Nissan Safety Shield – Altima, Maxima and Murano

Nissan Safety Shield - Altima, Maxima and Murano

nice on safety shield technology's always looking out for you things happen quickly in traffic what if you could have some extra time to react forward emergency braking helps you out with a heads up when you're getting too close to the car ahead the system engages at speeds over ten miles per hour it constantly monitors the vehicle ahead in your lane and if you're getting too close too quickly it gives you a visual and audible alert and if it senses the possible collision it will apply light braking and give you a visual and audible warning alerting you to take action if it senses a collision is still possible the system will apply heavier braking helping to avoid a collision or decrease the severity of impact in addition predictive forward collision warning can detect a potential collision up to two cars ahead and give you a visual and audible warning so even though you may not be able to see what's in front your Nissan will be on the lookout for you blind spot warning is like an extra look over your shoulder helping you make your next lane change more safely the system constantly monitors traffic behind you and gives you a visual warning if it detects a vehicle in your blind spot if you signal to change lanes a flashing indicator and a chime warns that the lane might not be clear and if your Nissan has the advanced drive assist display you'll even get an alert right on the dash in front of you traffic works best when everyone flows along together kind of like a school of fish intelligent cruise control helps you go with the flow and keep a safe distance once you set the cruise control the system automatically adjusts your speed so if traffic slows down you slow down returning you to your preset speed when traffic opens up it can even bring you to a complete stop if needed at Nissan our goal is a world with virtually zero accidents what if there was one less today

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10 thoughts on “Nissan Safety Shield – Altima, Maxima and Murano

  1. This sucks. I’m driving a rouge sport rental and it’s activated but didn’t work ! Way too close to cars!

  2. In other words, if you are trying to drive past a gang of protesters or get away from someone in a car – this car will stop you from getting to safety. Great.

  3. This video perfectly describes how the Blind Spot Warning, Predictive Forward Collision Warning, and the Intelligent Cruise Control works.

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