NHS Would Rather Spend Money On Healthcare Tourists Instead Of your Cancer So They Can Virtue Signal

NHS Would Rather Spend Money On Healthcare Tourists Instead Of your Cancer So They Can Virtue Signal

hello folks the British Medical Association is a union for doctors by doctors and have regular meetings and in their recent one they all voted for some reason they were allowed to do this they voted to stop foreigners getting charged for NHS treatment because in their words it's racist so if an American comes over here a white American is that racist if we charge him these people don't think today these these are doctors these are highly educated people and in my experience of my 41 years here on earth highly educated people are completely out of touch they live in a bubble they have no idea you know immigration does to a normal man a woman on the streets it doesn't touch them of course in their exclusive 99% white enclaves gated communities they don't care they just they want to be seen as caring and kind and bleeding hearts and as we know bleeding hearts are quite destructive without them knowing it so how on earth a union can vote for something that's not within their power to do so it needs investigating really it's not up to them who the NHS charges it's up to the government am i pay for that government and I pay for the NHS through my national insurance contributions so remember this when someone out there is being told got cancer and we can't give you the tablets for the cancer to treat the cancer because the tablets are too expensive we can't afford it meanwhile a Nigerian woman can come over here and have our queen tip Lata quintuplets however you pronounce it and cost hundred forty five thousand pounds that's hundred forty five thousand pounds of NHS taxpayers money and she hasn't paid a penny of it back it's disgusting isn't it and this goes on this is what we know this is all we know and health torille it's my research health tourism costs the country last year between two hundred million and two billion imagine how many cancer patients who have paid all their lives into the national insurance contributions have been turned away cancer treatments because they can afford the tablets I would feel that's a kick in the teeth I would feel that the British Medical Association would refuse to treat me due to their war principle of virtually so I have to die of cancer I don't have cancer by the way but I have to die of cancer because they won't give they won't pay for the tablets to treat me in order to virtue signal that they're not racist that's what it's all about lefties in an institution but it shouldn't be virtue signaling that's not that's not what the NHS is about if a brick goes a ball if a brick goes abroad yet to pay insurance it's get health care and that's what we do we do it without you know we don't moan about it we just do it that's that it's really made me angry this anyway let me know what you think please share subscribe until my next video Raja trout

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29 thoughts on “NHS Would Rather Spend Money On Healthcare Tourists Instead Of your Cancer So They Can Virtue Signal

  1. It’s not their fucking job 🤯 🤯🤯🤯🤯 to make these decisions….These f🤬🤬king Marxist shits are taking the f🤬🤬king piss big time! … WE needed to vote these Marxist f🤬🤬kers out of power!

  2. The people running this country need to get their act together it’s the ordinary people that suffer the ones that have paid into this system,it’s run by donkeys.

  3. New advert UK the great gravey train if you hate Britain and everything it stands. But want a free house money etc.then come on in let the British taxpayer foot the bill.why pensioner's have barley any money to live on .and veterans end up on the streets

  4. Back in 98 I was not yet a British citizen and I had carpal tunnel and the NHS treated me with ice rubbing. I had to go back to Cape Town and the doctor immediately admitted to the hospital where they opened the sheath around the tendons and in 6 weeks I was full strength again. I started the process of getting citizenship in 97 and the process took 6 years to complete and then a further 18 months to become a citizen. I get totally pissed off with the immigration and the rubber dinghy lot who get 38 euros a day the minute they enter the EU.

  5. You need to wake up PAZ! This healthcare tourism has been going on for decades…… absolutely 100% facilitated and encouraged by our own government. Our government does not do anything that it does not want to do (check our TR being fitted up again and again), our government is busy selling up our State utilities dirt cheap to foreign investors whilst racking up shedloads of debt to enslave our whole population forever. They've already spent our pensions and savings! When the shit hits the fan and they bankrupt us, they are going to blame it all on being politically correct and 'caring', sorry we have saddled you with debt because we care about these Africans etc! Just look at the homeless on the street to see how much our govt cares ffs! Wake up! Our Govt only cares about themselves! 🙏

  6. You are 100% right. Doctors, sadly, are fallible – hopefully NOT when it comes to keeping me in good health. One of my GPs is on the London Assembly and I have known about his political activities for decades and thought them MAINLY wrong. A good doctor; a bad maker of judgements.

  7. This Is A Bloody Disgrace! While BRITISH Citizens Are Dying. Who The Hell Do These "Doctors" Think They Are? SCUM!

  8. And when then is No NHS and we pay into Private medicine via Insurance companies, Are these wonderful benevolent Dr's going to pay out of their own benevolent pockets from their private practise? This is the bunch who condemned a GP of 20 years plus, for asking a lady to remove her face veil so he could hear her description of her babies symptoms. They don't control the budget and it's not their decision to make. Most of them think they're one cloud above god. They're just doing a job like the rest of us.

  9. I see that on the news years ago. They knew they were coming over on holiday when they were ill and abusing our care system and fucking off owing tens of thousands and they don’t chase them for the debt!!! Soon come after us for £65 speeding ticket and then get the pleasure of higher insurance. So the courts work with the private sector to screw us daily! But foreigners committing fraud basically after they must of had to sign something to agree to the cost of treatment!!
    I’d add it all up and sent their governments the bill!

  10. Wish Russia would nuke our fucked up shit hole country, I hate my own country now,and those who run it. Fuck it.

  11. Thanks for this Information. It has enraged me also. This is what the English are like. Put others welfare before our own. Terrible just a disgrace.

  12. Something's going to give real soon….you can almost taste the hate towards the system
    Rape gangs ( WTF!!!)
    Acid attacks
    Too many people taking the host nation as cash cows ( or fools )
    Selling off assets we've paid for
    Open borders
    Politicians claiming expenses
    Selling our gold
    Constant war
    Not delivering on a democratic vote
    MSM silence
    Jailing people for speaking.

    It will get ugly , all it takes is one wrong move, one poor judgement, one aggrieved area ( or many ), one more child rape( amazed no one did anything when the number in one area hit 1400 )

    I do think that as things continue like this , people will have to say enough….
    It's just finding the right button to push , and they are pushing the right buttons , maybe this is what they want???..it's pretty amazing that the Brits have been so resilient so far….
    In the words of Dirty Harry ( Paraphrasing )
    A man's got to know his limitations
    I hate these people ( Gov and MSM ) with a passion, they have turned my country into ( pick your phrase ), they lie, cheat, treat us like f#cking mugs .

    It will get Ugly.

  13. I wish the BMA would make up their mind as they are complaining here that they are under too much pressure but on the other hand happy to treat the world for free!!  https://www.bma.org.uk/collective-voice/policy-and-research/nhs-structure-and-delivery/monitoring-quality-in-the-nhs/pressure-points-in-the-nhs/pressure-points-predictions

    These are the NHS entitlements currently available migrants health guide – no wonder the system is under so much strain: https://www.gov.uk/guidance/nhs-entitlements-migrant-health-guide

    The form they have to complete which allows them to have free treatment: https://pcse.england.nhs.uk/media/1194/gms1-supplementary-questions-standalone.pdf

  14. How dare the doctors tell us the people, who pay their salaries and the costs of the NHS, that they prefer to spend our money to treat those who have never and will never pay into the system. Doctors should do as they are told and collect the money from foreigners who get treatment.

  15. It breaks your fucking heart a story like this, makes you want to give up altogether, I feel like I`m pissing against the wind in this country. I don't get up every morning at 5am and go to work to pay for the healthcare of foreigners. I pay my taxes so that British people who fall on hard times or become ill are given the necessary help and care to get back on their feet. I don't go to work (actually I fucking do) to pay for Africans to come over here and pop out 5 piccaninnies at a time or poor cunts with Aids from eastern Europe to receive expensive treatment on my dollar. Its fucking crazy, I`m sure Bevan and the great reforming Labour Government of the mid 40`s are spinning in their grave at what is going on today. Its a world and a country gone mad.

  16. Of course these doctors will be complaining about the lack of funding, under paid / overworked staff, the threat of "PRIVATISATION !!!"… Etc, etc, etc. The British IHS – International Health Service !

  17. I'm sure when Bevan & co thought up the NHS, they fully expected to be forcing the UK taxpayer to fund a £250k treatment for Africans, not. The other travesty is why does it cost so much anyway? How much does the NHS waste in non-productive practices & poor purchasing? (sorry "commissioning" as it sounds more impressive),

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