#NichiSaturday Summer Wellness Bucket List Tag

#NichiSaturday Summer Wellness Bucket List Tag

hey guys welcome back to crystal clear ideas and today is happening Saturday so Michi Saturday videos aren't my favorite I am loving my happening right now and today I have a special special surprise I am going to be doing something really really special in my happen eg today so if you want to see what it is stay tuned hey guys welcome back to crystal clear ideas I am so excited to jump right into my happy Nicci if this is your first time watching welcome thank you so much for clicking on this video if you would like to join the bling squad don't forget to click on that subscribe button we also if you are an oldie but goodie thank you so much for all of your support and for watching this video I really appreciate you and so you guys I am super excited because today and my happen eg I am doing something special southern tea time and I actually created our summer bucket list in our classic style planners if you haven't had an opportunity to see my bucket list for this season of summer I'm gonna link it right here in the flowers for you but that just got me thinking about doing a bucket list for my – Ichi and so without further ado I wanted to show you guys that I am doing a hop scotch themed bucket list yay I am so excited so I don't know if you guys remember playing hopscotch as a kid I always loved games outside whether it was double dutch whether it was Foursquare hopscotch Jack's just and rope anything I just love being outside I am truly an outside outdoorsy girl and so this was very reminiscent for me I wanted to do a bucket list that had another game board type theme or even a schoolhouse game theme I'm since we did a bucket list in the bingo format last time which is the length of video I wanted to do something a little different so I am super excited to jump right into this hopscotch bucket list and I wanted to do something special from a happy meet because I am really digging my happening right now I'm taking it everywhere it is my everyday carry and I am just loving it I love being creative in it I love creating new ideas coming up with new ideas and so what I decided was that I want to do a bucket list in my happy Nicci so I would have it with me at all times but I didn't want to just do any bucket list I am doing a wellness summer bucket list yes you guys when you get an opportunity to grow get a little bit older more mature more responsibilities it is very important to take care of yourself physically mentally emotionally spiritually all of those ways it is so important and especially in a time when you know the world is a little crazy and people act crazy and they can get you to acting crazy it is so important to take care of your mental health and so when I thought about this wellness bucket list it was things that I actually want to accomplish this summer this is going to help me take care of my health whether it's physically mentally anything that's going to help me to take care of me so that is what we're doing today we are going to be doing a summer bucket list and I am using some of my same seasonal sticker books and it's going to be a summer wellness bucket list so I am super super excited and a twist on this is that I'm gonna get an opportunity to show you guys what's on my summer well bucket list and this is a challenge / tag video so you guys after I complete my summer wellness bucket list I will be tagging two people that's right and challenging them to create a summer wellness bucket list in their happy neat as well oh I'm so excited I am so excited so let's jump right in you alright guys so I am done with my summer wellness bucket list I am lovin it I love the hopscotch theme and I did get an opportunity to add some other deco with it so for my number one because you start from the bottom and go up 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 shopping I love shopping retail therapy is one of my favorite pastimes and I am tapering down on that since I am trying to do some bigger and better things but I always love treating myself in order to get me in the right frame of mind to help my creative juices start to flow and to just you know make me feel better than has something has always worked but of course it has to be controlled and with balance so retail therapy cleaning I don't know if you guys are like me but whenever I can't control anything else I can always control how things look so I love just to take a day especially if I'm extremely stressed and just clean it just makes me feel better also I had to give my diva hair some playtime with relax and then a facial yes just doing a spa day at home doing a mask I love that with some tea maybe some macaroons maybe some cupcakes maybe some ice cream maybe this is hot chocolate instead of tea whatever is your favorite pastime I love it just relaxing relaxing mani and pedi if anybody knows me if you've watched a few of my videos you know I love getting my nails done that is something that I just love I am a matchy-matchy girl so my toes have to match my hands but I love being pampered getting a mani and pedi I get one every month without fail girls night I love just kickin it with my girls y'all I know you know what I mean I have a girls night ever three-month yes yes you heard me correctly every month me and my girls get together I love it date night I also have a date night with my boo every month as well my husband so I really enjoy that I love I am like a girly girl so I love to get dressed up I like to go place nice I like to go to nice places and just to be in a moment I just love that so date night every month yes must so I had to put my I'm wrong wrong girl here who looks like she is ready to partay yes that's me all day I love that also another thing that I want to do this summer for my mental health is to read a book I hide that on my spring bucket list I did not get a chance to get that accomplished so I do have goal to at least read one book straight through I do have a few trips planned so maybe I'll get an opportunity to do that during the flight or during the traveling so yes read a book massage y'all if you have not received a massage from Massage Envy a spa place any place if you've never received one get you a massage nothing takes away and melts away your stress in your day like a massage I love receiving in getting massages my husband and I both love it so yes working out you know whenever you are frustrated or you're not feeling so hot about yourself so good working out busting a sweat really really good for your mental health and me feel good about yourself so that's something that I'm gonna get back into my workout routine so I have a little wrong wrong girl here who's doing her little stretches yes getting ready and then of course planning yes planning helps me go to my happy place I just love it and you might you guys may notice that I do have some shoes sprinkled all around this this bucket list here here here and even these little slippers I love shoes I love shoes I love shoes everybody who knows me knows I just like shoes I love shoes I like shoes yes yes I always got room for shoes so this is my summer wellness bucket list you guys I am loving it and I challenge you to create your own so in this challenge or tag video I will be tagging my planner bestie of course southern tea time but I also will be tagging one of you other planner babes out there who has a happen eg yes Anita's creative plans yes anika you have been tagged by crystal clear ideas to complete my summer wellness bucket list things that you want to take care of this summer for your own personal well-being your own personal wellness and of course my planner bestie southern tea time so I am super excited to be able to complete this I love having it in my happy Nicci I could keep it with me at all times I can keep it before myself so that I can know what I'm trying to check off my bucket list so that I can wind down unwind and work through certain things whenever I'm feeling stressed this is very very important you guys I really enjoy doing this I hope you enjoyed it as well if you did give me a big thumbs up I would really appreciate it make sure that you go ahead and let all of those ladies know that they have been tagged by crystal clear ideas I will see make sure you I'm subscribed if you haven't already and I will see you in my next video bye guys

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6 thoughts on “#NichiSaturday Summer Wellness Bucket List Tag

  1. Hi Krystal! I totally agree with treating yourself. Big or small… It’s a must for me. If you don’t take care of yourself first, how can you take care of the ones you love? Way to go! Love the Hop Scotch theme. 😍 Have a lovely evening and take care! ❤️

  2. Super cute…i like the way you set it up…ima try to find the half sheets or maybe cut one of my happy notes in to half sheets.

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