Never Too Late to Start Eating Healthier

Never Too Late to Start Eating Healthier

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22 thoughts on “Never Too Late to Start Eating Healthier

  1. As always much gratitude to you Dr. Greger for keeping us educated and informed so we can live a healthier life.

  2. So, if it does't make linear logical sense that someone could eat meat for their entire life and then switch away from meat to a more vegan diet and have less medical problems for the reasons cited … then could it be that the kind of people who would switch to a more vegan diet are the kind that would not have so much risk because they ate more healthy even when they did eat meat?

    The idea that switching to vegan after assuming all the cancer risk and not getting cancer because of that, even the good doctor here says is "surprising", so I think something else, some other effect is being looked at.

  3. The talk about Italians and Chinese, who are famous for eating vegetables and more healthy.  But also, at least in Malcolm Gladwell's book he talks about how Italian villages were egalitarian, closely knit, free from crime and most stress.  There are a lot of other factors than just eating meat.

  4. I hear that all the time: "if I was your age I also would consider changing my diet, but at 60/70/80yo I'm just too old to make a change". I never reply to that sentence , but I always wonder why is it so hard for people to make dietary changes?

  5. Another great vid Dr. Gregor! Could discuss birth control pills, its effects, and how to deal (diet wise) with hormone imbalance after coming off them? Thank you.

  6. You are better of eating what you want and dieing at 60-70 than eating good and living to 90 being sick all the time wishing you would die like me poor old granddad. Took him 10 yrs to finally die..  Ive watched the people around me die and quality is better than quantity. My gran is 86 physically fine but hearing is shot, eyes on the way out and shes going senile but her body is fine. She is just lingering on waiting to die now. She will probably go another 10 yrs but it will be no fun. You have to 70 then u hit the wall. Get going today!

  7. After a lifetime of eating unhealthy, how much cancer protection can we get changing our diet late in the game?

    Watch below or click the link to watch on

  8. Can you please do a video to debunk what I always get told; how do they know it's protein or fat that is the cause of [insert illness]? It could be no preservatives or artificial or processed foods, or refined foods or whatever they use as the excuse. Does my head in when I get told this and they then say 'no one knows the cause of cancer' oh and it gets better they then say 'if it was all about diet Drs would be recommending it'. Sigh.

  9. Simply put, Dr. Michael Greger's NutritionFacts video series constitutes the strongest, clearest, and most consistent voice on behalf of improving the dietary habits and overall health of Americans.

  10. James Bean, and Spiritual Radio said this 1st.   I agree  " via Google"
    "Let your food be your medicine and your medicine be your food." (Hippocrates) 

  11. "Avoid the intense commercial pressures to eat otherwise."

    soooo well put.  The "dietary superiority" debates really get us nowhere.

  12. If cheeseburgers, hotdogs, french fries, and potato chips got me to age 60, why would i want to stop them now?

  13. I have a question, let's say someone already has cancer, in its very early stages, very small, can a whole foods plant based diet reverse it before it grows and gets worse?

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