NDT Women's Wellness Wednesday Happy Liver

NDT   Women's Wellness Wednesday   Happy Liver

in today's the women's wellness Wednesday we're talking about keeping a happy and healthy liver dan effort even to keep our hormones balanced and we have dr. Tara Provost and wellness coach ashley sornsin joining us again today thank you so much for coming in today I like this the the email said happy liver why is it important to have a happy liver well for the hormone balance which is a lot of what we talked about for the Women's Wellness Wednesday deliver is what processes the hormones and so when the liver gets overwhelmed it doesn't want to focus on you know the tasks that we need it to because it's trying to eliminate all of the other bad stuff that is in our environment in our diet right away when I think about my liver you hear the joke you know I drank too much oh my poor liver but there are other things that can you know have have your liver not so happy to but let's talk about alcohol and how that affects your liver is is there some truth to the my poor liver after a night of a few drinks oh absolutely especially when you were looking at hormone balance because alcohol and also caffeine actually promote estrogen production and so if you already have an estrogen dominance doing those things increases the estrogen that much more so we wanted to offer some options for alcohol free mocktails to have for the fourth of July I love it okay so what would what do you have those suggestions what would be a great mocktail option well we had like some fruit juice lemon juice orange juice and pineapple juice yeah it mixed with like ginger ale club soda yes you know maybe isn't as fun of a drink but you still get to participate have something make it as like a punch to enjoy with everyone but you know when you're focusing on balancing those hormones you know there is a time and place for everything of moderation but you know you want to prioritize you know what you're working on so when you're talking about if you already you know have a high estrogen level and then things are being are imbalanced how can that affect you how can you know that your your hormones are off balance so there's a lot of different symptoms you know whether it be skin quality skin texture you know whether it's dry skin acne these can all be signs that you do have a hormone imbalance and so making sure that you're doing foods that again help to detoxify the liver and process these hormones and so there's things that you can eat and add into the diet like your cruciferous vegetable cauliflower kale brussel sprouts so you know Brussels sprouts on the grill are really delicious asparagus asparagus is really good for kidney and liver function really okay what are some other options or what are some other things you should avoid I brought up alcohol right away right besides alcohol what are some things that your liver may not be so happy about well like when we think of like the fourth of July you know we think of alcohol but then all those creamy salads so instead of maybe some dairy we have like avocado making like a pudding like that instead of your cookie salad with creams you make this like chocolate avocado pudding instead of yeah like the potato salad you know maybe we have a broccoli salad with you know different other hormone balancing and contributing foods too like the sunflower seeds so you talked about you know skin and you know I think about your your face but moods as well would be affected when your liver is not happy you're probably not gonna feel so great moods and sleep absolutely that's the other thing too that if the liver is overburdened a lot of times people are like they'll wake up at 2:00 a.m. and so often from 2 to 4 a.m. in Chinese medicine that's when the liver is processing and so that can wake you up in the middle of the night too oh I didn't realize that okay good reasons to have a happy liver and I know we're having some graphic issues today but I know you're going to send a list of clean 15 and dirty dozen of the cleanest foods ya bought and we'll post that a little bit later on our website as well so thank you ladies so much for union I appreciate your time say what that's coming up next on North Dakota today how the Girl Scouts are encouraging girls to enjoy the great outdoors

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