National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES)

National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES)

MUSIC [Tony] Welcome
to the National Health and Nutrition Examination
Survey, otherwise known as NHANES. Our mobile exam centers go
across the United States, in order to capture a
picture of our nation’s heath. The NHANES mobile exam
centers are trailers that are custom built to be
interconnected with one another. Once connected they create
a set of medical stations that will be used to
asses our nation’s health. Capturing the health
status of individuals with disabilities is
an important piece in determining the
health of our Nation. For participants with physical
disabilities or cannot walk up the stairs to our Mobile
Exam Center, we have a lift that will be able
to bring you up. In addition, for
those that require it, we provide medical
transportation at no cost. Once you come into
our reception area, our staff will answer
any questions you have, and sign you in. You will be given a set of
medical scrubs to put on and a bracelet that has
a special barcode number that is specific
and unique to you. Once you are changed, the
examinations will take about three and a half
hours for an adult and less time for children. In this room, your height
and weight will be measured. Using these numbers,
your body mass index or BMI, can be calculated. This number is critical as we closely monitor
the weight of our nation. In addition, the height
and weight obtained from children was used to create
The Pediatric Growth Charts that are used in
doctor’s offices, today. By allowing your
child to participate, you will help us accurately
monitor how our children are growing today. In this room, our NHANES
physician will measure your heart rate and blood pressure. Your participation in NHANES
will provide the information that is critical in measuring and monitoring the
cardio-vascular health of our nation. In our Dietary Interview room, you will be asked
detailed questions about what you eat
using these food models. The information that we learn from this room helps determine
serving sizes that you see on food nutrition labels. Your participation will help
our nation become more educated to make healthier food
choices in the future. In the NHANES Oral Health room, our dentists will examine
your teeth and gums and identify any
areas of concern. Your exam will be able to
provide a better understanding of the current state of
oral health in this country. In this Mobile Exam Center room, you’ll be asked questions
on a computer. A few people may find that our
questions are very personal in nature and we
want everyone to feel as comfortable as possible. Therefore, our staff will
be present to show you how to answer questions
before leaving when the questions begin. By participating
in this session, you will help researchers; gain
a better understanding of drug and alcohol use,
physical activity and mental health in
the United States. In this Audiometry booth, we assess hearing using
these specialized headphones. This soundproof audio booth
was specially designed for our mobile exam centers. By participating
in this session, you will help researchers gain
a better understanding of who is at risk for hearing loss
in the United States. In our certified state
of the art laboratories, blood and urine samples
are processed. Our NHANES laboratory staff
prepares blood to be tested for medical conditions
such as, anemia, high cholesterol and diabetes. In addition, we check for
high environmental exposure such as high lead,
arsenic or mercury levels. And, we check for infectious
diseases such as Hepatitis B and C. Based on your age, you may be eligible
for special tests. For instance, participants
over the age of 50 will receive
a bone density scan. This test will tell us how
strong your bones are and to see if you’re at risk for
conditions such as osteoporosis. On behalf of the NHANES staff
thank you for your participation in helping to protect the
health of our communities. Please know that we here at NHANES take your
privacy very seriously and that your individual
information will not be shared with anyone. A few weeks after
your exam is complete, your test results
will be compiled into one report and sent to you. Again, thank you for
your participation. MUSIC

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