Nigeria's Local Teeth Whitener is Hygienic and Nasty

Nigeria's Local Teeth Whitener is Hygienic and Nasty

so today on battabox are we showing your local toothbrush that is now packaged and sold overseas that's an expensive price our prayers will force us then to use it when we're growing up I would just be squeezing our face really don't know what to use it and we don't know the benefit and also we see elderly people you know chewing something and spitting here and there and there and it's so annoying today I will introduce you to Paco is also called the local toothbrush that's what we use it for my name is Foley and this is butter box let's check this out dogwood or leave walnut cinnamon named tree also known as dango era gum orange tea tree and many other trees with bitter roots can be used for chewing stick according to researchers some of these chewing sticks perform better than fluoride based and conventional chip paste in preventing tooth decay chewing sticks such as Paco eg boo boo Reata and beetle leaf Paco yeah boo is also known to increase testosterone and libido bitumen sticker I know there are different types so do you have a particular one you use or you use any type as long as it's true yeah I use any type but I do have a particular one it's called I know I wasn't using annual before I was using other actual sticks various type of twenty six until I started having truth problem you know pains in my teeth couldn't eat I couldn't bite with my teeth the pain became too much and so somebody came under introduce the annual tool and I started using the Daniel behold by the third day the all the prints are gone so I started since then I've been using Daniel and I've never experienced truth again and thus been like that for me and since I've been using I know and yeah I don't get a user or that joystick what I always prefer to use I know oh really she wrote a new bank do you think about soon do you wanna really she in me to one syllable on you it means you were immune to us and Jerry Jerry Bauman you talk to my look for one Abby I love you Jenny me by my know you to rank you told man to top Ellie thank you I'm exactly delay Emma Gregory delay – man come on a mukbang giving you know you sit back know me on my watch you sit down no you know money I want yeah I don't really I finally got a cushy share I want the money super super sexy yet to learn my language I'm Allison I'm a few else's and since I wanna leave Church in your pocket and then you bang do you see anybody your wife who nearly cooler shooting I'm your only flaw like a cake cake hang on see any bang do you see you on to joshing with when it's magic and we now na la Paco do do do do I tell any I tell a or b jg Jeremy bye-bye ponytail [Applause] let me shake Madhubani and also not everyone is okay using the Chu instead I don't I don't want to bother myself usually trace Nick and I know it can be in judo civil to my much somebody to my gum when the artists brush toothpaste powder all those things I made for taking care of the teeth white you like when I'm not a Bushman watch you like bang that stick on them we took in my my gob the gum of my teacher by saying I'm using cheese stick it is the villages that you say or do since you don't see any been am health benefits oh no no sort of illiteracy is that of illiteracy because if only brush that we use there are specified brooch that we take care of your gum there are brushed actual data to heart that's will be doodle for your jewels for the much that kind of of course I saw and first they teach problem for your mouth so definitely I think is that a place to be using a change in stick if I use toothbrush today I used to in stick tomorrow or sometimes I used to in stick for two days consecutively and then came back to I interchange I can't use all of these ones and I will decide not to use toothbrush if you like you go you sir if you like you do brush if you know like do this one thirty brush you don't put something for any from I'm being Jack Dunn Jack you don't buy this one it is what this idea you thinking I mean again chewing sticks are readily available cheap and effective they contain natural ingredients which are beneficial for oral health ingredients such as ascorbic acid trimethylamine fluoride fluoride silica and resins which have proved to potency to heal the inflamed and bleeding gums producing stimulatory effect on gingiva remove tartar or the stains from the teeth and overall protect the teeth so this one now is 15 era 15 ER but this one I'm gonna run danira this one 301 this one three one great one going once you pop open up look I'm in the man willing to man with but terrifying up he plants you one two three four five systems well if you will fabulous no for 14 days why my fighting days when there Mario anymore also brush we all know that the best this one I root Guardiola you find our roots this my defense that brush you don't damage a billion from by DJ hey DJ Ango nobody for Billy Jay certain yet but the Macarena come on this one is cheaper that's at back whatever you call it but with yoga you know this is cheaper that's why it's popular but all right we're good usually these buckles are rich this restricts our routes they are not actually trees ladies there are roots of trees bumbu giving roots you know so the grant dig it out naked and that's why it's more costlier than this I don't know what to do good I like that idea follow up with us come on fell on your back to my relief but Runyon watch Aniyah my mind about today your playful when we can I look at the cachaça quick slowly or me turn back see when you my doodoo for the kid is from lie learn 30 years parties in Lisle on hibachi laughs well I don't know mama oh my black Jamie let me look come on Lou oh yeah oh don't you are ultra super super old rocky mountain top oh right the philosopher to university a model I see brushes churchy here elegance equal I can leave my stop oh oh la boqueria Colorado bull Numa beer buzz we use it and some other people is it everyone in Nigeria or is it an African thing or just some but club people use the choice is an African team it's not only yerba many many Africans in fact I will say all Africans used to mystics we have different type of joysticks you use from the bush [Applause] first of all we'll let you do it return to adhere with the skin skin RV on Green Street this pin service medicinal Martinez can swallow this little town and treat very well that is done stop bossing as long as you want the worst you clear with you shaft of the list twin-stick is definitely the way for me now oh I think I'll be using the both of them really this story has been really revealing educating and very insightful I would say so please do not forget share this video with your friends alike and also subscribe and I would really really really want you to comment and you know if you do use it and if you would try it or give it a try you know my name is Foley and this is butter box

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29 thoughts on “Nigeria's Local Teeth Whitener is Hygienic and Nasty

  1. Ignorance at it's finest… "It is out of place to use the chewing stick. I am not a bushman"

    Toothbrushes are 81 years old. Chewing sticks have been used for thousands of years by everyone who didn't want stank breath, including bushmen.

  2. I brush with baking soda and use miswik chewing stick. Floride toothpaste is not good for us. The guy with the bold head is very stupid.

  3. Well the chewing stick is not effective. You need to go see a dentist if you have tooth ache and also to clean your teeth every six months. If you look at the teeth of most of the people she interviewed, their teeth don't look an atom of white. They look brownish which is not good.

  4. I think they have these sticks in India too. It's been found to have anti-bacterial properties.

  5. How the fuck will you clowns describe it as nasty? it's highly recommended and works better than the western stuff you clowns suck up to!!!!!

  6. The Nigerians I’ve seen that use that stick have the cleanest whitest teeth I’ve ever seen, sometimes it’s blinding. The only thing I don’t like is the extremely bitter taste 😩 apart from that it’s actually better and healthier than toothpaste.

  7. Chewing stick is the best method. I remember using it as a child. It helps to whiten your teeth because of the natural substance associate with the stick. I've been wanting to go back to it in conjunction w a natural bristle toothbrush. In Yankee it's extremely hard to find a person who sells good ones.

  8. Very nice and informative. Can you please do a video on non Muslim and non Christian Africans who maintain their own culture.

  9. Quite unfortunate that most Africans do not know the benefits of many natural and organic things they are endowed with. Toothpaste (fluoride and other stuff in there) is extremely unhealthy to human. Hope your people will embrace those healthy stuff they have. 👍👍👍

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