NEW Classic Wellness Sticker Book Flipthrough | At Home With Quita

NEW Classic Wellness Sticker Book Flipthrough | At Home With Quita

hey what's up guys it's key to here if you're new welcome to my channel thank you so much for joining me if you're not new I appreciate you stopping back by for another video on today's video we're gonna be doing a foot through of the classic size wellness happy playing our value pack sticker book so hopefully you're here for that you are excited about it and you'll want to see it so if you're new here to my channel I hope that you will consider subscribing and also giving me a thumbs up and turning on the notification bells so you don't miss any videos so without further ado if you want to see a flip through of this gorgeous sticker book which is might be my favorite guys make sure to stick around alright guys so first thing first just like I did in my last video I'm gonna go ahead and pull the elastic band off because I loop it through so that way the stickers can stay in and they don't fall out again I did not come up with this method another planner they did who thought ahead and she shared with all of us and I'm so grateful that she did because it really works out to make the sticker make the sticker state in the book so I'm just gonna loop it through tie around and there you have it and so let's go ahead and get started flipping through again this is for classic sized happy planner and you already saw the mini happy planner so I want to show you this as well I did pick this up from Walmart it is twelve dollars and 82 cents which is a steal and they also have the mini size and the Wellness Mini happy planner so if you want any of that stuff you might have to search around a little bit because they did have to drive 30 minutes out the way but it's worth the drive and I also picked one that for fellow planner babe who is greatly appreciative for that so let's go ahead and jump right in it says it has 1010 pieces so that's a lot and we're happy about that when you flip over to the back of course you can see a little snippet of the design so you can kind of determine whether or not you want to buy this you can also do a quick blow through at the store if you just want to make sure it's something you want I love it I love the color scheme love everything about it just like the mini I'm sure I will love the classic so let's go ahead and flip right through this baby there's lots of rose gold touches here that you're gonna love if you love the rose gold like I do so there's your full boxes there more full boxes and these little flags here on the side I love these I love using these also for reading if you have to be data planners or cover something up these are really awesome because then you can stack them with another sticker and these work out perfectly so I love those then we've got some boxes here and some circles more rows gold foil that's awesome five daily reminders I am amazing I am capable positivity is a choice I celebrate my individuality I am prepared to succeed now that's what I'm talking about happy player that is what I'm talking about I love that I wish it was more than two because I could see myself you know I might laminate that and just stick it in my troubles notebook flash many happy planner just as a car to remind myself of that because I think that's that's amazing I love those reminders they're great daily reminders so yeah that's awesome that says be kinder to yourself and then let your kindness flood the world I love that so this is all about positivity and as you guys know I use my personal development planner is my wellness planner now my mini because I was using the classic but I ran out and so this is all about positivity and that's the challenge I'm doing for December not sure what we're gonna do for January but it's gonna always be positive and so this is awesome I love the sticker book I love all things positivity being kind to people being kind to yourself I'm just all about it and so the sticker book screams kindness and positivity so if you're all about that you're gonna love the sticker book so now I love also how they're starting to add these stickers where they're already stacked because if you plan like me we already do this and so the sticker book already comes that way so it's super cute I love I love that and then we've got some circles here with just some encouraging words and then there's the me time girl with the spa mask cucumbers and the towel and this is no screen time wake up early stretch and your icons and just some positive words of thoughts your journaling card your journaling sort of stickers so that says read a book eat well hydrate go outside exercise early bedtime go on a walk love those I love any sort of journaling bullet journaling type black stickers just black wording I love that and these are clear stickers as well and then these are really pretty don't forget just breed choose joy stay positive be present get it done unplug love that and these are really cute flag sort of stickers love these note it to do don't forget important love these as well and it's just they try something new create something today meditate be mindful and then these have some gold foil as well roll gold foil same as the previous page but no rose gold and that's just your boxes and flags well I like these as well so this has 31 days so it's kind of like a tracker that's unique there's something inside you that is greater than any obstacle do what makes your soul shine I love that these are cute positive affirmations I love the shape of them that's different even these little boxes here and that's real cool foil as well notes daily highlights love these and then that says daily reflection or rose gold foil very important stuff exclamation marks reminders I love this page as well that's just full boxes flags checklists all kind of good stuff this color scheme is my jam y'all I love the soft pastel colors these are really pretty the grays the blues all of this together is like my jam brain dump I love those brain dumps and then these are gold foil rose gold foil little circles icons my happy list this is just stunning love this sticker book this is my favorite this one in the meeting my favorite I should have probably got two of each because I know I'm going to run through these so maybe I'll go back and get two more I don't know y'all I love these so much so hopefully you'll love them as much as I do again they're available at Walmart so make sure to head there and pick them up and we have to drive a little distance like I did I have to go a little bit out of the way about a half an hour and then I pick some before if the hello planner babes them that way they had them as well because they couldn't find them either so hopefully you enjoyed this flip through you got a little bit of inspiration you found maybe something you want to pick up for your planner you'll give me a thumbs up if you enjoyed the video also turn that notification bell on so that way you don't miss out on any videos and hopefully you guys will join me for another video in which case I'll see you then

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19 thoughts on “NEW Classic Wellness Sticker Book Flipthrough | At Home With Quita

  1. My local Walmart showed that they had 7 in stock. Of course when I got there they didn't have any. This a beautiful book!

  2. I finally….finally found them. I almost purchased the wellness planner but I have the extension pack of them.

  3. We should petition MAMBI to make more of these! I wonder what they are doing issuing these only to Walmart. Maybe it was an opportunity to see how it would do in that market and whether they can attract the plannersphere?

  4. I'm so sad, there aren't any Walmarts in my area that sell anything besides food and daily essentials. AND this pack isn't available to purchase online. Oh darn. I guess I have to wait until I can get to the suburbs. Thanks for the video tho. I'm so in love with this sticker book.

  5. Hi Quita. Thank you for the flip through. I live in the Gwinnett county area and was wondering which Walmart you found the Wellness book?

  6. 😭 I can't find them anywhere near me. I am disabled and can't drive so I have to just look for opportunities to get a ride from someone. I am feeling so bummed that they make the sticker books so hard to obtain.

  7. Oh so pretty! TFS! I really hope I can find this at one of my nearby Walmart. I love that idea to laminate the "Daily Reminder" stickers to add to a dashboard.

  8. Do you know when this was released. I checked 2 walmarts near me yesterday and neither had it. Wonder if they are sold out or havent received them yet

  9. I love those stickers…i cut the elastic as well and tie it at the top.
    thanks for sharing😊💖

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