Narcissists Neglect Self Care & Hygiene

Narcissists Neglect Self Care & Hygiene

[Applause] hey survivors and flavors a quick video here talking about how Narcis neglect self-care and hygiene please like comment share and subscribe Narcis neglect self-care and hygiene self-care is any deliberate activity we do to take care of our mental emotional and physical health we live in a world where many people neglect their mental emotional and physical health and instead focus on their image or what the world sees on the outside this is why dysfunctional relationships are so common people with unhealed childhood traumas personality disorders stress anxiety depression the only people who appear to be practicing self-care efficiently are abuse survivors people who are spiritual or those who are required to practice self-care for their career it really shows how important image and looking good on the outside is these days when people latrine neglect their mental emotional and physical health they will spend thousands on cars or designer clothes and it's nothing for them to do that but they would never spend that same amount of money on their health unless it's an emergency just think about how crazy that is in my personal experience I have found that Narcis do not practice self-care efficiently the Narcis in my life did not eat a nutritious or healthy diet they had eating disorders and developed thyroid or bowel issues from a young age they're rarely exercised to them rather than seeing the gym as a place where you can improve your health they saw it as a place where they can go to present their image or to get attention usually going to the gym is one of the main forms of self care that I Narcis will practice they have to be in shape they have to display an attractive image but some nurses have such a strong sense of arrogance and entitlement that they believe they don't even have to be in good shape Narcis don't always follow up with medical care they will put off checkups or visits to the doctor opticians or dentist they have this magical thinking in their minds but as long as they think everything will work out okay they don't need to take any action to take care of their bodies Narcis most often will not practice mindfulness or meditation they have overactive minds they are never at peace they don't practice meditation because it involves self-reflection and luck with it looking within it's too painful for them Narciso pier to be very attractive when you first meet them but if you look closely you will see signs that they do not practice self-care efficiently in my experience I have found that narcissus will dress well do the hair and wear makeup they are very good at creating the image they want to display to the world but this is all they really focus on they neglect self-care and basic hygiene they have poor hygiene habits there are red flags you should be aware of when you are dealing with an artist red flags of poor hygiene and my experience I have found that they would have stained teeth or bad breath offensive body odors disguised with perfume dandruff hairy nostrils dirty fingernails they would spend long amounts of time in the shower which can strip away the skin's natural barrier they would have very hot showers which can lead to infections these are all basic practices of self-care and hygiene which Narcis will neglect on the surface they look clean they dress well and smell good but if you get a bit closer or look closely at their hair or fingernails you will find that it isn't real self-care they focus more on their external image rather than actually taking care of themselves it's all about what you see on the outside it isn't real self-care just like it isn't real self-love they are just very good at creating a certain image that you might want to see they've had years of practice at luring in targets and manipulating them they don't spend much time practicing self-care or basic hygiene they don't even wash their hands after they've been to the bathroom they don't think about their stuff because they just magically think but it won't affect them boy will just magically go away you may find yourself feeling unwell when you are around them especially if you have sexual contact with them every narcissist I've had a relationship with had poor sexual hygiene I don't really want to go into detail about that here but just be careful if you are having sexual contact with an artist you might get sick or have an infection and try to keep the lights on so you can really assess their level of hygiene they don't practice self-care or basic hygiene so they are prone to disease if you are in a relationship with an artist please be very careful and take all of this into consideration when you are around them I haven't seen any videos on this topic before but it was a recurring theme and my relationships with Narcis so I thought I should discuss this please share your thoughts in the comments about your personal experiences that's all for this video thank you for watching please like comment share and subscribe and I will talk to you soon

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50 thoughts on “Narcissists Neglect Self Care & Hygiene

  1. ! could smell them both  eeew…He had on that same faded tee and board shorts with dirt dripping down his fat bowling pins..the wigged out one video tapes while the pin stare try to act like he's hot it so dam funny)))

  2. They don't like to use soap on their butts… Because they probably think they don't have to. Ew. Bad breath and yellow teeth that spout lies/manipulation/foul jokes. People who love you will ask you, "What you are doing with this guy?". That explains why beautiful women are sometimes with this greasy smelly fat blobs. They where tricked into a relationship!

  3. Yes! The once or twice a week shower. Always a long shower and as hot water as possible. Why such boiling hot water? Narc Survivor , is there a reason?

  4. Mine only took a bath when he was going around his family. Never brushed his teeth. He worked in a meat factory and wanted to come in and jump in the bed.

  5. I am so glad you addressed this issue with many narcs. I believe the ones who are OCD with hygiene are mimicing what they feel is socially expected or trying to get their next victim. Just like they mimic emotions from other people, but they don't feel any emotion (empty shell). They can make themselves cry, etc. Many don't wipe or flush toilets. Has anyone else observed this?

  6. My husband's ex wife demanded he get a vasectomy to avoid pregnancy but refused to give him vaginal sex or ejaculate because she said it was gross and she could get pregnant. (Yea figure that).

    She would prefer he did anal on her because it was cleaner in her opinion. Yet she would with hold sex for weeks/ months and then refuse vaginal but force anal unless of course it came to oral. He told me how terrible things looked, tasted or smelled. Of course she was a pillow princess and it was a one way street during sex.

    I told him it was because she was controlling his sexual preference and right to procreation or biological genetic rights. Forcing him to do anal was a tactic to humiliate him and force him to do things sexually that was not his preference and that he thought was wrong. He said her private area was gross but he utilized it because that was his wife and his only access to sex as a married man who wanted to be loyal. When I asked if she douched the anus or let him use condoms he said no. She left him with a poop covered penis. (Sounds like a fun time).

    I said see….. She was rank with her health and body and she was controlling you to accept that kind of stink ways so IF you ever wanted to cheat or get a divorce, she groomed you to think poor hygiene and disgusting things were normal so you would never attract or do better then her.

    Therapy and our honest but disturbing conversations has helped him recover after 20 years with this woman who cheated with men and women, exposed the kids to preditors and gave him stds.

    Many narc's have poor hygiene and they want their victims to let themselves go and lower their standards so they get more stink then the narc.

    It's all about control.

  7. This narc cried when I asked for a std/hiv test and was stink as fuck. Had the nerve to say “your ass is supposed to stink”wheeeeeeewww 🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢 dead corpse in the head ass…..The walking dead.

  8. Well my narc would take baths and is very materialistic outer appearance he would be good … butt his health and the foods he eat is junk his endorphins are toxic when he sweats is toxic … he doesnt work out … he only taken care of his stuff and his stuff alone …

  9. OMG. My ex-narc/jeezabel had a bad habit of not wanting to throw away toliet tissue with feces on it where she wiped and blood from period. I know it's disgusting. She would keep it in a certain purse or plastic bag hidden in a closet or under a bed.

  10. Some might thing it's a vague description but the one woman who got me thinking what is going on with her this thing called narcissistic that u did not know what to call it until I got to know her yes she had these characteristics indeed and thank God I did meet her so now I can see there are more of them in my life

  11. You have described my narc husband my GOD! I went into his bathroom one time and I was appalled! I couldn't believe he was functioning in that mess. I'd do laundry fold and hanger his clothes all he has to do was put them up. I found he was just dumping them in a room we don't really use. He has a missing tooth he refuses to get help with even tho he has insurance. Sad….

  12. He was a PIG!!’ There was a black ring around his bathtub! It looked liked he hadn’t cleaned it in years. He was always funky/musty. He was a flea bag carry STD son of a b&$((@

  13. Oh man, I thought I was just depressed 💩 lol
    Can you please clarify as to whether victim's of narcissism/abuse behave this way too??
    Somedays I am so exhausted and just getting up and out of bed is a huge accomplishment ☹✌

  14. That’s bc 3-7 yr olds don’t know anything about self care. Narcs are that, stuck emotionally at 3-7 yrs old. Stunted. Fcking gross.

  15. They are full of STDs, or go around trying to catch it. The narcs I know are however extremely obsessed with their looks and body though, and you will never see them without makeup, or nice clothes and status symbols, and luxury gym memberships to boast of their looks and physique.

  16. What do you do when you Narc ''Friend'' tries to befriend one of your friends who is well off…. Thankfully my friend sees right through the bs but My narc friend was being sneaky and found out my friends phone #

  17. My ex hated to wash and would say he hated being wet. Rarely cleaned his teeth, unless he was on the prowl, for another victim. I would always be asking when he showered last and unlike the video, he was never in the shower very long when he did shower, less then 5 minutes and he felt he washed good enough. Yet, in his mind, he thinks he is gorgeous. What a mess.

  18. Not always true the ones i know are overly clean and some do exessive drugs and alcohol. Those that dont bathe etc are suffering from some other mental illness

  19. My ex narcissistic wife would go for days without showering and then presented herself to me and say let's have sex I honestly believe she did it just to make me feel uncomfortable like it was a game

  20. Spot on. Narcissists are dirty filthy creatures. They don't wash clothes .. only spray perfume on themselves. My unmarried narc sis just airs her clothes in the sun n uses them again n again. Smells like a pig. She burps n let's off gas in front of everyone n thinks its normal. No manners rude unrefined people. Just shoots from the mouth n doesn't realize shes hurting others. Also very lazy. Just sits in her room reading novels whole day.

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  22. I've clocked mine on many occasions not showering for almost a month and his house is absolute filth hoarder house mice maggot's falling from the roof just disgusting I really don't know what I saw in him so Gross!!!!

  23. So many time if I thought of a fun thing I would like to do together..he wouldn't shave or anything ..I was like I picked up a skid row bum to go with

  24. I'm so glad you touched on this. They will go out without washing up,  not brushing their teeth, excessive facial/ body hair and have a sweaty/ musty odor. Even if they keep their home clean their personal hygiene will still be poor

  25. By the way, watch out. I have come to realize that a lot of the pedophiles are either psychopaths or narcissists or both.

  26. I'm listening carefully as you are talkin about neglecting mental health and then as you name the type of people who actually pay attention to it and I agree with you. Believe it or not I know a spiritual narc. He's a much older man and how I can say he has a piece of spiritual in him I happen to know him and he knows he's no good for people.. I mean of course everybody has friends but he doesn't get in relationships and he let women know not to take him too serious even a woman that I know that fell in love with him she was a little younger than him. From what I've known she is married now but I remember asking him and he's like my godfather.. I said how do you feel about her getting Married.. he said I knew I was never going to marry her I' get over everybody I deal with because I don't really fall in love that's why I keep to myself. He said she wanted me to move in with her but I didn't want to do that and she wanted to move in with me but I didn't think that was wise so I just let her go.. I know him to be a spiritual person he is definitely a narc… however I respect him for staying the hell away from people… some of these narcs know every relationship they touch will be temporary because of who they are… but this man being spiritual not saying he's all that decent but he has enough spirituality in him to stay the hell away from people. Before he started praying I know for a fact he would not have made this decision. And although he is older if he stops praying sincerely… he may be let loose out into the wild again

  27. God bless you for sharing your experience you are so right about what you are saying ihad four years of a narssis abuses he spent one whole month with out shower iwas cleaning him up in order to sleep around him

  28. One day you are going to hit the big screen with your videos and there are going to be movies about narcs it may be empty movie theaters because the narcs are going to be afraid to show up

  29. I can't stop watching this video it has so many great points.. something else I learned is a narc will have you so into them that you will neglect taking care of yourself without realizing it. Whenever they have a situation it takes hours and hours to resolve.

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