New Website – Wellbeing

New Website - Wellbeing

hi my name is Rachel from the ICT Department the PDR process for me has really helped in my development I've had a lot of personal struggles over the last couple of years I've been struggling with some panic attacks she's been quite bad this year so for me we didn't necessarily have to meeting in the office we could meet somewhere completely different somewhere that I was more comfortable with and I can talk about my problems and how best to achieve what what we were planning on achieving when we sit down I'm always sitting there and saying all the negative things you know all of things I think I've done badly and and then Andy can bring back the the last quarter that we sat down and discuss and he's very good at picking out all the things that have actually achieved so for me I think the PDR processes has really helped me certainly with some of the confidence issues that I have mental health is a big issue in the construction industry as across the board that mental health is a big problem and so what they've done is they've created this room it's a one-on-one room it means that anyone that suffering from mental health can come into the room and speak to one of our balm champions for mental health we can then offer help and assistance information whether it be work-related home drily it anything related we're here to support our colleagues we have a biometric gate at the same entrance and that allows us to control access to and from the safe but of course every single person comes on site from there and all family numbers are on site any such stage helps us manage fatigue it helps us rotate people and we regularly some people over met week if we see that they're approaching a fatigue barrier works managers had the idea of getting an ice cream van and free ice cream for an hour we met all boost for the guys as well and it's a social thing we get all the guys rode upon a sativa and sometime the mere bauble ah

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