursday and so like as much as I wanted to do reviews for you guys and as much as I wanted to smell I couldn't I needed a pest that drug test and I passed it give them if I was smoking regular THC bugs I would have had a big hug for a month I'm gonna let it I don't know there's lots to be loud as hell in here this breaks down so did you guys I just want to show you I want to show you guys and then I like even though it was a little dry it's still sticky you got that good sticky crumble you know smells so good I could've done more than a gram god damn – oh you're not more than a gram but you know what companies that are newer that I don't know much about and there's not that many reviews about them I do like to order smaller amounts and I think they're still running the promotion is if you and you purchase something you dare grab for free so make sure you guys take advantage of that now that you know that this it is up and I believe I do have a discount code for you guys as well and I gotta double check that and it might not have one I'm gonna get one for y'all so just make sure you guys check that check out the description below and get your guys at savings this smells fire super haze is one of my favorites one of my favorites you guys it's just it's just be soul fire like it smells so good I want to eat it Oh yo close 20% CVD this is the highest percentage CVD that I've had in a long time and it breaks down good because I still this is only 0.5 of the gram because I put the rest in here because I wanted to save it you know and I like to hit some super haze in the bong for a night time I always smoke out the bong lure out the percolator at night before bed and I feel like super haze for me is just one of those strains that really just puts me at ease with my pain and if you're just tuning in for the first time welcome welcome to CBD T we know a fan band man y'all get all the lovin if you guys are tuned in and you like this video give it a thumbs up subscribe to my channel hit that little bell be a part of an OD fan BAM so you guys know what I'm posting new videos man we're on the grind we're on the way to 1k and we slowly but surely moving on up you feel me man I'm so happy and so thankful for you guys all right we're just about finished here I like to pack my joins and then once I close them up here I like to give them a little shade so that it could just get a little tighter and shout out to JB at 5-leaf wellness for showing a girl how to do the young whale tail okay he went live on Instagram yesterday he was showing us how to do this well.tell and also he's on check out my guys Taz from smoking legal the channels called smoking legal make sure you go check him out he went to 5-leaf wellness and you know I'm saying get a review and that's how I learned how to do this little whale tale little fan tail on the joint I'm ready you guys you guys ready let's take it to the porch all right you guys ready to do the young taste test on this super haze and just on the little inhale taste when you pull in before you light it the flavor that I get are just like I just can't with your legs flavorful man citrusy citrusy and skunky I gotta go grab oh he got that go grab you guys – I made my eyes water oh my god this one there's some guys you guys this is some fucking gas the flavors are so pungent the flavors the taste on this like this don't taste like no hand this does not taste like no hand this tastes like some this tastes like that true like bath funk like that gas like that I want to see it tomorrow and the next day and the next day when I right now I'm gonna be sad and I'm gonna be sick so he's got a grip put it on put it in order not wellness I'm putting in putting in an order I need a quarter this that's Hayes's it's like is my new favorite I have so many favorite you guys like I can't have not one favorite like instantly I just feel like calming on this instantly the smoke on this you guys I said it's a 10 out of 10 10 10 catches him – fire get you some get you some of this super haze and if there are sour space candies in any correlation of how good this super haze you guys and I'm long this good job seal stamp boom isaw approved put that letter at law enforcement that's it you guys are Gucci lady you don't either later at law enforcement because this shit stink they open up that package they're gonna get a whip of that loud they need to know what the fuck it is I love you guys man thank you guys for being awesome and showing so much love and I appreciate you guys to the fullest I'm gonna go ahead and say peace to y'all love peace and kindness and blessings you feel me be kind to one another be respectful make good decisions you know I'm saying to many of us out here too many of the community too many the youth is getting in trouble and doing she they're not supposed to and we supposed to I don't want to we want to better ourselves you know I'm saying as individuals and once we once we're adults you guys once you hit 18 once you in your 20s like you guys know stop making like dumb decisions I'm just saying cause like couple of my friends like they didn't ended up in jail and like over some dumb shit just you know I'm saying just trying to like and I get it the struggle is real I get it believe me I get it but don't put yourself in situations where you know you or you you know you can get caught up in two years for yeah I'm saying we got some true half stars out here and I respect you guys as grinding I respect you guys as individuals but please be safe out here Arizona they should is getting crazy now we're too grown to be getting logged and dumb shit like I said I love you guys love peace and blessings and I can't you want a flip side

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16 thoughts on “NAM Wellness " Suver Haze and Sour Space Candy " CBD hemp flower review

  1. Just ordered some so I can toke up while I DJ. Esauce, peep my channel and burn one to my hip hop mixes!

  2. Okay!!! What thats what I’m talkin about! Garden State is reppin right with the Suver Haze! Im in NY now but I lived in NJ for 28 years. Jersey always had the craziest Dour Dank. Imma cop this next for sure.

    Thanks for another dope review

  3. NAM wellness is one of my favorite CBD companies besides Hippy Moods πŸ’œ I need me a sponsor code lol

  4. Great video just started smoking CBD flower a week ago and it has helped a lot for my back pain. Keep the reviews coming love your videos

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