NEPALI STREET FOOD feast in KATHMANDU, Nepal | Best MOMOS in Kathmandu + traditional Newari food

NEPALI STREET FOOD feast in KATHMANDU, Nepal | Best MOMOS in Kathmandu + traditional Newari food

today we’re in Kathmandu Nepal and this
is a city we are so excited to be filming in because there is so much
interesting traditional food here Nepal has over 100 different ethnicities which means that the food culture is wildly fascinating we cannot wait to share what
we’ve discovered with you we’re taking you into the heart of Kathmandu’s food
culture sharing the Nepali food that locals love to eat at the best street
stalls and restaurants in the city this is our first video from Kathmandu join us
at the morning bazaar for a traditional Nepali breakfast of deep-fried snacks
and milky sweet tea before we share Nepal’s iconic buffalo momos from a
neighbourhood favourite we delve into the cuisine of the Newar people the
indigenous inhabitants of the Kathmandu Valley and eat at a secret local joint
before taking you into a 135 year old bakery for
traditional Newari bread in this Kathmandu series we’ll show you some of Nepal’s
best food from rare traditional dishes to delicious Nepali favourites you don’t
want to miss this series get ready for some mouth-watering food I’m Thomas and I’m Sheena and we’re Chasing a Plate we hope you’re hungry
let’s eat we are beyond thrilled to be in Kathmandu
filming we’ve been eating our way around the city around the Kathmandu Valley for
the past week and what we’ve discovered is so interesting there’s
layer upon layer of food culture here we can’t wait to share all the food that
was we’ve discovered with you today this video is going to be set
in markets we’re gonna be eating street food we’re gonna be eating at little mom
and pop style restaurants we’ve gotten up really early to hit up the bazaar
so that we can eat a proper Nepali breakfast I can see the stall right over
there we’re going to be eating some deep fried snacks and also wash it down
with some tea namaste, Timīlā’ī kastō cha, good, is my Nepali okay? We heard your sel roti… is this sel roti? sel roti and gwaramari yes perfect
wonderful dhanyabaad so we’re crouching right by the stall here and they sell two really traditional breakfast items the first is the gwaramari which is a Newari, gwaramari, this one’s sel and this is the sel roti so the ladies
are so friendly they’re explaining what they’re selling this is the gwaramari
which is a Newar breakfast item the Newar people are the Newar people
people are the indigenous inhabitants of the Kathmandu Valley and then this other one is a sel roti which is a rice flour bread ring it’s so light and
crispy in my hands so they’ve got this sticky gwaramari
dough it’s just a wheat flour dough and then the oil has just been slowly
heating up he’s grabbing little handfuls of dough and then popping them almost on top of
the oil because the oils not hot enough to bubble away yet now it’s really going
he’s using his utensil to just push the gwaramari around and submerge it into
the oil and they’re slowly becoming really golden and brown it’s so perfect because right by the gwaramari and sel roti stall is a chiya stall so a lady selling hot sweet milky tea so that’ll be perfect for washing these down with but here
we’re right in the heart of the market so the morning market it closes down
around 9 a.m. so you gotta get here early and it’s great because you’ve got
all sorts of produce this guy is selling curd so thick yogurt this lady has got
she’s got some beautiful oyster mushrooms and some herbs and
vegetables its surrounding this whole square
but first the tea we’re sitting in front of this lady and
she’s brewing up our tea and so the tea and the milk and the sugar and the spices if
there are any are all brewed together in a pot and so she is really getting that
flame going and the tea is bubbling right up it’s frothy it’s bubbly
and to make it even frothier she’s pulling it so she’s dipping her cup into
that saucepan and ladling tea up and out and pouring it back in and so it
becomes really frothy and you can smell it in the air it smells absolutely
intoxicating dhanyabaad she’s essentially brewing each cup to order so
in the pot goes tea leaves and milk sugar if you want it and it is just
bubbling away and then she poured it into this glass cup and then sprinkled I
think a bit of coffee powder on the top this is the perfect way to enjoy tea
really sweet milky and strong that is sensational it is so good
very sweet very creamy mmm I don’t think it has any spice in it so it’s
just a really sweet strong milky tea and that is coffee powder on the top so I’ve
got my chiya my tea and my little packet of deep fried snacks perfect for
dipping I reckon time to get into this sel roti and gwaramari so with this
piping hot tea these fried snacks are going to be perfect I want to break up
the sel roti first so look at this ring of goodness you can see there’s
quite a lot of texture in there too in that skin oh oh it’s so fluffy inside
they just break apart so easily that sel roti man that is light incredibly light
inside but because it’s rice flour it’s got a little bit of stickiness so on the
chew it’s got a little bit of stick and then it’s got little crispy bits that
are all in the skin little sort of popped crispy bits of rice in the skin
I reckon that’s gonna be really good to dip into the tea though let’s grab
that cup of tea oh she’s piping hot and I’m gonna give
it a bit of a dunk that sel roti get it covered in the tea whoa that tea is
too hot to hold wow oh it’s so good soaked in the tea look at this spot
it’s unreal sitting here tea’s being made as we go I’ve got a bunch of coriander
right behind me all this fresh vege it is all action here in the square it’s
such a neat environment to start your morning with and now time for gwaramari so these ones are made of wheat flour so you’ve got the rice flour
sel roti and these are wheat flour so they should be quite different oh so good so fried dough basically it’s
very plain very simple it’s just a beautiful ball of fried dough so this is
a traditional Newari breakfast this dish and it’s as simple as it gets
and it’s such a common thing around the world fried dough you know so many
cultures have a style of breakfast item or just food item like this and these
are great hmm crunchy on the outside bouncy texture on the inside because of
that wheat flour incredibly different to the sel roti so it’s nice having the two
different things to go with this amazing cup of tea ohh that milky strong tea in
amongst all of this I mean what a place to start your day unreal we’re loving exploring Kathmandu on
foot because there’s a lot of hustle and bustle here a lot of colour lots of people
obviously very neat city to get around on foot whoa there’s a lot of chaos sometimes
but something else we really like about exploring on foot is it’s often very
easy to get off these main roads that are pretty hectic into much smaller sort
of lane ways like this one much quieter and our next stop actually is just up
this street so we’re gonna wind into these little lane ways to our next
street food our next food is one that’s probably the most popular in Kathmandu
and that is momos momos are a type of dumpling and we’ve been eating our
weight in momos so that we can show you the best in the city just up ahead is
the restaurant that we love and it is our favorite style of restaurant to eat
momos really no frills very casual you eat and then you run let’s go and grab some namaste this little local spot has a great
atmosphere it faces the front of the oh dhanyabaad you already know our
order we come here so often that the guys already know what we’re going to order
so we’ve got our buffalo momos in front of us they’re steaming away but this little
spot is really casual no frills but they do amazing food and it’s always fresh
you can see actually right here the big steamers full of momos so those are the
buffalo momos buffalo is by far the most popular meat here in Kathmandu and so you
get a plate of 10 buffalo momos and there’s something very special on the
table as well to add to them we’re super lucky because we’ve been allowed a peek into
the kitchen these guys are busy at work making the dumplings so they’ve got
all of the buffalo mince in the trays there they’ve got their
dumpling wrappers all ready to go so the whole momo making process happens in this in these tiny quarters so they’ve got the big mixer it’s up the
back here then this here is the wrap wrapping maker so the strips of dough
here are fed into this machine and then the little momo wrappers come spitting
out and then the guys start making the momos and what I really love about
the momos here are you can see the meat so this is the buffalo meat the meat is
is very densely packed and you can see by the color it is very lean
so the meat is not fatty it’s full of flavor
they’re very intense so ten momos per plate is the perfect amount
because they’re very um very robust in flavor very rich so tons of spices in
that meat and I just love watching them make them they’re all so
uniform and perfect getting pressed onto this pan ready to go into the steamer we’ve got our steaming plate of buffalo
momos in front of us but there’s also one very special
ingredient for the jhol momos so soup style momos and that is the jhol
achaar so on every table you get a big jug of this jhol achaar it’s a
soup slash sauce I suppose made up of a ton of different ingredients I will talk
you through it later but what we’re gonna do first is just pour this jhol achaar all over those momos and you can just go crazy with the jhol achaar
because it’s essentially a soup so you know you’re slurping as well as
covering all of those momos up with the with the sauce the jhol achaar goes
on room temperature but it very quickly becomes very warm because of the heat
from the momos let’s just get a taste of this that is sensational so it’s got a ton of sesame
tomato spices, chilli coriander and whatnot it’s got such a strong flavor ohh so good I want to make sure that it’s well
and truly covered this momo before I take a big bite all right one biter holy moly so good good the dumpling
is delicious so it’s a wheat flour outer and then inside it’s minced buffalo meat
combined with a ton of spices so chili fenugreek ginger garlic coriander all
sorts and so it’s got a lot of flavor I love when you bite the momo in half and
then you reveal the inside of the momo so you’ve got all of that meat and then
you go and put the jhol achaar inside so that meat is coated with that
sesame sauce and I really love the history of momo they’re originally a
Tibetan food so when the traders the Newar traders from Kathmandu went to
Tibet they discovered momos which then had yak meat in them they brought
the recipe back added their own Nepali touch so spices that were local to
the region and whatnot and then later on chilli and then the tomato based sauce
and it became what it is today so momos and it’s such a popular food here
everyone loves it you find them on every street corner mmmm so satisfying to eat we’ve headed to another area this is
called Patan and this is very well known for its Newari food which is the
food we spoke about this morning it’s a very traditional food in this area and
look at this part of town it’s so um so beautiful with lots of traffic but lots
of little temples and things like this little shrines all around it’s so neat
really pokey up some of these laneways I think where we’re heading is just
tucked up this lane way somewhere our next spot is a really popular locals favorite
it’s a third generation family restaurant and it specialises in Newari
cuisine it’s just at the end of this laneway I believe but check out the surroundings
so this here is Patan Durbur Square it’s the main square in Patan and there are
loads of Buddhist and Hindu monuments and temples but I think this
here is the restaurant that we’re after it is tucked away in the corner very
pokey and small it looks like our kind of place let’s head in, namaste namaste whoa it smells so good this is such an awesome
little restaurant mixed please that’s perfect this is just an awesome
little little restaurant so third generation and this is what we’re after this is the wo which is a lentil pancake we ordered a mixed one she I can
also see egg on there as well and she’s sort of sitting on her little stool the
frying pan or the frying surface right in front of her our wo has arrived and it’s a very simple
basic looking dish we got the mixed one so the mixed one means it’s got some buff
so some buffalo mince on there so you can just see the brown and an egg so she
cracked an egg on top of it and man look at this restaurant so it’s like a
cave very dark walls I’ve got the sunlight coming right in and hitting me
in the face so that’s probably why you can see me but it’s very dark in here
the very low ceiling and so you’ve got all these smells of the the cooking just
hanging in the air smoke hanging in the air the walls are all blackened from the
cooking it is an incredible environment and I really like how basic this wo
looks so just very very simple so a lentil pancake essentially so you can
see very thin it was actually a very thick batter I’ll break into it let’s
get some of that buff and that egg it was a very thick batter that she was
popping on there and then patting it down with her her wet hands just to give
it the the thin shape it has but it’s very thick batter that gets dropped onto
that cooking surface there and then the buff and the egg on top oh wow that is full of flavour it’s got
a lot of spices in it it tastes a lot more extreme than it looks
it looks so simple um I thought it was just gonna be sort of a very plain
pancake with the egg on it to give it a bit of texture but the pancake itself
very moist that is full of spice this bit here looks very good with a whole lotta yolk
on it mmm it’s so enjoyable
it’s that spiciness so there’s layers of spice and they’re flavors I’ve I’ve never
really tasted it’s super interesting I think what they’re using is a lot of
local herbs so herbs you’ll only find in the mountains here in Nepal and it’s got an
amazing depth so it’s got a bitterness and it’s very rounded so they just in your
mouth they come together so beautifully and this environment I mean look I’ll
stand up I’m six foot tall and I just hit the roof so it’s very small in here
it’s such a neat little entranceway and man watching that cooking it’s super
special really neat environment wow what an environment so heading out
now and it’s it’s like leaving a cave Sheena just fell out the door it’s
pretty steep stairs there so it’s like a little cave really hidden amongst all
this grandeur of the square and that tiny little door opens up into that dark
little cave restaurant that was a really special experience the food was special and
the environment was really special next thing we’ve been meandering down Patan’s
lane ways and alleyways it’s very peaceful in this city so we’re in the
Kathmandu Valley the Kahtmandu Valley is made up of three cities so Kathmandu city
Patan and Bhaktapur we’ll be filming in all three cities they’re all very
close together but we’re heading to our next spot now and it’s a bakery there
are lots of heritage eateries in Patan this one is a fourth generation bakery
that specializes in Newari sweets and I can already smell the
sweets and the baked goods in the air namaste, Timīlā’ī kastō cha you’re good? Very good. Namaste. Oh my gosh is that the lakhamari oh my goodness so we have just scooted
into this little bakery and the smells are so insane and check this out is it okay if we film? Dhanyabaad this is what we’ve come here to eat this is the
lakhamari so it’s a special Newari ceremonial bread and look at it in that
oil it’s massive, it smells so good, wow, it’s like this big and so beautiful oh that’s the
perfect size so I just asked the gentleman if he had a smaller lakhamari
because I don’t think those gigantic ones are quite right because we’d never
be able to finish them but he’s just um said this should be perfect for you and
this one is glazed so sort of got an icing all around it and look how
beautiful it is it’s quite weighty I think they sell it by weight so we’ll
just pop it on the scale dhanyabaad the team are being really kind and letting us
into their bakery and just explaining to us the the significance of all the
different Newari pastries so whoa Wow they’re huge
so these are special pastries for Newari weddings so you can see
there’s a bird actually and then these big discs what’s this one called? What’s the
name of that one? All lakhamari oh okay so all of these come under the
name of lakhamari like the one that we bought but they just have
different meanings and different names theat’s the frog there’s a frog pastry there
Wow so this gentleman’s just telling me 135 year old bakery insane insane history and all of these
wonderful Newari traditional breads and again this is really typical of the
the shops and the restaurants here in Nepal and Kathmandu very low rise so
like I’m five foot and I’m almost touching the ceiling that never happens
for me so that’s pretty cool very pokey very small what a place look
at these little doorways too oh it’s fantastic dhanyabaad thank you so much I’ve got a handful of sweets so that
bakery absolutely phenomenal 135 years it’s been around fourth generation and
they’re a Newari bakery so they specialize in Newari sweets as we talked about
before the Newar people are the indigenous inhabitants of the Kathmandu
Valley so I’ve got two sweets I’ve got this lakhamari so that’s absolutely
drop-dead gorgeous look how beautiful it is and that’s just a black lentil
flour rice flour wheat flour butter sugar mix that’s piped into the oil and
then it’s been glazed with an icing sugar glaze and then the staff were
kind enough to give us a taste of their barfi and this is a milk based treat
they’re also very famous for that as well but I want to get into this lakhamari so this thing it’s quite hefty it’s pretty heavy and it feels really
solid I might just bite in I reckon mmm-hmm wow so I was saying It’s a Newari
sweet bread in texture it’s like a biscuit it’s very crunchy it’s oily
in the sense that it was obviously sitting in that oil for a really long
time so it’s soaked up a bit of that oil and it’s quite flaky very sweet mmmm very sweet so when you bite into
it that icing sugar glaze just sort of collapses in your mouth
and then you’ve got that crunch from the actual the biscuit it’s got a
beautiful flavor that’s really interesting very tasty but I don’t know
if we’re gonna be able to get through the whole thing like it’s quite sweet all
right time to get into this barfi use my lakhamari as a little plate look at that
so the texture is very soft so it’s a milk based sweet it’s got some grated
coconut over the top and it’s got a ton of sugar in it I believe it’s very
creamy very sweet and just has a beautiful milk flavor mmm I’m loving the
texture of it it’s very soft look at that it actually is the perfect sweetness it’s
very soft creamy beautiful dairy flavor that is so good

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